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2016 C Rankings

April 17, 2016

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  1. Ryan Kelly Alabama 6’4 311 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He had an incredible Combine with a 5.03 40, ‘30 vertical, 4.59 shuttle and 7.58 3 cone all of which were best or near the best among all OL, let alone centers. His combination of speed, quickness and strength is rare. Add in his 6’4 frame with ‘33 ⅝ arms and experience in a top program the past three seasons (OG in 2013, C in 2014-2015) and you have an impressive resume. He was Honorable Mention SEC in 2014 and 1st Team SEC in 2015. He has elite quickness for a center and, combined with his length, he fits best in a zone blocking scheme or a scheme that lets him be on the move. He isn’t the strongest guy for the position, his 26 reps were the only poor spot on his Combine performance, but it isn’t a huge weakness so for him to be as athletic as he is I can take his mediocre strength at the POA. Kelly is a very good center prospect who isn’t getting the credit he deserves. I see him as a level below the Pro Bowl centers like Mack, Frederick and the Pouncey twins but in that next group with guys like Rodney Hudson and Nick Mangold. Early 2nd round as my #1 C who is surprisingly not getting a lot of recognition as a 1st round “bubble” level talent 4/10/16.
  2. Max Tuerk USC 6’5 298 Sr. Tuerk has been around for ages it feels like as he was a highly recruited kid out of HS and started as a true freshman all over the OL from LT to C. In 2014 he was 1st Team Pac-12 at C and looked to continue his good play at the position but he had a knee injury as a senior and missed much of the year (only bench pressed at the Combine in February). He has ‘10 ¾ hands which are some of the largest in this draft. His build is more an OTs than a Cs and I wonder if he can gain any additional weight. His athleticism is borderline elite but his strength and frame are both question marks which reminds me of Peter Konz who was a huge draft bust out of Wisconsin a few years ago. I loved Konz and was burned and find myself loving Tuerk’s tape too. As such I’m hesistantingly saying he’s an underrated prospect that could become a Pro Bowler if his strength can be improved. He also has some bust potential due to his weakness at the POA so he’s a bit of a roll of the dice. Early 3rd round as my #2 C 4/10/16.
  3. Nick Martin Notre Dame 6’4 ⅛ 299 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He was above average at the Combine but a clear step below Ryan Kelly athletically. Nick is the younger brother to Zack, the former 1st rounder of the Dallas Cowboys. He started at OG and C from 2013-2015, often interchangeably, so he could play either spot and would be a great 6th OL to have off the bench. He had a knee injury in 2013 that caused him to struggle in 2014. Martin on tape is an smart, technically sound player that doesn’t have the athleticism his Combine performance showed. He missed a number of blocks in the two games I scouted of him and to me he looks like a future mediocre starter or high level interior backup due to his ability to play OG or C. I expect him to be overdrafted due to his bloodlines but he’s not an elite talent like Zack. He should become a starter down the road though so there is value here. 3rd round as my #3 C 4/10/16.
  4. Jack Allen Michigan State 6’1 ¼ 294 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. Former state wrestling champion. Four year starter. Two time All-American. Allen is an easy evaluation as he’s short, undersized and is a mediocre athlete yet he has elite experience, is a former wrestler, is a technician and will battle you all day long. Sometimes guys like that work out (Bryan Stork, Ben Jones) but most often they settle in as career backups or busts (David Molk, Greg Eslinger). Allen’s stronger than many of these types and reminds me a bit of Ben Jones who has been the most successful of the four. He might settle in as a career backup but I liked Allen’s tape and think he is a bit more talented than your normal undersized center with elite experience. Late 3rd round as my #4 C 4/10/16.
  5. Jake Brendel UCLA 6’4 ⅛ 303 Sr. He’s an interesting prospect as on one hand he’s 6’4, started 52 career games, ran a 5.01 (elite), had a 4.27 shuttle (elite) and a 7.31 (elite) yet on the other hand he has surprisingly short arms (‘31 ⅝), very small hands (‘9-smallest of any OL) and never was better than 2nd Team All Conference. He was part of an OL that surrendered only 14 sacks in 2015 (school record). On film he doesn’t appear as quick or fast as his measurables. Combine that with his terrible arm length and hand size and you have a late round type guy. 5th round as my #5 C 4/16/16.
  6. Evan Boehm Missouri 6’2 ⅛ 302 Sr. His 40, vertical and broad jump were near the bottom among all OL but his quickness drills at the Combine were elite so he’s quicker than fast without much explosion. His arms are very short (31 ⅝) but his hands are large (10 ¼). Watching film of him vs. Tuerk or Kelly is like watching a different position as Boehm is so slow compared to those guys. He’s a bit of a chippy player and likes to antagonize the opponent. Evan has no starting potential as he just isn’t athletic enough for most schemes and isn’t big or strong enough to make up for that deficiency in other areas. He might be a backup for a few seasons but I doubt he stays long in the NFL. Free Agent as my #6 C 4/10/16.

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