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Rounds 4-7 Live Draft Blog

May 10, 2014

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Well the Cowboys ended with 9 players (Zach Martin, DeMarcus Lawrence, Anthony Hitchens, Devin Street, Will Smith, Ben Gardner, Ahmad Dixon, Ken Bishop, Terrance Mitchell). For my pick by pick comparison the best player available on my board at the same position would have been Martin, Stephon Tuitt, Kevin Pierre-Louis, Robert Herron, Shayne Skov, Jackson Jeffcoat, Dion Bailey, Anthony Johnson and Kenny Ladler. We shall see which grouping is superior down the road. One thing I do like about the Cowboys draft is their focus on the defensive side of the ball on the third day as six of their last seven picks were on defense. I also like the two safety additions. I went with Bailey and Ladler but I liked Dixon and Mitchell in the run up to the draft and think that they easily could develop into starters. It’s been years since the Cowboys had two starter caliber safeties so using numbers at such a need area makes a lot of sense. My biggest issue with this draft is that they have two obvious talents in Martin and Lawrence who should start on Day 1 and be impact players for you but the rest of the draft is a bunch of flier types where you roll the dice on them and hope their skills translate. Hitchens, Street, Smith, Gardner, Bishop and Mitchell (2/3 of the Cowboys draft) I had a 6th round grade or lower on and on my board anything lower than a 5th round has a serious shot at not making an NFL roster. There is a lot of talent still available to be signed for free and I hope the Cowboys act fast because I don’t see a major difference between the guys available for free right now and their 4th and 5th round selections.

254. Cowboys: Terrance Mitchell-Of course this is the year where I don’t have time to scout the safeties as the Cowboys take two. I liked Mitchell on tape as he had good athleticism and ball skills. I didn’t get a close look at him though so I’m not going to pretend I know what I’m talking about. My official pick is Kenny Ladler out of Vanderbilt. He’s the highest rated on my board and I was impressed with his production both as a run stopper and pass defender.

253. Falcons: Yawin Smallwood-A great pick this late as pre-Combine a lot of people had a 2nd round grade on him. He struggled there though and didn’t look athletic at the Combine nor on film so he dropped precipitously. He has elite production though so at some point he’s worth the risk and the 7th round is a great landing place for him. He was the #130 player on my board so this is a steal in my eyes and I didn’t even feel like I was one of his bigger advocates.

251. Cowboys: Ken Bishop-He’s on my board as a 6th round grade but I doubt anyone in the media has more information on him than I do, and I have very little. He just flashed one time in a game and I wrote it down as he looked like an NFL talent. That’s the kind of “organic scouting” that I’ve talked about before as there was no buzz on this kid but I still noticed him due to watching +100 college games last year. Officially my pick for DT would have been Anthony Johnson from LSU who I think has great upside. Below is my very brief bio of Ken Bishop. Solid pick and great scheme fit.

26. Ken Bishop Northern Illinois #93 6’1 308 Sr. In the 2013 Utah St. game he had an amazing sack knocking the LG on his butt and destroying the play. He also had a TFL beating C Tyler Larsen off the snap and later had an INT on a deflected screen. I haven’t heard one word about him but he looks like an interesting one gap DT as a late round flier type. 6th round as my #26 DT 12/27/13.

248. Cowboys: Ahmado Dixon-I really like this pick. Dixon was always an overrated player to me as a lot of scouts had him as a 2nd-3rd rounder at some points in the process. I didn’t scout the non-top 5 safeties in my rankings so he’s a 6th rounder due to but I actually had most of the work done on Dixon and he was a 4th rounder in my eyes. With our lack of talent at safety there is a legit chance he gets playing time as a rookie. Good pick but my official pick at safety is Dion Bailey who has superior instincts and ball skills.

Ahmad Dixon Baylor 6’0 200 #6 Jr. Highest rated recruit to go to Baylor in decades. In the 2011 Kansas St. game I didn’t notice him except for a massive hit on a CB blitz on QB near the end of the game (4:45 4th). In the 2011 OU game he showed an elite vertical on a CB blitz jumping up to bat ball back at LOS (4:00 2nd). In the 2011 Texas game he recovered fumble. Combine: Ahmad Dixon-He was below average (vertical, broad, 3 cone) to bad (40 and shuttle) in every single drill. It shocks me as I was told he’s an elite athlete and then he tested out as an undraftable player. He’s absolutely ripped in his upper body. Very tight in turn and run timed drill. Tight and high in backpedal but good ball skills in long backpedal then corner route drill. Worst in T-step drill due to being so tight-had to go back and re-do it. Great hands snagging the pass over his head though. He had a good 2013 (81 tackles, 1 INT, 1 FF and 6 PBU) and a similar 2012 (102 tackles, 2 INT, 3 PBU) but he never became the dominant safety he was expected to be. He has very good athleticism but projects as a SS with average ball skills, poor recognition skills and he’ll likely just be a mediocre starter. 4th round 4/15/14.

245. 49ers: Trey Millard-Back to back great pick as Millard has been the best FB in college football the past two seasons and he’s a multidimensional player which fits the 49ers system with their crack backs, love of the h-back and all that jazz. I’m telling you in the late rounds it’s less about value and more about fit. These last two couldn’t be better fits schematically.

