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Round 2-3 Live Blog

April 26, 2013

97. Titans: Zaviar Gooden-Last year they took Zach Brown who is the same style but better prospect. Both are finesse linebackers with elite speed but while Brown also is flexible and has great quickness, Gooden is robotic and struggles in coverage. A reach that’s even worse because the pick doubles up on what they already addressed (WLB) last year.

96. Chiefs: Knile Davis-An elite talent that was a 2nd round grade on my board in 2010, missed 2011 (everyone I mean everyone says “Davis was great in 2011” he didn’t play in 2011 you idiot), and sucked in 2012. He has sub 4.4 40 speed and is a poor man’s Darren McFadden so he’s worth a roll of the dice at this late juncture but unsure about the fit as they already have their speed back in Jamaal Charles.

95. Texans: Sam Montgomery-A solid 4-3 strong side defensive end that could easily bulk up into a 3-4 DE which is what I’m assuming is the plan by the Texans. A good example of McShay’s copying is here as he was obsessed with Montgomery in 2011 and had him as a Top 10 talent then suddenly he disappears just as others like Kiper and Mayock dismiss him as too slow and bulky. He hasn’t ever been a 1st rounder on my board but I always loved his frame so to me he makes sense at bulking up but if they move him to 3-4 OLB HE WILL BE A BUST. He’s slow as a DE and would just be atrocious at LB.

Announcer talk:

Mel Kiper-I can’t tell you how many times I wrote these entries and he stated ad nauseum what I just wrote. He’s still at the top of his game despite his receding hair line (his hair is still epic but 5 years ago it was borderline comedic, his wife has cut it for him for the past +30 years and is one of  the many interesting nuggets about their relationship that I’ve read or heard about over the years).

Todd McShay-Every year he joins the crew on Day 2 it feels like he’s the little kid joining the adults table. He’s so giddy and so ready to please. I hate the guy and always have yet he has improved the past couple years. Now he occassionally throws out a nice nugget here or there but it’s still so obvious he copies others’ works. Google todd mcshay steals and you can get plenty of examples. Frankly the fraud shouldn’t have a job.

Bill Polian-When can we end this train wreck? It’s so awkward the way he looks down or to the side to get his cues about where to look and when the camera is on. “Yes Bill you have been live for 10 seconds now. Whenever you want to talk we’re ready.” He’s so strange looking and has quite a few signs of dimentia. had a good article breaking down a few of them as in a 3 day span he had a radio interview saying Reggie Bush wasn’t anything special and a t.v. appearance stating Bush was a huge signing for the Lions and was that special player that could be tremendous for them. No joke look it up. The biggest sign of dimentia is that his highest rated QB is Landry Jones. Seriously he said this. Jones is a 6th round grade on my board and from experience I can tell you that by the time the draft ends there are a few 3rd and 4th round graded players on my board still available so if I give a guy a 6th round grade that essentially means I’d never consider drafting him as a GM. Of course Bill Polian drafted Peyton Manning so he gets a lifetime pass. Moving on….

Trey Wingo-I like him. He’s friendly, he’s easy going, he throws softballs to everyone there, and he actually is pretty solid in his draft analysis. He actually throws out more useful info than McShay despite the fact McShay spends his entire life working on this weekend and Trey just googled a few guys the night before. A true pro.

Jon Gruden-He used to like everyone but Chris Fleming was right in pointing out that at this year’s draft he was VERY negative about some prospects. I like this as one of the reasons I started blogging as so few guys anymore say the phrase, “bad pick.” “Hey the Cowboy just took a center at #31 that you had at #75 on your board. What do you say to that Mel?” “It’s a slight reach but Frederick has some upside due to his size.” Shut up it’s a terrible pick Mel! Gruden was even worse as he loved EVERYONE so I like it if someone told him to start occasionally throwing shots at guys. The only shot Gruden threw all QB Camp was when he said Bob Stoops didn’t know how to use Landry Jones. Well he was OU’s all time passing leader despite sucking so I’d say he did fine there but your call Chucky!

Chris Berman-From his lego castle building lesson to his tendency to sound drunk it all comes back to one reality: He’s insane.

94. Ravens: Brandon Williams-I had him ranked #95 and he went #94 so I like the value. Actually in the last two weeks I almost moved Brandon up as I thought he had one of the higher upsides in this draft at DT. I left it the same due to his small school background, read will take a year or two to develop, but the kid is strong, quick, and has a great motor. He intrigues me and is another to add in the long line of good to great picks by Ozzie Newsome.

93. Dolphins: Will Davis-Solid player that impressed me at the Senior Bowl. He has starter caliber talent and is a good pick in the 3rd to serve as the team’s #3 or #4 CB and possibly develop into a #2 down the road. He’s a much better player than Kayvon Webster.

