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Mavericks Update 7/4

July 4, 2012

-Well the dream is over as Deron Williams re-signed with the Brooklyn Nets. It’s a decision that only surprises me in that I have serious doubts as to them being able to acquire Dwight Howard. I was under the impression that Williams would leave Brooklyn without Howard yet apparently adding PF Reggie Evans and SG Joe Johnson was good enough. It’s a bit strange that he chose that over Dirk Nowitzki, Shawn Marion, and Jason Kidd which makes me think it was more about staying in the media capital of the world and getting the most money than really competing for an NBA Title. It’s not the first time a player stayed for the money but I thought Williams was a little different so it’s still surprising.

-With Williams gone it’s on to plan B. As much as the 3yr $15 million deal for Jason Terry seems tempting to match it won’t be happening for one reason: The offseason of 2014. Yes it’s 2 years away but right now the Mavs have Brendan Haywood’s $9.8 million contract on the books for that season and that is it. They still have their amnesty clause available so essentially the Mavs have no one under contract from 2014 onward and it’s clear that the strategy is to find hungry veterans to play for 1 or 2 year deals and keep their options open going forward so they can have enormous cap space that offseason and be able to pull the plug on the Dirk era if need be. No one knows how Dirk’s game will be 3 seasons from now at the age of 37 so it’s understandable that Cuban is taking a wait and see approach for the future. It isn’t the sexiest strategy but I still think the Mavs could field a very good team next year as Dirk and Marion solidify the forward spots, Vince Carter, Roddy B., possibly a re-signed Delonte West, and 1st round pick Jared Cunningham solidify the shooting guard spot and the Mavs still have about $11 million in cap space to beef up the PG and C positions. Options at PG are Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Kirk Hinrich, and Chauncey Billups with Marcus Camby, Ian Mahinmi, Chris Kaman, and Joel Pryzbilla as options at C. A lineup of Nash, Carter, Marion, Dirk, and Camby with West, Roddy B., Haywood, and Brandan Wright off the bench would be very formidable. Yes Plan A has blown up in the Mavs face but Plan B is under way and could net better players than people might think.

-It’s just a snippet but it’s being under reported right now. The Mavs had a 2 year contract offer on the table to Terry at a higher per year salary than the $5 mil a year he agreed to with the Celtics. Right now the impression the media is giving is that they waved goodbye to Terry at the outset of free agency and that’s not the case. The Mavs were willing to give him a 2 year deal but not a 3 year deal, keeping their full salary cap for 2014 offseason, and Terry understandably chose the longer deal. It was a business decision by both parties and I’m sad to see him go but saying the Mavs never tried to re-sign Terry isn’t true.


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