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Mike Mayock I want your job! 2015 Recap

April 28, 2016

TodddGurley_vs_MelvinGordon_fantasy.jpg (790×440)

Todd Gurley vs. Melvin Gordon: Gurley was Offensive Rookie of the Year with 1,106 yds and 10 TD on 4.8 ypc. Gordon averaged 3.5 ypc and people aren’t completely sure he will end 2016 as the team’s starting RB. Result: Huge win for Jon (+1.0)

Marcus Peters vs. Trae Waynes: Peters was Defensive Rookie of the Year, a Pro Bowler and rated as the #5 CB in all of football by His 8 INTs immediately put him on the radar as a ballhawk and he became feared by the end of the season due to his playmaking ability. Waynes was beat out by Terance Newman for the starting job and was the #3 CB all year. Result: Huge win for Jon (+1.0)

Jameis Winston vs. Marcus Mariota: Jameis was 2nd in voting for Offensive Rookie of the Year. He passed for 4,042 yards (2,818 yds for Mariota). Mariota had a slightly better QB Rating than Jameis but the Bucs were much better offensively than the Titans were and were in playoff contention to the end of the season. Result: Small win for Jon (+0.5)

Nelson Agholar vs. Breshad Perriman: Agholar struggled as the #3 WR (under 300 yards receiving) while Perriman never even played a down due to injury. Result: Push

Xavier Cooper vs. Eddie Goldman: Cooper and Goldman were backups with 19 and 22 tackles on the season, respectively. Both are expected to push for more playing time in their 2nd year but were stuck behind veterans. Result: Push

Donovan Smith vs. DJ Humprhies: Smith started all 16 games at LT while Humphries never played a snap as a rookie. Result: Huge win for Jon (+1.0)

Landon Collins vs. Damarius Randall: Landon had 112 tackles and 1 INT while Randall played less but was solid with 58 tackles and 3 INT. Result: Small win for Jon (+0.5)

Tyler Lockett vs. Phillip Dorsett: Lockett had 51 664 and 6 TDs and was a Pro Bowler and 1st Team All-Pro. Dorsett barely played. Result: Huge win for Jon (+1.0)

Andrus Peat vs. Erick Flowers: Peat played in 12 games, started 8, while Flowers started 15 games. Result: Small win for Mayock (+0.5)

Vic Beasley vs. Bud Dupree: Beasley had 26 tackles and 4 sacks while Dupree also somehow had 26 tackles and 4 sacks? Seriously? Result: Push (obviously)

This is the most one sided draft recap we’ve had yet with Team Anderson winning 5.0 to 0.5 over Team Mayock. Also I have to crow a little here as when will I ever again be able to say I picked both the offensive and defensive rookies of the year, as well as the offensive rookie of the year runner up, in the same recap? Gurley over Gordon, Peters over Waynes and Lockett over Dorsett are slam dunk wins for me that should continue for years to come. If there ever was an article I could point someone to as to why they should read my blog it is this one.

I nailed this draft during my live blog:

1. Bucs: Jameis Winston QB-I love the pick and I get how people can hate him, I dislike him myself, but I really consider Jameis to be a franchise QB and those come around once every 2-3 years. The Bucs are immediately in contention in the NFC South, where the Panthers won the division last year with a losing record, as he has Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson and Austin Seferian-Jenkins who was having an okay rookie season before it was cut short by injury. Don’t be surprised if they got 8-8 or 9-7 next season and are in playoff contention immediately.

10. Rams: Todd Gurley-I love it. You have other needs but the #1 guy on my board at this point was Danny Shelton and they are already stocked too deep at the position. The #3 guy on my board was Todd Gurley and with Tre Mason, Zack Stacy and Bennie Cunningham already on board they can give him plenty of time to let him get 100% healthy. If I were them I would PUP list him and then use him as a hammer in the 2nd half of the season since he’ll be fresh and motivated.

