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Mavericks Update 7/3

July 3, 2012

-Joe Johnson is now a Brooklyn Net. It’s an interesting trade because on one hand your getting a borderline All-Star who just turned 31 years old and should have another 3-4 years of relatively productive years. On the other hand you have a player who is already the 5th highest paid in the entire NBA ($19.75 million in 2012) and has a contract with 4 years and $90 million left on it. In 2015 he’ll be 34 years old and making $24.89 million on what will be one of the worst contracts in the history of the NBA. It’s a win now move and if I were Derron Williams it would make me think a) they’re desperate b) they’re willing to spend well beyond the luxury tax which is something few teams appear willing to do going forward c) they aren’t very intelligent. If they can get Dwight Howard in the next few days then yes they’ll have built a championship caliber team yet keep in mind it will also result in them trading five 1st rounders in the past two weeks, adding three max level contracts with one of them to a player in his 30’s and another to a player with a bad back, and guaranteeing that they will have no depth, bench, or quality role players for years to come. If this works out they’ll be one injury to Howard away from being a team with the highest payroll in the league with an aging backcourt of borderline All-Stars and little else. It’s an extremely risky move but continues the pattern that has already been established with the Deron Williams trade from Utah without an extension and the Gerald Wallace trade earlier this year. It could all end with a championship banner being hoisted up to the Brooklyn arena rafters but just as easily end in utter disaster. If I had to bet money on it I’d bet it on the disaster outcome.

-The Joe Johnson signing doesn’t end the Mavs chances of getting Deron Williams but definitely makes it less likely. Acquiring Howard would be the death blow and one way or the other I’m betting Howard is traded in the next 48 hours. Yet the question is to whom as the Lakers could any moment re-dangle Andrew Bynum in trade talks and shift Orlando’s focus from Brooklyn to the west coast or Orlando could decide that Houston’s three 1st rounders and either Luis Scola or Kyle Lowry is more appealing than Brooks Lopez, Marshon Brooks, and the three future 1st rounders that Brooklyn is currently offering. Also keep in mind that the Atlanta Hawks will have over $40 million in cap space next year and if Dwight just waits he could joing Chris Paul in Atlanta on max deals in 2013. Paul is younger, a better friend of Howard’s, and widely regarded as a superior player than Deron Williams so don’t be shocked if the Dwight and CP3 to Atlanta next offseason becomes the new focal point of discussion in NBA circles. The point is that Howard is a very fickle man and Orlando has given no indication of who or if they will trade Howard to so until it happens the Mavs still are legit candidates in the Deron Williams sweepstakes.


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