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2016 OG Rankings

April 20, 2016

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  1. Tyler Johnstone Oregon 6’5 ½ 301 Sr. His 4.6 shuttle (very good) and 7.31 3 cone (elite-best out of all OL at Combine) got my attention as did his ‘34 arms. I’m a big fan of long, quick OL and he fits that bill. He tore his ACL in the bowl game vs. Texas (very emotional/angry after the play). He missed all of the 2014 season recovering but came back as a 1st Team Pac-10 selection in 2015. I loved him before his injury and still love him now but after watching more film on him I’ve changed him from an OT to an OG as his elite short area quickness and overall movement skills make me think he’d be a solid LT but a Pro Bowl LG. His feet are absolutely amazing and just wow me as he can re-set quicker than any OL in this draft class. He gained weight and strength in his year off but still could use a little more in both categories. Most have Johnstone at OT but I think the move in to OG would make him a superior prospect. As such I’m moving him to OG and putting him at the top of my draft board at that position. Early 2nd round as my #1 OG who has Pro Bowl potential if he can add a little weight/strength 4/19/16.
  2. Cody Whitehair Kansas State 6’3 ¾ 301 Sr. Redshirted one season. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He started 51 games in his career including 41 straight at the end. He has a really good week at the Senior Bowl, especially impressing with his combination and 2nd level blocks. He had a great Combine with a 5.08 40, 4.58 shuttle and 7.32 3 cone all of which are elite measurables. He basically has LT athleticism but at sub 6’4 and sub ‘33 arms he will move inside to OG. I love these types and Whitehair has elite 1st round athleticism. Unfortunately his 16 reps at the Combine was pretty poor and his film backs up this lack of strength. Due to his poor strength he drops out of 1st round consideration as his bust potential is increased but I still really like him as he showed at the Senior Bowl that he can anchor and his lack of strength isn’t too poor. Mid 2nd round as my #2 OG 4/16/16.
  3. Spencer Drango Baylor 6’5 ⅝ 315 Sr. Redshirted one season. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He played LT at Baylor but projects as an OG by most, some view him as a RT prospect. He has quick feet (4.66 shuttle and 7.88 3 cone are both very good) but despite his 6’5 frame his sub ‘33 arms (‘32 ¾) have most pushing him inside in the pros. At the Senior Bowl he played pretty well at LT so there could be a few GMs that keep him at OT (RT). I love guard prospects that are former LTs as you know they have great feet and quickness and the athleticism to play the 2nd level. Guys like Zack Martin, Joel Bitonio and Darryl Colledge are good examples of elite guards who played LT in college. In 2014 he played against Shilique Calhoun from Michigan State in their bowl game and he shut him down. Drango doesn’t have great strength so he won’t be a roadgrader but he’s a sleeper in my opinion due to his LT experience, feet and game film which was consistently good. Early 3rd round as my #3 OG 4/16/16.
  4. Vadal Alexander LSU 6’5 ¼ 326 Sr. He started since his freshman season at LSU. He was tried at RT but it wasn’t always successful and moved back inside at times (25 starts at LG, 21 at RT). He’s a huge man with pretty poor athleticism as shown by his measurables: 5.57 40-worst among all OL at the Combine, ‘24 vertical (4th worst), 7’11 broad (5th worst), 4.9 shuttle (6th worst) and 8.04 3 cone (7th worst). These are some atrocious numbers. On tape he’s very poor athletically too yet makes up for it with his elite size and strength. He was a 3rd team All-American in 2015. His ‘35 ¼ arms are rare and really help him stay in front of his man. I think he fits well in a Raiders type scheme that emphasizes the run and has built a huge OL with all of its positives and negatives. He is very scheme specific but in a power run scheme he could be an average to above average 8 year starter. Late 3rd round as my #4 OG 4/16/16.
  5. Connor McGovern Missouri 6’4 ¼ 306 Sr. Redshirted one season. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He has huge hands at ‘10 ⅜ and had 33 reps on the bench (best at the Combine) so he’s your classic heavy handed, physical mauler. For that type he has surprisingly good athleticism (5.11 40, 4.65 shuttle, 7.5 3 cone). His ‘33 vertical was the best among all OL at the Combine. He had a 690 lb squat (Missouri record) and has benched +500 lbs before. 3 year starter at RG, RT and LT most recently. I like Connor’s tape as he’s quick, strong and consistently contains his man. Not all of his weight room strength translates to the field and his sub ‘33 (‘32 ⅞) arms aren’t ideal but he looks like a future starting OG after a year to hone up his technique. Late 3rd round as my #5 OG 4/16/16.
