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Mike Mayock I want your job (2014 NFL Draft Board Comparison)

May 10, 2014


Mike Mayock has the past few years surpassed Mel Kiper as the preeminent draft analyst. I have no problem with that as he has a foundation of football that Kiper can’t touch and doesn’t mind going out on a limb once in awhile when he thinks the majority of people are wrong (a sign of a true scout). The problem is that every year I find serious holes in some of his analysis and decided last year I would start a segment where I put 10 comparisons between my board and his board and keep track of it. Earlier I posted the results of the 2013 comparison and I’ll continuing keeping tabs on the results in future years to let the reader decide whether Mayock or Anderson is the better talent evaluator.

1. Jadeveon Clowney vs. Khalil Mack: Mack is Mayock’s best player while Clowney is my best position player. I think he’s overblown Clowney’s lack of drive a bit as I just don’t see Mack being a superstar but more of a very good player while I think Clowney could be a Hall of Famer, mediocre work ethic or not. Some will defend Mayock here by saying that he likes both players. That’s not the argument. That argument is that if Mayock was the GM of the Houston Texans and couldn’t trade down he would take Mack over Clowney while I would take Clowney over Mack. There’s the comparison and I think it’ll prove me right in the end.

2. Marcus Smith vs. Kony Ealy: I have Smith as the #18 player and Ealy as the #63 player so to me there’s a vast difference in talent between the two pass rushers. Mayock actually has Ealy ranked higher on his board at #45 vs. Smith at #53.

3. Austin Seferian-Jenkins vs. Jace Amaro: I have Austin as my #1 TE and Amaro as my #3 and Mayock has Amaro as his #2 TE and Austin as his #3. It sounds similar but it’s really not as Austin is the #11 player on my board while he’s #51 on Mayock’s. To me Austin is an elite talent is this draft and I suspect we will be surprised at how low he was ranked by Mayock when he becomes a very good tight end.

4. Teddy Bridgewater vs. Zach Mettenberger: Teddy was the #1 or #2 QB on my board for all of the regular season and the entire draft process. Mayock waffled constantly on him as at one point he was #1 (in late February) yet by draft day he was “tied” for #5 among QBs. I hate his ties as he ranked Mettenberger as the #40 player overall while Bridgewater was #42 so he clearly valued Mettenberger more but was ashamed to drop Bridgewater out of his Top 5. I think this will be one of the more one sided comparisons in future years as Mettenberger is a Chad Henne clone (good backup, below average starter) while Bridgewater could become an above average QB in that 10-16 range if you ranked all 32 starters.

5. Allen Robinson vs. Davante Adams: Robinson is one of my favorite players in this draft, value wise, so I had to throw him in on a comparison. On my board Robinson is #29 Overall and Adams is #68. On Mayock’s board Robinson is #77 while Adams is #52. This one will be one of the easier battles to judge as wideout stats are much more comparable than OL or even pass rushers.

6. Marqise Lee vs. Odell Beckham: Another fun WR comparison as I have Lee as my #2 WR and #9 Overall Player while I have Beckham only as my #6 WR and #31 Overall Player. Mayock has them almost exactly reversed with Beckham as his #3 WR and #17 Overall Player vs. Lee as his #6 WR and #28 Overall Player. We have our rankings flip flopped on the players so who will come out correct in the end?

7. Taylor Lewan vs. Greg Robinson: Everyone seems to have Robinson as their #1 OL but I don’t as I see Lewan as a legit LT and Robinson as a RT and therefore less valuable. We shall see who looks like the superior player down the road.

8. Justin Gilbert vs. Darqueze Dennard: Gilbert scares me as he has legit bust potential due to his inconsistent play but his upside is SO MUCH HIGHER than Dennard’s that I was pretty surprised to see Gilbert as Mayock’s #3 CB and #23 Overall Player while Dennard was #2 and #19. My opinion of the two players was that Gilbert potentially could be great (#1 CB and #12 Overall) while Dennard was more of a sure thing but nothing special (#3 CB and #22 Overall).

9. Phillip Gaines vs. Stanley Jean-Baptiste: Mayock and I disagree dramatically every year on a few players and this year it’s Jean-Baptiste who is the #4 CB and #30 Overall Player on Mayock’s board but #20 CB and #175 on my board. Gaines on the other hand is the #4 CB and #35 Overall Player vs. Mayock not having him in his Top 100. One of us will be dead wrong in this comparison as we have polar opposite opinions on these two players and there is no room for compromise.

10. Lache Seastrunk vs. Andre Williams: Mayock likes Williams as his #5 RB and #74 Overall Player with Seastrunk not making his Top 100. I vary dramatically with him on these two guys as I see star potentially with Seastrunk as he’s my #2 RB and #33 Overall vs. Williams my #24 RB and #266 Overall. I consider Andre Williams one of the most overrated prospects in this draft and Lache Seastrunk as one of the most underrated. This is another comparison where Mayock or I will look pretty dumb as we are on polar opposite sides.

Next year will be really fun as I’ll have twenty comparisons between my board and Mike Mayock’s and the 2013 comparison will be easier to grade as more players will be easily identified as on their way to becoming stars, starters or busts. I look forward to the results as I’m very confident in how “Team Jon” will perform this year.


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