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2015 Offensive Line Rankings

April 29, 2015

Andrus Peat

OT Rankings

  1. Andrus Peat Stanford 6’6 7/8 313 Jr. He had great height, good length (’34 3/8), a good 40 (5.18) and very solid lateral agility (4.62 shuttle). I’m not a huge fan of his frame as it is very doughy but he’s a thickly built guy and shouldn’t have a problem anchoring against bull rushers. He’s also an outstanding run blocker and his tape is full of pancake blocks. In a run oriented scheme he’d be a perfect LT. In a more pass happy scheme I could see a team be a little concerned with Peat at LT as he has good but not great speed, agility and arm length. He also has his fair share of false start penalties which isn’t what you normally see in an upper echelon tackle. These concerns were put to the forefront vs. Utah in 2014 when Peat was terrible against Nate Orchard who had 10 tackles, 3.5 sacks and 1 forced fumble. I still like Peat a lot as he had one terrible game but overall always looked the part of an elite LT. He isn’t quite the athlete or physical specimen you want at the position but he’s also a much better run blocker and is quite aggressive against defenders so there is a bit of a trade off. TJ Clemmings has a higher upside but I still have to put Peat at #1 as I have no doubt that he could start for an NFL team at LT on Day 1 and wouldn’t need too much help. Barely keeps Top 10 grade 4/28/15.
  2. TJ Clemmings Pittsburgh 6’4 ¾ 309 Jr. Elite arm length at ’35 1/8 and showed incredible athleticism with a 5.14 40 and a 4.54 3 shuttle which is one of my favorite drills for OL since it measures lateral agility. He’s a raw kid as he played DL his first few years at Pittsburgh, and only played 1 year of HS football, but watching him at the Senior Bowl and Combine made me fall in love with him. He is a bit of a project but he has Pro Bowl LT potential and has physical traits that are incredibly rare to find. Mid 1st 4/27/15.
  3. Donovan Smith Penn State 6’5 5/8 338 Sr. Donovan’s size (6’5 338) makes you think pile driving RT and he could definitely fill that role but what has me intrigued is his agility and arm length (’34 3/8) which makes me think LT isn’t out of the question. At the Senior Bowl he was dramatically better than TJ Cummings in 1×1 drills as he comfortably held the edge knowing that no one would be able to bull rush him. He doesn’t have Pro Bowl LT potential though like Cummings so he stays behind him in my rankings but it really opened my eyes to him as a top level prospect. He dominated Randy Gregory in 2013 and dominated lesser talents like Nate Orchard at the Senior Bowl in 2014. I think scouts are biased against him because of his weight as I see a player that has the length, strength and quickness to stay at LT with a Cordy Glenn type style. Smith is one of the most underrated players in this draft and has Pro Bowl potential at either tackle spot. Top 20 4/27/15.
  4. Cedric Ogbuehi Texas A&M 6’5 306 Sr. All year I’ve been ranting and raving about how overrated Ogbuehi is since the scouting community seemed intent on making a Top 10 pick out of 3 straight A&M OTs yet now I actually think Cedric might be underrated. I’ve had a late 1st/early 2nd round grade on him for awhile as he’s inconsistent and not very physical in the run game but he’s also a 6’5 306 lb LT prospect with nearly ’36 arms (35 7/8)! I doubt he’s ever a dominant LT but he should be a capable one and there is a lot of value in that considering their aren’t 32 capable left tackles in the league. A team will have to be patient with him since his ACL injury occurred just a few months ago but I think he’ll be ready by the start of the regular season, should be a solid starter at RT as a rookie and then could make the move in year two to the left side. Late 1st 4/27/15.
