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10 Against the Grain Thoughts I Think

April 26, 2012

For years I’ve scouted the NFL Draft and I’ve found that it’s very difficult to figure out afterwards who was right and who was wrong as so many scouts’ boards are the same and there are just too many players so one scout might have been much higher on Andy Dalton last year but also was high on Jonathan Baldwin so he was right once and wrong once. It becomes confusing and I created the 10 Against the Grain Thoughts I Think (Peter King homage) to combat this as these are 10 opinions I have that aren’t in accordance with the majority of scouts so if the majority are true I win and if the majority don’t come true then I lose. It’s also a small enough sample size to easily judge in the future and the opinions are enough against the grain that someone can’t argue that I picked easy opinions that surely would have been correct.

1. Peter Konz will be a better player than Mike Pouncey last year.

2. Brock Osweiler will become a quality starting quarterback.

3. David Wilson will be a better RB than Doug Martin.

4. Matt Kalil will be a Pro Bowl at least once in his first two years.

5. Kirk Cousins will be a bust as a starting QB and end up as a career backup.

6. Whitney Mercilus will be a better pass rusher than Courtney Upshaw.

7. Mike Adams will be a better offensive tackle than Riley Reiff.

8. Dontari Poe will never make the Pro Bowl.

9. LaVonte David will make the Pro Bowl.

10. Michael Floyd will be a better wide receiver than Justin Blackmon.


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