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Draft Review

April 29, 2012

The worst pick in the NFL Draft per my +/- value board was the Jaguars selecting Bryan Anger the punter out of California in the early 3rd round. He was the first player selected who wasn’t on my board and gets a -362 picks grade (meaning he went 362 picks earlier than I thought he would). For Cowboys fans it’s sad to note that Matt Johnson the DB out of Eastern Washington was the 10th biggest reach in the entire draft.


The best pick in the NFL Draft per my +/- value board was Alfonzo Dennard in the 7th round by the Patriots gaining 171 picks. This is a tad unfair as I didn’t adjust my rankings to the news that the Saturday before the draft he punched a cop in the face but still even if he was lowered to the 4th round area he still would have been a Top 10 pick. Here are the other Top 5 best value picks per my chart:

Cam Johnson pass rusher out of Virginiato the 49ers in the 7th (+167)

Antonio Allen safety out of South Carolinato the Jets in the 7th (+155)

Nate Potter tackle/guard out of Boise the Cardinals in the 7th (+141)

Junior Hemingway wide receiver out of Michiganto the Chiefs in the 7th (+139)


Breaking down the entire draft per team takes awhile but I added all of the scores up and tallied the results below. A few interesting points are seeing that the Cowboys once again finished in the bottom quarter of teams as they regularly were reaching for players 1-3 rounds too early. Also it’s no surprise to see that the Giants and Eagles were two of the 4 best drafting teams b/c it seems like every round I was commenting about one of their great picks. Some people will say this list doesn’t mean anything but if you look at the bottom half vs. the top half it immediately becomes evident that the most recent Super Bowl winners are all clumped together as the best drafting teams. Of the past 15 Super Bowl winners teams 1-16 have 11 of those winners vs. only 4 for the teams 17-32. Also the Ravens are widely regarded as one of the best drafting teams in the league so their inclusion in the wrong half is likely a one year occurrence. Switching them to where they belong it means that the teams which my board considered the better drafting teams have won 12 of the past 15 Super Bowls. You can criticize my value board all you want but it holds up to scrutiny and seems to have some validity to it.

32 Seahawks   -1142 (Already widely regarded as having the worst draft)

Rams               -1111 (10 selections)

Bears               -937

Redskins         -878

Saints              -877 (all 5 selections were negative)

Ravens             -874 (all 8 selections were negative-rare miss for Ozzie Newsome?)

Jaguars            -760

25 Cowboys    -749 (not one of the 7 selections was positive-claiborne was 0)

Texans             -639

Raiders            -613

Vikings            -599

Panthers          -556

Bills                 -470

49ers                -425

Jets                  -378

17 Dolphins     -371

Lions               -351

Falcons            -341

Patriots            -341

Packers            -315

Colts                -277

Titans              -190

Bengals           -176

9 Chargers       -164

Steelers            -162

Chiefs              -157

Browns            -151

Bucs                -139

Eagles              -30

Broncos           -8

Giants              +11

Cardinals         +359 (all 7 selections were positive)

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