244. Patriots: Jeremy Gallon-What a great pick this late. He’s a great value (late 4th on my board as the #161 player) and he’s a perfect scheme fit in their short passing game. I’d be shocked if he didn’t put up some good numbers over this next 4 years in New England with Tom Brady.

240. Chargers: Tevin Reese-What a great pick this late in the process. There were times when I watched Reese that I thought he could be a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Unfortunately his frame and his injury history at Baylor makes you wonder how many games a year you’ll even have him available. Due to his concern I get why he dropped on draft day but I still really liked him and gave him an early 4th grade so getting him in the 7th is a steal.

238. Cowboys: Will Smith-Good pick. Oh how that takes a load off my shoulders. I really didn’t want to pan 8 straight picks by the Cowboys on Day 3 so at least they made one good one. I had a 6th round grade on Will as he flashed on tape at me pretty regularly. He is by no means a star or even an early in his career starter but he’ll add depth at WLB in our 4-3 scheme and if Bruce Carter sucks like he did in 2013 then at least we’ll have a backup plan. I like it but he wasn’t as highly rated as Shayne Skov who is my pick at #238 at LB. Below is Will Smith’s bio:

Will Smith Texas Tech #7 6’2 1/8 231 Sr. JUCO player. In the 2012 Texas game he had a big hit on RB up middle-RB limped off afterwards, good speed getting to outside on speed sweep-long strider and is extremely long for a MLB. LB He had 2 sacks in the 2013 season opener vs. SMU showing long arms, a good frame, and solid athleticism. In the 2013 OU game he had a few big hits and again impressed me with his frame. 5th-6th round 10/26/13. In the 2013 Arizona St. game (bowl game) he was invisible. He had a good pro day with a 4.59 40, ’37 ½ vertical and 9’5 broad with his only red flag being his 17 reps on the bench. I’ve liked him the past two years and think he’d be a great pick in the late rounds. 6th round as my #26 LB 5/3/14.

237. Bills: Seantrel Henderson-Have I mentioned how much I’ve liked the Bills draft? This is now 3 tackles that they’ve taken in the 2nd round or later (Cordy Glenn in the 2nd in 2012, Cyrus Kouandjio in the 2nd in 2014 and now Henderson in the 7th in 2014) that have 1st round talent. I think they are just saying, “let’s get elite talent in here and let our coaches figure it out.” Maybe Henderson and Cyrus work out and they moved Glenn to OG where he can be a Pro Bowler, maybe they both work out and it allows them to let Glenn leave after next year for salary reason or maybe Cyrus and Seantrel are both boom/bust types and one becomes a starter and the other a bust. It still leaves you with 2 starting OTs and they are all massive. Great pick this late.

231. Cowboys: Ben Gardner-At one time I had a 4th round grade on him but he slowly moved down my board as he’s nothing but a run stopper. He has a good frame and could add weight, my opinion is that he should add weight and be a 3-4 DE, yet this scheme fit doesn’t make sense. He had a terrible 40 (4.9 or 5.0 at the Pro Day and those you need to add 0.10 of a second to) and just lacks the burst or pure speed needed to play 4-3 DE. At 250-260 lbs he lacks the size to play 4-3 DT so are you standing him up as a 4-3 SLB? I don’t like this pick, less due to the player (he only had a free agent grade though so no great value by any means) and more due to the scheme. As a pass rusher at this spot I would have gone Jackson Jeffcoat.

Ben Gardner Stanford #49 6’4 1/8 262 Jr. In the 2012 USC game he pushed the LG back 5 yds forcing RB outside then tracked him down for TFL-elite run stopping play (1:30 1st), beat LG again this time going by him and not through him for TFL, good 4 sec sack making LT Audrey Walker whiff on him by doing a swim move, shot past RG for TFL. An elite 3-4 DE who I want to see more film on 9/29/12. In the 2012 Oregon game he had QB Marcus Mariota in sights and missed badly on spin move, knocked away TE and then got really low on RT to get TFL on run at him despite double team-will be a great SDE or 3-4 DE as a run stuffer. In the 2012 Notre Dame game he threw away backup TE for 4.5 sec sack and FF which was jumped on by teammate for TD. 2nd team Pac 12 in 2012. In the 2012 Wisconsin game (Rose Bowl) he stacked and shed LT Rick Wagner for no gain tackle on run at him, beat C Travis Frederick on snap but recovered and pancaked to side, too quick for Wagner beating him inside for TFL on 4th and goal from 1 (earlier caused hold negating 8 yd TD run-too quick for him), pancaked by Wagner on inside move. Weaknesses: He lacks the explosiveness and pure athleticism that you want as an edge rusher. I don’t think he can be a 3-4 OLB or a 4-3 DE at the next level unless you are content with getting only 3-5 sacks a year out of those positions. He will need to bulk up into a 3-4 DE or 4-3 DT if he’s to be a starter in the NFL. He was a Combine snub yet now I know why as at his Pro Day he ran an abysmal 5.03 40. It’s confusing though as his quickness drills (4.24 shuttle-good, 6.98 3 cone-elite) and explosion drills (’39 ½ vertical and 10’2 broad) were elite. He looks like a run stuffing 3-4 DE who will be able to provide a little pass rush. Free Agent 5/4/14.

