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2012 NFL Draft Blog: Round 3

April 28, 2012

Refresh regularly!

—To be fair this kid wasn’t adjusted downward due to testing positive for marijuana at the Combine but he still is a steal even at his adjusted ranking. Unadjusted I have CB Jayron Hosley from Virginia Tech at #37 on my board and he was taken #94 by the Giants! Why the Giants! Why is the NFC East doing so well in this draft! That’s a +57 on my +/- board which again is one of the best in the round. Just like the David Wilson pick by the Giants was one of the best in the 1st round. CRAP!

—And the Colts continue to build around Andrew Luck with the #92 selection of WR TY Hilton out of FIU. He is a small, slot WR type but of those types (Joe Adams, Devon Wylie, Keshawn Martin) he is my favorite as he has blistering speed and elite quickness. He fumbles a lot and is a bit of a showboater but he has elite talent in his niche role. Elite punt returner and kick returner as well who Nick Saban called one of the more talented players he ever faced on defense.

—Patriots finally wake from their coma and take a steal like they tend to do every year. This time it’s at #90 with pass rusher Jake Bequette from Arkansas. Most fans won’t know him as for the SEC he sure was under the radar due to injuries and playing for Arkansas but he has a good burst, good height, and reminds me of a poor man’s Ryan Kerrigan due to his burst and hustle. He’s a bit of a two trick pony (speed rush and spin move inside) but it worked for him as he was #3 in the country with 1.0 sacks per game. Very very underrated player who could possibly be more impactful as a rookie than Chandler Jones who is more of a project.

—Akiem Hicks is another player who was taken who wasn’t on my board but he was an undrafteable type as I saw him at the East-West Shrine Game and was not impressed with the big kid from Canadian Football. I might be wrong but even if I’m wrong this is still a reach in the 3rd round at #89 for the Saints as I guarantee he’d be there in the 5th round.

—The first player I’ve never heard of was officially drafted at #87 as John Hughes DT from Cincinnati was taken. I watched Derek Wolfe tapes and still didn’t notice this kid. What a freakin reach in the 3rd round!

—Tyrone Crawford, DE out of Boise State. I have to say I don’t like the pick but will add that he’s a 3-4 prospect in my opinion and those guys are notoriously difficult to grade as they’re size/speed combination often results in nothing but run stoppers (Glenn Dorsey, Marcus Spears, Tyrus Jackson). They occasionally become JJ Watts types yet  I think Crawford will be in the former category. One good thing to say about him is that I ranked him #233 but everyone else liked him a lot more (Mayock #73, Rang #54, Brandt #87) and I didn’t spend too much time on the kid. Definitely a disappointment for me but who knows.

Tyrone Crawford Boise St. 6’4 ¼ 275 Sr.

Stats: MWC



























Combine: Had a 1.75 10 yd split then a 1.62 on 2nd attempt which placed him 2nd behind only Alan Branch! 1st team MWC in 2011. Average in multi bag drill. Average in double dummy drill. Average in direction cone drill. Above average in backpedal drill.










3 Cone

1 yr %











Notes: All American in ’09 as JUCO player. 1st team MWC in 2011. In the 2011 Georgia game he showed good strength on bull rush vs. LT Cordy Glenn pushing him back in 3 sec nearly to QB (10:30 3rd), really good trail being blocked inside on outside run but getting off Glenn’s block to catch RB Isaiah Crowell on diving ankle tackle showing speed and hustle. In the 2011 Arizona St. game he had no rush on bobbled snap that was sack opportunity, solid inside penetration vs. RT getting 1 yd tackle on inside run, solid push on LG on inside stunt, poor discipline biting on inside run allowing play action rollout by QB, good inside penetration getting TFL on 3rd and goal from the 1 yd line (7:50 3rd). Played at 275 but bulked up to 285 for Shrine game and now looks like a 3-4 DE type which fits him better as he lacks the burst to be a 4-3 DE. In the 2011 East-West Shrine Game he was cut but stayed up and nearly batted ball at LOS on quick throw, good bull rush vs. RT Lamar Holmes getting close to QB even on quick throw (4:24 2nd), barely couldn’t get edge vs. Holmes, beat RG Derek Dennis on pull block in backfield getting 4 sec sack (9:45 3rd), good bull rush vs. LT Jeff Adams getting near QB for quick pressure, pushed well back by combo of RG and RT-5 yds downfield and turned backwards, no rush vs. LT Joe Long, very good bull rush vs. Adams nearly getting to QB despite quick throw (0:37 4th), good bull rush again vs. Adams on quick throw. Out of the 8 DEs at East-West Shrine Game he was one of the best at #2 (Wilber). His added weight really fits well and he now has a legit position as I liked his strength and hustle but knew he just didn’t have the burst needed to be a 3-4 OLB or 4-3 DE. He’s a 7th rounder as a 3-4 DE 1/24/12.