  5. Jake Fisher Oregon 6’6 1/8 306 Sr. He had probably the most underrated Combine of any player. This past February there were 53 OL that worked out in Indianapolis and he managed to be 2nd in the 40 (5.05), 2nd in the vertical (32 ½), 1st in the shuttle (4.33) and 1st in the 3 cone (7.25). The kid is an athlete and helped himself further by measuring ’33 ¾ arms and 10 3/8 hands. Most teams prefer ’34 arms or better in their OTs but it’s close enough that most will overlook it considering his elite measurables in every other area. Fisher played RT most of his career yet ended it at LT due to Tyler Johnstone’s ACL injury in the bowl game 2 years ago. He reminds me a bit of Doug Free as he has a RT mentality but isn’t a pile driver yet has enough athleticism to play LT but lacks the arm length to be elite at that position. He’s kind of a tweener LT/RT like Free but seems to have the talent to play either spot in the pros with RT being his best fit and LT being his most valuable spot. I’m a much bigger fan of Fisher than many people are as I consider him a Day 1 starter at RT who will start 8-10 years in the NFL at a high level. Late 1st round 4/27/15.
  6. Ereck Flowers Miami 6’6 ¼ 329 Sr. One of numerous RT only prospects in this OT class, Flowers is tall (6’6 ¼), long (’34 ½ arms), strong (37 reps on the bench) and aggressive. He has solid quickness and his tape is at times impressive (he held Randy Gregory to 2 pressures, yes Gregory had two sacks and a FF but he wasn’t blocking him either time) but it is inconsistent. The worst thing about Flowers is that he has poor balance and always is lunging. It nets him more pancake blocks than almost any OT in this draft class but causes a fair amount of whiffs which I’m sure his QB isn’t too thrilled about. Flowers has just enough athleticism to be tried at LT but his true position is obviously RT. At that spot he will be average or even above average in pass protection and then a mauler in the run game. I like Flowers a lot more than I expected I would as he’s an aggressive kid that really attacks defenders. I expect him to be a good starting RT for quite awhile. Early 2nd round 4/27/15.
  7. DJ Humphries Florida 6’5 307 Jr. He had a good Combine with a very solid 40 (5.12) to go with above average quickness drills. His arms came in sub ’34 though (’33 5/8) so he’ll be moved to OG on some team’s boards and I don’t necessarily disagree with them as he plays more like an OG than an OT. I think LT is out of the question for him but would be comfortable playing him at RT or OG so it will depend on the team. As a RT he won’t get a great push in the run game but he has very good quickness and comfortably holds the edge so he’d fit well there for a passing team. DJ isn’t one of my favorite prospects as his tape is rather boring since his athleticism is only above average and he isn’t a mauler in the run game. He just gets the job done and looks the part of a future above average RT or OG depending on the scheme. Early 3rd round 4/27/15.
  8. Tyrus Thompson Oklahoma 6’5 324 Sr. He has elite arm length (’34 7/8) and solid foot speed which makes him higher on my board than his teammate Daryl Williams. Thompson has the foot speed to stay at RT yet still enough strength and explosiveness to be a punishing run blocker. He and Williams are both road graders but Thompson should be able to stay outside at RT while I project Williams moving inside. He’ll be an above average RT in a run oriented scheme and I think he’s a bit underrated from where I see him ranked my many in the scouting community. Early 3rd round and a bit of a sleeper 4/28/15.
  9. Rob Havenstein Wisconsin 6’7 321 Sr. He came onto campus at 380 lbs and slowly molded his body into a manageable frame. He will never be a svelte guy and reminds me a bit of Mitchell Schwartz in that he’s an ugly bodied technician that just gets the job done. He projects as just an average RT but would be good value in the middle rounds. 4th round 4/28/15.