228. Redskins: Kicker talk!!!! No draft analyst or website I saw had Zach Hocker as one of their top guys yet I had him #2. He actually went #1 to the Redskins and is one of the 3 guys (Freese, Hocker, Fera) that I’d be comfortable getting as an undrafted free agent for $375k to be my kicker. Check Hocker’s stats the next few years as they should be mediocre AND he has elite leg strength (he kicked a 55 yarder or something the East-West Shrine Game). There is no reason to pay a kicker $3 mil so he can be an 88% kicker when you can get an 82% kicker for $375k. Okay the horse is dead, I’ll stop kicking it.

Cowboys have 6 of the last 31 picks so they really have a chance to reshape the way we think of this draft. I don’t think they’ll succeed but getting an Anthony Johnson, Jackson Jeffcoat or a Shayne Skov could go a long way toward that goal.

215. Steelers: Daniel McCullers-I had an early 3rd grade on him and thought he had the same strengths and weaknesses as Louis Nix III who was graded out as a late 1st/early 2nd by a large part of the scouting community (went late 3rd to the Texans). He played at +370 in 2012 and was too heavy but if a team wanted him to just be a 2 down 3-4 NT he could go back to that weight. I think he should work on his conditioning and lose some fat in exchange for muscle and be a 350 lb behemoth. This is great value and a perfect scheme fit. I LOVE this pick for the Steelers. They’ve had a good draft after their initial head scratcher in the mid 1st with Ryan Shazier.

The Cowboys haven’t had a pick in ages so it’s time for another.


This is one of the most underrated beers in the Dallas beer scene right now. It’s a farmhouse ale/saison beer that is tangy and refreshing. I really like it but it’s yet to catch on with the masses. Dallas beer scene has yet to explode like beervana in Portland or the San Diego or Denver areas but it’s improving dramatically. Since I’m in scouting mode I decided to grade out the Top 5 beers in DFW:

1) Velvet Hammer-It’s a great beer despite it not being my type. It’s a high alcohol (9% at least) red with great depth and smoothness. If you aren’t careful you will be needing catch a taxi home due to his beer.

2) Deep Ellum IPA-It was the first “great” beer in the area and, while you can make arguments against it, the beer is still a staple on my bar tab.

3) Blood and Honey-Sean McCoy will disagree but this is a nice hefeweizen style beer with a slight citrus taste due to the blood oranges hence the name. A great beer with food or by the pool. It can get too sweet on you after one or two though so it does have it’s drawbacks.

4) El Chingon-It is a 4 corners brewery beer and is a very nice IPA with some citrusy hops (my guess is simcoe, centennial or cascade). Sean (wow two mentions in one post) says it stands for “badass motherfucker” and while a quick google search doesn’t corroborate it I continue to think that as it makes the beer even cooler.

5) Greenbelt-The beer shown above. It’s only canned, it might be kegged but I’ve never seen Armadillo anywhere and they are a ghost brewery as they brew off hours at Deep Ellum so I don’t think they do anything other than can right now. It’s light, refreshing and a little tart which I’m a big fan of.

So there you have it guys, my scouting of the DFW brew scene.

192. Dolphins: Jordan Zumwalt-He was a late 3rd on my board as #99 overall so to get him almost 100 picks later is a steal. I mentioned in my bio that I think this kid could have a short career as he isn’t huge but is the hardest hitter in this draft so concussions could be an issue. That being said they kid will give you his heart and soul, was productive in a Top 4 conference and will take an opponents head off. He projects as an above average starter in the NFL who fits best in a 4-3 scheme. I suspect he will be good enough as a rookie that either Phillip Wheeler or Danielle Ellerbe will be cut next offseason and he’ll be a starter in 2015.

191: Bears: Pat O’Donnell-I’m sure no one cares but the first punter went off the board. I had a mid 7th grade on him but he was my #1 punter in this draft so it’s cool that I got that right since other media scouts didn’t have him that high. I actually think punter has some good value in the NFL as it’s hard to replace. Kicker on the other hand I can find you 2-4 every year that would do a serviceable job and at the NFL minimum of $375,000. Considering there are at least 6 kickers in the NFL making north of $3 million a year and almost every one of the 32 starting kickers (not counting the rookie wage scale guys) is making north of $2 million, I think it’s a good “moneyball” type strategy.

186. Redskins: Lache Seastrunk-Right up there with Aaron Lynch at #150 as the best two picks of Day 3 as both had early 2nd round grades yet go in the 5th and 6th rounds. I truly believe that Seastrunk has rare ability and could become a LeSean McCoy type talent. Now no one , I mean NO ONE, agrees with me but I’ll just perch myself on this limb way outside the scouting community and you can mock me if I’m wrong or praise me if I’m right because I’m not changing. His lower body explosiveness, suddenness in his movements and elite jump cut make me think he could be McCoy or at worst a 2013 Giovanni Bernard clone as a 15 carry a game dynamic type back. Also guess who his coach is? The same guy in Jay Gruden who was the OC for Bernard last year. Expect similar results as a rookie “big play” back.

