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2014 Quarterback Rankings

May 8, 2014



Prototype in the NFL: Aaron Rodgers

Best In Class

Best Frame: Blake Bortles                                Best Leader: Teddy Bridgewater

Best Long Ball: Zach Mettenberger               Best Pocket Awareness: Johnny Manziel

Best Reader of Defenses: Teddy Bridgewater Best Accuracy: Johnny Manziel

Best Release: Jimmy Garapolo                        Best Open Field Runner: Johnny Manziel


1. Johnny Manziel Texas A&M 5’11 ¾ 207 Soph

Comparison: A combination of Doug Flutie, Michael Vick and Russell Wilson

Stats: SEC

Year Yards % TD INT YPA Rating
2013 4114 69.9 37 13 9.59 172.9
2012 3706 68.0 26 9 8.54 155.3

Combine: He measured in sub 6’0 which hurts his stock (5’11 ¾) and had a surprisingly average 40 (4.68) though it’s good comparatively. Where he impressed though was his shuttle (4.03-1st among 19 QBs and 2nd among 36 RBs this year at the Combine), his vertical (’31 ½-5th), his broad (9’5-4th) and his 3 cone (6.75-2nd among the 19 QBs and 1st among the 36 RBs). 11th out of 48 WRs in shuttle. Tavon Austin was one of the quickest players I ever graded in college. His 40 time was 4.28, his 20 yard shuttle time was 4.01. Manziel’s 4.03 shuttle time is elite to the point where I’d argue it was historic. I don’t have the time or database to be able to prove that but just looking at recent “athletic” quarterbacks shows it’s true. Cam Newton ran a 4.56 40 and had a 4.18 shuttle. RGIII ran a 4.41 40 and declined to do the shuttle drill (no one declines a drill they have a good time on so he’s out). Andrew Luck ran a 4.59 40 and had a 4.28 shuttle. Russell Wilson ran a 4.53 40 and had a 4.09 shuttle. Johnny ran unofficial 40 times of 4.63 and 4.56 yet officially had a time of 4.68. His shuttle time was a blistering 4.03. He is a quicker than fast guy who has the best start/stop ability of any QB I’ve ever graded. Don’t let the media fool you, Manziel is one of the best athletes to ever play the QB position, he just does it a little differently than most.

HGT WGT Arms Hands 40 Vert Broad Shuttle 3 Cone
5116 207 31.38 9.75 4.68 31.5 905 4.03 6.75

Strengths: 1st Team SEC in 2012. Heisman Winner in 2012. 2nd Team SEC in 2013 per Phil Steele (1st team almost everywhere else). Heisman Trophy Finalist in 2013 (6th in the voting). He set a Cotton Bowl record for total yards. He had the most yards in a season in SEC history (beating Cam Newton’s record in his Heisman season). He had the most yards in a game in SEC history and later beat his own record. He has big hands (9 ¾) and HUGE feet (size 15) for a guy his height. Ran a 4.03 20 shuttle which is historic for a QB. Good straight line speed, even better lateral quickness as his smaller frame allows him to start and stop or maneuver around defenders in the open field better than any QB I’ve ever graded, has had back to back great games against Alabama’s D both in 2012 (253 yds 77% 2/0 passing, 92 yds rushing) and 2013 (464 yds 72% 5/2 passing, 98 yds rushing-562 total yards was 2nd most all time in the SEC). Brett Beliema said Manziel is the hardest player he’s ever had to game plan for. Mike Stoops said he’s maybe the greatest college player he’s ever seen. He’s the most exciting player I’ve ever seen in my +15 years as a fan and scout. The only comparables are Michael Vick, Peter Warrick and Reggie Bush. #6 on Bruce Feldman’s freak athlete list for 2013 as he hit a HR in BP in San Diego, broke 80 at Pebble Beach, and is a great dunker on the b-ball court. He has underrated arm strength and can make every throw. He works at his craft all the time and has spent 3 straight offseasons with QB guru George Whitfield. His footwork and release have dramatically improved from his 2012 season to his 2013 season. It’s interesting that his Heisman campaign was in 2012 as in 2013 he threw for more yards, more TDs, had a higher completion %, had a higher YPA and had a higher QB Rating. He had 1 out of every 116 passes batted down which is 2.5 times better than the average making it unlikely that his short stature will affect him in the NFL. Bortles was below average at 1 out of every 45. Johnny’s 9 7/8 hand size is the same size as Cam Newton’s. He has elite accuracy in and out of the pocket. His accuracy on the run is the best I’ve ever scouted. He’s the shiftiest QB in the open field I’ve ever scouted. He had the 2nd highest Wonderlic score (32) out of any QB in this year’s draft. His competitiveness is legendary as in 2012 he got so into a 4 square game that he was diving for balls and the coaches forced the game to end as they were worried he’d hurt himself. He’s never missed a game in his career. He has eyes in the back of his head with his instincts being rare as knowing when to leave the pocket or juke a defender that’s trailing him. He’s extremely clutch as seen in his 2-0 bowl record, elite production in his 2 Alabama games as well as the last minute victories against Ole Miss and Louisiana Tech in 2012 and Ole Miss and Duke in 2013. I believe that he was by far the best player in college football in 2012 AND 2013. He’s an extremely popular player who, if he’s successful, will be consistently in the Top 10 in jersey sales and will be a spokesman for quite a few products. He’s already been signed by Nike and launched his Manziel Pro Day gear which is rare for an athlete that’s not even in the NFL yet to release a product. He was in a McDonalds commercial and has been on Letterman. A team that drafts him could be getting the most popular player in the NFL in 3-5 years when the Manning/Brady duo leaves.

Weaknesses: He sometimes tries to do too much and gets his team in trouble. The Auburn and Mississippi State games in 2013 are good examples of that as he had 5 INTs in those two games that easily could have been victories but instead ended up being a split. At sub 6’0 there will inevitably be teams that don’t think he has the size to be an NFL QB. He surprised some people with only a 4.68 40. It’s very good for a QB but he looked faster on film. LSU gave the NFL a blueprint of how to play him as they stayed disciplined in their rush lanes and forced him to stay in the pocket. Depending on how the draft goes there’s a chance that we look back on Johnny’s career and point out that he played with two Top 10 OTs and a Top 10 WR. He was helped tremendously by those three players. He likes his fame and celebrity status too much. He was an instagram and twitter sensation late in the 2012 season and early in the offseason leading up to the 2013 season as he befriended LeBron James, Drake, Albert Pujols, Dez Bryant, etc. He’s made many questionable decisions off the field. He signed paraphernalia for money and almost had his 2013 season ruined by it (it resulted in a half game suspension). He left the Manning passing academy early due to being hungover from the night before as he slept through his sessions and didn’t call to tell anyone. He infuriated the A&M fan base at times with his remarks on twitter and his flirtatious nature about UT. He and Coach Sumlin have never been terribly fond of each other and it was obvious that both men were looking forward to the relationship ending.

Overall: Johnny Manziel had arguably the greatest two year run of any college football player ever. He made plays with his arm and his legs against bad talent and good. He began his career as a redshirt freshman fighting for a starting job and ended it two years later as the first freshman to ever win the Heisman and a two time 1st Team SEC selection. He is this generation’s most exciting player and because of that I think he gets too much grief for his unorthodox style of play and his cocky attitude. Johnny Football was the #1 sports story in 2012 so it’s not surprising that he became overexposed and got a little blowback. I don’t want people to focus on that though as his celebrity status has overshadowed the real story: his phenomenal play. As a freshman he was predominantly a runner (his 1,410 yards in 2012 is almost twice his 759 yards in 2013) and he didn’t throw that often early in the season yet improved as the season went on (he had under 200 yards passing 3 of his first 5 games yet had 253 yards or more in each of his final 8 games). I think a lot of people who criticize him are doing so while thinking of the 2012 Johnny Manziel who was more similar than the 2013 version to the street baller caricature that the media likes to portray. Johnny has improved by leaps and bounds the past two seasons and I even noticed an improvement at his Pro Day as his arm strength appeared to be improved. In 2013 his mechanics and footwork had noticeably improved and he was no longer leaving the pocket at the first sign of trouble. ESPN broke it down and showed that he had a 73.5% completion rate inside the pocket which was the highest among the QBs in this draft. They also showed that he had fewer passes batted down at the LOS than 6’5 Blake Bortles and makes sense as Manziel has a quick release and avoids staring down his receivers. It’s sometimes frustrating to hear criticism of Johnny’s game as it is obvious the critics don’t really have a good understanding of him. Comments like “poor arm strength,” “bad accuracy,” or “not as good in 2013 as in 2012” show that they just aren’t paying attention as Johnny has good arm strength, elite accuracy and had a much better 2013 than 2012. It’s become clique to criticize Johnny and some of it was deserved but in 2 years he’s gone from a superb athlete without much polish to a very good passer that can beat you inside or outside the pocket. If A&M had a better defense in 2013 the Aggies would have gone 12-1 in 2013 (I don’t think they would have beat LSU even with a better defense) and Johnny would have been only the second two time Heisman Trophy Winner. Unfortunately they did not and Manziel had a controversial offseason leading up to the season so he is now in the media’s crosshairs. I think that anyone who thinks Manziel will be a bust is going to look very foolish as I expect him to immediately be one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL and to win Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2014. His talent to extend plays and juke defenders in the open field has overshadowed the strides he’s made as a passer but soon the public’s perception of Johnny will catch up with reality. He ends as a Top 5 talent who not only is the #1 QB in this draft but the #1 Overall Player as well. I expect him to be the OROY and to eventually become one of the 5-8 best QBs in the NFL in a style all his own 5/8/14.

2. Teddy Bridgewater Louisville 6’2 1/8 214 Jr.

Stats: AAC

Year Yards % TD INT YPA Rating
2013 3970 71.0 31 4 9.3 171.1
2012 3718 68.5 27 8 8.9 160.5
2011 2129 64.5 14 12 7.2 132.4

Combine: Named Theodore. I was disappointed in him as he not only didn’t throw but he didn’t run either. He did a ’30 vertical (average), 9’5 broad (impressive as it was 3rd among 19 QBs), 4.20 shuttle (elite-3rd) and a 7.17 3 cone (average).

