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Top 50 Available Undrafted Free Agents

April 29, 2012

The Cowboys tend to be pretty bad on Day 3 of the draft and yesterday was no different yet they also tend to be very good when collecting undrafted free agents so I’m hoping that after they reached with 5 of their picks and absolutely busted with their other pick (Matt Johnson in the 3rd round was horrible) that they will be able to redeem themselves and add a few quality players for depth. Here’s my list ranking in order from best to worst:

QB Case Keenum

CB Chase Minnifield

WR Patrick Edwards

PR Cordarro Law

CB Coryell Judie

LB Noah Keller

S Tramaine Johnson

OG Matt Reynolds

LB JK Schaffer

QB GJ Kinne

OG Levy Adcock

FB Shawn Asiata

C Michael Brewster

C Quentin Saulsberry

DT DaJohn Harris

PR Sammy Brown

LB Ronnie Thornton

DT Logan Harrell

TE George Bryan

WR Kashif Moore

PR Brandon Lindsey

QB Patrick Witt

WR Gerell Robinson

CB Donnie Fletcher

DT Dominique Hamilton

RB Jeff Demps

WR Dwight Jones

OG Rishaw Johnson

S Matt Daniels

WR Nelson Rosario

WR Kris Burd 

QB Kellen Moore

LB Jerry Franklin

RB Brandon Bolden

CB Charles Brown

PR Richetti Jones

S Trent Hunter

CB Cliff Harris

S Nick Sukay

PR Jamie Blatnick

LB Cornelius Arnick

DT Hebron Fagupo

WR Jeff Fuller

QB Jacory Harris

DT Nicolas Jean-Baptiste

OT Landon Walker

C William Vlachos

OT JB Shugarts

WR Eric Page

LB Austin Johnson

One of the reasons I tend to downgrade the ILB, WR, OG, and S positions is because of this list as every year it’s packed full with these positions. No surprise that 21 of the 50 best remaining players are from those positions and I truly feel that every year you could address your depth at these spots with undrafted free agents. I’m not saying you can find an Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Steve Hutchinson, or Calvin Johnson this deep but most NFL teams have 4 OGs on their roster and if I were a GM I would take the best two undrafted OGs, have them battle it out, and the winner is given the #4 OG spot. He’ll rarely play, be playing for the NFL minimum, and occasionally would develop into a starter. It’s a smart way to run a team as it saves your quality picks for premium positions like QB, LT, PR (Pass Rusher), and CB. One more thing to note is that the QB position is surprisingly still stocked full of talent and that is a rarity. This draft had not just great talent at QB at the top (Luck, Griffin) but had great depth as well and I expect Keenum, Moore, and GJ Kinne (top recruit who went to UT but left when McCoy won the job and x-fer to Tulsa) are all in camps this season.


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