185 Bucs: Robert Herron-Great pick. He was my #4 Overall Player left on the board and the #58 originally. He has a much higher upside than a Devin Street type and has more overall athleticism than a Jared Abbrederis. He was one of the 2-3 best wideouts at the Senior Bowl, his game film is impressive and his background excites you as he came from a tough area and is tough as nails. I love the kid and think he will prove a lot of people wrong as a 6th rounder.

178. Titans: Zach Mettenberger-Great pick. I wasn’t even a huge fan of the kid but had a mid 3rd round grade on him so early in th 6th is a shocker for sure. I think his “diluted pee sample” really affected his stock. He still looks like a Chad Henne clone to me as an immobile guy with a strong arm but only okay accuracy. Not worth a high pick but just enough talent to maybe be something down the line for you. I like the fit and I love the value.

176. Packers: Jared Abbrederis-What a perfect pick. He’s a local kid as he starred at Wisconsin, he goes to a team that every year uses 4-5 receivers regularly so he doesn’t have to be great to be a productive part of their offense and the value is outstanding. I had an early 3rd grade on him as my #67 player and he went #176 as the last pick in the 5th round. This is why the Packers don’t sign free agents as this was a compensatory pick for losing a free agent (Greg Jennings, Charles Woodson, who knows).

164. Bengals: AJ McCarron-I knew he wouldn’t go till the 3rd as I had a 4th round grade on him and didn’t believe all this hype that he’d be a late 1st/early 2nd rounder. I also knew everyone would hype up his “draft day slide” and that they’d blame it on his tattoos, cockiness, reality tv show, etc. The reality is the tape doesn’t lie and I think McCarron had some atrocious tape at times. He isn’t consistently accurate and lacks the mobility to be anything other than a pocket passer so he HAS to get better with his accuracy. That being said I like the value and I love the fit. AJ can be a backup in year 1 and give the Bengals a possible option if Dalton decides to go rogue on them in free agency and demand $15 mil a year or something absurd. Dalton isn’t a Top 12 QB and probably not even a Top 15 one so anything more than $10 mil a year would be a mistake. This gives the franchise some much needed insurance at the negotiating table.

163. Chiefs: Aaron Murray-I had a late 4th grade on him so to get him in the 5th isn’t the steal some will make it out to be as I just project him as a Kyle Orton starter/backup aka good enough to start but only good enough to start and make you immediately look to replace him. I do love his work ethic, leadership, squeaky clean background and gorgeous girlfriend. These are all big pluses to me so in the 5th round to take a guy to compete with Tyler Bray and Chase Daniels AND be coached by a QB guru in Andy Reid makes a lot of sense. (Update: It’s funny too as in my draft bios I try and give comparisons either value wise or stylistically wise for a prospect. For Murray I said he’s a “rich man’s Chase Daniels.” How fitting.)

156. Broncos: Lamin Barrow-Classic Broncos pick as they value productivity and he was very productive. I thought he looked like a 3-4 ILB to me on tape but then he wowed me at the Combine which made me comfortable expanding him to 4-3 teams as a MLB or SLB guy. He has some nasty to him as he hits with the best of them and I’m pretty surprised he’s still on the board this late. Very good pick.

Well another “reach” by Jerry gets me to reach as well….for beer #3. Straight out of Colorado where my best friend Joe Casey resides. Gotta love that tap room in Fort Collins.


153. Bills: Cyril Richardson-I love what the Bills are doing. I don’t agree with the Watkins trade up as I think their first rounder next year will be in the Top 15 and you don’t give that up (plus a 4th rounder in 2015) to move up 5 spots BUT getting a stud OT like Cyrus Kouandjio (haha you thought I’d misspell that didn’t you? Seriously that is a good DUI test right there. Yes officer I was swerving but I did spell Cyrus Kouandjio’s name correctly.) in the 2nd to pair with Cordy Glenn and then getting a mauler like Richardson in the 5th. Those are three OL that are +330 lbs and CJ Spiller must be thrilled. I really like the foundation they are building with that team. Too bad EJ Manuel isn’t an NFL caliber starter but hey let’s not nitpick. The Bills are having a very good draft.

150. 49ers: Aaron Lynch-This to me is the steal of the 3rd Day and only the Lache Seastrunk pick could top this as Lynch had a late 1st grade on my board a year ago and only dropped to an early 2nd grade (#39) by the end of the process due to what I consider elite upside. He has a great frame that fits well as a 3-4 OLB and he reminds me, ironically enough, of a poor man’s Aldon Smith which I detailed in his bio. Reid this is another amazing pick and in 3-5 years I think people will be in awe that they got Lynch in the 3rd round and Tank Carridine in the 3rd round last year. Those are two guys with 1st round talent that they just flat out stole! If both those guys work out half as well as I think they will then the 49ers not the Seahawks will have an elite 3 man pass rush rotation.

148. Panthers: Bene Benwikere-I had him as my #148 player and he went #148 which is kind of cool. He’s a career slot cornerback with great quickness and explosion but poor long speed. I like this pick if they use him correctly.