92. Rams: Stedman Bailey-How interesting that Bailey reunites with Tavon Austin. It’s an interesting pick and solid value despite the risk of doubling up on the same position and the same role. I like it.

By the way the Patriots do this every single year whether it’s Tavon Wilson in the 2nd last year, I even liked the guy but had a 5th round grade on him and thought he was a sleeper at that juncture, to drafting rugby player Nate Ebner in the 6th round. They love to act like they know something no one else does and the reality is they are just throwing picks down the drain. I have Baccari Rambo as a late 1st rounder and as my #1 safety in this draft. Where would I take him? In the 3rd round at the earliest and that’s not because I don’t believe in my board but because why would I draft a player in the 1st I could get in the 2nd or 3rd? Maximizing your board is getting the best collection of talent per your board it’s not robotically taking the top guy on your board each time. The Cowboys struggle with this too as each of their picks probably were high on their board but so what. Take Matt Elam in the late 1st despite having a higher grade on Travis Frederick as Frederick will be available at #47 (has any center gone yet other than Frederick? No of course not because everyone knew this was a down year for centers!) while Elam surely wouldn’t be available that late. I love the Patriots pick of Jamie Collins but the rest of their picks suck this year and have for awhile. The myth of Bill being a great talent evaluator is just that, a myth. Their D sucks year in and year out despite them spending four 2nd-3rd rounders on it each year and Tom Brady bails them out. Patrick Chung, Ron Brace, Ras-I Dowling (I loved that pick by the way), Jermaine Cunningham, and Darius Butler are all 2nd round picks the past four years by Belichick. Only Ras-I Dowling is still on the roster and he’s injured so often he likely won’t be for much longer. That is five HUGE busts in the 2nd round in the past four years yet people still talk of him in epic terms. Anyway I digress but it’s true just look it up. Belichick has lost his drafting magic just like he lost his defensive coaching magic. It all went away years ago.

91. Patriots: Duron Harmon-Congratulations Patriots you are the first team to draft a player that wasn’t ranked in my Top 500! What do you win? A shitty ass player!

90. Broncos: Kayvon Webster-A reach in the late 3rd but a guy I actually do like in some ways. He’s the #196 player on my board but if you took away how soft of a CB he is I’d say it’s a good pick. In coverage he’s a tall, athletic guy with the look of an NFL player. Further research though shows he’s got terrible instincts and is very passive as a tackler. His tape was flat out bad at times when it came to laying out his body to stop a ball carrier and I saw quite a few “Antonio Cromartie” style tackles. He’s talented but with two red flags: toughness and instincts. I doubt this works out but there were times on film that he looked like a 2nd rounder so I somewhat get this pick. Am I contradicting myself here? I feel like I am. Okay do I think this kid succeeds or not? No I do not. Done.

89. Texans: Brennan Williams-A good pick as Derek Newton struggled for them in 2012 and Williams is a clear upgrade. He was #115 on my board so it’s a little high usually but it makes sense here as the OT class has been decimated to this point in the draft and Brennan’s best attribute is his run blocking which is what the Texans do best. He is a perfect fit for this type of run oriented offense and I really like his chances of starting over Newton in 2013 or at worst in 2014.

88. 49ers: Corey Lemonier-Another pick by the 49ers which is outstanding value. I had an early 2nd round grade on him (#47 overall) and thought the kid was worth a roll of the dice. He had a down season in 2012 and it ended with the coaching staff benching him due to attitude issues but Auburn was a mess last season and in 2011 he led the SEC in sacks so he has 1st round talent and the risk/reward is in the right balance this late in the 3rd round. The 49ers just added two high upside pass rushers in Tank Carradine and Corey Lemonier and if either of them pan out they will have the best pass rush in the league as they already have superstar Aldon Smith on their roster. Why do the 49ers draft so well and the Cowboys suck so bad?

87. Seahawks: Jordan Hill-#58 on my board so one of the steals of the 3rd round in my eyes yet few agree with me. Mayock and Brandt both didn’t put him in their Top 100 but when I put on the film of him he’s was impressive as a trail technique player. He lacks great explosion but is very quick and has outstanding speed for a DT so he’ll be a sideline to sideline tackler. Underrated pick here.

86. Colts: Hugh Thornton-This is the 2nd lowest graded player on my board drafted to this point (Dallas Thomas was the lowest) as I had him #205. It’s a huge reach at this point but also starts the part of the draft where beauty is really in the eye of the beholder as after about 75-100 guys opinions vary widely.