18. Chiefs: Marcus Peters-Damn it! I was really hoping that Peters getting kicked off of the team last year would be enough to have him drop to the Cowboys at #27. I love this kid and have him as the #1 CB in the draft and almost a Top 10 pick even with his baggage. He’s big, physical, quick and has elite ball skills. I see him as a potential Pro Bowl player. Great pick.

24. Cardinals: DJ Humphries-The second pick in the 1st round that didn’t make my Top 50, he was #63 as a mid 2nd rounder and I liked him as a capable starting OT, likely RT, in this league but wow in the first round? That is a pretty tough pick for me to swallow. I might actually make the case the Dupree pick is better than Humphries as at least I had heard some people give Dupree 1st round chatter. I never heard Humphries as a 1st rounder before.

69. Seahawks: Tyler Lockett-Hey remember that time long ago when I criticized the Seahawks? Uh neither do I let’s just not talk about it okay? The Lockett pick is one of the 3 best today. I love it as I had a higher grade on him than I did on Phillip Dorsett and really considered him in the late 1st round. He and Russell Wilson will be a scary duo. I’m serious when I say that this kid could be a Pro Bowler. He’s that under the radar. He was my #5 available.

And nailed this draft during my lead up to it with the Anderson-Mayock comparisons:

Todd Gurley-Melvin Gordon: I had to do a double take when I first looked at Mayock’s board as he talked up Gurley the entire draft process. In the end though he put Gordon not just as the #1 RB but as the clear cut #1 RB with Gordon #10 Overall on his board and Gurley only #19. I had Gurley as my #1 RB and #9 Overall with Gordon #11 Overall. Even with the injury concerns Gurley stayed at #1 as he has Hall of Fame potential and could be the best running back of this generation. That upside is worth a roll of the dice but Gordon should also have a very good career and could be superior in his first season as he is he is fully healthy and has the better quarterback to team up with. In the end though, talent wins out and I expect Gurley to have a much better career as long as he stays healthy, with that asterisk being the only reason their two grades were so close on my board.

Donovan Smith-DJ Humphries: Smith was the sleeper in this tackle group as I had a Top 20 grade on him (#17) and thought he was capable of being that rare road grading LT. Humphries to me was just another guy as he had an early 3rd round grade (#64) as he didn’t seem that athletic or strong on film. Mayock disagreed as he had Humphries (#25) ahead of Smith (#40) and apparently didn’t see anything wrong with DJ as a first rounder. I considered it to be one of the biggest reaches of the 1st round. This is another one that should be fun as both are projected as their team’s starting LT in 2015 and rookie left tackles usually sink or swim rather quickly in the NFL. (I read an article just today going back and doing a redraft of the 1st round. In their opinion Humphries was the worst pick in the round. Not a hard argument to make since he didn’t even participate in a snap last year.)

Marcus Peters-Trae Waynes: Every year there are a few top level guys that Mayock and I disagree on and this appears to be one of them as Peters is my #1 CB but only #3 on Mayock’s board and Waynes is his #1 CB but only #3 on my board. I absolutely love Peters size, strength and ball skills and only think Waynes was a late 1st round talent that catapulted into the top of the draft due to an overrated 40 time (4.31). Both have experience in a press cover system, a rarity for prospects in college, so both should be expected to start early in their careers which should make this a fun comparison. By the way the consensus is with Mayock on this one as Peters was rarely the #1 CB on various media scouts’ boards and often was #3, #4 or even #5 behind a Jalen Collins or Byron Jones.

Tyler Lockett-Phillip Dorsett: Mayock had Dorsett (#34) well ahead of Lockett (#70) and it played out that way on draft day but I saw Lockett as one of the best wideouts in this draft (#32) as he actually was ahead of Breshad Perriman as my #5 WR. Dorsett has a lot of speed in a similarly small frame to Lockett’s yet seems to lack the strength and polished all around game that Tyler has. Dorsett settled in as a late 2nd round talent for me (#60) and I basically have Mayock’s grades flipped between the two. Once again this is Mayock and the consensus against me as I didn’t see anyone with as high a grade on Lockett as I did. Lockett got serious 1st round consideration from me as he reminded me a lot of Antonio Brown with his quickness, hands, and speed.

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