Ownership at dfwprosports would like to apologize for any aggressive, rancorous talk from our current host that could be construed as offensive by our audience. Please keep children off the site for the next few hours while we try and take his beer away and replace it with water.

I can already tell you that idiot talk radio personalities will say things like, “Well he had more career receptions and yards than Larry Fitzgerald so that sure sounds like a good 5th round pick to me!” Stupid, these people are stupid and this is your signal to turn off the radio as nothing good will come from listening any further. He never had a 1,000 yard receiving season despite 44 receivers in college in 2013 having that much production and 35 in 2012 with that production. He also never had a 10 TD season despite 22 players in 2013 having that production and 23 in 2012 with that production. To say Street is a good pick due to his production is a flawed argument but I guarantee you that it will be used by people who don’t spend 1/10th the time I do on the draft process. Jerry has made two picks in  Day 3 and one is a huge reach and the other is “just” a reach. Remember these names: Robert Herron, Jared Abbrederis, Cody Hoffman, Chandler Jones, Mike Davis, Matt Hazel, Isaiah Burse, Tevin Reese, La’Damian Washington, Josh Stewart, Jeremy Gallon, Tony Washington, Brandon Coleman and Jeff Janis. Those are all of the wideouts I had on my board ahead of Devin Street. That is 14 guys! Also the Top 4 guys on that I think are studs and would be steals at this point. I just don’t understand why they took him here. A few years ago the Cowboys picked Danny Coale in the 5th or 6th round and I panned it and said why not Marvin Jones? Two years later Jones is one of the best #2 WR in all of football with 10 TDs and Coale isn’t currently on an NFL roster. Trust me, I am right and Jerry is wrong. Robert Herron will be a better player than Devin Street. Book that shit!

146. Cowboys: Devin Street-This is the reason why I’m not horrified when Jerry Jones trades up for a quality player like DeMarcus Lawrence as he usually has bad Day 3 drafts so the picks aren’t maximized anyway. Compared to the previous pick the Devin Street selection is a good one YET he’s a late 5th on my board so it again seems a little early. I had him as the #37 WR and quite a few higher ranked ones are still on the board including my choice: Robert Herron. Here is Street’s profile, I will resume drowning my sorrows with alcohol. Good day.

Devin Street Pittsburgh 6’2 7/8 198 Sr.

Stats: ACC

Year Rec Yards Avg TD
2013 51 854 16.7 7
2012 73 975 13.4 5
2011 53 754 14.2 2
2010 25 318 12.7 2

Combine: He came in tall (6’2 7/8) and thin (198) just like he looked on film. His 40 was below average (4.55) and his vertical (’37) and broad (10’4) were above average yet what stood out the most to me was his very solid quickness drills. His shuttle (4.01) and 3 cone (6.89) were both good overall and great for a guy of his stature. Solid in over the shoulder catch drill. He dropped one in gauntlet drill.

HGT WGT Arms Hands 40 Reps Vert Broad Shuttle 3 Cone
6027 198 33.38 9.25 4.55 37 1004 4.01 6.89

Strength: Career receptions leader at Pitt (beating Larry Fitzgerald). 2nd Team Big East in 2012 and 2013. He showed surprising athleticism at the Combine with a great vertical and broad as well as very good quickness drills for a guy his height.

Weaknesses: He missed the 2013 bowl game vs. Bowling Green due to injury. He’s a long strider and doesn’t consistently get separation vs. defenders. Despite being the career leader in many categories he never had a 1,000 yard season or a 10 TD season.

Overall: Devin is a solid WR with very good height but is a player that does nothing incredibly well and I wonder if he’ll ever amount to much. He’s a long strider, a big red flag in my eyes, never was that productive and isn’t all that tough. He does have an NFL frame though and occasionally had some wow moments so I’m split with him. He has the potential to become a solid #2 receiver down the road or he could never be heard from again. My expectation is on the latter but he still gets a late 5th round grade due to his great Combine he had and the flashes I saw at times on film from him. Late 5th round as my #37 WR 4/16/14.

145. Vikings: David Yankey-I thought Yankey would be gone by 120 when this draft day started so I’m shocked he lasted till #145. He was the #3 OG on my board and the #54 Overall Player. Yes he had a pretty poor Combine but watch film on him and he shutdown everyone from Stephon Tuitt to Louis Nix to Will Sutton. Sometimes you just have to block out all the noise of Pro Days and Combines and just stick with what the film told you. In this case it said he’d be a quality starting OG who could start on Day 1. This is the best pick of the 3rd day. Damn you Spielman, maybe you do deserve to keep your job.

142. Redskins: Ryan Grant-Good pick as I had an early 4th on him (#121) and he went in the early 5th at #142. He is a complete WR with solid size, hands, speed and route running skills. He is a far better prospect than Shaq Evans and is more versatile than career slot receiver Bruce Ellington so I really like this pick. I also love how the Redskins are maximizing their potential haul by trading down at every opportunity. The Cowboys instead are trading up and then reaching for need as I still am pissed about that Iowa linebacker pick.

With the 4th round officially in the books I will no longer be blogging about every draft pick (I’ll hit up on the big steals and obviously on each Cowboys pick). The picks will come fast and furious, most of these guys you don’t know about (if you care about them feel free to look them up on my prospect rankings pages which are sorted by position) and I need to spend more time on what’s important: drinking.