85. Redskins: Jordan Reed-No player in this TE class gave me more trouble grading than Reed. I didn’t give him a high grade (#154) and Mayock and Brandt didn’t include him on their Top 100 list but there were flashes with him of great potential. I get why they took him this high but I don’t think it works out in the end. A roll of the dice type pick here.

84. Bengals: Shawn Williams-A Roy Williams clone which in today’s NFL isn’t a good thing. The kid can hit you but isn’t great in coverage. At the Senior Bowl he showed better speed than I thought he had so I moved him up into this 3rd round area and think he’s a good pick here but a D-Coordinator will have to scheme around his lack of speed. Is one of the 3 biggest hitters in this great safety class.

83. Patriots: Logan Ryan-Extremely slow CB that to me doesn’t fit well in the NFL other than as a cover 2 or nickel guy. Watch the Arkansas film and you’ll see Cobi Hamilton (not picked himself either b/c he’s really not that great) have a field day with him. He’s taken #83 but I had him at #181 so this is a terrible pick to me.

82. Saints: John Jenkins-I had him as the #81 guy on my board and he went #82 so it makes sense but some, like Kiper who had him as the best available at this point, will say he’s a huge steal and I disagree. He’s a big, fat, lazy space eater and that is all he ever will be. Yes he flashes rare quickness but he doesn’t have the work ethic and never will. Whether it’s Jimmy Kennedy, Gabe Watson, Alan Branch, or any of the countless others these massive 350 pounders never become more than space eaters. He will be a good 3-4 NT and fits this scheme well but let’s stop the charade all scouts do about, “well if someone can light a fire under his butt,” or “there is literally 350 lbs of untapped potential in him.” Enough. He’ll be a favorite of the wait staff at the local IHOP, occupy blockers, and never be more than that. It’s okay as a 3rd rounder but not okay as a 1st which is what Kiper had him ranked at.

81. Giants: Damontre Moore-You know what sucks about the Giants picking one stop each round behind the Cowboys? It makes Jerry’s pick look even dumber just a few minutes later as while we took the #170th ranked guy on my board the Giants one pick later took the #7 ranked guy on my board which is a pick of a +74 value (difference between the selection and where he was ranked on my board) which makes him officially the best pick in this entire draft to this point. Crap!!!!

80. Cowboys: JJ Wilcox-Let me start by saying that some people love him. Mayock has him ranked #68 while I have him ranked #170 and Gil Brandt doesn’t have him in his Top 100. To me it’s another reach but the kid does have potential so there’s a chance this one works out. My pick at safety would have been Baccari Rambo who was a late 1st rounder on my board but isn’t surprising that he’s still available as I liked him far more than most. So to recap I have Barrett Jones, Vance McDonald, Keenan Allen, and Baccari while the Cowboys selected Frederick, Escobar, Williams, and Wilcox at those same spots while addressing those same positions. Below is Wilcox’s profile:

JJ WilcoxGeorgia Southern 6’0 213 Sr.

Senior Bowl: Day 1: Easily beat by good route of Tavarres King on out. Day 2: No separation vs. Russell Shephard on 9 route, way too much contact but in hip pocket of Michael Williams the entire time. Day 3: Good day in goal line drill. In the 2013 Senior Bowl he backed up at S, definitely a SS not a FS, good burst and strong hit at end of run, beat by Jack Doyle but overthrown, good tackle on PR cov.

Combine: Had a 4.57 40 which with his size (213 lbs) puts him as a safety not a CB. Was on offense until his senior season. He just didn’t look fast in his 40. Tight in hips drill. Not smooth at all in out and up drill. Perfect in team catch drill. Short arms.



















Notes: Phil Savage considered Wilcox the best safety on the South roster at the Senior Bowl. Only played defense for 1 season.

Overall: A tall, athletic safety with good hands (former wideout) and very good lateral quickness JJ Wilcox has moved up draft boards after a solid Senior Bowl was followed by an impressive Combine. With only 1 season of experience at safety he’s raw and will likely need even more time to develop due to the level of competition he’s coming from yet the talent is there for him to develop into a starting SS. He lacks instincts for the position and wasn’t incredibly productive as a senior so I’m not as high on him as others are but he’s an interesting project with starter level talent if given time to develop. Early 5th round as my #18 S 4/18/13.

79. Steelers: Markus Wheaton-The Steelers are quickly becoming the best franchise in the NFL at drafting wideouts and they might have just done it again. He’s very similar to Emmanuel Sanders in that he has good speed and is very quick with good route running skills. He will be the #3 this year and then move to the #2 spot when Sanders leaves in free agency after his requisite big contract year like all Steelers wideouts somehow have.

78. Bills: Marquise Goodwin-A small, speedy guy that some have compared to Mike Wallace. If you agree then this is a great pick just as Wallace in the 3rd a few years ago was. I compare him to Jacoby Ford due to his very poor size and limited production. If you agree then this is a bit of a reach.

