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2015 Live Blog (Round 2 & Round 3)

May 1, 2015

This blog is finished.

99. Bengals: Paul Dawson-What a great way to end Day 2. I always hate when it ends with a “who?” Dawson was my #10 available and probably would have been my #1 or #2 available if not for an atrocious Combine. His tape is of a late 1st round linebacker but his Combine was of a guy that I’d be hesitant to even invite to camp to battle as one of the 90 roster invitees. It was atrocious. He has elite instincts, is tough as nails and has better athleticism than his Combine numbers show so I downgraded him but kept him on my radar. This pick will possibly be more productive for them in 2014 than their 1st rounder (Cedric Ogbuehi), 2nd rounder (Jake Fisher) or early 3rd rounder (Tyler Kroft). Such is the NFL Draft where sometimes 5th rounders like Richard Sherman become franchise building blocks while 1st rounder James Carpenter battles injuries for four seasons before moving on and 2nd rounder John Moffitt is traded for peanuts and promptly retires a few games later. Good scouting results in better picks/players than bad scouting but the draft is and always will have a bit of luck involved in it and I think that is one of the many reasons why it is so interesting. to follow. Good night everyone, anyone, who stayed up late with me. It was fun.

98. Chiefs: Steven Nelson-Great pick, #8 available on my board, as he has enough size to stay outside and be a starter or could move inside and be a very good slot corner. He’s a tenacious, quick and physical corner that really battles wideouts. He has only above average athleticism but I like him as a #2 CB who you give safety help over the top occasionally.

97. Patriots: Geneo Grissom-I watched a lot of OU tape and rarely noticed Grissom. They are saying he was incredibly versatile so I wonder if he was so versatile that I couldn’t keep tabs on him. I sure noticed Striker, Wilson, Phillips and others on that D but oh well, we shall see. The Patriots are another team that gets a free pass on their draft but go back and look at their 2nd and 3rd round draft picks the past 5-7 years. It is absolutely atrocious with Aaron Dobson, Duron Harmon, Tavon Wilson, Jake Bequette, Jermaine Cunningham, Taylor Price, Ron Brace, Darius Butler, Brandon Tate, Tyrone McKenzie, Terrence Wheatley, Shawn Crable and Kevin O’Connell. All of those busts were in the 2nd or 3rd round by the Patriots from 2008-2013. Any other GM in the NFL would have been fired for that atrocious run but Belichick is such a good coach that they just give him a free pass because how can you fire a GM that has what 12 straight division titles? Imagine though if he actually had a great GM to work side by side with, 7 Super Bowls?

96. Browns: Xavier Cooper-Well looky here. Clemmings and Cooper have been the top 2 guys on my board for about 2 rounds now and I had assumed neither would be taken before Day 3, though I think a lot of teams will regret it. Cooper was just snagged by the Browns who also traded up for him so they saw what I saw which was elite movement skills for a DT. I think Cooper could be a Pro Bowler and would like nothing more in the world as finding a diamond in the rough like him, who no one is talking about, and then watching him become a legit player as it is quite gratifying. The best value pick of the draft per my board. 

95. Redskins: Matt Jones-So I took my Top 100 available but I only have about 130 guys left entirely and decided against adding them since 100 is such a nice, round number and all that. Matt Jones was outside my Top 100. I scouted this kid and didn’t consider him worth drafting until the 7th round at least. This is a terrible pick and they already have Alfred Morris as well as spent 2 draft picks last year on running backs (Lache Seastrunk and another guy who beat him out). It just seems like a waste of a very good pick so….hell yeah. Go Cowboys!

NFL Network fans: Has anyone else noticed how pissed Charlie Strong looks at all times? Also why does he never understand where the camera is as sometimes Rich Eisen is talking and he is still in the frame but you can tell he doesn’t think so as he starts shuffling his suit and fidgeting around. I’m just waiting for him to pick his nose or sniff his armpits or something.

94. Packers: Ty Montgomery-#13 left on my board. Montgomery at one point had a late 1st round grade by me but he had injury issues and never improved on his great 2013 season. He’s still a bit more of an elite kick returner than elite receiver at this point but his run after the catch skills are great as he’s like a running back when he catches the ball. I love the pick and love how the Packers every year add a weapon or two for Aaron Rodgers. They already have Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and Davante Adams so you’d say WR is off their board but when you have the best QB in the NFL you want to maximize that strength and I fully agree with that strategy. Too often, picks are spent on shoring up weaknesses instead of maximizing strengths. It’s a fun theoretical debate but I feel teams first must find an identity and then must enrich that strength until it becomes almost cultural. Jets=press corner play, Chiefs=running game, Steelers=hard nosed 3-4 D. Those are strengths that became part of a team’s fabric and when the Jets lost that in 2012-2013 they lost their way and now appear to maybe be overcompensating for it by adding Revis, Cromartie and Skrine all in one offseason. Okay off my soapbox but there is nothing wrong with strengthening a strength.

93. Colts: Henry Anderson-Maybe the best value pick of the entire draft at this point. Most had him in the late 2nd-mid 3rd round range (which is still a solid value in the late 3rd) but I had him in the late 1st round because every time I watched his film he impressed me. His production was great, his Combine was great and his film was great. I know no one agreed with me on him but let’s just wait this one out and see in 5 years if he’s a good pro or not. Best value pick in the draft!

