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Mike Mayock I want your job (2015 NFL Draft Board Comparison)

May 19, 2015

Mike Mayock

Todd Gurley-Melvin Gordon: I had to do a double take when I first looked at Mayock’s board as he talked up Gurley the entire draft process. In the end though he put Gordon not just as the #1 RB but as the clear cut #1 RB with Gordon #10 Overall on his board and Gurley only #19. I had Gurley as my #1 RB and #9 Overall with Gordon #11 Overall. Even with the injury concerns Gurley stayed at #1 as he has Hall of Fame potential and could be the best running back of this generation. That upside is worth a roll of the dice but Gordon should also have a very good career and could be superior in his first season as he is he is fully healthy and has the better quarterback to team up with. In the end though, talent wins out and I expect Gurley to have a much better career as long as he stays healthy, with that asterisk being the only reason their two grades were so close on my board.

Marcus Peters-Trae Waynes: Every year there are a few top level guys that Mayock and I disagree on and this appears to be one of them as Peters is my #1 CB but only #3 on Mayock’s board and Waynes is his #1 CB but only #3 on my board. I absolutely love Peters size, strength and ball skills and only think Waynes was a late 1st round talent that catapulted into the top of the draft due to an overrated 40 time (4.31). Both have experience in a press cover system, a rarity for prospects in college, so both should be expected to start early in their careers which should make this a fun comparison. By the way the consensus is with Mayock on this one as Peters was rarely the #1 CB on various media scouts’ boards and often was #3, #4 or even #5 behind a Jalen Collins or Byron Jones.

These two will be linked together forever.

These two will be linked together forever.

Jameis Winston-Marcus Mariota: This is a close race as I had Winston as the #1 QB and #1 Overall player but wasn’t disliking Mariota either as he was my #2 QB and #3 Overall Player. Mayock liked both players less but had them similar in ranking as well with Mariota #1 QB and #5 Overall and Winston #2 QB and #6 Overall. Some will argue that it isn’t much of a comparison but I would disagree as if he was forced to take a QB 1st Overall by his owner, which happens often to GMs by the way, he would have chosen Mariota and I would have chosen Winston. I like Mariota but think Winston is a franchise caliber QB who will clearly be the superior player in 3-5 years when we review this comparison.

Nelson Agholar-Breshad Perriman: Mayock joined the chorus when he pushed Perriman up his board late (#15 overall) as he was one of the hotter prospects leading up to the draft with some even putting him ahead of Kevin White or Amari Cooper. That to me is ridiculous as Perriman is big, strong and fast but he is incredibly raw and is why he ended at #38 overall on my board. Agholar on the other hand is a smooth, polished receiver that runs good routes, has solid size and underrated speed. He should be a quality #2 WR from day 1 and has more upside than I think people give him credit for. He ended at #25 and was a far better prospect in my eyes than Perriman.

Xavier Cooper-Eddie Goldman: Eddie was #29 on Mayock’s board which was probably about the consensus view of him being a late 1st/early 2nd type but I just never saw the talent with Goldman. To me he’s a space eater with nothing special about him athletically, production wise or motor wise that makes him worth an early round pick. Cooper to me was the biggest sleeper of the draft as he went in the late 3rd round and most didn’t see it as a “steal” like I did. Mayock in fact ranked him #93 on his board so to him it was just a normal pick. To me it was one of the 5 best picks in the draft as I had Cooper #16 on my board and well ahead of Goldman who was #94. This is probably the most extreme discrepancy out of the ten comparisons so Mayock or I will likely be incredibly wrong on this one. Even with the consensus being with Mayock and Goldman going 63 picks before Cooper I still like my chances as Cooper’s tape was incredible and he might just be the next Geno Atkins in terms of an undersized, athletic defensive tackle that becomes a Pro Bowler. Keep in mind Atkins went in the 4th round in 2010 and has become one of the best tackles in the game so Cooper going in the late 3rd round doesn’t necessarily mean he will struggle.

Donovan Smith-DJ Humphries: Smith was the sleeper in this tackle group as I had a Top 20 grade on him (#17) and thought he was capable of being that rare road grading LT. Humphries to me was just another guy as he had an early 3rd round grade (#64) as he didn’t seem that athletic or strong on film. Mayock disagreed as he had Humphries (#25) ahead of Smith (#40) and apparently didn’t see anything wrong with DJ as a first rounder. I considered it to be one of the biggest reaches of the 1st round. This is another one that should be fun as both are projected as their team’s starting LT in 2015 and rookie left tackles usually sink or swim rather quickly in the NFL.

Landon Collins-Damarius Randall: I liked Randall as I saw him as a versatile FS that could come down and play the slot receiver or stay back and play centerfield. That being said I was a little surprised he went in the 1st round as I had an early 2nd round grade on him (#37). What shocked me though was how Collins fell on draft day as I had a Top 10 grade on him (#6) and saw him as one of the top impact defenders in this draft class. Mayock disagreed as he had Randall (#30) ahead of Collins (#32) and didn’t see stardom with Collins as he had the two as “bubble” 1st round picks. I think the Giants got one of the 2-3 steals of the draft with Collins in the 2nd round and suspect he will be a Pro Bowler in short order.

Tyler Lockett-Phillip Dorsett: Mayock had Dorsett (#34) well ahead of Lockett (#70) and it played out that way on draft day but I saw Lockett as one of the best wideouts in this draft (#32) as he actually was ahead of Breshad Perriman as my #5 WR. Dorsett has a lot of speed in a similarly small frame to Lockett’s yet seems to lack the strength and polished all around game that Tyler has. Dorsett settled in as a late 2nd round talent for me (#60) and I basically have Mayock’s grades flipped between the two. Once again this is Mayock and the consensus against me as I didn’t see anyone with as high a grade on Lockett as I did. Lockett got serious 1st round consideration from me as he reminded me a lot of Antonio Brown with his quickness, hands, and speed.

Andrus Peat-Ereck Flowers: Peat has been my #1 OT throughout the draft process and ended #8 Overall. Flowers on the other hand was #35 Overall and was one of the biggest reaches in the 1st round when the Giants took him #9. Mayock also saw it as a reach but not as much so with Flowers #21 on his board. Peat at #28 overall surprised me a bit as it put him behind 4 OTs in this class. Flowers walks into a starting job in New York while Peat will have to beat out two established starters at OT so he could move inside which will hurt the comparison but long term I see Peat having Pro Bowl potential while Flowers looks like a good starting RT and nothing more.

Vic Beasley-Bud Dupree: Mayock fell in love with Dupree’s elite athleticism and it isn’t the first time it has happened. With this being the third year of making comparisons I’m starting to notice a trend where many of our comparisons occur when Mayock falls for an elite athlete and puts him ahead of lesser athletes with far superior production. Sometimes Mayock gets it right, like when he fell for Dontari Poe, and sometimes he gets it wrong, like when he fell for Dion Jordan. To me Beasley is a one dimensional pass rusher that probably was a little overrated, taken 8th overall, but he’s a proven commodity with 33 sacks and 52.5 TFL the past 3 seasons. Dupree on the other hand never had a double digit sack season in college and he often times was invisible on tape. His Combine was incredible as he’s big, strong, fast and long but give me a good, fluid athlete with great production over the combine freak whose tape doesn’t measure up. I’m not always right on this type of bet but my success rate is higher than Mayock’s. Mayock had Dupree #11 and Beasley #13 while I had Beasley #19 and Dupree #81 so this comparison really comes down to whether Dupree develops his immense athleticism into big time production or not.


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