77. Dolphins: Dallas Thomas-I ranked him as the #246 prospect while Corey Chavous ranked him as the #20. No that is not a misprint. Obviously one of us will be laughably wrong but to me his game film at Tennessee was very questionable. We shall see.

76. Chargers: Keenan Allen-Great pick, obviously as he was the #1 WR on my board when the Cowboys chose Terrance Williams, who is unfairly being criticized for having poor speed. It’s true the guy isn’t fast but just put on the tape and tell me he isn’t better than Robert Woods who also projects as a possession receiver type. Allen is a stud and while he won’t be a Pro Bowler he’ll be a very good #2 WR and possibly a solid #1 down the road. A huge steal this late in the 3rd round.

75. Saints: Terron Armstead-Great pick and outstanding value. The Saints were begging for a LT in the 1st round yet they were snapped up incredibly quickly. In the 2nd I’m sure the team discussed reaching for Armstead there but instead waited it out and he fell to them in the 3rd. I had him as a developmental 3rd rounder but some had a late 1st/early 2nd grade on him and thought he could start from Day 1. He’s a great pick to me but to those analysts he might be the steal of the draft.

74. Cowboys: Terrance Williams-Great pick though again it doesn’t fill the safety position which to me is by far their biggest need. That’s being nitpicky though as after 2 reaches the Cowboys finally get a steal with Terrance being #46 on my board (ahead of Cordarrelle Patterson by the way) and his deep speed is just what the Cowboys offense could use. By the way I have Keenan Allen ranked ahead of Williams so that would be my pick at WR in this spot. Below is the full bio, go Cowboys!

Terrance Williams Baylor #2 6’2 208 Sr.

Senior Bowl: Day 1: No separation on post vs. BW Webb for PBU, no separation vs. Sanders Commings on slant for PBU, blew right past Bacarri Rambo on 9 route but overthrown-not even close, beat BW Webb on deep in yet dropped easy catch, struggled the most of any WR on Day 1. Day 2: PI on Marc Anthony on double move yet still had very nice high point catch for long gain, jammed by Webb but eventually got off it and his acceleration was too much on deep route-INC on overthrow, had great block on 1×1 drill vs. CB-best of group, he really improved and looked like a stud on Day 2. Day 3: Has inconsistent hands, yet has the ability to make a great catch, yet his size/speed ratio is the best of any WR here. In the 2012 Senior Bowl he started at WR, pressed by Dwayne Gratz and couldn’t get into route, little separation for 9 yd out vs. Jordan Poyer, 7 yd reverse successful only b/c of his speed.



























Combine: Tied for the 3rd smallest hands among WRs. 4.52 40 which is disappointing considering what I saw on film-great burst on film. Good hands on tip toe sideline drill. Nice adjustment on outside shoulder drill. Only dropped one but didn’t look smooth on gauntlet drill-body catches and the ball moved a few times. Dropped one and double caught another on gauntlet drill. Good cut and catch in quick out drill.










3 Cone











Notes: In the 2011 Kansas St. game he was unable to get diving catch on 3rd and 5 that would have been tough but was catchable (2:30 1st). In the 2012 Louisiana Monroe game he showed great speed with 48 yd TD blowing through secondary, had a great 22 yd sliding catch on a post for a TD. He has NFL speed (4.4 at minimum), good hands, and has been productive. 4th round and could easily move up 9/28/12. 1st team Big 12 in 2012. Led nation in receiving yards. In the 2011 TCU game had a long TD on a WR pass trick play early in the game then had 43 yd TD on 9 route getting a step on CB Greg McCoy (6:11 3rd). In the 2012 UCLA game he blew past CB Aaron Hester on 9 route for +50 yds-stepped out trying to avoid S otherwise an 80 yd TD, looks to have low 4.4 speed, scouts say he isn’t quite as fast as Kendall Wright. In the 2012 Texas game he outplayed Quandre Diggs getting 2 PI calls on quick slants and a +60 yd TD on a stop and go route that Diggs slipped on.

Overall: Terrance is the classic size/speed WR as he has small, inconsistent hands, doesn’t run great routes, and isn’t extremely quick yet he led the nation in receiving yards last year as he’s just so fast for a guy his size. At 6’2 208 he’s a legit 4.4 speedster (watch the tape not the 4.52 40 he ran at the Combine) and was the basis of the Baylor offense in 2012. He has a number of holes in his game and I’m not positive he’ll be able to work them all out but at worst he’ll be a capable #2 WR that can blow the top off a defense and give room for a #1 wideout to work and there’s enough talent in him that I could see him developing into a true #1. As such I’m keeping a high grade on him despite a mediocre Senior Bowl and a poor Combine as the kid is just too talented to not at least be a quality #2 for some NFL team. Early 2nd round as my #5 WR 4/20/13.