92. Broncos: Jeff Heuerman-I scouted the tight end class, I considered it the worst I’d ever scouted, and stopped delving in any deeper than the 5th round types. He wasn’t one of the ones I scouted so that is all you need to know about a TE drafted in the 3rd round. REACH!!!!

91. Cowboys: Chaz Green-Well that sucks…………I was already starting to accept the logic of taking Ajayi and then they throw this guy on me. If they are going to take an OT why not roll the dice on one of two 1st round talents in TJ Clemmings (medical) or La’el Collins (crazy murder investigation). Both of those guys have Pro Bowl potential while Green seems to be an OG/RT solid starter type. Or why not just skip the OL altogether and take a quality DT like Cooper or Philon (my favorites) or Jarrett/Bennett (consensus types that I like too at this point in the draft). This is a 5th or 6th round type pick that the Cowboys reached for in the 3rd and the only question I ask is, “why did they reach for a position that wasn’t a need?”

90. Ravens: Carl Davis-It’s funny how you pan a guy for being overrated, like I did with Davis when I heard his name in chatter as a late 1st rounder but then he drops and you love the pick. Such is this as Davis in the late 3rd round is great value. I feel Ozzie Newsome has become vastly overrated as a GM but on this pick he did quite well.

89. Rams: Sean Mannion-He was my #5 QB and to me projected as a career backup. I likened him to Zach Mettenberger with a little better touch but with less velocity. I didn’t rave about Hundley or Petty but at some point it gets ridiculous right? I mean Grayson and now Mannion both surpass these guys? Did I miss something?

88. Vikings: Danielle Hunter-He had a similar grade to Mario Edwards Jr. and is similar in style as they are physical freaks but lack any real production as pass rushers. Both remind me of William Gholston last year and DaQuan Bowers of a few years ago as they look like future All-Pros but just lack the quickness or agility to be edge rushers. Not a bad pick at this point in the process, unlike the Mario Edwards Jr. pick, but I expect similar results.

The Cowboys are 3 picks away from being on the clock so here is my Top 10 available. I’d love to see Clemmings taken at this point as yes he has some medical issues but he was a mid to late 1st rounder at one point in the process. Take him along with Jones and Gregory and you’ve drafted three potential Pro Bowlers. One will probably strike out among them but you have three shots at adding an elite player. I like that but also like the idea of DT Henry Anderson, RB Jay Ajayi (not a huge fan of the kid but he’s good value here) or one of my sleeper DTs in Xavier Cooper or Darius Philon. Of course my Baylor friends will be crossing their fingers for Bryce Petty but I just don’t know.

  1. TJ Clemmings OT Pittsburgh Jr.
  2. Xavier Cooper DT Washington St. Jr.
  3. La’el Collins OG LSU Jr.
  4. Henry Anderson DT Stanford Sr.
  5. Brett Hundley QB UCLA Jr.
  6. Jay Ajayi RB Boise St. Jr.
  7. Darius Philon DT Arkansas Soph
  8. Grady Jarrett DT Clemson Sr.
  9. Bryce Petty QB Baylor Sr.
  10. Steven Nelson CB Oregon St. Sr.

87. Steelers: Sammie Coates-I like the pick, #21 on my board, as Ben is always asking for big receivers to throw to and Coates has both size and speed. He is a guy that can start from Day 1 but is still a developmental type if that makes any sense? He’s such a talent that he could be thrown out there immediately and be okay but he drops a lot of balls, isn’t a good route runner and doesn’t come across as a smart human being so expect some growing pains. He has Pro Bowl potential though so I like the pick.

86. Cardinals: David Johnson-It’s funny, he went ahead of Jay Ajayi as I panned Jay in his profile but ended up giving him an early 3rd round grade and then I didn’t scout Johnson that hard and threw him a 5th round grade that I immediately regretted after I watched the Senior Bowl practices. David has elite size and elite receiving skills. That is a rare combination and he’s one of 2-3 players (CB Kevin White, DT Marcus Hardison) that I wish I had more tape and more time to analyze because I probably didn’t do a great job. I’m not surprised by this pick at all as Johnson could be the sleeper of this RB class.

85. Bengals: Tyler Kroft-Well I said it earlier when Warford went that the drop off was precipitous after the top two tight ends so obviously I do not like this pick. He has elite height and solid movement skills but he isn’t fast, is incredibly weak and I just didn’t see anything special about him. He was Rob Housler minus the speed or Jordan Cameron minus the elite vertical in other words he was a quality TE that is tall and lean minus their best trait. Career backup and a bad pick in the late 3rd.

84. Eagles: Jordan Hicks-I hadn’t finished the linebackers yet but know enough of Hicks to know that this is a slight reach. He’s more of a 4th-6th rounder in my eyes. Also he had a few off the field issues and was injured a bit. Not the best so….good I’m happy. Screw you Eagles!

83. Chargers: Craig Mager-He was one of the handful of guys that I had trouble finding tape on, Texas State, and had to rely mainly on his Combine tape. He has a thick body for a CB and could make the switch to S if he wanted to. It might actually be his best fit as he’s a little tight in the hips but he’s a CB with solid measurables. Project type that I had much later in the draft.