140: Patriots: Cameron Fleming-He barely was outside my Top 10 best available list as I had a mid 3rd grade on him (#75) and he gets taken here. I hated the Patriots draft to this point but then they do this and, “totally redeem themselves.” I can’t wait till Dumb and Dumber II comes out. Great pick.

139. Falcons: Prince Shembo-So the Falcons are the team that drafted a possible rapist. Interesting. On field he is a former DE that projects as a SLB in a 4-3 or an ILB in a 3-4. I think the 3-4 scheme fits him best. Off the field I want no part of him and is the reason why he’s undraftable on my board, “He was involved in an incident with a woman who accused him of rape and eventually committed suicide over the experience. No charges were ever filed and little is known of the details but either you believe Notre Dame in saying she lied about it and their insinuation that she was mentally unstable or you believe it was a cover up and an innocent girl died after suffering tremendous emotional trauma. Undraftable due to rape issues and only a 5th-6th round type if the off the field issues weren’t there. ”

138. Ravens: Lorenzo Taliaferro-He didn’t make my board but should have as I knew who he was and liked him as a late round guy (6th-7th). He put on a clinic at the Senior Bowl with his blocking prowess and has good hands. He’s kind of like Charles Sims in that he isn’t a great runner but he’s elite at the little things a RB does so he projects as a swiss army knife backup RB.

137. Jets: Dakota Dozier-I had a late 4th on him and goes there so it’s good value. I just wonder why a team that was burned so badly by the Vlad Ducasse experiment went again to the small school OG well. He’s from Furman and had a good Senior Bowl but it’s just a tad surprising due to the fit.

136. Lions: Larry Webster-He was an early 5th to me and intriguing as hell due to his elite frame and athleticism. A former basketball player he had the 3rd best Combine in a lot of measurements among the DL behind only Clowney and a kid named Howard Jones who likely goes sometime in the next 2 rounds. There are a lot of tools to work with in Webster.

135. Texans: Tom Savage-I had a late 4th on him and was very intrigued by him as I went through the draft process. He has a little Tom Brady in him with how quick he is at reading a defense and how comfortable he is under pressure. The negative is that he has mediocre arm strength and velocity on his ball, much like Brady. This makes a lot of sense for Bill O’Brien who formerly coached Brady and I’m intrigued by how they are addressing the QB position. They added Ryan Fitzpatrick who I’ve said is underrated the past few years, they have Case Keenum who I still believe in long term, they added Ryan Mallett who I had a Top 10 grade on 3 years ago and now they add Tom Savage who I thought was underrated. That is 4 QBs and I haven’t even mentioned TJ Yates who likely is the odd man out. O’Brien will have his choice of 4 QBs and will have the toughest QB competition in training camp this fall.

134. Ravens: Brent Urban-I had a free agent grade on him but was surprised to see him make Mayock’s Top 100 board. He had some injuries but has an elite frame and fits perfectly as a 3-4 DE so a good fit though I don’t consider it a good value.

133. Lions: Nevin Lawson-I had a 7th on him due to his penchant for always committing pass interference penalties and mediocre size but he has quick feet and is aggressive so he could stick, especially on this roster which is devoid of talent in the secondary.

132. Seahawks: Well my boy Kevin Pierre-Louis just came off the board. I had a 3rd round grade on him and would have picked him instead of the Iowa kid if I were the Cowboys GM. Sometimes it’s about talent and sometimes it’s about fit. Pierre-Louis has great talent and he just went to a perfect scheme so I think I’m going to look damn smart in a few years.

131. Broncos: Brock Vereen-Didn’t focus on the safeties but I did like Vereen leading up to the draft and at the Combine. He intrigues me as a safety with cornerback size, speed and hips. Think a poor man’s Terrence Brooks who was my #5 safety. I like this pick a lot, which I think is the first time I’ve said that about the Broncos who usually are one of my favorite teams.

130. Patriots: James White-To take White (free agent grade) over Jared Abbrederis (early 3rd) is a joke. I have not enjoyed the Patriots draft at all except the Jimmy Garoppolo pick which was even a little strange since I think they are “all in” this year.

129. 49ers: Dontae Johnson-He wasn’t on my board but just on a technicality as I moved him to safety due to poor quickness, some had him as a “big corner,” and then took my safety rankings from which he wasn’t on as he was a CB on their board. Ooops, I guess I have 3 guys in the first 129 that aren’t in my Top 500. I like Johnson’s size but think he’s a safety not a CB due to poor quickness. Sorry Reid that’s all I got for ya.

128. Panthers: Tre Boston-Didn’t scout the safeties so he’s a late 6th on my board but I actually had already graded him out earlier in the year and he was a 4th rounder to me then so this makes sense. Boston is a hard hitting safety that will talk all game long. I enjoyed his tape the past few years and think he will be a solid starter.

127. Browns: Pierre Desir-I just mentioned him so it’s fitting that he goes two picks later. Another “big corner” that I wasn’t a huge fan of. He struggled at the East-West Shrine game and the Senior Bowl yet because he improved and was a small school guy everyone game him a pass. I didn’t like his quickness and thought he was a fish out of water in a lot of drills. I had a mid 5th grade on him as a “project type that I don’t think will pan out,” or something along those lines. Check the CB rankings for his full profile if interested.

