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2016 OT Rankings

April 21, 2016

01-laremy-tunsil-021516-olemiss-ftrjpg_xvy0y2w1yfsrzc2z5fpozn7e.jpg (1920×1080)

  1. Laremy Tunsil Ole Miss 6’5 310 Jr. He’s been a blue chip prospect his entire career. He was the #1 OT coming out of HS, started Day 1 at LT, played well as a true freshman (Freshman All American in 2013) and proceeded to dominate the competition. In 3 years (missed 7 games in 2015 due to suspension) he only gave up 2 sacks. His ‘34 ¼ arms are long but in this draft class are underwhelming as so many guys are ‘35 or higher in this class-most I can ever remember grading. His ‘10 hands are big but not huge. He had 34 reps at his Pro Day and looked great in position drills but didn’t run a 40 there or at the Combine. His pure speed and quickness is good but what sets him apart is his agility and body bend as he is the epitome of the “dancing bear” monniker given to huge men that can move fluidly. Tunsil’s only issues are that he is a bit lazy in his blocking (doesn’t finish blocks all the time and quits on plays that move away from his area) and isn’t a bulldozer in the run game. That being said there are few left tackles I’ve graded that are as effortless at pass protecting as Tunsil is. I talk a lot about pedigree in prospects and few can match Tunsil’s as he’s been a 1st rounder since he walked on the field as a true freshman and a Top 10 talent on my board since 2014. He is a Pro Bowl caliber LT that can start on Day 1 as a team’s blind side protector and could become this generation’s Joe Thomas. Top 5 as my #1 OT and as one of the best LTs I’ve graded in the past decade 4/19/16.
  2. Ronnie Stanley Notre Dame 6’5 ¾ 312 Jr. Redshirted one season. Stanley is the prototypical LT with quick feet, elite arm length (‘’35 ⅝) and huge hands (‘10 ⅝). His 40 (5.20) was mediocre and his quickness drills (4.9 shuttle, 8.03 3 cone) were surprisingly bad. 2nd Team All-American in 2015. He didn’t bench press at the Combine which isn’t a shocker as strength is his only hole in his game. He is solid as a run blocker but isn’t elite and can be rocked by power rushes though again it isn’t a huge weakness. As a pass blocker he often just engulfs people with his long reach and quick set. He shut out Shaq Lawson (12.5 sacks in 2015-0 vs. Stanley) for sacks but Lawson did make an impact with 3.5 TFL and 7 tackles. He was set to face Joey Bosa but Bosa was thrown out of the game for targeting in the 1st Q so it was much ado about nothing. Stanley is a better run blocker than Tunsil and seems to have a better work ethic on and off the field but lacks Tunsil’s fluidity and quickness. Stanley though is an elite prospect himself and in most years would be the #1 OT of a class. Some analytics guys might even prefer him over Tunsil due to his longer arms, bigger arms and potential for more weight. I do not as he isn’t effortless in pass protection, is susceptible to the bull rush do to his lack of balance and doesn’t have Tunsil’s rare pedigree. Overall though he’s a top level LT prospect that will likely make a Pro Bowl or two in his career and reminds me of Russell Okung both in style and in level of talent. Top 10 as my #2 OT 4/19/16.
  3. Taylor Decker Ohio State 6’7 310 Sr. He has ‘33 ¾ arms which are good but surprisingly short for a 6’7 guy. He has ‘10 hands and was mediocre in the explosion, quickness and speed (5.23 40) drills. He played LT in college but he has great strength and a real tenacity to him so he fits perfectly as a RT in the pros. He reminds me of a less athletic Taylor Lewan. I absolutely love Decker’s tape as he’s quick, aggressive, strong and technically sound. He doesn’t get beat often and really punishes people. If he was a little more athletic he’d be a LT and a Top 5 pick but since he’s not he will be a RT and I rarely give Top 10 let alone Top 5 grades to RTs as they just aren’t as valuable in today’s pass happy game. Top 15 as my #3 OT who is a Day 1 starter at RT and should have a very good 10 year career ahead of him. He’s one of my favorite players in this draft and is also one of the safest as I see no bust potential in him 4/20/16.
  4. Shon Coleman Auburn 6’5 307 Jr. Redshirted one season. He has very long arms (‘35 ⅛) and large hands (‘10 ⅝). He only benched at the Combine (22 reps-mediocre). He didn’t work out at his Pro Day either due to a knee injury (torn MCL that he played through). He had leukemia and battled past it which shows his toughness as does starting 25 games the past 2 years despite an MCL “sprain” that was misdiagnosed as it actually was a tear. Coleman has legit LT athleticism as his “kick slide” is very impressive and kept him in front of an elite talent like Myles Garrett in their 2015 game vs. Texas A&M. He gets a good push in the run game, especially for a LT, and isn’t just a pass protector. He’s difficult to grade, as was Greg Robinson a few years ago, as Auburn runs SO much. Against A&M for instance he “shut down” Garrett but they ran 52 times in that game so Garrett didn’t have very many chances and become pre-occupied with stopping the run. That won’t happen in the NFL and there just isn’t a ton of film of him being on an island against NFL caliber rushers. That being said he has very different movement skills and technique compared to Robinson and I think he’s a legit LT prospect, albeit one that is a little raw. He only started 2 years so it is surprising he’s leaving early, especially since this is a loaded OT draft class. Overall I think Coleman becomes a very good starting LT in the NFL. It might take him a bit of time due to his lack of experience and mediocre technique but his length, athleticism and strength is undeniable. Mid 1st Round as my #4 OT 4/19/16.