Wow Lorenzo Mauldin grew up in 16 foster homes?! How can that happen? I’ll be rooting for him but liked him already.

82. Jets: Lorenzo Mauldin-A slight reach as he was my #41 available but I liked his film a lot. He’s got a great motor, can bend around tackles and has good strength to him. Unfortunately his Combine was dreadful and probably put a little fear in some people, me included who dropped him into the 4th. I know it’s a cliche but he’s just a football player and should become a solid starter.

81. Bills: John Miller-An OG from Louisville that I’ve never heard of.

80. Lions: Alex Carter-Another safety that I didn’t scout yet. Some have him as a CB but I do not as he lacks the agility to stay there.

79. 49ers: Eli Harold-Another great pick as he was the #5 available player on my board. I called him a poor man’s Vic Beasley as they have similar games. He will be engulfed as a run stopper but have him rush the passer and there are few guys in the draft that are faster or have more agility in space. A great pick by the 49ers who have been quiet this year but have dominated the draft in previous years.

78. Saints: PJ Williams-Great pick and I’m definitely jinxing the Cowboys at this point as 2 of my Top 5 Cowboys targets have been taken in the past two picks since I blogged out my list!

77. Browns: Duke Johnson-Well there goes my dream. Also I’m rather pissed because I have Isaiah Crowell on my dynasty roster and his status as a likely starter just might have taken a hit. Nonetheless this is a great pick as I love me some Duke.

14 picks till the Cowboys are on the clock and I still see RB Duke Johnson, DT Henry Anderson, CB PJ Williams, RB Jay Ajayi and DT Darius Philon. All would be great values and fill obvious needs.

76. Chiefs: Chris Conley-The #47 player still available. He blew up due to his incredible, borderline historic, Combine but he never played to that level and never had more than 500 or 600 yards a season despite spending 3 of them with Georgia’s all time passer Aaron Murray. I am underwhelmed by him as a player but love the kid as a person. Check out his Star Wars re-enactment on YouTube.

75. Saints: Garrett Grayson-I just realized I never scouted this kid even though I scouted the QBs. Not sure how I missed him as he was in a lot people’s Top 5. Oh well, what is interesting though is that the Saints made a big stink when they called Bryce Petty the best pure passer in the draft and then in the 3rd round they didn’t just pass on him but passed on him for another QB? What a smoke screen.

74. Giants: Owamagbe Odighizuwa-A very good pick at this point as he was the #20 available and has starter traits with a good frame, great length and outstanding athleticism. The problem is that he never produced that much as a pass rusher and you wonder what will change now that everyone he’s facing is bigger, stronger and faster. He could be a classic late bloomer but at this point the pick is more about potential than production.

Did I just jinx the Cowboys? I think I did. Okay well Duke Johnson and Jay Ajayi are still available but to me it is trade up for Duke Johnson or just take the best player on the board. I like Ajayi but never loved him the way a lot of people did.

73. Falcons: Tevin Coleman-I love the pick as he was my #4 RB ahead of Yeldon and Abdullah who both went a round ahead of him. He has burner speed and played half of last year with a broken foot! Also you look at his yards per carry average and it is identical to Melvin Gordon yet Gordon had that classic Wisconsin beef blocking for him and there was no one of NFL caliber on Indiana’s OL. I waffled numerous times with moving him up to the #3 RB spot and into the late 1st round range but decided against it in the end. He’s a talent and this is great value.

Well the Cowboys are positioning themselves for a possibly incredible Day 2 as they got Randy Gregory in the late 2nd and Duke Johnson, Tevin Coleman and Jay Ajayi all are still on the board. If they take one of those in the late 3rd round it will be universally praised. The Cowboys are still a long way away though so hold on tight.

72. Rams: Jamon Brown-Never heard of him. I mean never even heard his name and he’s an early 3rd rounder. The thing I hate the most about these picks is you couldn’t trade down? You couldn’t even trade down without getting the value “the trade chart” tells you that you should receive? I find that hard to believe.

71. Bears: Hronis Grasu-This is a great pick as I saw a high ceiling on Grasu due to his elite athleticism. He’s undersized frame wise but if he can add a little weight he could be a Pro Bowler in a zone scheme. I had heard by many that he was the #2 C in this draft, he was on my board and I thought for once I was going with the consensus, but he was the #4 guy off the board so kind of interesting.

70. Texans: Jaulen Strong-Another great pick as he was #9 left on my board and looks like a poor man’s Larry Fitzgerald with good size, elite explosiveness as a jumper and very strong hands. He was shut down by Marcus Peters which hurt his draft stock a bit as did the fact that he doesn’t separate well on film but Peters is a 1st round talent and I see Strong being a very good #2 receiver who won’t usually face those types. Good pick.

69. Seahawks: Tyler Lockett-Hey remember that time long ago when I criticized the Seahawks? Uh neither do I let’s just not talk about it okay? The Lockett pick is one of the 3 best today. I love it as I had a higher grade on him than I did on Phillip Dorsett and really considered him in the late 1st round. He and Russell Wilson will be a scary duo. I’m serious when I say that this kid could be a Pro Bowler. He’s that under the radar. He was my #5 available.