126. Saints: Khairi Fortt-I had an early 6th on the kid but will admit that his frame is elite and he could work out well in the end of them. He has a high upside but I didn’t exactly know what to do with him. Another guy that’s good at a lot and great at nothing.

125 Dolphins: Walt Aikens-I mentioned him earlier in the Keith McGill post but I had Aikens as my best “big corner” in this draft ahead of Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Pierre Desir (not picked yet) or McGill. Aikens is the toughest, most physical and most aggressive of the three which to me is the MO if you’re a big corner. If I’m sacrificing speed and quickness then you better give me strength and physicality and if you don’t I’m not interested. Aikens gives a team that and this is a great pick by the Dolphins.

124. Chiefs: De’Anthony Thomas-Thomas is a steal at this point. Yes he ran a 4.5 at like 175 lbs but any film wills how you that he has elite athleticism. His start and stop ability is the greatest I’ve ever graded and I think Andy Reid upgraded over Dexter McCutcheon. Dexter was a 2nd round pick out of Ole Miss and I had a higher grade on Thomas due to the pure speed. I also think his hands are very underrated and he could be a career slot receiver if someone wanted him to stay in one spot. One of the best picks in the 4th round!

123. Seahawks: Kevin Norwood-He projects as a career #3 or #4 WR with good size and speed but poor hands, routes and body control. An okay pick here.

The Cowboys 4th round pick just made me start drinking. At least they picked after noon so I can still have some dignity.


So with 23 picks down I was wrong, flat out wrong as my “consensus highly regarded players” In Antonio Richardson, David Yankey and Zach Mettenberger are all still on the board. It’s strange, especially with Yankey, as I saw a lot of 2nd round grades on these three yet we’re closing in on the 5th round and they are still here.

122. Titans: Marqueston Huff-Didn’t scout safeties outside of the Top 5.

121. Packers: Carl Bradford-I love Bradford’s tape but I hate his short arms and frame so he’s a legit risk of being a bust. That being said he has 1st round explosiveness and production so to roll the dice on him in the mid 4th is a great pick.

120. Cardinals: Logan Thomas-As a QB I hate this pick as I think he has bad accuracy, terrible decision making and poor footwork but as a TE I love this pick as Thomas has the size/speed to be a Pro Bowl TE. I doubt they change positions on him but to me he reminds me of a JaMarcus Russell type that is just stupid as can be but people continue to give second chances to because of his elite arm strength.

119. Cowboys: Anthony Hitchens-I wasn’t high on any of the Iowa linebackers but the one I was most interested in was James Morris who is the only one still left on the board. I had a free agent grade on this kid as I just didn’t see anything special in him. Below is my bio of him and for the record I would have gone Kevin Pierre-Louis at this spot as he has elite speed and production while Hitchens just had elite production. I think this is a terrible pick.

Anthony Hitchens Iowa 6’0 3/8 240 Sr. Combine: Very high and somewhat slow in shuffle/lateral quickness drill. He had an average Combine as he had a good 40 (4.74) but was average in the explosion drills and below average in the quickness drills. He played last year at WLB at 233 lbs so I think he added weight to look more versatile and it came back to bite him. He had back to back +100 tackle seasons in the Big Ten and has a chance to make a roster as a backup and special teamer but I don’t see a guy that has anything unique to his game. Free Agent 5/4/14.

118. Steelers: Martavis Bryant-I love this pick. He was #76 on my board due to his rare size/speed ratio. I compared him to Ashley Lelie who played for about a decade in the 2000s as he won’t be tough or run the full route tree but he has blazing speed and the size to get off press coverage. Check out his rare yards per reception average for his career (in the 20’s!) and you know the kid has legit talent. Great pick!

117. Bears: Ka’Deem Carey-I had him #94 on my board and the #2 RB remaining so I really like this pick. Everyone focused on his bad 40 but put on the film and you see a guy with a good burst, great vision and some toughness. He will at worst be a solid backup who will have a better YPC than Michael Bush did the past few years.

116. Raiders: Keith McGill-Another of the “big corners” and wow what size he has at 6’3 basically. I wanted to fall in love with this kid but his tape is VERY weak. For a guy his size he plays with no strength, aggressiveness or tenacity. I had Walt Aikens as my best “big corner” but in the 4th it makes sense as McGill has elite upside if the light ever turns on for the kid.

115. Jets: Shaq Evans-I had an early 5th round grade on him and much lower grade than Robert Herron, Jared Abbrederis or Cody Hoffman who are setting up as potential steals. Evans has good size and okay speed but he isn’t huge, strong or extremely fast. He doesn’t have one obvious trait and I think he’ll end up as a #3 or #4 WR for his career. Nothing special in this kid and nothing great about this pick.

Wow my pet peeve just popped up again. I hate that anyone who drops on draft day is a “potential 1st rounder” before their decision to stay in school, failed drug test, ACL injury, etc. There are not 100 “potential 1st rounders” in a draft! Colvin was just called a potential 1st rounder before the injury by Mayock. He had no chance as he’s 177 lbs and has good but not great speed. He was a late 2nd/early 3rd AT BEST and didn’t drop that much but hey let’s tell lies to make things more dramatic.