73. Bucs: Mike Glennon-Taking out the fact that my top 2 QBs (Barkley and Bray) are still on the board I like this pick. It’s great value (#43 overall on my board) and he needs a year to develop before starting so he can get that year while the Bucs figure out if Josh Freeman is the man or not and then in 2014 the Bucs will have a Plan B if they need to pull the rip cord on the Freeman experiment.

72. Jets: Brian Winters-This guy is nasty. I love that in guards and he’s it with me comparing him to Kevin Gogan for those who remember that a-hole. Winters is a physical, nasty, cheap OG who will fit perfectly on the Jets and immediately replace Vladimir Ducasse in the starting lineup at RG. Great pick.

71. Rams: TJ McDonald-One of the most overrated guys in this draft that I had a 5th round grade on as my #186 player. Safeties his height almost never make it in the NFL (Taylor Mays, Robert Sands, George Iloka) and the Rams will have to have a specific plan of how to use him or he will be another bust.

70. Titans: Blidi Wreh-Wilson-I swear guys I’m not cheating. It might seem that way when you read at #68 me mentioning Wilson and Mathieu and then they are taking in the next two picks but I’m just seeing a pick, writing my review, and then unpausing tivo. This is a steal as he was an early to mid 2nd on my board and was far and away better than McFadden or Gratz that went ahead of him. Wilson is one tenth of a second faster from being a mid 1st on my board as he’s long armed, has elite hips, and perfect technique. He’s a cover CB not a tackling one but so what the kid is tall and has the hips and quickness to stay in the hip pocket of wideouts. He was neck and neck with Desmond Trufant as the best CB at the Senior Bowl yet while Trufant went in the 1st Wreh-Wilson went in the 3rd. A steal.

69. Cardinals: Tyrann Mathieu-About damn time! This fit makes sense too as Mathieu has been open about how much Patrick Peterson has been mentoring him and gives him a great environment to turn his life around at. He was the #20 guy on my board with the #19 ironically being their 1st round pick in Jonathan Cooper. That is how much value this kid has in my eyes. Arguably the best pick in the draft.

68. Browns: Leon McFadden-Continues the strange CB selections like Gratz earlier with teams passing on Tyrann Mathieu (off the field issues) and Blidi Wreh-Wilson (unsure why he’s being skipped). Mcfadden was #187 on my board so I obviously think this is a tremendous reach. Dumb dumb dumb. These teams will regret passing on Mathieu and Wilson.

Wow Kiper just said the same thing I did about being a 1st rounder in 2014.

67. Eagles: Bennie Logan-I had Logan as my #67 player and he went #67. He’s an underrated DT that if he had gone back to school could have been a 1st rounder in 2014. Great pick. Crap!

66. Raiders: Sio Moore-Have I mentioned how weird it is to like Raiders selections. I can’t remember it ever happening in my lifetime and now it’s back to back. Moore is one of the best picks in this draft as I had a late 1st on him (#27) and think he’s a do everything type that can drop in coverage, stop the run, and rush the passer. He dominated at both the East-West Shrine game and the Senior Bowl and will fit perfectly as a SLB in a 4-3 where he’s blitzed occassionally. He has Pro Bowl potential folks and is one of the 5 best picks in this draft. The Raiders just made one of the 5 best picks in this draft. I still can’t get over that.

65. Lions: Larry Warford-Good pick. I thought he would be perfect for the Cowboys 9 picks from now. Oh well it’s not the first thing that’s gone wrong in this draft for the Cowboys.

64. Jaguars: Dwayne Gratz-This pick stuns me as there is no way you will ever convince me that he’s better than his teammate Blidi Wreh-Wilson. Wilson had a 2nd round grade on my board while Gratz had a 5th and the tape shows this as teams picked on Gratz and stayed away from Wilson. Yes McShay is right he had great production but you make a lot of tackles and picks when opposing teams target you EVERY DOWN. One of the worst picks in the draft no matter the round. I really hate this pick.

63. Chiefs: Travis Kelce-Had off the field issues and is severely undersized so I didn’t like him but he does have good speed and fits well with their other TE Moeki who is a big blocker with limited speed. A big reach in my eyes though.

62. Seahawks: Christine Michael-A roll of the dice by a franchise that seems to love doing it every year. I can’t believe 1st team SEC Damontre Moore will be picked after benched all year Christine Michael but hey what do I know. Michael is a potentially great pick but the risk/reward is way off as he has 1st round talent but seemed like a better fit in the 3rd-5th area due to his numerous red flags. Of course Marshawn Lynch had similar red flags and they fixed him up so I won’t be betting against them on this pick.

