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2015 Predictions

January 3, 2015


With 2014 in the books it’s time to take a look ahead to 2015. What better way to start off the New Year than with a set of predictions. It has also been awhile since I posted on the website so my predictions will have additional commentary by it as I catch readers up with what is on my mind. Enjoy the predictions:

Marcus Mariota will be the 1st Overall Pick: It will be interesting to see if he’s the 1st Overall Pick of the Bucs or someone else but I think this kid has too much value to fall even to the #2 spot. I’m sold on him becoming a quality NFL starter due to his height, speed, accuracy and great decision making (his 1.1% INT rate is the greatest in college football history) yet I’m still not sold on him becoming a superstar. I’m sure more than 1 team will be sold on that though so I expect him to either go to the Bucs or go to a team that gives the Bucs an RGIII type haul for the 1st Pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.


What I would do to you if all of these people weren’t around.

Jameis Winston returns for his junior season and wins his 2nd Heisman: No one believes Winston when he says he wants to return for another season but I do. He gets a lot of grief for being a dumbass, and rightfully so, but the kid is a competitor and I think he wants to end his collegiate career on a high note. He has so many off the field issues for a team to deal with but, purely as a prospect, I think he’s a top level talent. He reads defenses relatively well, has great accuracy and is an emotional leader that teammates seem to rally around. I suspect FSU is again undefeated at the end of the 2015 regular season as Winston joins Archie Griffin as the only two time winners of the Heisman.

Jeremy Hill will be arrested this offseason: I rated him as the #2 RB in last year’s draft because of his elite talent and he’s showing it late in the season yet I was hesitant of the kid’s character and think the success he’s had in his first NFL season will go straight to his head. He won’t kill anyone but he’s my pick to being arrested for a fight outside a club, a DWI or some other lower level offense.

Panthers beat the Cards: I thought this was a somewhat controversial prediction but then I saw that Vegas had the Panthers as 6.5 point favorites. Controversial/playing it safe, however you want to look at it I think that the Panthers are the most underrated team in the tournament. Cam Newton is playing the best football of his career (I was shocked how accurate he was against Atlanta last week) and he finally seems to be healthy enough to be a dual threat again. Their defense is still struggling but they’ve improved the past few weeks and against Ryan Lindley they won’t have to be world beaters to keep them under 20 points. I expect the Panthers to win comfortably.


Fuck yo couch N@$ga!

Cowboys beat Lions: This would have been a blowout if the injury/suspension issues were reversed yet with the Lions getting back Suh and Fairley while the Cowboys will be missing Melton and probably Hitchens the pendulum swings back towards the Lions a bit. I still think the Lions are a very flawed team that had to scrap for wins throughout the season while the Cowboys are the most efficient and balanced offense in the league. It won’t be a blowout but I see the Cowboys winning by low double digits.

Bengals beat the Colts: The Colts look like a team that ran out of gas a few weeks ago while the Bengals look like a different team with Jeremy Hill as their lead back. Andrew Luck is #2 on my MVP ballot (for those who care I have Rodgers #1, Watt #3, Romo #4 and Brady #5-yes it is QB heavy but that is the most important position in football so it should be QB heavy) simply because he has so little talent to work with. Even Luck won’t be able to shift the odds in his favor in this matchup as Hill will get his seemingly standard 150 yards and 2 TDs and Dalton will be mediocre throughout yet it won’t matter. What’s funny is how Dalton will be praised by the announcers as “finally breaking through” despite his poor stats and lack of impact on the game.

Steelers beat Ravens: This is the only game I don’t really have a good sense on but I can’t just avoid it right? The Steelers are a much better team and at home but without LeVeon Bell their talent level gets evened out quickly. Also it’s a rivalry game and this rivalry has been tough to predict over the years. It should come down to the 4th Q.

Seahawks beat the Panthers: Shocker I know, though I do think this game could be closer than most people think.

Cowboys beat the Packers: I love Rodgers but if the weather works out, the Cowboys could go into a blizzardy Lambeau Field with the best offensive line and one of the best running backs in the league. I like Eddie Lacy but the weather would still have to be viewed as a negative with Rodgers/Nelson/Cobb all being hurt by it. I think the Cowboys would overcome Rodgers greatness if there is an Ice Bowl 2.0.


Legs aren’t supposed to bend that way!