114. Jaguars: Aaron Colvin-I’m very happy for Colvin. He tore his ACL on the 1st practice at the Senior Bowl and I was worried he would drop on draft day. Mid 4th isn’t much of a drop as he was just a 3rd before the injury and it’s a good pick as the Jaguars will have him from 2015-2017 on a cheap contract and he should be their #3 CB.

113. Giants: Andre Williams-I didn’t love Williams but in the 4th it makes sense and some will argue this is an absolute steal. I had a 7th round grade on him though as he had poor production his previous 3 years, he lacks short area quickness and is just a big and fast guy that runs straight as hard as he can. Those guys usually don’t produce in the NFL but we shall see.

112. Titans: Daquan Jones-I had an early 4th grade on him as my #117 so this is solid value and I like the player. I don’t like him as much as Daniel McCullers or Anthony Johnson at DT but Jones is a safer pick as he is a harder worker. He projects as an average starter or good #3 DT in a rotation.

111. Bengals: Russell Bodine-Well another guy who I know as he had a good Combine but just as I brag about my 109 out of 110 streak I get my 2nd not in the Top 500.

110. Rams: Maurice Alexander-I didn’t grade safeties but he had a late 7th round grade by so looks like a reach. By the way it’s been 110 picks and still only 1 player drafted that wasn’t on my Top 500. That Spencer Long picked at #78 is just looking atrocious right now.

109. Bills: Ross Cockrell-He’s a “big corner” which is all the rage yet he came in with the second shortest arms of any of the 59 DBs at the Combine so to me he wasn’t really a big corner. He had good game film vs. Mike Evans in their 2013 bowl game but I still wasn’t impressed with him so I had an early 6th round grade on him.

108. Seahawks: Cassius Marsh-He had off the field issues, poor production at times and doesn’t project as a pass rusher so I had a free agent grade on him. He does have great agility, good strength at the POA and impressive quickness for a guy his size so he might fit as a SLB in a 4-3.

107. Raiders: Justin Ellis-Another very good pick by the Raiders. Ellis was #92 on my board and continues their overhaul of the defensive line. I really like how the Raiders are just taking the best player available at each spot, regardless of position, and didn’t talk themselves into reaching for a QB at #5. Yes I love Manziel but if they didn’t then they shouldn’t take him and it resulted in them having Carr fall into their laps in the 30s. In free agency they added Justin Tuck and Lamar Woodley with both players being recent Pro Bowlers who have a chance to turn around their careers and they are in short term contracts so they filled their DL needs and did it without hampering themselves long term. They also will bring a veteran presence that the Raiders lacked in 2013 outside of Charles Woodson. I’m very intrigued by how they are building their team.

106. 49ers: Bruce Ellington-I had him as the #189 player on my board so I wasn’t as high on him as some. There were rumors though he could sneak into the late 2nd as he’s an explosive player that has a short, thick frame. He was the PG on the basketball team for multiple years but I didn’t love him as he looks like a career slot receiver and those have limited value due to their abundance-think running backs.

105. Patriots: Bryan Stork-This time last year I would have loved this pick as I had a late 2nd/early 3rd grade on him but the more I watched him the more I worried that Stork was a future bust. He isn’t athletic, he has extremely short arms and he only has above average strength. I think he’ll be remembered as a great college center but a mediocre pro at best.

104. Jets: Jalen Saunders-I like this pick (#125 on my board) as it’s a classic Jet pick. They needed to keep adding to the skill positions but to me the Jets under Ryan have been all about toughness and Saunders in the 4th matches well with Calvin Pryor in the 1st. He’s a tiny kid but he has a great burst, good hands, very good productivity and he’s tough as nails. Good fit + solid value =great pick.

103. Falcons: Devonte Freeman-I had this kid as a free agent grade (#300) as he never dominated in college, had a bad Combine and didn’t show a lot of maturity by leaving early. To me this is an atrocious pick considering that Seastrunk, Carey and even Williams (Andre Williams has a 7th round grade but others like him a lot) were still on the board.

102. Redskins: Bashaud Breeland-I like this pick even more as he was #82 on my board due to his elite tape and his size. He had a bad 40 so it makes sense he fell on draft day but he’s strong, physical and athletic on tape so I think this is an interesting pairing with last year’s 2nd rounder David Amerson. Very good pick.

101. Eagles: Jaylen Watkins-Okay pick though I had him as the #3 CB on the Florida roster despite Purify and Roberson having down seasons and terrible Combines. He’s versatile though and projects as a good nickel DB.

-I know everyone wants drama so AJ McCarron, Michael Sam and other well known names will be thrown about but to me there are 3 universally well regarded players left in Antonio Richardson, David Yankey and Zach Mettenberger that I suspect will go fast. At any point my trio of Lache Seastrunk, Aaron Lynch and James Hurst will go too and I’ll rave about them as steals but those guys aren’t a surprise still being here at this point. The trio mentioned earlier is and I doubt they last longer than the first 20 picks.

-Welcome back.


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