68. Raiders: Clive Warford-Very solid pick as he was my #23 available and the last impact TE in this draft. I wasn’t high on Maxx Williams or Warford but after them the drop off is huge. If you need a TE and see Williams off the board you have to move up for Warford so good job Raiders in getting him at decent value.

67. Jaguars: AJ Cann-#12 player left on my board and a guy that I think is slightly better than Laken Tomlinson who went in the 1st round! Cann is an 8 year starter at guard in my eyes and this is good value for the Jaguars.

66. Titans: Jeremiah Poutasi-We officially have the first player taken at a position that I scouted. I didn’t go crazy in depth like normal so my Day 3 coverage will be limited but I went a good 4-6 rounds deep on every position except safety and linebacker which I should finish tonight. For a guy in the early 3rd round to slip through is interesting. Clearly a reach but unsure how bad.

65. Colts: D’Joun Smith-I think we’ve seen 3 straight huge reaches as Clark was a 5th rounder on my board, Richards I hadn’t graded yet as no one expected him in the 2nd round and Smith was a 7th rounder on my board. I might be wrong but I’d bet they’ll be the ones apologizing for these picks in a few years.

Round 2 in the books.

64. Patriots: Jordan Richards-I haven’t finished the safeties so he’s another that I didn’t get to.

63. Seahawks: Frank Clark-The Seahawks have built a borderline dynasty, a stupid pass on the 1 yard line possibly cost them that distinction, so they’ve gotten a pass on their drafts the past few years but to me this is another bad pick which is a trend for them. Clark was the #60 available talent and only part of that was due to his off the field issues. Without the issues I wouldn’t have put him as a good value at this spot even if he hadn’t been arrested twice on domestic violence charges. I’m curious how much longer they get a pass for being such terrible drafters.

62. Packers: Quinten Rollins-Back to back incredibly interesting prospects just went off the board as Rollins was a PG on the basketball team and then in his final season played football too. He was the DPOY in the conference and now is a 2nd rounder. What a story.

61. Bucs: Ali Marpet-I love the kid and am rooting for him as he is coming out of Hobart. Where is Hobart? He is an elite athlete who fits well in a zone blocking scheme and honestly I don’t see it being a reach since he was the #20 available guy on my board. Solid pick.

A few more thoughts: Gregory has great potential but he’s a boom/bust type pick. Byron Jones has great potential but he’s a boom/bust type pick. Tyron Smith, Bruce Carter and Mike Jenkins were all the same too. I guess we are seeing a trend and considering the Cowboys are drafting in the late part of each round I think it makes sense. They’ve gambled on Tyron Smith and Dez Bryant so maybe we should just trust them. Also Gregory at #60 should cause no issues with anyone as that is the best value of any pick in the 2nd round. Now the question is, “Trade up from the late 3rd to get one of the last quality RBs?”

60. Cowboys: Randy Gregpry-Wow that is an amazing pick! As I said before Clemmings had injury issues and Coleman is a guy I went out on a limb for so Gregory was the #1 AVAILABLE PLAYER ON MY BOARD! Great pick!!!! Here is his bio:

Randy Gregory Nebraska 6’4 7/8 235 Sr. Is he Jason Pierre-Paul or is he Dion Jordan? Those are the two guys he reminds me of the most and one has been a huge success and the other a huge failure. What worries me about Gregory are a few things: First I worry that his weight fluctuates so much. He was playing at +240 lbs last year at Nebraska and then shocked everyone by showing up at the Combine at 235 lbs. Scouts were hoping he would have added some weight and showed up close to 250 but he actually went backwards. That is a bad sign as some guys constantly struggle to keep weight on and at sub 240 lbs I don’t see him being a full time pass rusher but more of an OLB that occasionally rushes ala Bruce Irvin. The second thing that worries me is his production or lack thereof as he never had a huge season of 13-15 sacks but had a 9.5 sack season in 2013 and a 7.0 sack season in 2014. Not terrible production but nothing special. The third thing that worries me is his tape was very mediocre vs. NFL tackles. In 2013 he went against Donavan Smith of Penn State and was shut down. In 2014 he faced Ereck Flowers of Miami and again was shut down. In 2014 he was also going to face Brandon Scherff of Iowa but mysteriously couldn’t play. He played in the game before and the game after but couldn’t suit up for Scherff. Finally I worry about Gregory’s failed drug test at the Combine. It doesn’t just mean he smokes weed but it means he’s stupid as he knew he’d have to take a drug test on that day yet he couldn’t keep it out of his system. On film he’s an incredibly long (’34 arms), tall, fast (4.64) kid with very good explosiveness (’36 ½ vertical). He has a good motor and has the frame to eventually become JPP at 270 lbs. To me though he just has too many concerns, both on the field and off the field, and I have to drop him on my board. A boom/bust type prospect, late 1st round 4/30/15.

Well the Cowboys are on the clock and it is a best case scenario for sure with Johnson, Coleman and Gregory all available. I’d be very happy with any of the 3.

59. Broncos: Ty Sambrailo-He projects to me as a solid guard which I guess is okay in the late 2nd round but is by no means great value. I’ve been very unimpressed with the Broncos draft this year and usually I’m a fan but Ray I had a mid 2nd grade on and Sambrailo I had an early 4th grade on.