OG Rankings

  1. Brandon Scherff Iowa 6’4 5/8 319 Sr. Scherff has always been known as the slow, dependable tackle yet made a solid mark at the Combine with a 5.05 40 besting all of the upper echelon OTs. His ’33 3/8 are below average for OTs but his ’11 hands (best among the 53 OL at the Combine this year) are elite. He’s an elite run blocker and very solid in pass protection as well but I question whether he’ll ever be a LT as he just doesn’t have the arm length or elite athleticism you want at such a vital position. He’s a combination of Zack Martin and Riley Reiff as I think his best fit is inside at OG where he could be a Pro Bowler but he likely will be forced to stay outside at RT or even LT since that is where is most valuable. I love Scherff as an OG due to his motor, toughness, elite strength and solid mobility but I don’t love him as a RT and flat out dislike him as a LT. As such I’m ranking him as an OG which is not where most scouts have him at. Top 20 as my #1 OG 4/27/15.
  2. La’el Collins LSU 6’4 ½ 305 Jr. His Combine was confusing as he’s a big, long, strong guy on film but he had a very good 40 (5.12), a poor amount of reps (21) and below average arm length (’33 ¼)? It made me go back to the film and I realized that the measurements were right and I had him pegged incorrectly in my head. The more I watched him the more I realized that he could play RT but his best fit was clearly OG. At OG he’ll be a perfect fit as a mobile LG that has enough athleticism to pull but can also make holes in the run game in the trenches. He drops out of the first round mix due to the position change, and the fact that his tape is inconsisten, but I’m confident he’ll become a quality starting guard. Early 2nd round 4/27/15.
  3. AJ Cann South Carolina 6’3 313 Sr. AJ is the most complete pure guard in this draft class (Scherff and Collins are OG/OT) as he is both strong and mobile. Tomlinson doesn’t get as good of a push in the run game as Cann does and Jackson isn’t nearly the athlete. I don’t see any real weaknesses in his game and love that he is a battled tested OL from the SEC. 2nd round 4/27/15.
  4. Laken Tomlinson Duke 6’3 3/8 323 A big mauler type with okay quickness, Tomlinson isn’t for every scheme but should be an immediate starter and an asset in the run game. He reminds me a little of Larry Warford and likely will have a similar career as an above average starter who excels in the run game while being mediocre in the passing game. He really helped himself at the Senior Bowl with some good 1×1 drills, including an especially fun one against fellow +320 pounder Danny Shelton. Late 2nd 4/27/15.
  5. Ali Marpet Hobart 6’3 7/8 307 Sr. He was one of the best OL at the Senior Bowl which is incredibly impressive considering he was going from Hobart University, I also have no idea where that is, to the best of the best division 1 players. He then had the best 40 time of any of the 53 OL at the Combine (4.98). To say his stock is rising at the right time is an understatement. What I liked was that his 40 time wasn’t just fast but his position drills were great, his 1×1 at the Senior Bowl were elite, and his shuttle/3 cone drills were both 2nd best among 53 OL! He’s an elite athlete as an interior lineman and could play OG or C. I’ll be honest and admit I’d never heard of him before a few weeks ago but now I’m comfortable saying he’s one of the best athletes at OL in this draft and a worthy day 2 pick. Early 3rd round 4/27/15.
  6. Tre Jackson FSU 6’3 ¾ 330 Sr. Senior Bowl MVP was a nice cap to his career. He’s the strongest but also the slowest of the 3 OGs bunched together (Tomlinson/Cann) so he will likely have the most divergent opinions of him. I like him as he’s strong, physical and always looking to punish someone. Of course his 5.52 40 and the fact that when he pulls into the open field he almost never makes contact with anyone will force him to go to a run heavy, man scheme. When I grade OGs I first determine how often they get beat and I then determine how physical they are and how big they can make holes in the DL. Jackson creates huge holes in the run game but he gets beat too often to be a 1st or 2nd rounder. Mid 3rd round and very scheme specific 4/27/15.
  7. Mitch Morse Missouri 6’5 3/8 305 An OT in college that most feel will move inside due to his short arms (’32 ¼). He has good lateral quickness and is an explosive athlete so I suspect guard is his best spot and he’d fit best in a zone blocking scheme that accentuated his athleticism, agility and explosion. Some scouts I’ve read say that he’s a far superior prospect to his teammate last year, Justin Britt, who went in the 2nd round and had a solid rookie season. They’re very different players who will play different positions in the pros but I still probably agree as Morse seems underrated to me. He has two flaws in his game, short arms and small hands. Once you move him from OT to OG his strengths, quick, fast, strong (36 reps on the bench) far outweight his weaknesses. Mid 3rd round 4/27/15.
  8. Ty Sambrailo Colorado 6’5 7/8 311 Sr. I don’t have cutoff limits on certain positions as I think there are exceptions to every rule so anytime you start saying you can’t have an outside CB under 5’10 you see Brent Grimes or Antoine Winfield dominate and look foolish. OT is the same way as I want mid ’34 arms or longer and almost always move a player to OG if he is below ’33 ½ but Joe Thomas (’32 ½) wouldn’t have made the cutoff and went on to be the best LT of his generation. That being said Sambrailo looks nothing like Thomas when he’s studdering backwards with his awkward kick-slide so I’m comfortable moving him inside to OG due to his ’33 arms, 5.36 40 and lack of agility. As an OG I actually like him relatively well as he’s quick, aggressive and has solid overall athleticism. He would fit best in a zone scheme as he isn’t a pile driver and seems to be adept at combo blocking. Early 4th round 4/27/15.
  9. Daryl Williams Oklahoma 6’5 327 Sr. Daryl is an easy guy to scout as he’s 6’5, has ’35 arms, is a behemoth in the run game and just enough athleticism (5.34 40) to make you think he could stay at RT in a run oriented offense. Think of him as a poor man’s DJ Fluker. As such he will have varying grades throughout the league as he will need help in pass protection and possibly will be forced to move inside to OG. I strongly disliked his 5.15 shuttle drill time, a measurement I rely on heavily when scouting OL, and saw enough slow footedness and lunging on tape to move him to OG. He loses value with the move but he still has value for any run oriented team that is seeking a pile driver at RG or RT. 4th round 4/27/15.