61. Packers: Eddie Lacy-Wow this is a steal at this point. He’s a 2 down back and doesn’t fit their passing offense but on 1st and 10 when they are up 7 points and need to bleed the clock in the 4th quarter they will love having this guy. It shocks me that he dropped this far as I was 100% into him as the #1 RB (#15 overall). Great pick.

60. Falcons: Robert Alford-I love the player but think it’s a tad early especially with Blidi Wreh-Wilson and Tyrann Mathieu still available. Alford is a small school CB with good size and great speed that has starter talent but will likely need time to develop.

By the way I forgot to mention who I would have taken instead of Gavin Escobar at #47: Vance McDonald. I mentioned it a few picks later when the 49ers snagged him but McDonald was the best TE on my board at that point so after 2 rounds the Cowboys have Travis Frederick and Gavin Escobar and I have Barrett Jones and Vance McDonald. Neither seem too great really but I can’t choose what position to take, otherwise freakin Shariff Floyd would be my pick.

59. Patriots: Aaron Dobson-Mayock had him #60 and he went #59 so it depends on who you trust but I had this kid #136 on my board and this screams reach to me. He also didn’t make the Top 100 by Gil Brandt. I like his size and hands, youtube his one handed TD catch if you have time as to me it’s the single greatest catch I’ve ever seen, but he isn’t fast and seems more like a Brian Quick type that is raw and will need a few years to develop…….into a #2 WR. Why not just draft Keenan Allen who is the #2 WR already and ready to contribute as a rookie.

58. Broncos: Montee Ball-This is a great pick. It’s good value (#54), it fits Elways obsession with productivity, and it fills a need. With Peyton leading them into the red zone I bet Ball will have a chance to pretty regularly show off his uncanny knack for getting into the end zone. I love this pick. Fantasy owners beware as Ball could be the #1 rookie RB next year. A perfect fit.

57. Texans: DJ Swearinger-A guy that many loved and I was meh on due to his mediocre speed. He’s a hard hitter with good hands and instincts but I don’t like my safeties to be as slow as him so I dinged him and dropped him to the late 3rd round.

56. Ravens: Arthur Brown-Another great example of Ozzie Newsome’s magic as he had safety and inside linebacker as must address positions yet didn’t freak out and waste picks by moving up with the result being Matt Elam and Arthur Brown. Both are hard hitting, aggressive, and undersized players so there clearly is a mold that Newsome was searching for.

55. 49ers: Vance McDonald-Is it because Reid is reading my blog or why do I continue to want to complement the 49ers on their drafting. 8 picks after the Cowboys took my #4 TE the 49ers swoop in and take the #3 one in Vance. He’s a great blocker and I think that is what they were going for on this one as he’ll replace Delanie Walker and allow them to continue the “wham” block style of offense they use. A good pick, though a tad early, which I can’t fault them for as there were 4 clear cut TEs that were better than the rest and when Gavin was taken the 49ers knew they couldn’t wait any longer.

54. Miami: Jamar Taylor-A steal at this point as I had a late 1st/early 2nd round grade on him. He’s tough, physical and surprised me with a sub 4.4 40. I don’t think he plays as fast as he timed but still the kid has starter talent and shouldn’t have dropped this far.

53. Bengals: Margus Hunt-Interesting fit as I had him as a 3-4 DE but he some had him as a 4-3 DE or 4-3 DT. No matter where they play him he’ll be helped by Geno Atkins being near him and causing all sorts of disruption so one of the more underrated DL in the NFL just got more dangerous.

52. Patriots: Jamie Collins-Wow that’s a good pick. This is the best athlete in the draft. No one is even close. He was the #22 player on my board and goes #52 despite jumping the longest broad jump in the past 7 years and putting up a 41 1/2 vertical at 250 lbs! I had him as an ILB but he could easily play OLB in a 3-4 and I think his versatility and athleticism could make him one of the 10 best players to come out of this draft when we grade it in 5 years. Wow this guy could be All-Pro with Belichick coaching him up.

51. Redskins: By the way this is their first pick. David Amerson-Interesting pick as at one time he had a Top 10 grade on my board as he is 6’2 with long arms and runs a 4.4 40. He also led the nation with 13 interceptions in 2012 yet in 2013 he was embarrassed in the Tennessee and Miami games giving up numerous TDs in each and appeared to lose confidence. A reclamation project but one with Pro Bowl caliber talent. A very good pick by the Redskins. Crap!