58. Cardinals: Markus Golden-I had a late 4th round grade on him as I saw an undersized guy who ran a 4.9 at the Combine. I would say the Cardinals saw something different but they never seem to place an emphasis on speed with their 3-4 OLB as they take guys like Sam Acho who just don’t ever do anything. It is the one weakness of that defense and I feel it wasn’t addressed with this pick.

57. Rams: Rob Havenstein-A reach to me for sure but I compared him to Mitchell Schwartz in style as they both win ugly and aren’t athletic but they do still win. 3 years later after Schwartz was a 2nd rounder of the Browns and they’ve been seeking to replace him for awhile now. Just a thought as yes he can start at RT for you but he’s the kind of guy that once he starts for you he very quickly becomes the guy you want to replace in your starting lineup. He’s a very low end starter and I’m not a fan of him in the 2nd round.

I like that we are 3 picks away from the Cowboys being on the clock and there are two top notch running backs in my best 10 available with Duke Johnson and Tevin Coleman as well as a quality pass rusher in Randy Gregory. Clemmings has injury issues I wasn’t aware of, Cooper is a guy I’m obsessed with who should be there in the 3rd round and Collins might go undrafted so it’s really those three guys I mentioned plus Henry Anderson as a one gap DT or PJ Williams as a starter caliber cornerback that would allow you to be very comfortable cutting not renegotiating the contract of Brandon Carr and then possibly even trading Morris Claiborne this offseason for peanuts. Just an interesting thought to throw out there.

With 3 picks until the Cowboys come on the clock here are my Top 10 available:

  1. TJ Clemmings OT Pittsburgh Jr.
  2. Xavier Cooper DT Washington St. Jr.
  3. Randy Gregory PR Nebraska Jr.
  4. Duke Johnson RB Miami Jr.                             Early 2nd
  5. La’el Collins OG LSU Jr.
  6. Tyler Lockett WR Kansas St. Sr.
  7. Henry Anderson DT Stanford Sr.
  8. PJ Williams CB Florida St. Jr.
  9. Tevin Coleman RB Indiana Jr.                        Mid 2nd
  10. Jaelen Strong WR Arizona St. Sr.

56. Steelers: Senquez Golson-Similar to Ronald Darby in that they are more nickel cornerbacks that can play a little nickel safety as well but don’t project as full time starters on the outside. He has elite ball skills and solid athleticism but I still think it is too high for taking any cornerback that won’t start on the outside. Just my opinion though.

55. Ravens: Max Williams-Interesting as stylistically I was reminded of Jason Witten with Williams but talent wise I was reminded of Dennis Pitta as this underrated guy that no one appreciates but who consistently makes plays. Williams is not a great TE and never will make a Pro Bowl but he fits perfectly here as a #2 TE in an offense that uses two tight ends regularly. He’s replacing Owen Daniels and to me is an upgrade comparison wise. Solid pick.

After 54 picks the Cowboys should be happy to see Duke Johnson, Tevin Coleman and Jay Ajayi still on the board. I’m thinking one of them is the selection at #60 but here comes “RB Alley” and I’d be surprised if at least 2 of these 3 aren’t taken. Should they trade up a few spots?

54. Lions: Ameer Abdullah-Well here we go. Just as I was thinking the Cowboys were going to have their pick of the litter the run on running backs might have just begun. The Lions, Ravens, Cardinals, Broncos and Cowboys all have potential RB needs and are in the next 7 picks. Abdullah was widely regarded as the #3 rated back in this draft but I had him at #5 because he was a big time fumbler and I thought Duke Johnson and Coleman had slightly higher ceilings without the fumble risk.

53. Bengals: Jake Fisher-Well now this is just getting silly. First they went with Cedric Ogbuehi in the 1st round, who had a late 1st round grade on my board, and then they followed it with Jake Fisher in the 2nd round, who also had a late 1st round grade on my board. He was the #4 player available and is just incredible value but even with Ogbuehi’s injury and Whitworth’s age I still have only one thing to say….goodbye Andre Smith.

52. Dolphins: Jordan Phillips-It’s funny because the crowd was so silent after Jordan’s name was called as no one knew who he was. I live in Big 12 country and I still didn’t realize just how good he was until leading up to the draft when I put on some tape of him isolated from his teammates. I had him as the #14 available so I fully agree with this kid and would love to compare him to Eddie Goldman in a few years, Goldman taken half a round earlier. Phillips is just as big of a man and just as impossible to move but has so much better quickness and athleticism than Goldman does. He could be a 3 down DL and if he had come back he could have been the 2016 draft version of Danny Shelton. Great pick.

51. Browns: Nate Orchard-I like this pick a lot. He was #10 available and reminds me of DeMarcus Lawrence who was taken in the early 2nd round last year by the Cowboys. He has average athleticism but just enough to get the leverage he needs to turn speed into power. I had him ranked higher than Shane Ray who went basically a full round ahead of him so this is good value and at a position of need.

50. Bills: Ronald Darby-He’s a bit of a reach here especially considering Eric Rowe, a mid 1st round grade on my board, just went. Darby is a 3rd round nickel type back which is valuable but is a position that is much easier to fill so I’m not a huge fan of this pick.

