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Final Draft Thoughts

April 29, 2012

The Cowboys look to have taken one great player (Morris Claiborne), a few players I’m not that high on but others are (Tyrone Crawford, Danny Coale), a few guys I liked but I think were reaches (Kyle Wilber, James Hanna, Caleb McSurdy), and a guy that I’ve yet to hear a good thing about (S Matt Johnson). In their places I would have taken Noah Keller (instead of McSurdy), George Bryan (instead of James Hanna), Marvin Jones (Danny Coale), Cam Johnson (Kyle Wilber), Jared Crick (Tyrone Crawford), and Antonio Allen (Matt Johnson). We shall see whether these guys the Cowboys drafted outperform my draft grades I gave them or if they would have been wise to take the Jared Cricks and Marvin Jones of the world who were widely regarded as steals at the spots they were drafted at. One thing I do like is that they attempted to address the right spots on their roster as if you were to tell me they took a CB, S, ILB, 3-4 OLB, 3-4 DE, TE, and #3 WR then I would have said they at least understood where their holes were. The 2012 NFL Draft for the Cowboys doesn’t look nearly as bad as the 2009 Draft where half their picks didn’t make the team and nearly all of the picks are gone just 3 years later yet it doesn’t look great. The saving grace is Morris Claiborne as he is such a great pick and solidifies that secondary so well that I’m pretty much 100% sure that the 2012 NFL Draft will at least have one stud from it when it’s reviewed years later. The key for this draft to be a good one is for WR Danny Coale and 3-4 DE Tyrone Crawford to develop as those are two guys I wasn’t high on but a lot of people I respect were so there is definitely hope for them. Coale is about as sure handed and consistent of a wide out as you’ll find so I could see some rapport with Romo being built up immediately. Crawford is a big bodied guy with underrated athleticism who flew under the radar throughout this draft process. He was a late round guy to me but he was ranked #73 by Mayock, #54 by Rob Rang, and #87 by Gil Brandt so him being taken at #81 appears to be good value in their book. My main argument is that there were guys like Jared Crick, Alameda Ta’amu, and Brandon Thompson still available with all of those guys having much more talent in my opinion. Time will tell whether this draft works out for Dallas or not but to me there is one elite guy they took, 1 sure-fire bust in Matt Johnson, and 5 guys who have a chance to become something but also have a good chance to be out of the NFL 3-5 years from now. It’s hardly awe inspiring but the coaches have fresh blood at positions of need and maybe they can mold a couple of these mid and late rounders into quality contributors. 


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