HGT WGT Arms Hands 40 Vert Broad Shuttle 3 Cone
6021 214 33 9.25   30 905 4.20 7.17

Strengths: A blue chip prospect out of HS. #143 on ESPN 150 for 2011. He started as a true freshman and finished the year strong after a tough start. Elite 11 QB. Solid height, good accuracy, good arm strength, great character as he’s coachable and is a humble and genuine individual, already is polished at reading defenses and has an uncanny calm under pressure, is tough and took quite a few big hits (one huge hit by Jon Bostic) vs. Florida in the Sugar Bowl yet kept bouncing back as if nothing happened, is very good at touch passes, he isn’t a great athlete but can be elusive and has underrated strength to break tackles (8:10 4th Q vs. Cincinnati he avoided 3 rushers and flung a ball +30 yds in the air on target for a TD vs. tight cov). His passing yards, completion %, TD/INT ratio, YPA and QB Rating all went up every year from his Freshman to his Junior year. His TD/INT ratio is elite at 31/4 a 7.75 to 1 ratio. He played in the most NFL like offense of the “Big Four” and has a lot of tape showing NFL throws on the outside +15 yards past the LOS. OPOY in Big East in 2012. Officially moving him into my Top 100 board 9/17/12. In the 2013 season opener vs. Ohio he looked great and I wrote, “(he) has the Michael Vick, Eli Manning, Andrew Luck level of prospect in his sights. A true superstar who has everything but elite athleticism going for him 9/6/13.”  His 2012 and 2013 numbers were very good as his two year stretch of +7,000 yards 58 TD/12 INT was rare, especially for those two seasons to be his Sophomore and Junior years. He has some of the best poise of any QB I’ve ever graded. He’s one of the toughest QBs I’ve ever graded. Andrew Luck was the only prospect I’ve ever graded that was superior to Bridgewater as an underclassmen in reading defenses, looking off safeties and being in control of an offense. He has no character issues and everyone who has ever worked with him vouches for him as a special person on and off the field. He’s already graduated and has his degree. He’s been widely considered the best QB in this draft for most of the year. Will one bad Pro Day ruin all of that?

Weaknesses: Appears to be a 4.8 40 type athlete. He was only 2nd Team AAC due to Blake Bortles. His overall Combine was below average even for the QB position. He has played an incredibly easy schedule in 2012 and 2013, struggled mightily against Kentucky in 2013 (SEC team). He doesn’t always throw a tight spiral and the ball can wobble on him. His Pro Day is widely considered the worst of all time for a high level QB prospect. You can’t just dismiss it on the glove issue, he always played with a glove on until his Pro Day, as he “lost the strike zone” against Kentucky too. This inconsistent accuracy will likely pop up at times throughout his career. Mike Mayock in a 2 month stretch dropped him from his #1 QB into a tie with Mettenberger for his #5 QB. He was helped at Louisville by having 2 NFL caliber wideouts to throw to. He can get some zip on the ball but his normal velocity is on the lower end of the spectrum among quarterbacks. Does a QB without elite arm strength, athleticism or size deserve to be a Top 10 pick?

Overall: Bridgewater had a terrible Pro Day. I watched the entire thing on film and it was pretty poor as he had 7 incompletions and numerous throws that caused his wideouts to jump or dive for balls in a setting where many QBs don’t let the ball ever touch the ground. So what? The greatest Pro Day ever for a QB was Sam Bradford and in 4 seasons he’s finished in the bottom half (bottom 16) in QB Rating 3 times and has yet to finish in the Top 10. If you are drafting Teddy you aren’t doing it due to his arm talent as Manziel and Carr are far ahead of him in that regard with Garoppolo, Bortles and even Mettenberger also being arguably better. If you are drafting Teddy it’s because he’s the toughest, clutchest QB that’s come out of college in quite awhile. Put his Pro Day film on first and then put on the Florida game in 2012 or the Miami game in 2013. Those are where he shined brightest so it’s no surprise that those were two of the three biggest games of his career. He was 4-0 against SEC teams in his career, 2-1 in bowl games and in his “big loss” against UCF that ultimately decided the AAC Champion he “only” completed 76.3% of his passes and had 2 TD and 0 INTs. Bridgewater lacks great arm strength, size or athleticism but he is a leader and will win a lot of games for an NFL franchise. When the competition level goes up, Bridgewater is at his best. In the Florida game I saw an offensive line that was overmatched yet Teddy threw strikes all day long and got right back up every time they punched him in the mouth. In this case that isn’t even a euphemism as he was obliterated by Jonathan Bostic on the 1st passing play of the game and the hit was so hard that he will have a scar under his chin from that play for the rest of his life. Sammy Watkins took a hit 1/10th as hard against LSU and called it a day. Bridgewater didn’t even miss a play and went 20 of 31 for 266 yards with 2 touchdowns the rest of the way and answered the bell every time Florida seemed to be making a comeback. Teddy also is elite at reading defenses, staying poised in the pocket and making plays on the fly. He’s night and day better at that than Carr and he has far better accuracy and experience at threading the needle than Bortles. Overall I’m still a huge fan of Bridgewater as he will give you his heart and soul and will be one of the most beloved quarterbacks to play for in the NFL. He lacks elite upside but I expect him to be a QB that is in the top half of the NFL. Due to that he ends with a Top 10 grade as my #2 QB as I will still stick with my guns on him despite everyone else leaving him due to one bad Pro Day 5/5/14.

3. Derek Carr Fresno St. 6’2 3/8 214 Sr.

Comparison: Jay Cutler with a weaker but still strong arm yet without the attitude

Senior Bowl: Most scouts feel that he had the best week of any of the 6 QBs at the Senior Bowl. Coaches loved that he took a few of the wide receivers and stayed afterwards to work on more routes.

Stats: MWC

Year Yards % TD INT YPA Rating
2013 5082 68.7 50 8 7.71 156.1
2012 4104 67.3 37 7 8.03 155.9
2011 3544 62.6 26 9 7.95 144.5
2010 112 71.4 0 0 8.00 138.6

Combine: He surprised me with a very good 40 (4.69-4th best among 19 QBs). He didn’t throw at the Combine.

HGT WGT Arms Hands 40 Vert Broad Shuttle 3 Cone
6023 214 31.5 9.13 4.69 34.5 902 4.20  

Strengths: Elite bloodlines as his older brother is David Carr who went #1 Overall in 2002. Incredibly productive in 2013 (5,082 yards 50/8 TD/INT ratio on 68.7% completion). He is one of 4 QBs to ever throw for +5,000 yds and 50 TDs. He has a strong arm, a quick release, he has solid NFL size (6’2 3/8) and has underrated athleticism both inside and outside the pocket. In 2013 he only had 11 sacks which were the fewest of the “Big 4.” He’s a football lifer due to his brother being much older than him and already having gone through a good +10 years in the NFL. He’s a gym rat that loves working out and watching tape. He will put in the extra hours to make himself the best he can be. He’s a Christian, a family man and a leader. Jon Gruden considers him the best QB in the draft and there is film that shows that he might have the most “arm talent” in the NFL. He was up there with Andrew Luck dominating the chalk board at Gruden’s QB Camp. He can throw the ball from various platforms and angles. He was the best QB at the Senior Bowl. He has the best “ball” in the draft as he throws nothing but spirals. He throws a very good fade route and it could be a staple of his arsenal. He calls most of their plays at the LOS through hand signals.

Weaknesses: He’s an older prospect at 23 years of age. The huge majority of his passes were within 5 yards of the LOS on bubble screens and inflate his stats. His USC game is the real litmus test with scouts as you either think it exposed him since they were the best D he faced all year and were the rare team that made him complete throws downfield or you think he just had an off game and it shouldn’t be overrated. He’s the only senior of the “Big 4” and I didn’t even have a mid round grade on him going into his Senior season which is concerning as Bridgewater and Manziel had 1st round grades going into their Sophomore seasons. He isn’t always on target and consistently goes high when throwing beyond 10 yards. His arm strength, release and footwork are so impressive that you sometimes get mesmerized by him when watching film but the reality is he rarely made elite throws except for his fades in the end zone where he was helped tremendously by his teammate Davante Adam’s impressive ball skills. For a QB with his experience and intelligence he too often stares down his receivers and doesn’t go to his next read quick enough. Most of his analysis of a defense comes pre-snap and before the action begins. That is a consistent theme I have against him as he has all the tangibles you want but when the action begins he too often seems lost and unable to adapt on the fly. He’s by far the worst ad libber of the “Big 4.”

Overall: Carr is a scary QB to me. One on hand he shows the size, arm strength, quick release and polish that make me compare him to Aaron Rodgers. The ball shoots out of his hand, more so than any other prospect in this draft, and you can be mesmerized by his film at times. He also has rare bloodlines as his older brother was the #1 Overall Pick in 2002 and he’s been around the NFL game for over a decade. Yet there always seems to be something missing when I scout Carr. At times he reminds me of Aaron Rodgers yet more often he reminds me of Jay Cutler, a guy who has arguably the best arm talent in the NFL yet a player that isn’t quite consistent enough accuracy wise and lacks the ability to thread the needle. With Derek you have a dichotomy as he threads the needle with the best of them on fade routes in the end zone yet there’s little footage of him doing it in other parts of the field. He also seems to excel at reading a defense pre-snap yet struggles to read a defense post-snap and has far too much film showing him staring down his primary receiver. I think both things point to my same concern of “something is missing” as he has all of the tools, experience and information needed to succeed yet when the action gets fast and furious the other three quarterbacks in the “Big 4” get better while he gets noticeably worse. Some will point to his elite stats and say I’m crazy but they were about as inflated as you will ever see. Half of his throws are bubble screens and another 25% are simple downfield throws setup by the bubble screen. No analysis of Carr would be complete without the USC game as it’s a pivotal one in determining his draft grade. My opinion is that he faced the best D he’d seen all year, the best D he faced in his career probably was Boise State in 2012 where he also had a poor game (122.4 QB Rating which in college is bad), they shut down their “quick game” and forced him to throw outside the numbers against man coverage. He made a few throws but overall was very lacking in accuracy, ability to thread the needle and in confidence. That last one could be the nail in the coffin as a 5th year senior shouldn’t have lacked confidence in the final game of his career yet there he was looking like a deer in the headlights on national television. It was the third lowest completion percentage he had in 3 years as a starter and the 2nd lowest QB Rating he had yet what’s interesting is that the other games where his stats suffered were also related to him facing an elite defense that played man coverage. 2011 Nebraska (Alfonzo Dennard), 2011 and 2012 Boise State (Jamar Taylor and their elite front four) and 2012 Nevada (Duke Williams and Khaled Whooten) join USC as the worst 5 games of his career and it’s obvious to see the pattern. When the competition goes up and the stakes are raised I think Carr’s talent becomes less obvious. He excels in a number of aspects of QB play yet threading the needle and making plays when things get a little out of control are not his strong points. Watching him choke in the final game of his career was just the finish to an obvious pattern of behavior which I think could continue in the NFL. I like Carr as his arm talent is elite but there is more to being an elite NFL QB than arm talent and I see him being severely deficient in a number of key areas. Mid 1st as my #3 QB who will likely have a career similar to Jay Cutler as a high upside arm that can’t quite master the intricacies of his position 5/7/14.