That was a really cool moment for the entire crowd to give a standing ovation to Jim Kelly. He has had a tough time so I’m sure it meant the world to him.

49. Chiefs: Mitch Morse-Wow I had heard he was moving up draft boards but I had no idea. He ended as a mid 3rd rounder on my board so I see it as a bit of a reach but I also heard one scout say he is night and day better than Justin Britt was as a prospect last year and Britt went only a few picks later to Seattle in the late 2nd round. An interesting pick that is meant to be used to replace Pro Bowler Rodney Hudson, who they also took in the 2nd round awhile back.

48. Chargers: Denzel Perryman-He’s a good player who didn’t make my list as I haven’t finished the linebackers but I watched enough Miami tape to know that he projects as an above average starter. He has solid athleticism, good production and is a big hitter. There were a few years when the Miami program wasn’t very good that he was their best defensive player and has been their leader for a good 3 years now. Solid pick.

After 47 picks the Cowboys should be happy to see Duke Johnson, Tevin Coleman, Ameer Abdullah and Jay Ajayi still on the board. I’m thinking one of them is the selection at #60.

47. Eagles: Eric Rowe-Great pick as he was the #3 available on my board with #1 TJ Clemmings being dropped due to medical issues (I pause for a moment to mention that I’m an amateur and don’t get team doctor reports so every year there are 2-3 guys that just drop like a stone on draft day and then later I hear it is because of blank. Clemmings this year, DaQuan Bowers a few years ago) and Xavier Cooper being a guy I am obsessed with but who likely won’t be drafted until the 3rd-5th round. It’s a long way of saying that basically the Eagles just took the #1 player available on my board.

46. 49ers: Jaquiski Tartt-I haven’t scouted him yet as I had checked around and didn’t see him being taken this early so all I know is most will think this is a reach.

45. Vikings: Eric Kendricks-An elite tackler who should consistently get +100 tackles a year in the NFL. His instincts are up there with Paul Dawson as the best in this draft and he has far superior athleticism to Dawson. He was the Butkus Award Winner in 2014 which is interesting as he is now being drafted in Butkus’ home town. I like it a lot as he’ll take over for Chad Greenway in a few years as a dependable middle linebacker who is the leader of that defense. Good pick.

44. Saints: Hau’oli Kikaha-He did lead the country in sacks last year and had another 12 or 13 in 2013 so his production is elite but I honestly didn’t see much talent in him. In fact I saw him more as a 3-4 ILB that will occasionally blitz than a 3-4 OLB. Another one I’ll be curious to see how it pans out as I was very negative about this kid and he was a high pick so someone will be very wrong.

43. Texans: Bernardrick Mckinney-A solid pick as he is the prototypical 3-4 ILB with great size and length. Some of his film is elite and some is very mediocre but the tools are there for him to become an upper echelon player that is a step below Pro Bowl caliber.

42. Falcons: Jalen Collins-Great pick. He was the #4 player left on my board and was ranked slightly higher than Byron Jones whom the Cowboys took #27. It will be an interesting comparison as they both go to situations where there is playing time to be taken and they both are big cornerbacks with intriguing athleticism.

41. Panthers: Devin Funchess-WORST PICK EVER!!!!! Wow I hated this kid’s tape. I had an early 5th round grade on him and it only makes sense for a team needing extreme height at the WR corp but that doesn’t apply to the Panthers as they already have 6’5 Kelvin Benjamin. It’s early in the 2nd round but I suspect this will stay as the worst pick of Day 2.

40. Titans: Dorial Green-Beckham-Well this is another, “some people will love this pick but I’m not one of them.” I heard 1st round chatter on him and I just don’t get it. He has off the field issues, he won’t have played in a year and half when he steps on the field for his first preseason game and in 2013 (the last season he played) he wasn’t all that effective. He has great height, good hands and good strength but he is slow as hell and I don’t see him being anything other than a unique weapon in the red zone. That is 6 straight not very good to terrible picks. Maybe it’s me?

39. Bears: Eddie Goldman-Sorry Dick Butkus but I hate this pick. I had a late 3rd round grade on him as I see no movement skills for a DT and think he’s just a 2 down run stuffer. I’ve hated these guys since Jimmy Kennedy out of Penn State a decade ago and I’m almost never wrong hindsight wise. 3 years from now he’ll be a 30 tackles a year, part time starter and this pick won’t look good.

38. Redskins: Preston Smith-He was the #38 available so I think it is a reach but honestly I was intrigued with Smith as a prospect and he was one of the handful of guys that I wondered if I was going to regret how low I rated them. Smith has long arms and is a powerful guy who uses leverage and a good bull rush. Rarely does the bull rush dominant rusher become an elite rusher (14-20 sacks in a season) and so I seek speed and quickness more often in rushers but if you want a change of pace guy or think you need a power guy to match with your all speed guy than Smith is your man.

37. Jets: Devin Smith-An interesting pick as I had a late 2nd round/early 3rd round grade on him (I forget which but it was close between the two grades) and said he does one great thing, catch the deep ball. Add him to two very good possession receivers in Brandon Marshal and Eric Decker and you have a very impressive receiving corp. Too bad Geno Smith is throwing to him.

