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Outside the DFW area Quick Hits 6/8

June 8, 2012

Justin Blackmon: Not sure if you heard about Justin Blackmon’s DUI last weekend but it wasn’t your standard DUI. He had a 0.24 intoxication reading (3x the 0.08 that is the legal limit), was going +90 mph, didn’t stop immediately for police, and mouthed off to the cops when they booked him. I never knew how Blackmon was so widely viewed as a good guy and Michael Floyd was the bad one. Blackmon had sideline temper tandrums, missed assignments galore, questionable practice habits, and a DUI in college yet now everyone is surprised he’s messing up. He went #5 overall but he barely cracked my top 15 as my #2 WR as I just think this kid will be a big time diva and showed all the standard warning signs in college. I’m firmly in the not surprised category and decided to post some relevant information in his and Floyd’s draft bio from “Floyd is the happy go lucky, good teammate while Blackmon at times can be seen screaming at his coordinator or QB when not involved. Floyd has made some dumb decisions but I actually could see Blackmon be the high maintenance diva of the two and further helped Floyd elevate past Blackmon…..Comparison: Smaller, slower Terrell Owens….Arrested for driving under the influence and suspended 1 game by OSU….Blackmon is an above average athlete at best and it worries me as he’s also coming from a spread system, had a top level QB throwing to him, and seems to have attitude issues. This last part could be the most concerning as he was arrested for a DUI, has had numerous temper tantrums, and there are rumors about his maturity…..His only above average height, average hands, below average deep speed, poor quickness, and questionable character drop him out of the Top 10 and puts him on my overrated list. Top 15 as my #2 WR 4/10/12.”

LeBron James: I was never a huge LeBron James fan even before his “decision” because he was always the biggest, strongest, fastest type and I’ve always been a fan of the skilled players. Give me Dirk over KG, Kobe over LeBron, and Nash over Rose not necessarily as to how good they are but just simply as that is what I prefer to watch. Yet anyone who thinks LeBron isn’t the best player in the NBA right now is a complete idiot. Just two nights ago commentators were saying how Durant’s series win over the Spurs made him the best player in the NBA only to be reminded again last night of how special this season has been for LeBron. I wouldn’t care less if LeBron lost Game 7 to the Celtics on an 0-20 night he still has had one of the greatest postseasons I’ve ever witnessed. This includes the early 90’s performances of Jordan, the 2002 postseason of Shaq, the 2003 postseason of Duncan, and the 2011 postseason of Dirk (so great to be able to say he had one of the greatest postseasons ever). LeBron has already had 2 transcendent games this postseason with Game 4 vs. the Pacers (40 pts 52% FG 18 reb 9 ast 2 stl 2 blk) and Game 6 vs. the Celtics (45 pts 73% FG 15 reb 5 ast) being right up there with the greatest games ever played. Also no one can argue that these stats are meaningless as the Pacers were up 2-1 and the Celtics were up 3-2 in the series when these spectacular performances occurred. LeBron has been amazing for his team and they have needed every bit of it as his much vaunted supporting cast has been abysmal. Part of that is due to injury as Chris Bosh missed numerous games with an abdominal injury and has looked to be less than 100% in his first two games back yet his wingman Dwyane Wade has looked absolutely atrocious in numerous games and right now he looks like a fraud as a Top 5 player in the NBA. In 5 of the last 12 games Wade has shot under 40% from the field and it comes at a time when the Heat are even more dependent than normal on his production. Mike Miller is averaging 5.2 pts per game vs. the Celtics after averaging only 3.7 ppg vs. the Pacers, Shane Battier shot 35% from the field vs. the Knicks and somehow that is his BEST series to date as he shot an appalling 21% vs. the Pacers and only 34% vs. the Celtics, and Joel Anthony didn’t even play in Game 6 due to his struggles all series long vs. Garnett (2.8 pts 3.0 rebounds per game). LeBron left Cleveland as he was a lone rider too often yet I’m sure there have been quite a few times this postseason where he feels like it’s déjà vu as there have been games where he had to score 40 points (replace Wade’s scoring), grab 15 boards (replace Bosh’s rebounding), and protect the rim on defense (replace Anthony’s shot blocking) for the Heat to even have a chance. People can talk all they want about his lack of a midrange game or his tendency to shrink in the clutch but they should remember that Shaq, Duncan, and Hakeem all had other players close out games for them and still went on to win a combined 10 championships. LeBron is without a doubt the best player in the NBA because he impacts the game in so many ways and it’s time critics give him his due.

European Championships: Listen I know it’s soccer and I know it often times can be about as boring as a Colby Lewis-Brandon McCarthy pitching duel (wow one of them just hit 89 mph!) but soccer and international soccer are two very different beasts. You couldn’t get me to a Dallas Burn, is that even their name anymore, if you bought my beer the entire game (match-see I barely know the lingo) but you can be sure that I have tivo’d the Germany/Portugal match tomorrow at 1:30 pm as well as the Spain/Italy match Sunday at 11:00 am and the France/England match Monday at 11:00 am. These are three great matchups with stars all along the rosters and should make for some very entertaining moments. I recommend that any sports fan tired of watching the dysfunctional Rangers and with a little time on their hands before the NBA Finals start should get into this tournament because it is soccer at its best.


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