4. Blake Bortles Central Florida 6’5 232 Jr.

Comparison: Ben Roethlisberger mixed with EJ Manuel

Stats: AAC

Year Yards % TD INT YPA Rating
2013 3581 67.8 25 9 9.37 163.4
2012 3059 62.9 25 7 7.67 144.5
2011 958 68.2 6 3 8.71 153.9

Combine: In the 40 he had both a poor time (4.93) and failed the eye test as he looked lumbering. It surprises me as he looked quick on film. He was inaccurate on a lot of throws during the throwing session.

HGT WGT Arms Hands 40 Vert Broad Shuttle 3 Cone
6050 232 32.88 9.38 4.93 32.5 907 4.21 7.08

Strengths: 1st team AAC in 2013. He’s just a massive man with perfect height and weight to play in the NFL. Reminds me of a less accurate Ben Roethlisberger with his frame and his ability to break away from rushers due to that size.. He has underrated speed and has the ability to run some zone read though he’s a pocket passer first. He’s a good looking kid and is very comfortable in interviews and with the media. He should make a charismatic leader for a NFL franchise. He plays within the offense and rarely takes chances with the ball. In 2012 he had 0 INTs in 10 of his final 11 games and in 2013 he ended with only 9 INTs. He had a bad 40 but his movement and agility is elite for a guy with his frame. He won’t be a huge scrambler but more of a Tony Romo type that can be elusive in the pocket or a Ben Roethlisberger type that can shrug off defenders to still complete a pass. He has the size to take big hits and not get injured. He has gotten noticeably better each year so there’s hope for the team drafting him based on his upside.

Weaknesses: He doesn’t throw a great spiral and has his fair share of “ducks.” His numbers aren’t that good against good defenses. Too many people remember his 3 TD performance vs. Baylor but they didn’t have a good D in 2013. Too few remember his bad game in 2012 vs. Ohio State (2 bad INTs and 3 INTs overall) or his up and down performance in 2013 vs. South Carolina (2 TD/2 INT in a close loss). He also has his share of brain fart games where he plays a lowly opponent and just sucks. He was terrible in a loss to Tulsa in 2012 (41.9% and 98.4 QB Rating which on the college scale is atrocious) and later didn’t rebound well when he played them again (OT loss but again only 43.8% and a 115.3 QB Rating). He was also horrific against Memphis in 2013 (47% with an 84.6 QB Rating). He is more of a dink and dunker as he rarely throws the ball more than 15 yards in the air. He’s a big dude so most scouting reports say he has a big arm but he really doesn’t as he has average velocity at best and there isn’t a lot of tape of him throwing +30 yards in the air. He had a 5th round grade from me after the 2012 season and those fast risers always scare me. He wasn’t highly recruited out of HS (5 FBS schools with only 2 recruiting him as a QB). He’s not extremely accurate and seems to struggle especially with the deep ball. He isn’t a polished passer as he stares down his receivers, doesn’t progress through his reads quickly and looks like a QB from a small school. He played against weak competition throughout his career. He has at least 1 INT in pretty much every game where he faced a good college D (Ohio State in 2012, Penn State, South Carolina and Louisville in 2013). I wonder if he’ll be anything more than a game manager with an elite frame and good mobility as he seems to really struggle when forced to thread the needle but if allowed to just be conservative and take what the defense gives him he seems to do well.

Overall: He’s a raw QB but his tools are obvious as his size, strength and athleticism are rare to find. He’s the ultimate gamble as he isn’t ready to play in the NFL right away but likely will be taken in the 1st round which will force a coach to play him. He has the potential to develop into a Ben Roethlisberger type yet his lack of accuracy, especially on the deep ball which is a strength of Ben’s, will likely be his downfall. My biggest issue with him is that he projects as more of a game manager type than a gunslinger. He has the frame of Ben’s but not the mindset nor the cannon of an arm which makes me think he’ll be more of an EJ Manuel clone than a Ben Roethlisberger one. At his best he’d be like Josh Freeman in 2010 when he was a big strong QB that took care of the football well (25/6 TD/INT ratio that season). At his worst he’ll be like Manuel was in 2013 when his team was behind as these guys lack the arm strength, accuracy or temperament to carry a team on their back. I like Bortles as a prospect since he has an elite frame, very good mobility for his size, has no character issues and projects as a starting QB. I project him only becoming a middle of the pack QB though (If ranked he’d be in the 16-22 range among the 32 NFL starters) so I don’t really understand why some think he deserves a Top 10 grade. Late 1st as my #4 QB who projects as a game manager with an elite frame ala Josh Freeman 5/5/14.

5. Jimmy Garoppolo Eastern Illinois 6’2 ¼ 226 Sr.

Comparison: A combination of Tony Romo and Matt Scott (Arizona, undrafted 2013)

Senior Bowl: Day 2: He struggled to get the play calls as they were very wordy and he wasn’t used to it. He had a great throw into coverage on 7×7 drill-threaded the needle. He showed far quicker feet in drills than Carr or Fales and looks like he’ll be difficult to bring down due to that quickness.


Year Yards % TD INT YPA Rating
2013 5050 66.0 53 9 8.9  
2012 3823 61.3 31 15 7.1  
2011 2644 62.2 20 14 7.6  
2010 1639 58.5 14 13 7.8  

Combine: Named James but goes by Jimmy. He’s an extremely good looking kid who could become a heartthrob if he becomes a starter. He had a bad 40 (4.97) but was average to above average in every other drill including the 3 cone which he was 3rd best behind only Jordan Lynch and Johnny Manziel.

HGT WGT Arms Hands 40 Vert Broad Shuttle 3 Cone
6022 226 31 9.25 4.97 30.5 902 4.26 7.04

Strengths: He has a very compact delivery which allows his release to be extra quick. He gets good velocity on his ball and seems accurate. Urban Meyer said Garoppolo was “one of the best quarterbacks I’ve ever seen” when he watched his tape. June Jones at the East-West Shrine Game said he was clearly the most NFL ready QB at the event. Matt Hazel (WR at the event) said, “He’s the best quarterback here.” He ended up being named the East-West Shrine game MVP due to his elite 1st half: 9/11 100 yd TD. He’s a good looking kid with a nice smile and big dimples. He very easily could become a fan favorite and the face of a franchise. Bob McGinn wrote that a scout said he threw the fade better than any prospect he’d ever scouted. His TD/INT ratio in 2013 was a gaudy 5.9 to 1. He is a confident kid who took full advantage of his East-West Shrine Game and Senior Bowl opportunities. He can thread the needle and looks comfortable attacking a defense as he rarely took a check down and was always wanting to attack.

Weaknesses: He has a quick release but his throwing motion is one I don’t see often and makes me wonder if scouts will like it or not. He’s 226 lbs but he still looks very slight of build out there and I wonder how he’ll stand up to the hits. 2013 was the only year where he had a TD/INT ratio better than 2 to 1 or a YPA higher than 7.8. That’s a little disconcerting considering the level of competition. He sometimes goes high on his target which is a little worrisome to me.

Overall: Jimmy is one of the fastest rising prospects in this draft and on my board it’s no different as he went from unknown to 1st round bubble in a little over 4 months. There is a lot to like about him as he has NFL size at 6’2 ¼ 226, good arm strength, one of the quickest releases I’ve ever scouted and very quick feet that make him an eerily similar player to Tony Romo. It’s eerie because this year he was busy breaking Romo’s records at Eastern Illinois but due to his great offseason (East-West Shrine Game, Senior Bowl, Combine) he won’t be like Romo on draft day as Garoppolo is sure to hear his name called. The question is when and it will be fun to find out as the case can be made that he has an elite upside and deserves to go in the late 1st round, I think he’s a superior prospect to EJ Manuel, Christian Ponder or Blaine Gabbert who all went in the first 16 picks of their draft, but the case can also be made that he’s nothing more than a high upside project and shouldn’t go before the 3rd round. I am in the former group as to me he is a special prospect as his release, quick feet and ability to thread the needle are all rare traits to find in a QB and I think he has a very high upside. Despite being a superior prospect to those other QBs (who all had a late 2nd-early 4th round grade on my board), Jimmy barely ends up outside of the 1st round due to his lower level of competition and mediocre stats until his senior year. Early 2nd round as my #5 QB due to having a much higher upside than more well known QBs like McCarron, Murray, Boyd, etc.

6. Zach Mettenberger LSU 6’5 1/8 224 Sr.

Comparison: A poor man’s Ryan Mallett/Chad Henne

Stats: SEC

Year Yards % TD INT YPA Rating
2013 3082 64.9 22 8 10.4 171.4
2012 2609 58.8 12 7 7.4 128.3
2011 92 72.7 1 0 8.4 173.0

Combine: He didn’t work out due to an ACL injury but measured 6’5 1/8 224.