36. Jaguars: TJ Yeldon-Wow! I had him way down the list of available running backs but here’s the thing: My friend Reid and I were talking and we agreed that there are a bunch of smaller backs in this draft with Duke Johnson, Tevin Coleman and Ameer Abdullah. Jay Ajayi and TJ Yeldon are the next level of RB but they have size and if you covet size at the spot then maybe you move one or both of those guys above the smaller, more talented backs. I dislike the pick but am happy as I didn’t want the Cowboys taking him. Not I just need some team to get Ajayi and I’d be set.

35. Raiders: Mario Edwards-I was not a fan of his and had a late 3rd round grade on him but some would consider him a steal at this point. My argument is two fold: 1) How much are you being influenced by him being a former #1 recruit out of HS? HS is long over and those things are nice little tidbits on a profile but shouldn’t influence anything, I suspect they do. 2) He steadily lost weight year after year and become more explosive each time but the sacks still never came. When will they and why didn’t they previously? He played on a top notch D all three years at FSU and never NEVER was the lead dog on that squad. He reminds me of William Gholston as a big guy with no burst who will get overdrafted. We will see.

34. Bucs: Donavan Smith-Another great pick. I’ve always noticed that teams pick better in the first 5 or so selections to begin each day than they do later in the day. They’ve had all night to weigh who to take and seem to make better decisions. 2 of my top 4 players available have been taken 2 picks in. Smith is more of a RT than a LT but honestly I don’t completely discount LT as his Senior Bowl was outstanding. Wherever he lines up he’s a road grader in the run game and an immediate starter. Great pick.

33. Giants: Landon Collins-Well that didn’t take long. I somehow didn’t get him on my Top 50 board last night otherwise I would have harped on the fact that he’d been the #1 player available for about 20 straight picks. He’s a difference maker as he is a big time hitter and has good ball skills. He isn’t an elite athlete but he’s a good one and I really don’t understand why he fell. He had a much higher grade on my board last year than Haha Clinton-Dix who was a 1st rounder and a much higher grade on my board this year than Damarious Randall who was a 1st rounder. I think too many people worried about his range but it is solid enough and his bread and butter is destroying in the run game. Great pick.

-Day 2 is about to get under way so I wanted to post my Top 100 available before it begins. I’ll post a Top 10 available as the Cowboys pick nears:

  1. Landon Collins S Alabama Jr.
  2. TJ Clemmings OT Pittsburgh Jr.
  3. Xavier Cooper DT Washington St. Jr.
  4. Donovan Smith OT Penn State Sr.
  5. Eric Rowe S Utah Sr.
  6. Jalen Collins CB LSU Jr.
  7. Randy Gregory PR Nebraska Jr.
  8. Jake Fisher OT Oregon Sr.
  9. Duke Johnson RB Miami Jr.                             Early 2nd
  10. La’el Collins OG LSU Jr.
  11. Tyler Lockett WR Kansas St. Sr.
  12. Henry Anderson DT Stanford Sr.
  13. PJ Williams CB Florida St. Jr.
  14. Nate Orchard PR Utah Sr.
  15. Tevin Coleman RB Indiana Jr.                        Mid 2nd
  16. Jaelen Strong WR Arizona St. Sr.
  17. Eli Harold PR Virginia Jr.
  18. Brett Hundley QB UCLA Jr.
  19. Jordan Phillips DT Oklahoma Soph
  20. Bernardrick McKinney LB Mississippi St. Jr.
  21. AJ McCann OG South Carolina Sr.
  22. Hronis Grasu C Oregon Sr.
  23. Ameer Abdullah RB Nebraska Jr.                   Late 2nd
  24. Jay Ajayi RB Boise St. Jr.
  25. Darius Philon DT Arkansas Soph
  26. Grady Jarrett DT Clemson Sr.
  27. Eric Kendricks LB UCLA Sr.
  28. Bryce Petty QB Baylor Sr.
  29. Max Williams TE Minnesota Jr.
  30. Steven Nelson CB Oregon St. Sr.
  31. Michael Bennett DT Ohio State Sr.
  32. TJ Yeldon RB Alabama Jr.                              Early 3rd
  33. Ali Marpet OG Hobart Sr.
  34. Marcus Hardison DT Arizona St. Sr.
  35. Carl Davis DT Iowa Sr.
  36. Paul Dawson LB TCU Sr.
  37. Devin Smith WR Ohio St. Sr.
  38. Ty Montgomery WR Stanford Sr.
  39. Clive Warford TE Miami Sr.
  40. Owamagbe Odighizuwa PR UCLA Sr.
  41. Preston Smith PR Mississippi St. Sr.
  42. Ronald Darby CB FSU Jr.
  43. Tyrus Thompson OT Oklahoma Sr.
  44. Doran Grant CB Ohio St. Jr.           
  45. Quentin Rollins CB Miami OH Sr.                  Mid 3rd
  46. Mike Davis RB South Carolina Jr.
  47. Tre Jackson OG Florida State Sr.
  48. Stefon Diggs WR Maryland Jr.
  49. Sammie Coates WR Auburn Jr.
  50. Christian Covington DT Rice Jr.
  51. Kenny Bell WR Nebraska Sr.
  52. Mitch Morse OG Missouri Sr.
  53. Lorenzo Doss CB Toledo                                  Late 3rd
  54. David Cobb RB Minnesota Jr.
  55. Jamison Crowder WR Duke Sr.
  56. Max Garcia C Florida Sr.
  57. Rashad Greene C FSU Sr.
  58. Julian Wilson CB OU Sr.
  59. Senquez Golson CB Ole Miss Sr.
  60. Mario Edwards Jr. PR FSU Jr.
  61. Danielle Hunter PR LSU Jr.
  62. Dorial Green-Beckham  Oklahoma Jr.
  63. Eddie Goldman FSU Jr.
  64. Quandre Diggs CB Texas Sr.                           Early 4th
  65. Kevin White CB TCU Sr.
  66. Rakeem Nunez-Roches Southern Miss Sr.
  67. Sean Mannion QB Oregon State Sr.
  68. Ty Sambrailo OG Colorado Sr.
  69. Charles Gaines CB Louisville Sr.
  70. Ifo Ekpre-Olumu CB Oregon Sr.                     4th round
  71. Rob Havenstein OT Wisconsin Sr.
  72. Darryl Williams OG Oklahoma Sr.
  73. Justin Hardy WR East Carolina Sr.
  74. Terrence McGee RB LSU Jr.
  75. Hau’oli Kikaha PR Washington Sr.
  76. Gabe Wright DT Auburn Sr.
  77. Lorenzo Mauldin Louisville Sr.
  78. Ben Koyack TE Notre Dame Jr.
  79. Nick O’Leary TE Florida St. Sr.                       Late 4th
  80. Chris Conley WR Georgia Sr.
  81. Markus Golden PR Missouri Sr.
  82. Cody Fajardo QB Nevada Sr.
  83. Devin Funchess WR Michigan Sr.                   Early 5th
  84. Jeremy Langford RB Michigan St. Sr.
  85. David Johnson RB Northern Iowa Sr.
  86. Shaq Mason C Georgia Tech Sr.                      5th round
  87. Andre Monroe DT Maryland Sr.
  88. Frank Clark PR Michigan Sr.
  89. Za’Darius Smith PR Kentucky Sr.
  90. Kenneth Penny CB UNLV Sr.
  91. Damian Swann CB Georgia Sr.
  92. EJ Bibbs TE Iowa St. Sr.
  93. Andy Gallik C Boston College
  94. Cameron Artis-Payne RB Auburn Sr.
  95. Jean Sifrin TE Umass Jr.                                  Late 5th
  96. Tyler Kroft TE Rutgers Jr.
  97. Tevin Mitchel CB Arkansas Sr.                       Early 6th
  98. Kenny Hilliard RB LSU Jr.
  99. Ladarius Gunter CB Miami Sr.                       6th round
  100. Craig Mager CB Texas State Sr.

-Well the 1st Round is in the books but I thought it’d be good to recap the Cowboys’ night. Going into the draft there was an outside hope that one of the two elite running backs fell to them at #27. That dream ended quickly with Gurley at #10 and Gordon at #14. The past few weeks I had thought both would be gone before the Cowboys spot but was a little surprised how quickly they both were snapped up. Then the priorities shifted to cornerback as to me this is an incredibly deep draft at RB and DT, two of the top 3 needs I have for the Cowboys, so it was important they addressed the cornerback position early. I had 6 cornerbacks on my board that I thought could start for an NFL team on Day 1. Three of them were still available at #27 (Byron Jones, Jalen Collins and PJ Williams). The Cowboys went with the rawest one with the most upside. They did a similar thing a few years ago when they passed on a sure fire good LT in Nate Solder and rolled the dice on greatness with Tyron Smith who was much more raw but had a much higher ceiling. Making that comparison is valid but it is important to remember that the strategy doesn’t always work and sometimes it makes you look kind of bad (CB Mike Jenkins, LB Bruce Carter) and sometimes it makes you look downright stupid (LB Jason Williams). Those are three recent examples where the Cowboys rolled the dice on raw, elite athletes and it didn’t work out. The Cowboys did it again with Jones and only time will tell if they made the right choice. Another thing to think about though is the fact that Jones is a high character guy. The highest rated CB left on the board at #27 was Jalen Collins and he had some off the field issues to be concerned about. With Josh Brent, Joseph Randle and Greg Hardy all on the roster maybe the Cowboys chose to not add anymore potential character risks. Who knows. One thing I do know is that the Cowboys looked like they’d just won the Super Bowl in their war room after the pick so they are quite high on Byron Jones. Now they still have one pressing need, RB, and another decent need, DT, to address with two picks later tonight. It really sets up well for them as some combination of Duke Johnson, Tevin Coleman or Ameer Abdullah with Xavier Cooper (I have a 1st round grade on him but he should be still available in Round 3), Henry Anderson, Jordan Phillips, Darius Philon (another personal favorite who could be available in Round 4) or Michael Bennett would give the Cowboys 3 major talents at their 3 major areas of need. My personal favorite would be Duke Johnson in the late 2nd round and Xavier Cooper in the late 3rd round. We shall see but keep it right here for commentary throughout the next two rounds.


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