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First Round Wrap Up

April 26, 2013



Below is my ranking of all 32 picks in the 1st round as based solely on my rankings

Shariff Floyd-Vikings      +18

Alec Ogletree-Rams        +16

Jarvis Jones-Steelers       +11

Xavier Rhodes-Vikings      +9

Bjoern Werner-Colts          +7

Dee Milliner-Jets                +6

Tavon Austin-Rams           +4

Lane Johnson-Eagles        +2

Luke Joeckel-Jaguars        +1

Sheldon Richardson-Jets    0

Matt Elam-Ravens              -1

Ezekial Ansah-Lions           -4

Datone Jones-Packers       -5

Desmond Trufant-Falcons  -7

Dion Jordan-Dolphins          -9

Eric Fisher-Chiefs                -10

Jonathan Cooper-Cardinals -12

Barkevious Mingo-Browns    -12

DJ Fluker-Chargers              -12

DeAndre Hopkins-Texans     -13

Star Lotulelei-Panthers         -18

Tyler Eifert-Bengals               -20

Eric Reid-49ers                      -26

Cordarrelle Patterson-Vikings  -35

Justin Pugh-Giants                 -41

Sylvester Williams-Broncos     -46

Chance Warmack-Titans          -46

DJ Hayden-Raiders                  -59

Travis Frederick-Cowboys        -67

Kenny Vaccaro-Saints               -88

EJ Manuel-Bills                           -110

Kyle Long-Bears                         -146

What I find interesting is that Jerry Jones went from what would have been one of the best picks in the 1st round (Shariff Floyd) to one of the worst picks (Travis Frederick). The Frederick pick is bad enough and should be panned in its own right but losing out on Shariff hurts me much worse as it’s rare that a Top 5 player somehow drops to you, let alone at a position of need, and it angers me to no end to see the Cowboys spit in the face of destiny like this. It took a lot of luck for Floyd to drop like he did and it’s a phenomenon that happens once every half decade yet Jerry continually decides before the draft starts how he will pick and due to this he rarely is able to exploit the mistakes of others which is how you “work the board” the best. As if this night couldn’t get any worse I did some research and found out that the 49ers hosed the Cowboys in the trade as well. The 18th overall pick (per the trade value chart) has a value of 900 points which is 300 points more than the value of the 31st pick (which is 600 points, it’s nice that 18 and 31 have such round numbers to work with). So the 49ers would need to give the Cowboys approximately 300 points in value which works itself out to a late 2nd round pick (#60 to be exact) yet the 49ers somehow convinced Jerry Jones that their #74 selection (early 3rd round) was sufficient. So not only did the Cowboys miss out on a Pro Bowl caliber DT in Shariff Floyd and not only did they blow it by taking a center in the late 1st that no one had a higher grade on than a mid to late 2nd but they also were shortchanged in the trade by 80 points. It all adds up to my initial point when the trade occurred which is that I suspect it was worked out before the draft even began. Jerry probably got worried he was going to be stuck at #18 and have to take a player he wasn’t that interested in at that spot so he agreed in principle to the #18 for the #31 and #74 knowing it was a slight gain for the 49ers but also knowing that the depth of this draft is superior to the talent at the top. It all made sense in generalities yet suddenly the 18th isn’t just a number but is Shariff Floyd and the #31 isn’t just the 49ers pick but is a huge reach like Travis Frederick and suddenly that cute little trade of Jerry’s no longer seems too great. It happened before in 2004 when he had a trade in principle with Buffalo before they were on the clock and I suspect the same thing occurred this year. Only time will tell if missing out on Floyd hurts as much as missing out on Steven Jackson did but I suspect it will.

Final thoughts: For the past few months arguably the two most common names discussed by the media were Geno Smith and Manti Te’o. Neither had a 1st round grade on my board and neither were taken in the 1st round. Now the media will say they “fell” and will proclaim them as “steals” whenever a team selects them in round 2 or 3 but to me it just points again to the fact that the majority of the media knows nothing about the NFL Draft. Before the scandal Te’o was a 2nd-3rd round grade on my board as he was slow on film and had trouble consistently getting off blocks. The media hyped him up as a Heisman candidate then thoroughly enjoyed bashing him back down when he failed in the BCS Championship game to live up to the hype and of course it got even worse when the catfish episode came out. Yet Te’o was always to me a figment of the media’s imagination and now they are exploiting it when he doesn’t live up to this misconceived notion of what he once was. Te’o will be an above average MLB in the NFL. He will not be a Pro Bowler, he will not be an icon, and he will not be a game changer so once we get these false perceptions out of our mind we can accept that Te’o didn’t “fall” out of the 1st round but was never deserving of being in the 1st round. It’s late so I’m going to bed but I wanted to mention Te’o while it’s still fresh as I feel like he’s been pumped up and dragged back down enough by the media which has latched on to him for ratings and has given the average football fan an unreal sense of how good of a player he really is. Te’o was 46th in the nation in tackles. That is not impressive. Jarvis Jones had 24.5 TFL last season, Te’o had 5.5. Jarvis Jones had 7 forced fumbles last season, Te’o had 0. Jarvis Jones had 14.5 sacks last season, Te’o had 1.5. Te’o did not dominate the college game and will not dominate in the NFL. Oh and Jerry Jones sucks as GM. The end, good night. 

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