HGT WGT Arms Hands 40 Vert Broad Shuttle 3 Cone 1 yr %
6051 224 32.38 9.75            

Strengths: Blue chip prospect out of HS. #123 in ESPN 150 for ’09. He has an extremely strong arm and looks amazing when he has time to throw and his player is open. He reminds me of Ryan Mallett with a big arm, big frame and limited mobility. In the 2013 Georgia game he lost but was dominant (372 62% 3/0) throughout including a potential game winning drive in the final 5 minutes. In the 2013 Florida game the ball slipped out of his hand on a 0 route for a fumble, I charted his throws and on 0-5 yd throws he was 5-5, on 6-10 yds 0-1, and +10 yds 5-12. His receivers dropped a few balls and he missed a few very makeable throws but overall he was very good against arguably the best secondary in the nation. He played against some of the best defenses in the nation during his career. He was coached by an NFL coach in Cam Cameron. He looks like an NFL QB. He showed a lot of heart in his game vs. Alabama in 2013 having to essentially be dragged off the field but still never quitting despite the pounding he took. His YPA were elite in 2013 (10.4) and can be seen on film as he throws the middle and deep routes more often than almost any other QB in the nation. He does not play in a dink and dunk offense and has film that shows he can make the NFL throws. He tore his ACL late in the 2013 season and will miss all of the OTAs and possibly part of his rookie training camp. It means he’s almost 100% likely to have no impact as a rookie.

Weaknesses: Dismissed from Georgia after losing out to Aaron Murray and violating team rules. He ended up pleading guilty to Sexual Battery after he groped a bartender as an under age patron (the report shows he grabbed her breasts and butt). He also was charged with underage possession of alcohol, possession of a fake ID and disorderly conduct but those charges were dropped in a plea bargain style deal. Went JUCO then to LSU. Is very robotic and seems to struggle when a play breaks down, he can thread the needle but isn’t great at it, he doesn’t read defenses well or quickly and seems to stare down his receiver. Has too far spread legs on his throwing stance so will check for high throws. He has been criticized for not standing tall in pocket against rush. His team has won quite a few times, especially in 2012, despite him playing very poorly. He isn’t just immobile but struggles to throw on the run and is very limited outside the pocket in every way. Despite having the best duo of wide receivers in the nation his statistics were only average to above average. 2013 was the first year he had a completion percentage above 60% which is a huge red flag.

Overall: Zach is a strong armed, pocket QB that at times has looked like a potential 1st round talent and at times has looked completely lost. After watching him for 2 years I am still on the fence on him as he’s progressed pretty rapidly in his two full seasons as a starter but he still doesn’t appear to be an NFL caliber starting QB. He reminds me of a poor man’s Ryan Mallett which essentially is Chad Henne. Henne has been a starter for a number of years but every season it’s as one of the worst starting QBs in the NFL and his long term role is as a good backup QB. I think Mettenberger’s role will be similar since he has enough talent to possibly grow into an average starting QB but has enough red flags to keep him from ever reaching that level. His lack of mobility is very concerning as he doesn’t have a good feel for the rush, looks to be a 5.0 40 type athlete and also struggles even throwing on the run. The plan for opponents will be obvious as if you get pressure on Mettenberger he becomes a bad QB so he will face constant blitzing as a pro. I don’t see him overcoming this problem and it’s not his only weakness either as he also seems to be mediocre at reading defenses, has some character issues from his time at Georgia and had the best supporting cast of any QB in the nation (elite RB and two elite WRs) yet put up only average stats in 2012 and above average stats in 2013. As a player with starting potential I give him a 3rd round grade but in the end I expect him to become only a good backup QB. 3rd round as my #6 QB 3/15/14.

7. Dustin Vaughan West Texas A&M #10 6’4 7/8 235 Sr.

Stats: Lone Star Conference

Year Yards % TD INT YPA Rating
2013 5401 66.2 53      
2012 4712 64.7 45 13 8.49 158.07
2011 3316 59.4 25 6 8.68  
2010 96 58.3 0 0 8.0  

Combine: He had elite size (6’4 7/8 235) yet somehow also the smallest hands in the draft (8 7/8)? He had a bad 40, shuttle and 3 cone but a good vertical and broad jump.

HGT WGT Arms Hands 40 Vert Broad Shuttle 3 Cone
6047 235 33 8.88 4.95 29 900 4.43 7.25

Strengths: 31-6 as a starter. He looked like the #1 or #2 QB at the event and was clearly ahead of more heralded Connor Shaw whom he shared snaps with at practice. He ended his career as the school AND conference record holder in passing yards, total yards and TDs. In the 2013 NFLPA game he showed good footwork, an NFL arm and good accuracy. He looked like the best QB at the event which surprised even the most diehard scouts. He has a great sense of humor and spoofed himself in a parody video. 1st team All-District in HS as both a QB and a punter. Division II All-American in 2013. His 5,401 yards was most all time in Conference history and his 53 TDs was 3rd most all time.

Weaknesses: He’s a poor athlete as he had some of the worst 40, shuttle and 3 cone drills showing he’s neither fast nor quick. He’s going from the Lone Star Conference to the NFL so it will be a huge step up in competition.

Overall: Until the NFLPA Game I had never heard of Dustin Vaughan. Now he’s my #7 QB ahead of much bigger names like AJ McCarron, Aaron Murray and Tajh Boyd. There is little to no buzz on this kid so it’s likely he goes undrafted but I think he has the makings of a potential starting QB down the road. He has a cannon, is accurate, dominated his lower level of competition and seems to have a good understanding of how to attack a defense. This guy could be the steal of the 2014 NFL Draft if he goes undrafted and is picked up by a team for training camp. He isn’t a good athlete but he has enough quickness to move around in the pocket and his film shows a good feel for the rush. He’s one of the lesser known prospects in the draft and I’m going out on the limb for him but I honestly think he has more talent than the two SEC QBs (McCarron/Murray) who will be drafted well ahead of him. Huge sleeper with a late 3rd round grade as my #7 QB 3/16/14.

8. AJ McCarron Alabama 6’3 ¼ 220 Sr.

Comparison: Trent Dilfer

Stats: SEC

Year Yards % TD INT YPA Rating
2013 3063 67.3 28 7 9.1 167.2
2012 2933 67.2 30 3 9.3 175.3
2011 2634 66.8 16 5 8.0 147.3
2010 389 62.5 3 0 8.1 151.2

Combine: The measurements help AJ’s case as a starting QB as at 6’3 ¼ 220 he has good size and with ’10 hands he has elite hand size (reduces likelihood of being a big time fumbler). What hurts is that he’s obviously a pocket passer as his 40, vertical, broad, shuttle and 3 cone were all below average to bad.

HGT WGT Arms Hands 40 Vert Broad Shuttle 3 Cone
6032 220 31.5 10 4.94 28 803 4.34 7.18

Strengths: Elite Blue Chip prospect out of HS. #36 in ESPN 150 for ’09. 2nd team SEC in 2012. 1st team SEC in 2013 by Phil Steele. He’s elite at avoiding turnovers as can be seen with his TD/INT ratio of 4 to 1 in 2013 (elite) and 10 to 1 in 2012 (historic). His career TD/INT ratio of 77 to 15 (5.13 to 1) is on par with the best like Matt Leinart, Kellen Moore, Sam Bradford, etc. He has underrated arm strength and can make every NFL throw. He is a team first player that never seemed uncomfortable with his mediocre stats due to the run first nature of Alabama. He progressed each year and appeared much better in 2013 than in 2012 despite statistics being inferior. He was very clutch in a few games where he was asked to win the game for him (at LSU in 2012, in SEC Championship game vs. Georgia in 2012 and at Texas A&M in 2013) and never seemed nervous in the biggest games of his career (2011 and 2012 SEC and BCS Championship games, at LSU in 2012). He has a gorgeous girlfriend and seems very comfortable as a celebrity. He plays with a chip on his shoulder and appears to be extremely motivated despite his unprecedented success on the field. 36-4 record as a starter! He never lost a game in August, September or October during his career!

Weaknesses: He rarely was asked to win a game for them. In 2011 and 2012 (the two BCS Championship seasons) his team won a few times despite him having a very poor game. He always played with a great offensive line, great running back, great coaching and great defense which allowed him to be under the best circumstances on most occasions. Due to the run oriented style of offense he rarely threw in tough circumstances and often was given single coverage pass defenses to attack. His reads were simplistic and he was encouraged to throw the ball away or take the sack instead of threading the needle or making a play out of nothing. The Alabama coaching staff at times appeared to not trust him. Had offseason shoulder surgery going into the 2012 season. He was a fringe prospect on my board until late in the 2012 season. He sometimes seems to get a little too emotional as seen when he screamed at Barrett Jones in the 2012 BCS Championship game. In the 2013 Oklahoma game (BCS bowl game) he had 2 INTs in 1st half when asked to carry the team. He has an atrocious set of tattoos on his chest and back.

Overall: McCarron is one of the more polarizing QBs in this NFL Draft Class as some see him as a 1st round talent and others see him as a mid round guy. I’m of the latter group as there was no player in college football that had an easier path to success than McCarron. Early in his career (during the 2011 season) he was flat out bad in quite a few games yet they still ended up with a 12-1 record and won the BCS Championship. Slowly but surely the “legend of McCarron” grew until the media began portraying him as an under appreciated star and deserving of Heisman consideration. Those opinions rightly looked foolish when his career ended on an 0-2 skid (36-2 before that) and as he struggled in back to back games where the Alabama defense wasn’t it’s normal suffocating self. McCarron has been the ultimate bus driver in college yet I always say that many a prolific QB in college becomes a bus driver in the NFL so to be a bus driver in college means he’s likely topped out as a player. He does look NFL caliber though as at 6’3 ¼, with big hands (his ’10 hands were the 2nd biggest of any of the 19 QBs at the Combine) and with experience with the media he has a lot of what teams are looking for in a QB. Nick Saban’s proclamation that teams passing on him early, “(are) going to make a huge mistake,” made me laugh as he said the same thing 3 years ago about current draft bust Mark Ingram. It didn’t work out for Ingram when the elite supporting cast around him left and I doubt it works out for McCarron as too many times he appeared to struggle when a defense was allowed to focus on him. He looks like a career backup to me and possibly will be worse than that as he’s far less polished than Aaron Murray but he ends with a slightly higher grade than Murray due to far superior physical skills which give him an outside chance to develop into a starter. 4th round as my #8 QB who is another vastly overrated Alabama product that I don’t see eye to eye with the scouting community on 3/15/14.

