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A couple of thoughts on the Cowboys Day 2 Draft

April 27, 2013



-Going into the draft I had the top 5 needs of the Cowboys (in order) as safety, defensive tackle, right tackle, right guard, and running back. Assuming you consider Travis Frederick as a center and not a guard (something most do but Jerry Jones stated one reason he took Frederick is to add competition to all three interior line positions so who knows) then the Cowboys have only addressed any of the Top 5 needs (safety) and their 4 most valuable picks have been used. That is a bad scenario and makes me more hopefully than ever that they can sign a stop gap free safety like Charles Woodson after the draft as that position flat out scares me at this point. JJ Wilcox is a guy that many liked in the 3rd round but few saw as a Day 1 starter. I wasn’t as high on him as others were but the biggest issue with him is how raw he is as he only has been a safety for one season, played offense in his first 3 seasons in college. To me they have yet to add a starter to any of their 5 biggest need areas. That is a damning revelation about this draft for the Cowboys.

-I fully expect Joseph Randle to be the Cowboys backup RB by the end of Round 4. He and Johnathan Franklin are both still available and rumor had it that the Cowboys were going to target Randle in the 3rd or 4th round. If he drops to them in a few minutes I think they snag him without a 2nd thought.

-I love the Terrance Williams pick. He’s great value (2nd round grade on my board taken in the early 3rd), adds the deep speed to our receiver corp that was what I thought was missing, and has the size to play outside. Expect Williams to play outside and Miles Austin to move into the slot at times in 2013 so they can get their top 3 wideouts all on the field at the same time. Williams had a poor Senior Bowl but the man that led the nation in receiving yards in 2012 had a 1st round grade on many people’s boards at the end of the season and is a great find in the 3rd. For once this weekend I was able to say, “Great pick Cowboys!”

-Two days later and the Frederick pick still makes me mad. While I wasn’t a huge fan of Frederick others liked him and thought he was a slightly superior or equal prospect to Barrett Jones and Brian Schwenke, widely regarded as the other two top centers in this draft. We chose Frederick at the end of Round 1 and the other two centers have yet to be chosen with Round 4 or 5 likely their home. I’d love to know how close in grade Frederick was to their #2 center as if it was remotely close it just proves again that the Cowboys reached and reached bad.

-In a glass half full summary of the Cowboys first two days of the draft we can say that Jerry addressed the interior line (a big need) with his first pick, added an extremely athletic backup TE that will allow the team to play two tight end sets (will help the RT in pass protection with a TE often staying in to block), added some much needed deep speed to a receiver corp that was lacking it, and added a playmaking safety that was well liked by many scouts after a very good Senior Bowl.

-In a glass is half empty summary of the Cowboys first two days of the draft we can say the Cowboys blew it by missing out on the steal of the 1st round when Shariff Floyd fell to them, made it worse by trading for below market value back in round 1, made it even worse still by drafting an interior lineman that most had a 3rd round grade on, then followed it up by taking a prospect widely regarded as the #4 TE despite the #3 still being on the board (Vance McDonald) and the #2 being chosen just a few picks earlier (no one would have been mad if they had chosen Ertz at #31 and Frederick at #47 but they instead got Frederick at #31 and Escobar at #47 which is a much weaker haul), made it a little better with the value selection of Terrance Williams (though he didn’t address a huge need), and then chose a raw safety that likely won’t make an impact until 2014.

You decide which narrative you think is the closest to reality. I already have.


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