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2012 NFL DRAFT Blog: Round 2

April 27, 2012

Refresh regularly!

—LaMichael James was a huge sleeper I rated #36 and he went #61. So why am I pissed? Because the 49ers don’t have one don’t have two but have 3 solid running backs already on their roster in Gore, Hunter, and Jacobs. This is the classic example of why I hate when people say “we followed the board.” Picking a #4 RB in the 2nd round when you have issues at WR, RG, 3-4 OLB, and CB is downright dumb! I loved them picking Aldon Smith last year and thought Harbaugh might be a diamond in the rough draft guy but AJ Jenkins in the 1st and now James as your #4 RB in the 2nd is back to back bad picks. ***I do think James is a great player by the way. I just can’t see how he gets more than 5 carries a game.

—Really getting pissed off at those Eagles with now 3 straight great selections. At #59 he took #48 on my board in pass rusher (PR means pass rusher by the way not punt returner) Vinny Curry out of Marshall. He outplayed Courtney Upshaw at the Senior Bowl and looks like the non-stop motor type that fits perfectly in a wide nine style defense that they run. He’s a great #3 pass rusher to spell Cole and Babin. Great pick again Eagles! CRAP!

—Wow how weird that my #10 player (Konz) is followed by my #9 in Mike Adams and my #11 in Brock Osweiler all while we pick in the late 50’s? Osweiler is a guy I’ve given up arguing for b/c I’m a tape and production type scout with some mild historical leanings and I fell in love with this kid. He’s tall, strong armed, accurate, and carried his team on his back as they had a bad defense and were pummeled routinely in the Pac-12. I don’t see him as a project like most people and think the Broncos selection hurts his time table but he’s young enough that at age 25 he could replace Manning and be their QB of the future. I didn’t like Elway’s last selection but I’ve gathered to this point that usually I do side with him. On this way I am 100% in agreement. Great pick at #57 by the Broncos.

—Mike Adams was my #9 player on my board. He would actually have dropped to the high teens, early twenties if I had ranked him off his marijuana results at the Combine (tested positive) yet even at those spots he’s still an amazing catch at #56 for the Steelers. They just added a Pro Bowl caliber OT and a Pro Bowl caliber OG in David DeCastro. By the way they already have a Pro Bowl center in Maurkice Pouncey so this left side of the OL could officially be the best in the NFL by Year 2013.

—Peter Konz at #55 to the Atlanta Falcons. For those who have listened to my draft rants the past few months know that Peter Konz is one of my favorite players and happens to be one of my bigger pet peeves. He was the #1 C in the country last year on my board so I’ve loved him for awhile and I truly have to say that to this point the #55 Overall Pick by the Atlanta Falcons is going to be the best pick in this entire draft. He was ranked #10 on my board and goes #55. It’s amazing how shortsighted GMs are nowadays as he was spectacular last year and spectacular through the first half this year but then gets injured and comes back to early and plays averagely (legit word?) and then struggles at the Combine. He was still hurt you idiots! The kid will be a Pro Bowler within 3 years guaranteed. STEAL!

—The Lions at #54 took a surprise with WR Ryan Broyles of OU. I know every guy who watched college football in the Big 12 but not the +100 games I did will disagree with me but Broyles isn’t a legit 2nd rounder and is a pretty huge reach. I had him at #144 as a late 4th rounder as he’s small, slow, and played in a perfect offense so his numbers are inflated by a lot. He does have great hands, experience, and how quickly he’s come back from his knee injury shows you all you need to know about his heart and work ethic but to me this is a bad pick.

—Yeah LeRoy Butler for actually having a personality when making the selection for the old timers! Jerel Worthy is a player I had as a 3rd rounder so a bit of a reach to me but the DT out of Michigan St. was a 1st rounder by a lot of scouts so I’m sure he’ll be classified as a steal by some outlets. Interesting nugget about him is that he takes yoga classes to work on his flexibility.

—Kendall Reyes is one of the best picks of the 2nd round as well. I had the DT out of UConn as a late 1st rounder as he outplayed a lot of people at the Senior Bowl. He’s tall, strong, fast, and has a motor so he has everything your looking for and is a 2x 1st team Big East who had great game film vs. OU in the Fiesta Bowl in 2010. Huge fan of this pick for the Chargers at #50.

—I like Tavon Wilson a lot! But the safety/CB combo guy out of Illinois was a sleeper I had as a 4th rounder who no one even liked that much so to take him in the 2nd is just dumb. It’s the classic Patriots pick where they just don’t seem to understand value (Stevan Ridley 2nd round pick who no one had higher than the 5th). Everyone loves to mention the Pats drafting but man do they make some weird picks.

—“I don’t get it”-Mel Kiper. Well I get this pick Kiper as ILB Bobby Wagner form Utah St. was my #47 player on my board and he went…..#47. He’s a big LB who can play SLB or MLB and was surprisingly good in coverage as seen at the Senior Bowl. Defensive MVP in that game with a lot of tackles, an interception, and a pass defensed that saved a touchdown. I like him a lot so go Seahawks as I’m tired of ranting about your horrible 1st round pick of Bruce Irvin at #15.