9. Aaron Murray Georgia 6’0 ½ 207 Sr.

Comparison: A rich man’s Chase Daniels

Stats: SEC

Year Yards % TD INT YPA Rating
2013 3075 64.8 26 9 8.9 158.8
2012 3893 64.5 36 10 10.1 174.8
2011 3149 59.1 35 14 7.8 146.4
2010 3049 61.1 24 8 8.9 154.5

Combine: He didn’t work out due to an ACL injury but measured 6’0 ½ 207.

HGT WGT Arms Hands 40 Vert Broad Shuttle 3 Cone
6004 207 30.63 9.13          

Strengths: Elite Blue Chip QB out of HS. #4 in ESPN 150 for ’09. Had 2,851 yards in the regular season (2nd most yards ever by an SEC freshman QB). The more amazing stat though for ’10 is his 24/8 TD/INT ratio. Freshman All American in 2010. He’s an amazing leader and it’s been that way since HS when he broke his leg and came back in state semis to help team win state title. He’s a film junky and is the type of guy that will be at your facility all offseason. He audibles more than almost any QB in the nation and really seems to understand how to attack a defense. Got degree in psychology and already in grad school. A 4 year starter in the best conference in the nation. He led his team to the SEC Championship in 2 of his 4 seasons (2011 and 2012). He’s an extremely accurate and polished QB that excels at certain finer points of QB play like audibling to a different play, reading complex coverages and making back shoulder throws that are NFL caliber in their complexity.

Weaknesses: Enters the 2011 season ranked #8 on my Big Board and the #3 QB behind only Luck and Barkley. Listed as the #28 player on my Top 100 Board going into the 2012 season. Listed as the #74 player on my Top 100 Board in the middle of the 2012 season.  Listed as the #79 player on my Top 100 Board going into the 2013 season. As you can see I was extremely high on Murray after his stellar Freshman season yet my ranking of him has steadily declined ever since. The reason is because his numbers never improved that much from his elite Freshman season (his freshman year had him with 3,049 yards, 61.1% completion, a QB Rating of 154.5 and a TD/INT ratio of 3 to 1 with all of those near his career highs set in his final 3 seasons). He also never improved physique wise as he never got any taller, faster or stronger. He has below average arm strength and I question if he can make every NFL throw. He has come up short in quite a few big games in his career. In 2011 he played LSU in the SEC Championship game and was whipped 42-10 despite Georgia leading almost the entire 1st half. My scouting comments from the game: “His receivers never got open for him and let him down in the first half especially with key drops (5 drops in the game) but he took a few womanly sacks dropping to the floor as rushers neared and skipped a few passes to his targets so the 42-10 loss was his fault as well.” In 2012 he played Alabama in the SEC Championship game and had a very good game until the end when terrible clock management caused them to lose the game with the ball on the 5 yard line. His MO has been to have dominant games against mediocre defenses and to struggle mightily against the top SEC defenses (2 INTs vs. Missouri in 2013, 3 INTs vs. Florida in 2012, only 109 yards passing with 0 TD and 1 INT in a 35-7 blowout loss to South Carolina in 2012, 2 INTs vs. LSU in 2011 in 42-10 blowout loss, 2 INTs vs. Michigan St. in 33-30 loss in bowl game in 2011, etc.). Georgia was 1-3 in bowl games in his 4 year career (due to injury he didn’t play in the final bowl game vs. Nebraska in 2013). He tore his ACL near the end of his final season which puts OTAs and even training camp in jeopardy for his rookie season.

Overall: At 6’0 ½ 207 he’s almost identical to Case Keenum (6’0 5/8 208) in stature yet Keenum was much faster and had a stronger arm coming out of Houston in the 2012 NFL Draft. Considering that Keenum went undrafted, it shows how average a prospect Murray is from a size/speed perspective. At one time I had a 1st round grade on Murray as I saw him as a Drew Brees type player. That grade was given nearly 3 years ago and since then Murray as never seemed to improve statistically or athletically. Going into his Sophomore season Georgia fans rightly expected a golden era to begin yet he let them down as well as in his 4 years his time at Georgia ends without a BCS Championship, an SEC Championship and even ends with only 1 bowl win during that time. Murray is a combination of Chase Daniels in stature, arm strength and college productivity mixed with a little Tony Romo as a choke artist. When the athletes got bigger, stronger and faster Murray tended to look shorter, weaker and less confident. Unfortunately I think that the step up in competition will prove to be too much for Murray and he will never become a full time NFL starter. Yet he’s a coach’s best friend due to his elite work ethic, he has great leadership skills, he’s accurate, he’s great at reading defenses and he’s a polish QB in a lot of ways so I think he’ll carve out a long career as a backup. It’s hardly what I envisioned when I first saw the Freshman All-American in 2010 but sometimes expectations can be a curse and dreams are never realized. Career backup do to lack of size, mobility and arm strength but one who excels in a number of other areas. Late 4th round as my #9 QB 3/15/14.

10. Thomas Savage Pittsburgh 6’3 7/8 228 Sr. 3 schools in his career. He is already 23 due to having sat out 2 years. He’s an intriguing talent as he has NFL size, solid arm strength, great intelligence and very good accuracy. He isn’t very mobile and he only has an average arm, I don’t see a fast ball with him as 95% of his passes are more of the soft/touch variety, so he projects as more of a backup but he’s one of the 2-3 best in this draft at looking at his options and reading a defense. Pittsburgh didn’t have a ton of talent last year around him yet he kept them competitive. I am concerned that 2013 was his only season since 2010 as a starter and he doesn’t seem to be the best teammate but overall I’m still a fan. Late 4th round as my #10 QB who projects as a career backup but a quality one 5/7/14.

11. Tajh Boyd Clemson 6’0 5/8 222 Sr.

Comparison: Troy Smith

Senior Bowl: Day 2: It was very windy and he looked terrible compared to the other two QBs (Logan Thomas/Stephen Morris).

Stats: ACC

Year Yards % TD INT YPA Rating
2013 3851 68.5 34 11 9.32 168.7
2012 3896 67.2 36 13 9.12 165.6
2011 3828 59.7 33 12 7.67 141.2
2010 329 52.4 4 3 5.22 107.7

Combine: He had an average 40 time (4.84) which is bad considering he’s expected to be a dual threat. I would have expected a 4.6 out of him.

HGT WGT Arms Hands 40 Vert Broad Shuttle 3 Cone
6005 222 30.75 9.63 4.84 30.5 810 4.23 7.33

Strengths: ACC POY in 2012. Elite blue chip prospect out of HS. #58 in ESPN 150 for 2009. He has great lower body strength that allows him to break tackles in the open field. He has an extremely strong arm and can make every throw. He has good speed and, coupled with his lower body strength, he can play like a running back at times. He had a great game vs. LSU in 2012 leading them to a win in a hostile environment despite facing some elite NFL talent on their defense. He’s well liked in the locker room and seems to be a leader for them. He had a 6 TD game vs. Ohio State to end his career and is one of the most prolific passers in NCAA history.

Weaknesses: He’s just such an inconsistent player. Whether it’s his inconsistent accuracy, his inconsistent production, or his inconsistent leadership I’ve never had a high grade on Boyd due to how much he fluctuated every time I’ve scouted him. He’s consistently high on passes which I suspect is a footwork issue that could possibly be corrected. He has made some atrocious decisions with the ball and thrown some of the worst INTs I’ve ever seen. Clemson has had some terrible showings in huge games during his career (2011 bowl game vs. West Virginia beat 70-33, 2013 game vs. Florida State being beat 51-14). He went 0-4 vs. South Carolina and 1-3 vs. Florida State for his career which again makes the case that he is terrible when the competition level goes up.

Overall: Tajh has fluctuated on my draft board much like he has on every other scouts draft board the past 3 seasons. The reason is because he is inconsistent and because he has so many positives and negatives to his game that it’s hard to avoid liking him one week and disliking him the next. He is mobile, has a strong arm, has put up some tremendous numbers, is a 3 year starter at a major program in a Top 5 Conference and has made his fair share of NFL caliber throws. Those are the positives and you start to fall in love with the idea that this is the next mobile QB in this “new era” of spread football. Then you watch him against a top level defense and you hate him as he’s too short, not accurate enough, not a vocal leader and not a blazer like an RGIII, elusive like a Manziel or a bulldozer like a Tebow or Newton. Boyd has a lot of tools for an NFL coach to work with but I don’t ever see him becoming a full fledged starter in the NFL as he’s too inconsistent and guys his height need to be elite in so many other areas to overcome that deficiency. He won’t be able to but I think he could be a good backup and have a niche career ala Troy Smith. Late 4th as my #11 QB 5/4/14.

12. Stephen Morris Miami 6’1 7/8 213 Sr.

Senior Bowl: Day 2: He had a strong arm that beat through the wind. Day 3: He was the most consistently accurate QB all week long and impressed with his arm strength.

Stats: ACC

Year Yards % TD INT Sack YPA Rating
2013 3028 57.6 21 12 15 8.80 144.7
2012 3345 58.2 21 7 17 7.95 138.1
2011 283 70.3 0 2 2 7.65 123.7
2010 1240 53.6 7 9 6 8.11 125.0

Combine: He was shorter than I wanted (6’1 7/8 213) but had huge hands (10 ¼-2nd biggest of the 19 QBs) and a great 40 (4.63-2nd best). He was terrible in the quickness drills (4.49 shuttle-2nd worst and 7.36 3 cone-2nd worst) which is just confusing considering how fast he is.

HGT WGT Arms Hands 40 Vert Broad Shuttle 3 Cone
6017 213 32.75 10.25 4.63 30 903 4.49 7.36

Strengths: He has a live arm with huge hands (10 ¼ are in the top 10 percentile) and underrated athleticism. Everyone talks about Manziel, Bortles and Boyd but it was Morris that had the best 40 time and it’s legit as he can scramble. In 2012 he had a great season with a 3 to 1 TD/INT ratio and appeared to be on his way to becoming an early round selection.