50. Bears: Jonathan Bostic-An incredible athlete that has marginal instincts and production that didn’t match his upside. He had a great Combine and it moved him up into here but it’s too high for me. He’s #100 and went #50 so that’s interesting but to me he was a 3rd-4th round guy.

49. Giants: Johnathan Hankins-A boom bust pick that I thought was one of the most overrated players in this entire draft. I had him #113 on my board yet some would argue that at #49 this is a steal for the Giants. Obviously opinions varied widely on this guy so we will have to see. He has a terrible motor and will need to be coached up.

48. Steelers: Le’Veon Bell-Interesting pick and has Steelers written all over it. My only argument is: Bell with Lacy still on the board? Otherwise I like the pick as Bell is a bigger back that has great hands and is somewhat versatile for his size. He’s a risk though as he’s just athletic enough to maybe be a star and just slow enough to maybe be forced to play FB for his career. If in 3 years he’s a FB then this pick is a huge bust.

Well McShay loves the kid apparently so at least someone thought he made sense in the mid 2nd. What’s worse though is that Escobar was a 3rd but Ertz was a late 1st and they only went a few picks apart. This pick isn’t nearly as bad as the Frederick pick last night but I once again would argue that their next pick, #74, would have seen Escobar available. They seem to keep reaching in my opinion.

47. Cowboys: First off Tony Casillas was cool to see and was definitely the best announcer. Gavin Escobar-6 months ago I would have been a fan of this pick but most scouts, me included, moved Escobar down due to his Combine and his level of competition. I had him rated as the #92 player and he was taken #47. To me it again feels like a reach and I just wonder why Jerry is drafting positions like center and tight end when safety is so much bigger of a need. I hope he doesn’t think Barry Church and Danny McCray is enough at safety as that would be an absolute trainwreck. I will be honest, I hate this pick and what’s sad is that to me it’s the worst pick in the 2nd round at this point. Below is his profile:

Gavin Escobar San Diego St. #88 6’5 7/8 254 Jr.























Combine: Not fast looking on 40. 1.73 10 yd split. Almost got diving catch in out and up drill. Caught everything in gauntlet and wasn’t as good as Ertz in it but better than Eifert.










3 Cone










Notes: GBN, “a solid underneath receiver with the frame to grow into a decent in-line blocker.” Redshirted in ’09 and had a very solid freshman year in ’10 (29 323 4 TD). Freshman All American in 2010. The coaches love him and think he is a future star 12/24/10. Enters the 2011 season ranked #49 on my Big Board. In the 2011 Louisiana-Lafayette game he had a nice 12 yd curl on sideline toe tapping and showing great hands, dropped tough ball on 8 yd out over his head but somewhat catchable, dropped ball on 8 yd out as he was hit hard, good catch on 3rd and 7 with defender near him, great 20 yd catch on fade down sidelines vs. tight coverage jump catching ball (4:44 3rd), no separation vs. LB on 15 yd pass over middle but LB called for PI, no separation vs. CB but caught 12 yd cross extended hands one handed with final 4 being YAC. Listed as the #44 player on my Top 100 Board going into the 2012 season. Listed as the #55 player on my Top 100 Board in the middle of the 2012 season. In the 2012 BYU game he had perfect technique getting edge block to go inside, +20 yds on seam route showing soft hands and then broke a tackle and cut away from a defender for YAC.

Overall: Escobar is a talented player that is dropping on draft boards due to a poor Combine yet possibly was a little overrated to begin with. As a blocker he’s adequate which puts him ahead of Ertz and Fauria who are flat out bad but well below the McDonalds, Williams, and Sims of this draft. He is 254 lbs with the frame, at 6’6, to add weight yet I doubt he’ll ever be more than an average blocker which is why his 4.84 40 was so detrimental to his stock as pass catching TEs need to have speed. I was surprised by the time yet when I went back to the film it was noticeable that he didn’t separate against too many people and I think that is where he probably was a little overrated. He looks like an average starter at the next level which is why he drops below Vance McDonald in the end as Vance is a far superior blocker than Escobar and I think at the end of the day that a team would prefer a dual threat like Vance over Escobar who looks like a pass catching TE without great speed. 3rd round who just barely is behind Vance as my #4 TE 3/6/13.

46. Bills: Kiko Alonso-He’s a little early to me here but this is one of my 5 favorite players in the draft in terms of just liking the kid. He’s an absolute monster who I compare to Bill Romanowski due to his intensity and willingness to give up his body. As a rookie he’ll be a spectacular special teamer and good cover LB and likely will be starting by the end of the year. It’s early but I understand why they went this way as Alonso was a fun player to scout the past two seasons.

45. Cardinals: Kevin Minter-A good fit as he fits the 3-4 scheme better than the 4-3 and the Cardinals continue to build one of the more underrated defenses in the league.

