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Mavs Update 7/6

July 6, 2012

Well that was unexpected. I’m not going to lie, I really was shocked by Kidd’s sudden reversal. It was definitely not planned by him either, “Kidd admitted he woke up Thursday morning set on staying with Dallas, but played a round of golf and then the thought of it “just didn’t feel right.” Yet while losing out on Williams and Nash are huge blows I don’t see the loss of Kidd as being very important at all. Yes Mavs fans have watched their team lose out on Williams, Terry, Nash, and Kidd so it seems like it’s a compounding effect but the reality is that without a playmaking guard next to Kidd he would have been exposed even more so next season. Keep in mind that Kidd averaged 6.2 points per game on 36% FG which is an atrocious shooting clip so when the Mavs lost Terry and couldn’t replace him with a playmaking PG like Nash or Williams it probably was best to move on from Kidd. Next year the Mavs will have a SG with less scoring pop than Terry had last year but could have a PG with more scoring ability than Kidd had last year making it even out somewhat. A backcourt of Ramon Sessions and OJ Mayo would be about as formidable offensively as Kidd and Terry while possibly being superior defensively. Unfortunately Mayo and possibly even Sessions will require multi year deals and the Mavs continue to show no interest in deals longer than 1 or possibly 2 seasons. Yes they offered Kidd a 3 year $9 million deal but I’m betting it was more of an Erick Dampier final year option which is more like a trade chip than anything else as it can be waived by whatever team has it with no salary cap repercussions. The Mavericks reluctance to give more than 2 years clearly cost them Terry, likely cost them Nash, and possibly even cost them Kidd in the end as his Knicks deal of 3 years sounds the same as the Mavs deal of 3 years but the devil is in the details and it very well could be that Kidd switched to NY so he could get a longer deal and so he could be a full time backup PG which might allow his body to stay healthy for another 3 years. In Dallas he would have been playing 30 minutes a night again as Carlisle wouldn’t be able to help himself as Kidd’s veteran leadership and 3 point shooter are still vital commodities in the NBA. As much as everyone thinks PG is the most important position for the Mavs to address I still contend that center was their worst position. Also if you accept that the 2012-2013 season will go poorly, and I’m getting closer to acceping that by the day, then it makes even more sense to simply go after “good value” no matter the position. Three guys that intrigue me who are still on the market are Anthony Randolph, OJ Mayo, and Ramon Sessions as all are 26 or younger and could be signed to below market deals considering they still are available at this point in free agency. It’s understandable why the Mavs would shy from signing 39 year old Kidd, 38 year old Nash, or even 38 year old Marcus Camby to a multi year deal but I’m holding out hope that they loosen their purse strings for one or two of my targets mentioned above as they would be quality players for the Mavs this year and beyond. Unfortunately it’s looking like 2012 will be a down year but if the Mavs don’t wake up and start using their $11 million in cap space aggressively they could be shunned in 2013 by Howard and Paul and be looking even worse a year from now. Sessions, Mayo, and Randolph won’t win you a title but they will be in their prime in 2013-2014 when the Mavs attempt to secure a committment from a bonafide All-Star free agent. They would be a good start in the rebuilding of this roster with an eye more to the future than the present.

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