  5. Jack Conklin Michigan State 6’5 ¾ 308 Jr. Redshirted one season. Conklin has elite arm strength (‘35) and very big hands (‘10 ⅜). His 5.00 40, 4.57 shuttle and 7.63 3 cone are elite as well with his ‘30 vertical and 25 reps on the bench all very good. In other words, Conklin aced the Combine. He has LT measurables but played the position like a RT with a fiery demeanor. He loves to run block. Though he loves to run block and has the demeanor for it he isn’t the strongest guy and it’s probably the weakest part of his game. Against Ohio State he played a very good game shutting down DE Tyquan Lewis (8 sacks in 2015-0 against Conklin), Bosa stayed on the other side all night. On film his quickness and overall body movement don’t match his Combine numbers as he has quickness but looks like a future RT to me and lacks that “dancing bear” quality. Against Oregon in 2015 he faced DeForest Buckner and again shut an NFL caliber rusher down all night (10.5 sacks in 2015-0 against Conklin). He’s a former walk on which is incredibly rare for a potential 1st round selection. Freshman All-American with 13 starts (10 at LT!). 2nd Team Big 10 in 2014 and 1st Team Big 10 in 2015. He’s a smart, experienced, tough tackle prospect that probably has enough athleticism to stay at LT but who I feel is a better fit at RT. He just isn’t that elite and agile athlete I want at LT but again he probably could get the job done. He reminds me a bit of Andrew Whitworth in their underrated athleticism and consistency. He shut down a number of quality players during his career and I expect him to be an above average starter at the next level who is a step below Pro Bowl status. Late 1st round as my #5 OT 4/19/16.
  6. Jason Spriggs Indiana 6’5 ⅝ 301 Sr. He showed good footwork at the Senior Bowl. He has ‘34 ⅛ arms and ‘10 ⅛ hands so he has an OTs length and size. His 4.94 40 is elite and was the best among all OL at this year’s Combine. His 4.44 shuttle is elite as well sho Spriggs really is a LT caliber athlete. Four year starter. 2nd Team Big 10 and 3rd Team All-American in 2015. He had a head to head blow in 2014 vs. Michigan State that sent him to the hospital but he’s played well since then so likely no long term issues related to it. His film shows this athleticism as it translates to the field. He is a menace on 2nd level blocks due to his agility. Despite his 31 reps at the Combine he is not strong and doesn’t even try to get a push in the running game. He solely walls off people which will be a major negative to some teams that want all of their OL to drive block. He consistently kept the edge vs. Joey Bosa but was beat a few times by him by power moves and poor hand use. Spriggs in a bit raw with his hands and likely can’t start as a rookie due to his below average strength. That being said he looks like a future LT and those guys get overdrafted. I could complain about it but there is logic to it as average starters coming off a major injury (Kelvin Beachum) are getting 4 yr $40 million deals as there just aren’t 32 legit LTs in the world. Spriggs can’t start in year 1 and will always struggle as a run blocker or against heavy handed power rushers but he should be an average to above average starting LT by year 2 or 3 and will have a lot of suitors come draft day. Early 2nd round as my #6 OT 4/20/16.
  7. John Theus Georgia 6’6 ½ 313 Sr. This kid is one of the more experienced OTs you will ever see as he started from Day 1 as a true freshman. He had average to below average measurables across the board from 40 to explosion to quickness. His arm length (‘34 ½) and hand size (‘10 ⅛) are both good though as he is a big man. While Jack Conklin plays a little slower than his elite measurables I think Theus plays a little faster than his poor ones. He is a great technician and is especially adept at using his long arms to steer a player away. He isn’t nearly the athlete you want at LT so RT is his spot and it fits him as he has some pop in the run game. I like Theus as a future starting RT that will be average to above average. He won’t wow you but if he’s taken far enough down in the draft he could be a steal for someone. Late 2nd round as my #7 OT 4/19/16.
  8. Germain Ifedi Texas A&M 6’5 ¾ 324 Jr. Redshirted one season. He has ‘36 arms which are rare. His 40 (5.27) and shuttle (4.75) were both well below average. He did show good explosion in his vertical (‘32 ½) and broad jump (9’1). Freshman All American at RG in 2012, started at RT in 2013 and 2014 (2nd Team SEC). He was expected to move to LT but RT is where he is most comfortable and his measurables make a strong case that they made the right call. Surprisingly he looked weak against Alabama and was bull rushed successfully many times. His film is good and his frame is elite but I feel like Ifedi never dominated like Joeckel, Matthews or even Ogbuehi before him. His agility also is pretty mediocre and in the NFL I feel like there will be times that he will be exploited, ‘36 arms or not. Nonetheless he looks like a likely future starting RT and could become a very good one if he works hard and rounds out the weaknesses in his game. Early 3rd round as my #8 OT 4/19/16.