Cowboys up soon so here are best options:
DE: Damontre Moore (#7 on my board)

RB: Eddie Lacy (#15)

CB: Tyrann Mathieu (#20), Jamar Taylor (#38)

S: Bacarri Rambo (#26), Shamarko Thomas (#39)

LB: Jamie Collins (#22), Sio Moore (#27)

44. Panthers: Kawann Short-Well that stings as Short was a prime candidate at the Cowboys pick just 3 spots away. A good selection as +300 lb defensive tackles with his production, consistency, and athleticism often are 1st rounders. I had a higher grade on him than Sylvester Williams who went in the late 1st. It’s very interesting the Panthers pairing Lotulelei with Short as that adds two talented DTs to two young DEs that both are coming off double digit sack seasons. That could soon become the best DL in the league.

43. Bucs: Johnthan Banks-No one should ever spell Jonathan like that. Good value as at one time he was a mid 1st on many mock drafts but he ran an atrocious 40 and had a better junior season than senior season.

42. Raiders: Menelik Watson-This is definitely a new era in Oakland as they made a solid trade down in the first, didn’t love the Hayden pick but loved the trade down, and then they select an OT with great value here. Watson needs time to develop but he has 1st round talent and I had him ranked higher than the Giants OT at #19 Justin Pugh. Extremely high upside and they got the roll of the dice player at great value.

41. Buffalo: Robert Woods-A good #2 WR in the NFL in more of the possession mold. I wasn’t as high on him as some (#65 on my board) but in the mid 2nd it’s a good pick and fills a need as they have nothing except Stevie Johnson at the WR position.

40. 49ers: Tank Carradine-Arguably the best pick in the draft, Shariff Floyd and Alec Ogletree are the only competitors, as Carradine had a Top 10 grade on my board and I wasn’t scared away at all by his late season ACL injury. He’s recovering faster than expected, already running, and at 6’4 275 lbs with 4.7 speed, ’34 arms, and with great production (+80 tackles, 11 sacks despite missing 2 games this year!) he has everything you want in a prospect. He had a slightly higher grade than Ziggy Ansah (#5 pick) and a much higher grade than Barkevious Mingo (#6 overall) so this is a slamdunk pick for a team that doesn’t need to get any more talented. Reid this is a STEAL!

Geno Smith talking about being drafted and playing in the NFL, “I think for all of the stuff I’ve been through in my life. I think this is what I deserve.” Just a strange quote that isn’t what I would tell my client to say after getting drafted.

39. Jets: Geno Smith-Goodbye Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow and hello more controversy. I don’t like Smith as I think his intangibles suck and he can’t thread the needle and I think this pick will make him a bust even quicker as there couldn’t be a worse place for a thin skinned player like Geno than New York. He will be eaten alive.

38. Chargers: Manti Te’o-Well the fall finally ends for Te’o. Kiper and McShay had him as their #1 guy available at this point so many will argue it’s good value but I won’t. He’s slow, overrated, brings a publicity to a locker room that is unhealthy (think Tebow with the Jets last year), and might be gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

37. Bengals: Giovani Bernard-Well crap that’s another prospect I linked to the Cowboys that I loved. Interesting too as Bernard had been “falling” on many draft boards so I though he could sneak to the Cowboys in the 3rd. He has a late 1st round grade on my board so this is great value in my eyes but a slight reach in others, especially with Eddie Lacy still available.

36. Lions: Darius Slay-Big CB who really raced up draft boards due to his elite 40 (sub 4.4). He impressed me throughout the 2012 season and I thought he outplayed teammate Johnathan Banks. Another great pick, the 2nd round has started 4 for 4.

35. Eagles: Zach Ertz-He, not Eifert, was my #1 TE as I liked his body control, route running, speed, and hands more so I love this pick which of course sucks as it’s the Eagles.

Interesting by the way that the 49ers moved back from 34 to 40 in THE SECOND ROUND yet got a haul (3rd rounder in 2014 and 7th round this year) that is somewhat similar to what the Cowboys got from moving back #18 to #31 IN THE FIRST ROUND. No I’m not mad friendly barista at my local starbucks. I don’t have anger issues. Okay I’ll settle down. Yes I maybe have had too much coffee.

34. Titans (trade with 49ers): Justin Hunter-Great pick as he was the #2 WR on my board (#21 Overall) and gives them the size (6’4) to go along with last year’s first rounder in Kendall Wright (5’11)

33. Jaguars: Jonathan Cyprien-Well that took about one second to take off a legit candidate at #47. Cyprien is a very talented, very versatile small school kid (Florida International) who I thought would be a great selection for the Cowboys pick. Oh well, it won’t be the last Cowboys candidate off the board by #47.


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