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Cowboys sign 12 undrafted free agents

April 28, 2013


As of last night the Cowboys had signed 12 undrafted free agents. Jerry Jones expected the team to bring in around 20 so they aren’t likely done. Below are the players they signed, the rank they had on my board, and a brief snippet of a few of them.

LB Brandon Magee #294-A slow, hard hitting MLB that has some off the field concerns. Few had a draftable grade on him but I did as a 6th or 7th round type. A good pickup as a free agent.

S Jakar Hamilton NR (Not ranked)-Never heard of the safety from South Carolina State.

LB Taylor Reed #232-An undersized, instinctive LB that was incredibly productive for SMU the past 3 seasons. I loved the kid and thought he was extremely undervalued so this is the player of their’s that I like the most.

CB Dustin Harris #328-WHOOP! The former Aggie isn’t likely being brought in as a CB as he struggled at the position during his time in College Station but as a designated punt returner. He was 1st in the nation in punt return average in 2011 and 16th in 2012 so it’s a good pickup for that reason. He will compete with Dwayne Harris for the job and if it’s close he will be cut as Dwayne provides value as a slot receiver as well so Dustin will have to be far superior as a punt returner to make the roster.

CB Devin Smith #475-I had him as an undraftable player as he struggled mightily in pass coverage the past few seasons at Wisconsin. I’d be shocked if he made this roster and don’t even like him being added as a camp body. Terrible addition.

QB Dalton Williams NR-I’ve never seen or heard of the Akron QB.

RB Kendial Lawrence #330-A talented scat back that will battle with Phillip Tanner and Lance Dunbar as the #3 RB. He’s solid value but I thought they needed to add a power back who better complements Murray and newly acquired Joseph Randle. Zach Line out of SMU would have been my choice as a camp invite.

LB Cameron Lawrence #233-A very interesting pick as the kid is smart, instinctive, and is great in coverage. He was the last guy to pick off AJ McCarron in 2011 and the first to pick him off in 2012 with McCarron going +10 games in between without an interception. Lawrence is undersized and will battle for the WLB job in Kiffin’s 4-3. This is a very good pickup.

WR Greg Herd NR-Never heard of the WR from Eastern Washington.

TE Paul Freedman NR-Never heard of the TE from Virginia.

DB Jeff Heath NR-Never heard of the DB from Saginaw Valley. 

WR Eric Rogers NR-Never heard of the WR from Cal Lutheran.

Conclusion: There’s some talent in these 12 guys with Devin Smith being the only player I’ve heard of and not liking. Sorry guys that I can’t give more info on Cal Lutheran, Saginaw Valley, Eastern Washington, and South Carolina State players but likely these guys were small school prospects that shined at their pro day and are being brought in due to elite physical talent. Cameron Lawrence, Brandon Magee, and Taylor Reed are three late round draftable linebackers I had on my board so I think their inclusion in training camp is a smart move and I suspect that they all will be battling for one roster spot. If I had to make a guess I would say Lawrence is the odds on favorite with Reed being the sleeper and Magee being the least likely. In my Top 500 Lawrence and Reed were next to each other at #232 and #233 so obviously I think they are similar in talent but Lawrence had a draftable grade on most boards while Reed was a sleeper type that I liked more than most. As such I suspect Lawrence will make the roster in the end. 

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