Weaknesses: Consistency is Morris’ biggest issue as one game he looks great and the next he looks terrible. In 2012 he appeared to be putting it together but in 2013 he never took the next step. He doesn’t appear to be the smartest QB and seems to make a lot of dumb decisions. He was only the full time starter for 2 seasons so he’s not very experienced. In the three seasons where he played regularly (2010, 2012 and 2013) he never had a completion percentage in the 60’s. That’s a HUGE red flag. He’s barely under 6’2 which is often the threshold for teams when judging prospects.

Overall: Morris is a high upside project type that I was a big fan of a few years back but whom I’ve cooled on because he hasn’t improved much in his 4 years at Miami. He has okay size, huge hands, a strong arm and great athleticisim for the position. He would be a great candidate for a team to take as a #3 QB to develop at least into a quality backup. I don’t think he has the footwork, experience, intelligence or consistency to ever become a starter in the NFL but the talent is there and someone should work with him. Early 5th round as my #12 QB 5/4/14.
13. Jeff Matthews Cornell 6’3 ¾ 223 Sr.

Stats: Ivy League

Year Yards % TD INT Sack YPA Rating
2013 2953 63.3 22 13 35 8.2  
2012 3196 62.0 18 11 27 7.9  
2011 3412 67.9 25 11 30 9.3  
2010 1723 54.8 7 7 48 5.5  

Combine: He measured in at good height and weight for an NFL QB but otherwise was pretty poor as his 40 was the worst of all 19 QBs, his vertical was the worst, his broad jump was the 4th worst and his shuttle and 3 cone were near the bottom as well.

HGT WGT Arms Hands 40 Vert Broad Shuttle 3 Cone
6036 223 32.13 10.13 5.26 25.5 809 4.36 7.14

Strengths: He set 47 Cornell records, 18 Ivy League records  and was the 2011 Ivy League POY so if anyone can make the jump from Ivy League to NFL it’s him. He had the best 1st day of practice at the East-West Shrine game of any QB. He has an NFL arm with good zip, has NFL size at about 6’4 225 and he’s extremely intelligent due to his Cornell education.

Weaknesses: He is a very poor athlete as he was the worst (40, vertical jump) or one of the worst (broad jump, shuttle, 3 cone) in every drill at the Combine. His TD/INT ratio was not good at all which is extremely worrisome to me due to the level of competition. His best year was his Sophomore season when Cornell had a lot of talent around him. He didn’t win a lot of games as a Junior or Senior and, while he was outgunned in most contests, his competition level was low enough to make you wonder why he couldn’t single handedly win more games. He took a pounding with 27 or more sacks each of his 4 seasons and that consistency means it likely was partially his fault as he probably held onto the ball too long. The success rate of Ivy League QBs in the NFL is abysmally low. He comes off as a bit robotic and doesn’t seem to be a good freelancer when a play breaks down.

Overall: In the East-West Shrine game he showed good zip on his passes and had legit NFL size, he looked a bit robotic and isn’t very athletic, impressive pass in between the LBs and Ss showing good accuracy and the ability to thread the needle, he later threw another nice looking ball but threw it a tad late and safety came over for nice INT. I like the kid as a mid round guy who can be developed for a few years. He likely won’t make it but he has NFL tools and is worth a QB coach’s time. 5th round developmental type as my #13 QB 3/16/14.


Late Round Types:

14. Logan ThomasVirginia Tech Jr. In the 2011 Georgia Tech game he underthrew 33 yd catch on 9 route that was open for a TD though to be fair he was being pressured and on the run (13:23 1st), threw ball 5 yds too high on cross forcing punt, overthrew 12 yd out by 5 yds, easy 9 yd TD to open WR (4:23 2nd), had a dart +30 yds downfield in stride on deep slant that the WR took for a 63 yd TD (0:53 2nd), another dart on the money this time on 9 route with defender very close to him showing his elite arm strength again for 30 yd gain (10:25 3rd), great strength on QB run on 3rd and 1 from the 11 where he pushed through the pile for the TD! (0:40 3rd), had about 7 yds on QB sneak on 3rd and 1 again showing his huge frame. He is a very raw player but the guy is huge, has a cannon, makes tough yards on short yardage runs, and seems to be the leader of that team. He could flame out as his accuracy is a big question mark but if he progresses it wouldn’t surprise me if he became a 1st rounder in 2014 11/15/11. Listed as the #88 player on my Top 100 Board going into the 2012 season. In the 2012 Pittsburgh game he had a solid 44 yd pass (slightly behind WR) showing good touch on deep ball, widely discussed as a hard worker, leader, and smart player by the Va Tech coaching staff, regularly stares down WRs, had INT that wasn’t his fault as he threw it perfectly to WR but PBU by nearby CB with another defender catching it, looked faster than DE TJ Clemings on rush, terrible INT on possible miscom as he threw it right at a safety with the nearest WR about 8 yds away (1:32 1st), threw ball behind WR on slant, good 9 route throw but PBU b/c not open-throws a very nice deep ball with great air under it, 9 yds on zone read keeper leveling LB at end of run, threw another bad INT this time with pressure in his face causing high throw to safety (3rd of day), missed open WR for TD on post, good final driving trying to get them back in it but just no one open and eventually was TO on downs. He continues to look like an elite talent who someone will for sure take in the Top 10, possibly as high as #1, yet I continue to wonder if in the end he will be worth that high of a pick as he has a long way to go before he’s an NFL signal caller 9/17/12. Listed as the #93 player on my Top 100 Board in the middle of the 2012 season. In the 2012 Rutgers game he overthrew easy dump off on naked bootleg, not ready for snap with it going past him for safety-yet he fumbled it when hit in end zone for TD, off backfoot he threw a ball +40 yds in the air on target on 9 route-PBU but still showed his elite cannon, has trouble with the most basic aspects of football (fumbled with handoff to RB to hurt one run play and pitched very high on option to RB forcing him to jump and get clobbered ruining another run play), miscom with WR on hitch, delay of game, skipped ball 5 yds short of WR on cross-not even close, didn’t see unblocked blitzer for easy sack-is just a mess with him struggling at every single thing (blitz recognition, accuracy, hand offs, time clock, etc.). I’ve seen enough and stopped scouting. He has a cannon and is a big guy with good mobility so he maybe could work out and be a superstar but he has SO MUCH TO WORK ON and whoever drafts him will either start him and get fired before he figures it out or put him on the bench and he won’t progress fast enough to their liking. High reward project that I want no part of. Late 3rd round 12/29/12. Started 40 straight games. In the 2013 Alabama game he had a terrible game (5-25 20% 59 yd 0/1-by the time Alabama put in the backups on D midway through the 4th Q) and once again looked like a long term project that won’t turn out well. His receivers were rarely open but he was just so mechanical I don’t think he’s worth anyone’s time. Free Agent 9/23/13. In the 2013 UCLA game (bowl game) he was again his inaccurate self (he missed a dump off to a RB in the flat by 3 ft on one play) but had an amazing run where he just shrugged off All Everything Miles Jack when he came in for a tackle-like swatting away a fly. He has Pro Bowl potential so some team will be stupid and draft him but I continue to adhere to my belief that he will be a colossal bust and isn’t worth a team’s time. Undraftable 1/23/14. He gets back into a draftable ranking due to his elite (almost historic) arm strength, elite frame (6’6 1/8 248) and elite Combine (he ran a 4.60 40, had 34 ¼ arms, had 10 7/8 hands, had a 4.18 shuttle and a ’35 ½ vertical! Move him to TE and he has 1st round measurables). Senior Bowl: He had the best Day 1 of any of the 3 QBs (Boyd, Morris). Combine: He was the best of the 19 QBs in the 40, 10 yd split, vertical and broad jump. I still contend that in the end he will just be a big waste of time for whomever tries to develop him but I can’t in good conscience give him an undraftable grade when his physical tools are literally the best of this QB class and Top 5 All Time! 6th round as my #14 QB but personally I’d move him to TE where he could possibly be an All-Pro.

15. Caleb Herring UNLV #8 6’3 200 Sr. He lost out of the starting job in 2012 (moved to WR) but won it back in 2013. Coaches at NFLPA game said he was the most mechanically sound of the 4 QBs. In the 2013 NFLPA Practices he threw a spectacular 9 route TD late in the last practice that impressed me. Overall he looked a bit robotic at times but had good mechanics, was accurate and showed an NFL arm. He’s a mid to late round sleeper type who could develop if given time. 5th round 1/19/14. He wasn’t invited to the Combine and ran a terrible 40 (5.06) at his pro day. Also he only was a starter for one full season and that’s a huge red flag. 6th round as my #15 QB as he has a lot of potential but is raw as can be 5/4/14.