Tape: 2011: Georgia, Arizona St., TCU, East-West Shrine Game

Overall: Tyrone was a player who I wasn’t terribly impressed with on film the past few years yet with a nice frame (6’4 1/4 275) he had a chance to bulk up into a quality 3-4 DE and I had him in my mind as a late round flier type. Yet at the Combine he ran one of the fastest 10 yd splits of any DE (1.62) and looking back at his stats I realized that he actually had some pretty outstanding numbers the past two years (76 tackles, 13.5 sacks, 27 TFL, 4 FF). I did more research and agreed again with my initial assessment that he lacks the burst to be a 4-3 DE and will need to bulk up to be a 3-4 yet his production and 10 yd split no longer make me 100% positive he can’t play 4-3 DE and I’m moving him up a round. A tall player with good strength and a solid burst who probably fits best as a 3-4 DE but might work as a left side 4-3 DE. 6th round as my #10 3-4 DE 4/5/12.

-With the Cowboys up soon the best guys on my board right now are the:

DT Jared Crick Nebraska

OT Brandon Mosley OT Auburn

CB Jayron Hosley CB Virginia Tech

OT Brandon Mosley Auburn

CB Brandon Boykin CB Georgia

RB Lamar Miller Miami

RB Cyrus Gray RB TAMU

QB Case Keenum Houston

C Philip Blake Baylor

CB Alfonzo Dennard Nebraska

As you can see the CB group is well represented and doesn’t make sense for the Boys at this point. We shall see.

—The Jeff Fisher interview cracked me up b/c he said he was building a team around Sam Bradford but he took no OL so far, a project WR when more polished ones were on the board, and their biggest free agency signing was CB Cortland Finnegan while two of their draft picks were DBs Janoris Jenkins and Trumaine Johnson. Fisher is Fisher which means he’ll be defensive oriented first and go after the tough players as that’s his MO. He is not drafting around Bradford.

—Texans at #76 take an interesting OG prospect in that he wasn’t invited to the Combine (probably the highest drafted guy not invited) yet was spectacular at the East-West Shrine Game and was surprisingly agile for a 350 lb guy. Surprised that a zone team like the Texans took him which shows the rest of the league how stupid they are as he doesn’t even fit their scheme but is so talented they still took him. He’ll be a great power blocker for Arian Foster. Great pick!

—Josh LeRibeus at #71 to the Washington Redskins. 99% of fans just said “who” and possible “well I don’t know who he is so that might be a good pick.” Nope it’s not as the Redskins just made the worst pick of the entire NFL Draft as at #406 on my board Josh is an undersized OG who is best in a zone scheme who struggled at the East-West Shrine Game but had a solid pro day. Yet I know who he is so trust me when I say he SUCKS! I had him as an undrafted free agent, Mike Mayock had him unranked in his top 100, and Gil Brandt had him ranked #97 so at #71 he’s either a bad pick (Brandt) or a terrible pick (Anderson). You decide.

—My first unranked player got drafted. Wow that was way too early for a top 431 list but to be fair it’s a punter (Bryan Anger P California #70 Jaguars) and I didn’t spend more than 1 hour checking stats. In fact I realized when I was doing the scouting that punter is hard to scout by stats but kicker is easy. Find the most accurate with the best % beyond 40 yards and you got yourself an NFL kicker but with punter it’s all about inside the 20, # of times blocked, # of times shanked, hang time, etc, that I have no access to. I apologize readers as I’m NOT WORTHY I”M NOT WORTHY! Wayne’s World anyone?

—Posey at #68 is a huge reach as DeVier Posey the WR out of Ohio St. lacks toughness, has inconsistent hands, and is nothing more than a speedy guy with a solid frame. He creates separation and I’m a scout all about separation so when I dislike him that means a whole heck of a lot. If someone disagrees with me on a big, possession type WR I admit I hate the style but he’s got speed and size yet he still is #203 on my board so I really just don’t like the kid.

—I make fun of him a lot but McShay on the set with Kiper should be the major focus point from rounds 3-7 as guys like Gruden are good but don’t put the time in and start throwing opinions out on the fly “uh Cordarro Law is a project?”

—ELWAY YOUR KILLING ME HERE!!! Look past production at times. Yes Hillman ran for like +1,500 yds each of the past two years (doing all of this off the top of my head folks) and yes he endangered a lot of Marshall Faulk records but he’s 5’7 195 and actually plays like it. Unlike LaMichael James who plays much bigger Hillman does get brought down by arm tackles and does struggle in short yardage situations. If I were Denver I would have taken a shot at Lamar Miller at RB or Jayron Hosley/Brandon Boykin at CB. What up Joe Casey! Still down for my trip to Denver in late July.

—The 3rd round went off with a bang when the Colts took at #64 the TE out of Clemson Dwayne Allen. They just took a TE last round so it’s a clearly indication that they are saying “we loved Luck’s two tight end skill set at Stanford and their power running game and we want to create it here in the NFL.” Look for Donald Brown to be a big time fantasy option next year unless they add a running back in the next couple of rounds as a two tight end offense is all about running the ball and doing play action off of it. Interesting pick.


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