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2015 Tight End Rankings

April 29, 2015
The worst "best" tight end in a draft class ever?

The worst “best” tight end in a draft class ever?

  1. Max Williams Minnesota 6’3 7/8 249 Jr. In almost any other year Williams would not be the #1 TE and sometimes wouldn’t even be in the top 2 or 3. Yet in a year with such little talent he could go earlier than he should as he’s the only clear cut future starting TE in the 2015 NFL Draft. He’s basically 6’4 250 and runs a 4.78 40 so at no point is he a 1st round consideration but he grows on you after awhile as he’s strong, has dependable hands and has underrated athleticism. He actually reminds me of Jason Witten in his style of play but unfortunately he isn’t nearly as smooth as a route runner which is Witten’s bread and butter. Max will be an average starting TE, never will make a Pro Bowl and will be overdrafted in a few days. I’m quite confident about all three of those things. Late 2nd round 4/28/15.
  2. Clive Warford Miami 6’4 251 Sr. He had a good Senior Bowl and a solid Combine but still looks to me like a low end #1 TE or a high end #2. He isn’t a good blocker, has the occasional case of the drops and is kind of a goofy, weird dude so I’m not much of a fan. He has enough athleticism to be a threat in the passing game but he isn’t a burner that will threaten the seam and at 6’4 he isn’t big enough to be a game changer in the red zone. I also gather that he’s a bit selfish and a little stupid from the interviews I’ve watched and his play on the field. He reminds me of Dwayne Allen body type wise and Andrew Quarless style wise. Early 3rd round 4/28/15.
  3. Ben Koyack Notre Dame 6’5 255 Jr. He didn’t work out at the Combine. He’s a tall, skinny guy who has the frame to add weight. I think he’ll need to because he doesn’t have great speed so his best bet is to slowly add weight until he’s a 6’5 270 lb TE that can block but who also has good hands. Ben will likely be a career backup type but there are tools for a team to work with and he could develop over time into a low end starter. I’m definitely not praising him a lot but in this terrible TE class he still somehow slides into the #3 spot. 4th round 4/28/15.
  4. Nick O’Leary Florida State 6’3 ¼ 252 Sr. He’s under 6’4, isn’t a good blocker due to his incredibly short arms (’29 ¾ which were by far the shortest of the 20 TEs at the Combine) and he ran a 4.93 40. To say that the Combine was tough on him would be an understatement. O’Leary will never be a starting TE in the NFL but he’d be a good h-back or #2 TE as he could excel in certain situations. He has elite hands, is agile and runs good routes. I think some teams will remove him from their draft board due to their Combine and I think some fans probably think he’s the best TE in the draft. Both sides need to realize we’re talking about a career backup, niche type of player. He’ll fill his role admirably but he won’t be an impact player and as such he’s just a mid round guy who had a great college career. Late 4th round 4/28/15.
  5. EJ Bibbs Iowa State 6’2 258 Sr. He led the FBS for TEs with 8 TDs. He impressed me at the Combine with the thickness in his body and his overall athleticism. He looks like an H-back or even a FB more than a TE but I see a role for the kid somewhere on a football field, especially in a run oriented team like the 49ers. 5th round 4/28/15.
  6. Jean Sifrin UMass 6’5 ¼ 245 Jr. 2014 John Mackey Semifinalist. A 27 year old prospect which is incredibly rare. It’s funny too because at 27 he’s still considered an “underclassmen.” He has a great frame at 6’5 ¼ with ’11 hands (absolutely massive!) and he’s a very agile guy on film. Unfortunately he ran a 4.84 40 which for a 27 year old with limited football playing experience and who needs to transition from UMass to the NFL, it might have been the death blow for his draft prospects. I like him and in a historically bad year for tight ends I’d have no problem spending a late round pick on him as a flier. Late 5th round 4/28/15.
  7. Tyler Kroft Rutgers 6’6 246 Jr. He didn’t work out at the Combine. He’s incredibly thin on film and looks more WR like than TE like. His frame reminds me of Jordan Cameron but he isn’t the athlete Jordan was, no incredible dunking video from Tyler, and he’s just as bad of a blocker. In this horrible TE class I feel like some team will fall in love with him as he has a far higher upside than O’Leary or Bibbs due to his height. He could become a goal line threat ala Joseph Fauria but Joseph was one of the most prolific tight ends in the country at UCLA while Kroft had 24 catches for 269 yards this season. I think Kroft is nothing more than a mediocre tight end with height. 6th round 4/28/15.
  8. Blake Bell Oklahoma 6’6 ¼ 252 Sr. He intrigues me as a project type as he has elite size at 6’6 ¼ with ’10 hands. He has above average athleticism for the position but isn’t a burner (4.80) so he doesn’t have the upside of some of the basketball conversion types yet he deserves a chance to make himself a quality #2 TE. Free Agent 4/28/15.

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