  6. Sebastian Tretola Arkansas 6’4 ⅛ 315 Sr. Redshirted one season. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. One Senior Bowl observer said, “(Sebastian) might be the most naturally gifted guard in Mobile. He has awesome footwork.” 2nd Team All American in 2015. He has huge hands (‘10 ⅜) and shows elite strength on film yet has poor speed (5.45 40-2nd worst among all OL at the Combine) and quickness (5.02 shuttle-4th worst) so he is a scheme specific mauler type. Watching his tape I didn’t see the mauler I expected yet did see his lack of quickness. I moved him up a bit for his Senior Bowl week of practice but overall I question whether he will ever become more than a mediocre starter. To me he’s noticeably inferior to Vadal Alexander but in the same mold. He reminds me a bit of Tre’ Jackson out of Florida State last year. Mid 4th round as my #6 OG 4/16/16.
  7. Joshua Garnett Stanford 6’4 ⅜ 312 Sr. He had a poor 40 (5.32) but all of his other measurables were good and his shuttle (4.64) and 3 cone (7.62) were borderline elite. He looks and moves like a Stanford guard with all of its positives and negatives attached. Stanford teaches OL better than any team in the country (possibly Notre Dame can argue their case) but I’ve found that few Stanford OL have translated that well to the NFL. David DeCastro has become a Pro Bowl OG but it took him awhile and he still isn’t dominating like many expected (Todd McShay called him the best OG prospect he ever graded). Considering DeCastro is their best OL it proves my point as Jonathan Martin, Cameron Fleming, Andrus Peat and David Yankey all have been busts or mediocre starters at the next level despite that group having two 1st rounders and two 2nd rounders in it aka high round selections. Garnett is taught well as he plays with great balance, has a sturdy frame and gets solid push. He blocks oddly though as he has no arm extension and regularly hits players with his hands moments before they are hitting his body. He also is extremely slow on tape, arguably slower than his 40 time would suggest, and looks like an “in the phone booth” type OG with limited scheme versatility. He could develop into an average starter but I suspect he is more Yankey and less DeCastro. Mid 4th round as my #7 OG 4/16/16.
  8. Cole Toner Harvard 6’5 ¼ 306 Sr. Smart guy, obviously. He had ‘33 ⅛ arms which are pretty short for an OT and sub ‘10 hands (9 ¾). He had a bad 40 (5.32) but a good shuttle (4.59) and solid 3 cone (7.88). FCS 1st Team All American in 2015. Struggled at the Senior Bowl. I unfortunately couldn’t find any footage of him playing but his measurables and struggles at the Senior Bowl, better competition, have me moving him inside to OG and leaving him as a mid round pick. Late 4th round as my #8 OG 4/19/16.
  9. Landon Turner North Carolina 6’3 ⅞ 330 Sr. Redshirted one season. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He has huge hands at ‘10 ⅜ and is another slow, mauler type with a 5.58 40 (worst among OL at the Combine). 3 year starter at OG. 1st Team All-American in 2015. He’s the best interior road grader in this draft. He’s also probably the slowest interior OL in this draft too so he’s VERY scheme specific and some teams will love him and some will have him off of their board. His lateral quickness is painful to watch on film but he’s also one of those guys that you can see the opponent actively avoid. Defenders don’t want to take him on and just run around him. Watching the Clemson tape I felt almost bad for him as he was always chasing these little defenders around the field and rarely was even able to touch them. He was highly decorated as a senior but I just don’t think he has the athleticism to play in the NFL as an Aaron Donald would absolutely destroy him on every single play. Mid 5th round as my #9 OG who is an elite short area run blocker but is at undraftable levels in every other area so he likely will be a bust 4/16/16.
  10. Graham Glasgow Michigan 6’5 ⅞ 307 Sr. Redshirted one season. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He played well at the East-West Shrine Game and earned a late invitation to the Senior Bowl. Honorable mention Big 10. He has been arrested multiple times for drinking related issues (one being a DUI). Some worry that he’s an alcoholic. He is an average athlete despite his very good Combine numbers (5.13 40, 4.63 shuttle, 7.63 3 cone) but he has great height and good length (‘33 ⅛ arms). He never wowed in college despite being in a high profile program and looks like a backup OG/C with an outside chance to start. He started at OG and C throughout his career yet I put him at OG due to his mediocre quickness. His tape is mediocre. Early 6th round as my #10 OG 4/16/16.
  11. Christian Westerman Arizona State 6’3 ⅛ 298 Sr. Redshirted one season. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He had an above average Combine in every category except the vertical and broad where he was pretty poor. His 34 reps on the bench were the best among OL. He’s both short (sub 6’4) and undersized. He is only 298 lbs yet looks filled out due to his frame. That is unfortunate as film shows him consistently getting pushed back by defenders. His hand size of 11 ⅞ is the largest I can ever remember grading. He has NFL athleticism, is quick to set up his blocks and makes great contact on 2nd level blocks but he appears to just be too small and weak for the NFL. In the right scheme, zone blocking, he could be a decent starter but in a power scheme or even just a standard man on man scheme he’d be a bust for sure. 6th round as my #11 OG 4/16/16.

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