Patriots beat the Steelers: I doubt Bell is back next week so the Patriots would likely blow out the Steelers as Belichick would stick Revis on Antonio Brown and the Steelers would have 2/3rds of their triplets invisible in the game.

Bengals beat the Broncos: Peyton Manning isn’t healthy, Julius Thomas isn’t healthy, the weather in Denver is dropping as we speak, the right side of their offensive line is in shambles, Manning isn’t clutch and oh did I mention it’s the playoffs?

Seahawks beats Cowboys: Yes the Cowboys won there earlier this year but the Seahawks didn’t hit their stride until about 4 weeks ago so I expect a very different outcome the second time around.

Patriots beat Bengals: This game is won easily as the Patriots can shut down any team’s run game due to their triangle of Wilfork at 3-4 NT and Donte Hightower and Jamie Collins at 3-4 ILB. Once the run game is shut down the Bengals will be forced to pass and Dalton won’t be outplaying Brady anytime soon in a Conference Finals.

Seahawks beat Patriots: This was my preseason prediction and I feel more confident than ever about it. I think these are clearly the best two teams in the league with the Packers a distant third (yes I have the Packers losing to the Cowboys but I think the weather will play a large role in how that game plays out as on a neutral field I still have the Packers).

Texas A&M goes 11-2 in 2015: A strange prediction after all of the NFL stuff but I think the signing of John Chavis will result in a major turnaround on defense and Sumlin’s offense was held back by the inexperience of Kyle Allen. Allen will be much better in 2015, he was actually turning into a pretty solid QB by the end of 2014, and they will be one of the most balanced teams in the SEC. They’ll lose to Alabama and one other SEC West team yet win the rest of their games, including their top level bowl matchup.

Charlie Strong will be fired in 2016: Yes I know this is an article for predictions in 2015 but I fully believe that the Longhorns will be 8-4 or worse in 2015 and 2016 which will result in him only getting 3 years and the quick boot out the door. Strong is a poor fit for the Longhorn program which seems to be all about hype, finesse and attitude these days. He wants to build a hard nosed, blue collar program and it just won’t appeal to UT fans. Add to that the fact that Texas A&M, Baylor and TCU are in the midst of historic eras for their programs and Strong to be shown the door after two more mediocre and rather boring seasons. UT fans are not patient and when they realize that they aren’t even relevant then the tipping point will have occurred.

Dylon Mack will re-commit to Texas A&M: A lot of old timers hate how kids commit and de-commit at the drop of a hat but I don’t think Mack is that type of kid. He made it abundantly clear that he was uncomfortable staying with Texas A&M since they still didn’t even have a defensive coordinator. Two weeks later they not only have one but they have arguably the best one in the entire country. He will join Myles Garrett in College Station and they will be the best DL in all of college football.

LeBron will be in the NBA Finals for a 5th straight season: The Cavaliers are a mess right now but LeBron is the best player on the planet and I expect him to mesh enough with Irving and Love enough to lead them to the NBA Finals. He’ll get swept by a much more talented Western Conference team but it’ll be a testament to his talent that he took such a flawed team so far.

1416853075_odell-beckham-jr-zoomOdell Beckham will be the #1 WR in fantasy: I’ve never seen a rookie wide receiver play better than Beckham did as his extrapolated numbers for a full season were ridiculous. I think he will get even better with a full offseason with Manning and he will be the fantasy MVP in 2015, especially considering he likely won’t go till the 2nd round in most drafts.

Fantasy Sleepers: Jimmy Graham, Adrian Peterson, AJ Green, Calvin Johnson, Jordan Cameron, and Brandon Marshall are all studs who had issues last year that weren’t really their fault. I would draft any of them in 2015 as I suspect they will unfairly be downgraded due to their mediocre seasons. I also would look to Eli Manning, Ryan Tannehill, Carlos Hyde, Isaiah Crowell, Eric Decker, Mike Evans, Brandon Lafell and Travis Kelce as sneaky picks that look good on draft day but look great by mid-season. All of those guys mentioned above were starting to bust out by the end of 2014 but just ran out of time so the mass publications will likely keep them underrated going into the new season. Try and add 1 or 2 of these guys in the mid rounds though Hyde and Evans could easily blow up with a few choice words by Matthew Berry and turn into early to mid 2nd round types.


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