—I hate you Eagles I hate you so much!!! First you take one of my favorite players in the 1st round in Fletcher Cox, and get good value at the spot, and now you take one of my favorite players in the 2nd round in Mychal Kendricks AND GET GOOD VALUE AT THE SPOT!!! This sucks! Mychal was the DPOY in the Pac-12 and was everywhere on film yet I was unsure about his athleticism so I gave him a 3rd round sleeper tag. Then he goes to the Combine and puts up some of the best numbers any ILB has put up this decade. I toyed with the idea of moving him into the 1st round and frankly the only reason I didn’t was b/c ILB isn’t a premium value position and I downgrade those positions (TE, ILB, OG, S). He’s a spectacular player and adding him and Cox to those two pass rushers and those two cornerbacks scares the hell out of me. Look for the Eagles to finally reach their potential this year as that D is sick. Oh and did I mention they traded for DeMeco Ryans. Crap!

—Alshon Jeffrey WR South Carolina is similar to Janoris Jenkins (minus the marijuana habit) in that they are at a certain point just too talented to pass up. Purely on potential Alshon is far superior to 1st rounder AJ Jenkins or 2nd rounder Brian Quick yet his numbers were cut in half this year compared to last year and his weight fluctuated from 210-240. He reminds me of a slightly more talented Mike Williams out of USC years ago and while many will remember that he was a bust you also can remember that he was the 10th Overall selection that year so at #45 I’m very intrigued by this pick for the Bears.

—WR Stephen Hill from Georgia Tech in my opinion has more potential than DeMaryius Thomas when he came out as Hill has elite hands and isn’t just a size/speed guy. To me he should have been a 1st rounder so that’s a great pick in the mid 2nd for the Jets.

—Cordy Glenn OT from Georgia is so far the best pick of the 2nd round (another Cowboys target is off the board by the way) as I had him #23, Mayock 25, Rang 18, and Brandt 29. Surprising that with his combination of size and agility (340 lb guy who I think can play RT or OG) he lasted this long. Good pick Bills.

—Amini Silatolu is such a unique player as I literally have never seen more impressive OL tape but he’s from Midwestern State so it’s not a jump but a freakin canyon from that level of competition to the NFL. He could be a Pro Bowler or a bust and neither would surprise me. If I had to pick one or the other though I would pick Pro Bowler as like I said his tape is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

—I like the CB Janoris Jenkins pick for the Rams as he’s too talented to drop any further as he has about equal talent to Stephon Gilmore who went #10 to the Bills but I think it’s interesting that the Rams have taken 3 risk players in Brockers (young, 1 year wonder), Quick (project WR from Division IAA), Jenkins (character issues). They are definitely looking long term and I bet they get one of these guys to become a Pro Bowler and another who busts. That’s what tends to happen on roll of the dice types like they seem to be in love with.

—The first pick in the 2nd round that looked good on my board! Alright! DE Andre Branch from Clemson is a project but his speed, arm length, and burst are very impressive and I think he’s different but similar to Chandler Jones in upside as a pass rusher. Both lacked productivity but somehow Jones length kept him in the 1st round where as Branch settles in as an early 2nd rounder. Good pick Jaguars………..have I ever said that before?

—Wow these first 5 picks or so are a little wild for my board. OT Mitchell Schwartz of Cal was #225 on my board as I thought he sucked at the Senior Bowl and constantly looked less athletic than the competition. The only good thing about him is his experience and his technique as he does get the most out of his talent but he just isn’t talented enough to be a 2nd rounder. Simple as that. Bad pick Browns!

—Not a huge fan of Derek Wolfe this high (#89) but he is very versatile as a DL as he lined up most of the Senior Bowl at 4-3 DE yet still impressed. One thing is certain, John Elway values production. Look what he’s drafted the past 2 years with Von Miller (led nation in sacks as a jr.), rahim moore (led nation in interceptions as a jr.), Jeremy Beal (Big 12 DPOY), and now Derek Wolfe who was statistically one of the best DTs in the nation and was the Big East DPOY in 2011. He’s consistent and as a stats guy I tend to agree with his philosophy but think this is a bit high for Wolfe. Good 3rd rounder who I liked but the Broncos reached on this kid.

—I hate Upshaw as a prospect (#69 on my board) but have to admit he screams Steelers or Ravens as he’s a tough, hard as nails type player who will be right at home in Baltimore. Good example of a pick I don’t like value wise but fits so well schematically that I bet it works.

—Fleener’s one of those picks that makes too much sense. He becomes Luck’s safety valve in the pros, probably becomes his roommate in training camp, and he’s good value as I had him 39th, Mayock 38th, Rang 23rd, and Brandt 26th. I love picks that fill needs, make sense schematically, and are value picks. Great job not over thinking this one Colts.

—-Rumor has it that the Cowboys are looking into joining the 2nd round. This makes sense if one of their OL targets (Cordy Glenn, Peter Konz) or pass rush targets (Vinny Curry, Courtney Upshaw, Andre Branch) drops into the late 2nd round or if they can find a take for Mike Jenkins who now looks like the #4 CB on the roster (behind Orlando Scandrick only b/c he plays the slot and Jenkins is an outside CB). The 2nd round could be more interesting for Cowboys fans than expected so be prepared.

—-Brian Quick is expected to be the 1st pick of the 2nd round. If so I think it’s a terrible pick as I have him as my #284th player and while I’m a bit extreme in my dislike of him I know that no one (Mayock-54th, Rob Rang-NR in his top 64, Gil Brandt-96th) really likes him high enough for him to be taken at #33. Also their WR’s are all possession types (Greg Salas, Austin Pettis) and to add another bigger, possession type WR makes no sense. If I were the Rams I’d take an OL like Mike Adams (OT), Jonathan Martin (OT), or Peter Konz (C) or take a WR like Stephen Hill.


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