16. Bryn Renner North Carolina 6’3 ¼ 228 #2 Jr. Elite HS Blue Chip Prospect. #92 in ESPN 150 for ’09. Called by his coach the hardest worker he has ever been around. In the 2011 Virginia game had a terrible decision throwing across his body on the run to the left being tipped up in the air in the red zone but only an incompletion (5:15 2nd), horribly overthrew 15 yd out rolling to his left (10:16 3rd), missed open 9 route by a few yards (8:26 4th). In the 2011 Louisville game had a good pump fake to help setup dagger route for 8 yds, perfect 9 route to Dwight Jones dropping it over the head of the trailing CB (9:31 1st), one of the worst throws I’ve seen all year throwing a dump off pass right to not one but two defenders with it not being int solely b/c they both fought for it (14:47 2nd), just barely overthrew wide open 9 route, bad decision on screen pass nearly being int as he lofted it up right near DT, horrible throw about 5 yds over the head of WR on 14 yd curl (2:17 2nd), perfect 20 yd out on rollout right showing his NFL potential as that was the best throw he’s made in the 2 games I’ve watched him (11:20 3rd), terribly underthrew 43 yd TD catch as he was lucky it wasn’t picked off (12:20 4th), and horrible throw on bootleg right on 4th and 2 for a turnover. He looked much better in my second time to see him but he still has a long way to go before he is draftable 10/10/11. Father was an NFL punter. In the 2011 Georgia Tech game had a poor throw behind open WR for an 8 yd cross that was inc (7:45 2nd), terrible decision throwing into triple coverage for int (6:00 2nd), poor throw on shallow cross forcing one handed catch which was turned upfield for 41 yds, good throw to TE on seam route for 20 yd TD (14:55 4th), terrible decision to throw in double coverage for int (12:00 4th), good 10 yd run not showing great speed but a smart decision as there was a huge hole. Missed open WR slant forcing 1 hand catch for inc, 22 yd TD on jump ball that he threw inside for CB but bailed out on spectacular play, made DE miss in kill zone and ran 7 yds, solid 15 yd in to open WR, underthrew 9 route forcing him to slow down but still 31 yd gain, threw open 9 route again late forcing pbu this time as WR had to stop for it, badly underthrew 9 route again but bailed out by PI call-missed by 15 yds probably, badly overthrew WR screen forcing him to jump very high for it and ruining play, very nice 39 yd post for TD in stride with WR (4:30 3rd), miscom with WR for INC, miscom with WR I guess as he threw to empty field, poor throw on post that was covered on 4th down not even giving WR a jump ball situation for INC and TO, perfect 17 yd TD in stride to open WR (4:10 4th). Nearly all of his passes are either dump offs or wide open WR throws as he only tried to thread the needle once in 1st half. That’s fine if your scoring points but only had 10 pts at half down 21 pts. The biggest problem for this team is heart and a lack of effort which isn’t his fault but the second biggest issue is him as their WR corp, OL, and RB are all NFL caliber yet they are only a good offense. His numbers are borderline elite but he hardly is. Late round project but again he’s young 12/26/11. Had the 8th best completion % in ACC history in 2011. Led ACC in QB rating as well. In the 2012 Louisville game he threw a terrible INT setting up screen to RB yet right to DL, didn’t impress me again as he rarely threaded the needle and his O struggled much of the game 9/17/12. QB Bryn Renner-Was noticed by a number of people at the 2013 Manning Passing Academy. P: Good accuracy. Very good numbers in 2012. Father is a HS coach.  Negatives: Never seems to do quite enough with the talent around him. Has solid mobility but isn’t a great athlete. Has average zip on his throws. His offense has him throw a lot of passes within 7 yds of LOS leaving scouts with few NFL throws. He was below average to bad in every measurement except his size at 6’4 ¼ 228. Clearly a pocket passer as he has no athleticism. He had a terrible 2013 season with fewer yards, TDs, a worse completion % and a worse QB Rating than in 2011 or 2012. In some ways he was saved by a shoulder injury which cut short his horrible season but that is just another red flag for scouts to worry about. At one time he looked like a potential middle round guy who could have gone as high as the 3rd round. At this point though he’s coming off a shoulder injury and a bad season so it’s unlikely he’s even drafted. I’m giving him a late round grade though as he does have talent and he could become a solid backup in the NFL. 7th round as my #16 QB 3/16/14.

17. Chase Rettig Boston College Sr. 4th in school history in passing yards (Flutie and Ryan ahead of him on that prestigious list). In the 2013 Arizona game (bowl game) he impressed me with good mechanics and a solid NFL caliber arm. He did throw a terrible pick 6 to break the game open but I still came away intrigued. He was in a run oriented offense and has limited talent in his receiver corp so he might be a little underrated as his numbers are marginal. Late 7th round 1/21/14.


Free Agents:

Garrett Gilbert SMU 6’4 195 Jr. #1 QB by ESPN in ’09 class. Elite 11 QB. Will either redshirt or backup Colt McCoy in ’09 so won’t hear from him till ’10. #11 in ESPN 150 for ’09. In the 2011 Texas Spring Game he continued to be a mixed bag with a rifle of an arm, great height, and solid mobility coupled with poor decision making, inconsistent accuracy, and the same scared look on his face he had all throughout the 2010 season. Transferred to SMU. Graduated from UT which allowed him to immediately play for SMU. Had 0 INTs in the final 5 regular season games in 2012 and appears to have finally taken the next step. In the 2012 Fresno St. game he beat them more with his legs than his arm which surprised me as his combination of size and speed was good enough to pick up yardage numerous times (ended with +100 rushing yards), had INT with deflection off WR’s hands (he threw a bit high), poor throw on WR screen for diving INT by CB. I still am keeping my undraftable rating on him as I just don’t see the intelligence or confidence you need as a QB but he clearly has improved 12/29/12.

Keith Wenning Ball State #10 6’3 220 Sr. 47 career starts. 2nd team All Mac in 2013. 1st in pretty much every career category at Ball State. In the 2013 Arkansas St. game he showed average arm strength and NFL size. He threw a number of ducks into the fierce wind, threw a terrible INT right to a LB and didn’t seem to look very polished. He has NFL size and put up good numbers in a bad conference but I don’t see why he’s getting any draft buzz. Camp invite 1/6/14. At the the East-West Shrine game practices he was neck and neck with Jimmy Garoppolo as the best QB at the game and the best duo of QBs at this game in years. N: His TD/INT ratio of 92/42 or 2.19 to 1 is very poor considering the level of competition he played at. At the East-West Shrine game he showed a long delivery but solid arm strength and an NFL look throwing the ball, terrible 0 route barely completing it (almost skipped it to WR), great deep ball throwing it perfectly-good PBU by CB, poor ball in flat to RB-not good as simple check downs? Combine: He had big hands (’10) and average measurements in about every drill except the 40 (5.00) where he was terrible. Free Agent 5/4/14.

David Fales San Jose St. 6’2 200 Sr. He came up through the JUCO ranks and is a humble, mature man due to his journey. In the 2013 Utah St. game he impressed me with a perfect spiral, solid arm strength (not a cannon but definitely NFL caliber), threw a terrible INT with S coming over from playing halves, threw another later that was overturned due to PF, holds onto the ball too long and is very sack prone (13 sacks in 2012 San Jose St. game), and threw another INT this time not really his fault-curl route. Overall he looked like a very raw QB without a high ceiling. He has NFL talent but a number of flaws as well. 4th-5th round 9/28/13. Combine: First 11 win QB at San Jose State. He had a bad Combine as he looked chunky, ran a 4.99 40 (3rd worst among 19 QBs), had a ’28 vertical (4th worst), an 8’7 broad (3rd worst), 4.50 shuttle (worst) and 7.55 3 cone (worst and a full second slower than Jordan Lynch’s 3 cone!). Senior Bowl: He was accurate but struggled on the windy day and even when conditions were perfect he seemed to lack the velocity you’d want for a QB. His lack of arm strength was so obvious that it sometimes was missed that he also was the least accurate of the 3 QBs. Career backup at best, Free Agent 4/13/14.

Tommy Rees Notre Dame Jr. After basically not playing the first 7 games of the year he came in against Navy and had a very solid 2010 in the final games and ’10 Sun Bowl victory vs. Miami (1,106 61 % 12/8). Doesn’t have great height, speed, or arm strength but is extremely accurate and great at reading the defense and getting the ball out quickly. Looked better than Dayne Crist in the 2011 ND Spring game though did struggled with the deep throws including an interception (7:55 1st). Looked like a baby compared to Crist on the sidelines when they both were interviewed and I question his leadership and physical skills being translatable to the NFL. In the 2011 Michigan game had fumbled snap but recovered it himself (10:40 1st), he completed his first 8 passes, great incompletion throwing it at the sidelines perfectly where only Floyd could get it and even though it was incomplete it was a touch and accuracy throw that was incredibly impressive (11:25 2nd), poor int allowing S to undercut curl route (11:10 2nd), delay of game (6:30 2nd), terrible int into double coverage (5:35 2nd), very accurate and clutch throw on 3rd and 15 for 20 yds threading the needle as the TE Eikert had little separation (8:40 4th), and ball slipped out of his hands for turnover in the red zone that cost them the game (6:05 4th). He might make a good backup QB in the NFL as he played well as a “relief pitcher” against Purdue, Michigan, Stanford, and Oklahoma game (started BYU game). Free Agent who might be able to carve out a role as a career backup but I doubt it 3/9/14.

Connor Shaw South Carolina #14 Sr. In the 2011 Vanderbilt game he had an 8 yd scramble, threw INT vs. Cover 2 with safety making it over in time on 9 route (7:20 1st), 20 yd run on zone read, 10 yd run on ZR, left late in 2nd Q after he dove and landed on his right shoulder-came back a few series later, solid 8 yd pass on run from pressure, 18 yd scramble almost getting TD-inches shy, very tough as he had a few other major hits on him and kept bouncing back up. Still struggles as a passer but his mobility is elite as is his toughness and he has good touch on the ball so he could mature but right now isn’t drafteable as a QB 8/30/12. In the 2012 Missouri game he had 80 yd read option keeper-came back on penalty, great improv play flipping ball out to TE for 15 yd catch and run as getting sacked by DL, 13 straight completions was finished with a perfect throw in stride for 23 yd TD on sideline route (ended with 20 straight). He had a terrible Florida game in the blowout loss. In the 2012 Tennessee game he took a dumb sack in flat instead of throwing it away compounding it with fumble and TO, 5 sec cov sack. In the 2012 LSU game he showed good speed on 4 yd scramble on 3rd and 3-beat speedy DL despite their angle-has legit 4.6 speed. In the 2012 Michigan game he underthrew post but still 56 yd TD, 64 yd run (legit 4.6 speed), elite throw in stride for +40 yd TD on post. In the 2013 North Carolina game he had perfect 65 yd TD on post-WR only had a step (+55 yds in air). Strengths: Good mobility, good but not great arm strength  Weaknesses: Poor accuracy on all levels. Struggles to read defenses. Isn’t smart when running and takes unnecessary hits. The backup QB Dillon Thompson appears to be far superior as a thrower. Overall: Free Agent 8/29/13. Combine: He had a great 40 (4.66) as well as a great vertical (’34-2nd best among 19 QBs) and great broad (9’8-2nd best). In the 2013 NFLPA game he looked like the worst of the 3 QBs (Dustin Vaughan/Brendon Kay) but I still like him as a late round type due to his mobility, experience (27 career wins) and decision making (24/1 TD/INT ratio in 2013). 7th round 1/19/14. I went between 7th round and free agent all year with him but end with him as a free agent due to his poor accuracy and minimal arm talent 5/4/14.