C Rankings

  1. Cameron Erving Florida State 6’5 ¾ 313 Sr. In 2013 he played LT at an okay level, I considered him one of the more overrated prospects but still had a 3rd round grade on him as a future RT, and then he surprised me by moving to C where he really came into his own. He wowed at the Combine with elite arm length (’34 1/8) for a center to go along with huge hands (’10 3/8), upper echelon strength (30 reps) and explosiveness (’30 ½ vertical). Put on the tape and it’s obvious that he improved throughout the season and his impressive frame and athleticism appear to be a much better fit inside than outside. It’s interesting how a position change can matter so much as at OT he was mediocre in my eyes yet as a center he’s elite. I’ve done a 180 on him and consider him a legit 1st round center, though too raw and unpolished to take in the top 20. Late 1st round 4/28/15.
  2. Hroniss Grasu Oregon 6’3 297 Sr. He didn’t workout at the Combine. He’s an elite athlete that fits best in a zone scheme. He started 52 games at Oregon, is considered an extremely intelligent player and battled through a leg injury his senior year showing good toughness. I’m not a huge fan of his due to his slight build and he’s clearly a step below the bigger, longer Erving but Grasu should be a solid starter for a zone blocking team. His combination of athleticism, experience and mental makeup will make a team happy. My final thought is that Grasu’s pure speed is elite for any OL and he regularly made contact on 2nd level blocks. I wasn’t a huge fan of his mediocre strength and short arms once he locked onto a defender but he rarely whiffed on guys in the second level which is rare. He’s an interesting guy who could be elite if he adds strength and goes to the right team. 2nd round 4/28/15.
  3. Max Garcia Florida 6’4 309 Sr. He didn’t workout at the Combine. I liked him at the Senior Bowl as he didn’t dominate but held his own against some top level guys. He’s just another solid OL that doesn’t wow with great strength or quickness but consistently gets his man blocked. He projects as a good backup in year 1 who will fight for and likely win a starting job in year 2. Late 3rd round 4/28/15.
  4. Shaq Mason Georgia Tech 6’1 ¾ 304 Sr. Not invited to the Combine. He had a good Senior Bowl in 1×1 drills. His height will hurt him as many teams take centers off their board who are shorter than 6’2. He also played in the triple option which makes his evaluation even tougher but he has great quickness and consistently graded out at OG (he’s a center prospect by everyone despite never playing there). 5th round 4/28/15.
  5. Andy Gallik Boston College 6’2 3/8 306 Sr. He had a terrible 40 (5.50) which might keep him from getting drafted but there is talent there as he had a good shuttle time (4.58) and shows that agility on film. He had good film vs. USC when he went up against the best DT in the nation in Leonard Williams and I think he could be a solid backup with a chance to start. 5th round 4/28/15.
  6. Reese Dismukes Auburn 6’2 ¾ 296 Sr. A well decorated, veteran center from the SEC that probably lacks the size or athleticism to be a starter in the NFL. I like his tape much more than Finney but think he is too scheme specific and lacks the measurables to be anything great. Late 6th round 4/28/15.
  7. BJ Finney Kansas State 6’3 ¾ 318 He had a poor workout at the Combine with ’32 arms, only 20 reps and mediocre 40 and shuttle times. I watched a number of Kansas State games and he never really wowed me. I re-watched the 2014 OU game watching only him the entire time and I still wasn’t impressed. He looks like a career backup to me at best. Free Agent 4/28/15.

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