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Prediction Time!

September 5, 2014


Predictions are always fun as if you get it right you have bragging rights over friends and if you get it wrong, well who remembers? For instance last year I remember quite clearly how I picked the Seattle Seahawks to win the Super Bowl yet it then gets a little hazy. Did I really pick the Houston Texans, the team with the worst record in the NFL in 2013, to play the Seahawks in the Super Bowl as the AFC Champs? I’m unsure. I suspect that somewhere there’s documented evidence of that prediction but who really has the time to find it and why bring up such silliness. Let’s just focus on the positives and all be friends, shall we? With the NFL season upon us I am ready for another set of predictions. I used the format here, which is well done by ESPN as it has 16 NFL writers with their predictions, and then I threw in a few additional ones for fun. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Which of these predictions is most likely to turn out to be the one I regret the most?

Super Bowl Champion: Seahawks

AFC East: Patriots

AFC North: Bengals

AFC South: Colts

AFC West: Broncos

AFC Wild Cards: Chargers, Jaguars

NFC East: Eagles

NFC North: Packers

NFC South: Saints

NFC West: Seahawks

NFC Wild Cards: Cardinals, Falcons

AFC Champion: Patriots

NFC Champion: Seahawks

Coach of the Year: Pete Carroll

MVP: Aaron Rodgers

Offensive ROY: Johnny Manziel

Defensive ROY: Jadeveon Clowney

Additional picks

First runner up for NFC Wild Card: Vikings

First runner up for AFC Wild Card: Ravens

Worst Record in the League: Giants

Cowboys Record: 7-9

1st Overall Pick in 2015 NFL Draft: Marcus Mariota


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