James Franklin Missouri #1 Jr. Is a dual threat QB who doesn’t seem to have an NFL arm. In the 2011 Arizona St. game he had a good +10 yd scramble for a 1st down the sideline showing nice speed, huge +20 yd scramble on 3rd and 14 showing solid speed with a nice move to avoid a tackler for the final bit (12:00 2nd), started the game 9-9 making a few very nice throws, poor throw to open WR forcing sliding catch ruining YAC opportunity, horrible throw 10 yds out of bounds on attempted fade to end zone, delay of game, perfect 25 yd post for TD right in stride and perfectly placed (12:07 4th), terrible fade to end zone 5 yds too far out of bounds (2:59 4th), great fade to TE for TD to tie game late in 4th (2:51 4th). Announcer in the 2011 Texas Tech game commented that his chill demeanor is like Tom Brady. I think that’s a big overstatement but he does have a calmness about him that is very rare for a young QB. In the 2011 North Carolina game he had nice scramble for 8 yds, good toughness getting sandwiched by 3 defenders on 5 yd scramble and bouncing right up, poor throw not seeing LB almost getting pick sixed but INC, good speed for 15 yd designed run, easy 9 yd TD to wide open WR, good strength on back to back inside runs breaking tackles and showing mobility-has a Donovan McNabb like running style, nice 11 yd run looking like RB going inside then outside with great vision, good +30 yd run breaking tackles on 3rd and 10-his running blew the game open as he had +150 yds. In the 2012 Georgia game he predominantly did his damage on scrambles and short passes but had a few long passes like a +60 yd throw over the top in stride to a wide open WR for a TD. Missed the Arizona St. game due to an injury. Missed games in 2012 due to injury to bursa sac (shoulder) and strained MCL (knee). In the 2012 South Carolina game he continued to show his nerves of steel with nothing fazing him, bobbled snap on 4th and 1 for no gain-TO, he had his moments passing and running but overall it didn’t amount to much offense as he wasn’t sharp passing and rarely ran due to health issues. Had two shoulder injuries in college. He has had to change his throwing motion 4 times in his career due to the injuries. In the 2013 NFLPA Practices he threw a bad INT in the red zone. He didn’t look healthy and I think he won’t be drafted which is a shame as at one point he looked like an NFL prospect. Only a camp invite due to long term health concerns 1/19/14.

Kenny Guiton Ohio St. 6’3 210 P: A captain in 2013, despite being a backup which is incredibly rare.           N: He is rail thin and has to gain a lot of weight to succeed in the NFL. I was intrigued by him as a free agent but after seeing him at an All-Star event I don’t think he has the weight or arm strength to be an NFL QB. Camp invite 5/4/14.

Dayne Crist ND 6’5 230 Jr. one of the three 5 star QBs in ’08 class (Terrell Pryor Blaine Gabbert). Redshirted in ’08 but Weis says he will be a major challenger to Clausen for the job. Still I have my doubts he will win it in ’09. Did not win the job in ’09, completing 10 of 20 passes in mop up duty yet should have the reins in ’10 as Clausen is leaving for the NFL. Looked inferior to Rees in the 2011 ND Spring Game showing poor accuracy. Yet on the sidelines Crist looked like a man while Rees looked like a little boy and in the huddle Crist had command showing the leadership ability, strong arm, and stature that intrigues a scout. He has far more potential than Rees but right now is an inferior player 8/30/11. Two season ending knee injuries with latest occurring in 2010. In the 2011 South Florida game threw too high by a good 5 yds a wide open Reddick while rolling to his right-did show a cannon though (3:59 1st), too high again to open WR on a 6 yd slant (3:54 1st), nice job avoiding pressure on the edge to escape up the middle for a first down (13:36 2nd), terrible int thrown right to LB in end zone when he was on the 6 yd line (12:10 2nd), and missed an open TE on a 7 yd out (1:00 2nd). Transferred to Kansas to reunite with Charlie Weis. Barely a camp invite due to his mediocre college career both at Notre Dame and Kansas 3/9/14.

Brendon Kay Cincinnati Sr. He looked to be in over his head at times in practice and his lack of experience showed. He has better tools than Sean Schroeder but otherwise was the worst of the QBs at this event. Barely a camp invite due to a great TD throw in the game (his one glimpse of talent) 1/19/14.

Sean Schroeder Hawaii 6’3 190 Sr. Graduated at Duke in 3 years and then transferred to Hawaii for his final season. A lefty who was added to the NFLPA game late. In the 2013 NFLPA Practices he didn’t impress me with his slight build and his funky left release. Undraftable 1/18/14.

Keith Price Washington Sr. Tall, thin player who looks more WR than QB. In the 2011 Stanford game he took a coverage sack on first play from scrimmage, overthrew deep post with WR having a step but had to be nearly perfect, nice quick slant against tight coverage, overthrew 9 route by 5 yds, threw a very poor INT that was returned 59 yds for TD starting route putting them down 24 at half (1:00 2nd), wide open 1 yd TD pass on play action. He needs to gain weight and look more like an NFL QB before I comment on his NFL grade but he has surprisingly good accuracy and good athleticism/arm strength making him a player to watch down the road 11/23/11. In the 2012 LSU game he had a horrible game but some of it wasn’t his fault. Few WRs were open and his OL was overmatched and banged up but he wasn’t that accurate and the pass rush rattled him. Made a number of bad decisions with intentional groundings, not throwing the ball OOB as he was rushed, etc. Only had his team score 3 points all game 9/11/12. Keith Price- In the 2012 Cal game he overthrew 9 route by 5 yds, overthrew TE 5 yds too high, underthrew post but hit WR for big gainer that was dropped, fell for 7 yd loss-tripped on RB’s leg, threw bad INT in red zone at end of 1st half, fumbled on sack-very casual holding it. In the 2012 Boise St. game he threw poor back shoulder throw for INT-partially WR’s fault for not adjusting, has a release that consistently causes the ball to have a weird downward trajectory, was very tough this year battling through a poor OL that caused him to get hit on most throws, had terrible final drive with 1:09 remaining (down 2 pts) as took numerous dump offs to RB in middle of field then threw a covered post pattern for an INT, had a strong 2nd Q with 17 points but otherwise showed a lack of talent. He looked like a free agent in this game 12/27/12. In the 2013 UCLA game he showed good mobility and improved accuracy but still he looks undraftable to me due to his limited arm strength, mediocre numbers, and overall lack of size. Undraftable 11/17/13. At the East-West Shrine game practices he was terrible and even was outplayed by Tommy Rees. Undraftable 2/20/14.

Jordan Lynch Northern Illinois #6 6’0 216 Jr. Is a short QB who likely isn’t even 6’0. He has an imperfect delivery and ordinary arm strength yet is pretty mobile. In the 2012 Kent St. game he showed poor accuracy early on-nerves, good elusiveness against free rushers, is a very powerful runner and more quickness and power than speed. He led his team to a BCS bowl but he’s much more a runner than a passer and at 6’0 (at best) and with an average arm and poor release he isn’t a prospect. Undrafteable 12/8/12. 1st team MAC in 2012. In the 2012 Florida St. game he had 52 yd pooch punt, he struggled all game against a top D that shut down his running and forced him to throw against tight cov. Undraftable 1/2/13. He was terrible at the East-West Shrine game practices and in the game. Once again I deem him undraftable 2/20/14. Combine: He had a solid 40 (4.76) which actually was VERY disappointed considering I think he makes more sense as a RB than a QB. He did impress though with solid vertical and broad jumps (both slightly above average) and then was very good at the shuttle (4.20) and elite at the 3 cone (6.55). His 3 cone was actually superior to every single RB at the Combine this year. He was the most inaccurate QB throwing at the Combine. He has no chance as an NFL QB. Undraftable 3/16/14.

Case McCoy Texas Soph Has an awkward expression on his face 100% of the time with his lip curled upwards on the left side of his face. Looked like his brother with a weak arm, good mobility, good accuracy, and a veteran guy who looks like he is a coach’s son knowing what to do in every situation. In the 2011 Baylor game he really showed his limitations as he has good accuracy, solid mobility, and an understanding of the offense but he threw an absolute duck on a 9 route that would have been intercepted if it hadn’t been so poorly underthrown, later threw another duck on 9 route for easy INT (4:15 3rd), and had three other picks (bad decision, threw too high across the middle, slow throwing ball allowing safety to come over and make play) as well as a fumbled snap for a TO (5 TO in all). He doesn’t even have the arm strength that Colt had and considering Colt’s ceiling is of an average starter in the NFL, it shows the limited nature of Case’s prospects. Free Agent 12/4/11. In the 2011 Oklahoma game he threw a complete duck on 9 route going 15 yds short of WR (10:08 2nd). His final 2 seasons were actually worse than his 2011 season and his arm strength, accuracy and collegiate production are all sub par by NFL standards. Undraftable 3/9/14.

Jeff Driskel Florida Soph #10 on ESPN 150 for 2011. In the 2012 Tennessee game he had a 28 yd scramble showing better speed and vision than I thought he had, had great play avoiding two free rushers and throwing a great 12 yd cross vs. tight cov, beautiful throw for 23 yd TD as two rushers were in his face and he stood strong and completed it while taking the hit, had 34 yd run on 4th and 2-again showing speed I didn’t think he had. He looked much better this game and possibly is a drafteable guy but still probably not as he has an elite supporting cast and still rarely has good games like this 10/13/12. In the 2012 South Carolina game he was ineffective with 0 first downs in 1 ½ quarters-replaced for a bit by Trey Burton, he was very effective in the red zone with a few nice passes for short TDs plus a +15 yd one but otherwise the blowout win wasn’t due to him. In the 2012 Florida St. game he had a huge 31 yd run on 3rd and long-showed nice vision too cutting across the field. In the 2012 Louisville game (Sugar Bowl) he misfired on out for deflection which was pick 6 (14 seconds in and down 7-0), they were last in SEC in passing. Undraftable 1/8/13. In the 2013 Miami game he continued to look like a player that is overhyped and not worthy of an NFL roster spot. He threw 2 INTs in the red zone and fumbled a ball on a sack. Undraftable 9/7/13.

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