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Mavs Game Plan for Tonight

June 28, 2012

With so many balls in the air this offseason it will be interesting to see how the Mavs play the draft tonight. I think there are 4 scenarios they could do and will discuss them in detail below.

1) Take the best available player. This is the most likely scenario as they are at #17 in a draft where it’s widely regarded that there will be a quality player available when they pick. Stay at that spot and take the best available player as it makes sense for two reasons: 1) Currently the Mavs only have 5 players under contract (not counting the 4 team option players) and have the roster space to add a quality young player at any spot as it will just be one less player they need to sign in free agency. 2) It would make great trade bait. The Mavs decision to jettison most of the team and rebuild around Dirk, Marion, and hopefully Derron Williams is widely known. Adding a good young talent to their roster would allow them to have an addition asset to dangle in a trade for anyone from Dwight Howard to Chris Kaman and would give them extra flexibility.

2) Target a specific position. The Mavs right now have Dirk at the 4 and Marion at the 3. If we assume they are exercising the team option on Brandan Wright ($947k) and re-signing Jason Kidd and Derron Williams then it sure looks like they are set at PG and PF both with starters and their backups. The rest of the roster is influx and it wouldn’t surprise me if they just crossed out those two spots and said “best available player” who plays the other three positions. Also why draft a PG or PF who, assuming Williams signs, is stuck behind an All-Star throughout his rookie contract. Dirk isn’t going anywhere and Williams at age 30 won’t be so pick a player at another spot.

3) Trade assets to move up. Whether it’s Terrence Ross (SG), Tyler Zeller (C), or Jeremy Lamb (SG) there are a few players I see out there that I think could come in and start for the Mavs on Day 1. Unfortunately they all look to be going somewhere between picks 9-15 so they would need to move up but wouldn’t need to move up too much. It wouldn’t shock me if they packaged their pick and Roddy B., Dominique Jones, and/or their 2nd round pick to move up for one impact player. I like Roddy but Carlisle doesn’t and with a new contract extension comes more power so a move like that wouldn’t surprise me.

4) The Mavs trade assets and their pick this year for future picks and salary cap space. I don’t see this happening but if they feel like they need more salary cap space they could always trade their two young talents (Roddy B, Jones) and/or the #17 pick for picks in 2013. It would save them up to $6 million in cap space plus it could net them some additional ammunition to make a run at Dwight Howard at the trade deadline this upcoming season.


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