  9. Jerald Hawkins LSU 6’5 ⅝ 305 Jr. He had a horrible Combine with a mediocre 40 (5.23), terrible vertical (‘23 ½), terrible broad (8’4) and horrible quickness drills (4.89 shuttle, 8.19 3 cone). Jerald calls LT his more natural position but he is clearly a RT at best and might need to move inside due to his very poor quickness. He has ‘34 ¼ arms but only ‘9 ⅝ hands which is very small, especially for a nearly 6’6 man. He consistently makes contact with defenders and has good technique as a run blocker. He isn’t that athletic but has good body movement and can bend. He doesn’t sustain or finish blocks consistently. He’s a little bit lazy. Hawkins is a RT that has long arms, good technique and enough athleticism to stay in front of people. He will need help against elite rushers if left outside so a move inside to OG is an option, but his technique should allow him to stay at RT. He isn’t my favorite due to his terrible Combine and somewhat lazy blocking, nonetheless he projects as an average starting RT which is valuable and his technique really did impress me. Mid 3rd round as my #9 OT 4/19/16.
  10. Joe Haeg North Dakota State 6’6 304 Sr. He redshirted one season. Due to being at North Dakota State for 5 years he was part of all 5 championships which is pretty crazy when you think of it. He started at RT 2 years and LT for 2 years after replacing Billy Turner (drafted by Dolphins).  He had a good Senior Bowl week of practice until an injury cut his week short. He has ‘33 ½ arms which is enough for an OT on some boards but not enough on others, some have ‘33 and some have ‘34 cut off lines. His speed (5.16) was slightly above average and his quickness drills (4.47 shuttle, 7.47 3 cone) were elite. He’s an NFL caliber athlete and it shows on film too, despite his lower level of competition. Some of his film makes me wonder if he’d be a better OG than OT. He definitely isn’t an elite athlete to be a LT but I am leaving him at RT because I think he’s athletic enough for that spot. He gives great effort and really seeks out defenders when left unoccupied. I like his film but am not wowed by him in any way. I think he’ll be a good backup initially who should eventually develop into a solid starter at RT or OG. Mid 3rd round as my #10 OT 4/19/16.
  11. Le’Raven Clark Texas Tech 6’5 ¼ 316 Sr. Redshirted one season. He has some of the longest arms I’ve ever graded at ‘36 ⅛. He had a good 40 (5.16) but didn’t do any explosion or quickness drills due to a pulled hamstring on his 40. At his Pro Day he had a ‘30 vertical which is also very good. Despite being 316 lbs he’s a finesse OT that has mediocre strength. His biggest weakness is his weak hands (which is shocking considering he has ‘11 ⅞ hands-some of the biggest I’ve ever graded) as he gets no push on guys when he latches on and will be very susceptible to power rushers. His length though is elite and combined with above average speed and quickness the kid looks like a future starting OT. His game is that of a LT but he probably projects more as a RT as he has very good but not elite athleticism. With his length though some teams might leave him at LT where his poor run blocking would be less noticeable. He won’t be able to start though as a rookie due to his strength so he’s a developmental OT that needs a good weight room coach to build up his arm and core strength. Late 3rd round as my #11 OT who has starter potential but will need a year to develop 4/19/16.
  12. Fahn Cooper Ole Miss 6’4 ½ 303 Sr. Redshirted one season. He has long arms (‘34 ¾) and decent hand size (‘10) but his poor shuttle (4.89) and 3 cone (7.85) have me thinking RT or even OG. Played LT and RT the past two seasons at Ole Miss after starting his career at Bowling Green. His movement skills on film confirm he’s not a LT, despite playing it relatively well the first 7 games of 2015 when Tunsil was suspended. He struggles to keep the edge which forces him to leave open gaps for inside rushes. He ends a lot of plays on the ground, a huge pet peeve of OL coaches. I like his movement skills enough to leave him at RT, also his long arms will help, but overall I don’t love his film as he isn’t that quick and missed a number of blocks. Early 4th Round as my #12 OT 4/19/16.
  13. Kyle Murphy Stanford 6’6 305 Sr. He only benched at the Combine (23-mediocre). 2nd Team Pac-12 in 2014 at RT and 1st Team Pac-12 in 2015 at LT. He only started 2 years, only 1 at each tackle spot, so he is light on experience compared to most prospects. He made a dramatic jump in performance from 2014 to 2015 so the light might have come on for him. He has a thick lower body which is good for anchoring. He lacks good quickness and will have to be a RT. At ‘33 ½ arms and only ‘9 ¾ hands he isn’t that long or big with a move inside to OG a possibility. I didn’t like his tape as he was very raw (seemed to constantly be lunging and off balance which is odd to see from a Stanford offensive lineman) and was neither quick nor strong. He’s a developmental prospect that could become something as he did show major improvements recently to his game but I’d avoid him as I suspect he’ll be a bust. Mid 5th round as my #13 OT 4/20/16.

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