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Week 7 NFL Quick Hits

October 25, 2012


*Currently Robert Griffin III is 3rd in the NFL in passer rating. The last rookie to finish in the Top 5 in passer rating as a rookie was by Ben Roethlisberger in 2004. I rated Andrew Luck as a superior player to RGIII coming out due to his inconsistency on short and intermediate throws and his potential to be injury prone. I might have to revisit those rankings as he already has one concussion in his short career yet otherwise looks like a Top 15 QB already and superior to Andrew Luck on everything but durability.

*If the playoffs began today the 3-3 Miami Dolphins would be in as a wild card.

*Sean Lee will be missed more as a cover guy than as a run stopper as he led the team in interceptions last year and was leading them this year when he was injured. Name me the last time a linebacker led his team in interceptions in consecutive seasons. I can’t think of one but Lee was on pace to do it.

*JJ Watt currently leads the NFL with 9.5 sacks. The last time a player led the league in sacks not playing DE in a 4-3 or OLB in a 3-4 was in 2000 by La’Roi Glover. In the past 10 years there hasn’t even been a player in the Top 5 in sacks from any position other than those two proving just how impressive Watt’s sack total is at this juncture of the season. What JJ Watt is doing this season could go down in history as the greatest season ever for a DL not in a traditional pass rushing role.

*Jerry Jones mother died this week. I repeat: Jerry Jones mother died this week. This shocked me as first I thought she probably died 15 years ago, second I would have thought she was +100 years old if still alive (died at the age of 90), and third I would have thought that if she was alive she would have been mentioned or heard from even once in the past two decades that Jerry Jones had owned the team. It was all very strange and I’m sure there is a story hidden in there somewhere but right now the information about her and her relationship to her famous son is sketchy at best.

*Last year Cam Newton had a passer rating of 84.5, a yards per attempt of 7.84, an average yards per rush of 5.6, and a completion percentage of 60% while going 6-10. Surprisingly the majority of NFL fans and pundits expected a gigantic improvement on those numbers as he’s now viewed as a disappointment in 2012 despite eerily similar numbers of a passer rating of 79.3, a yards per attempt of 8.02, an average yards per rush of 5.9, and a completion percentage of 58.4%. Yes the Panthers are 1-5 this season but 4 of those losses were by 6 points or less and his overall stats are very similar to his “amazing” rookie year making me think this is more about Cam being judged by unfair standards than from anything he’s doing this season. His embarrassing lack of composure after losses shows the same immaturity that caused him to be kicked out of Florida years ago and opens him up to criticism but I have my doubts that the Panthers would have a winning record no matter who their QB was as they have a lack of talent in a lot of areas. 

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