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Round 2-3 Live Blog

April 29, 2016

Below are the Top 50 players currently available.

  1. Myles Jack LB UCLA                                Top 10
  2. Noah Spence PR Eastern Kentucky    Top 15
  3. Mackensie Alexander CB Clemson
  4. Emmanuel Ogbah PR Oklahoma St.
  5. Kendall Fuller CB Virginia Tech
  6. Connor Cook QB Michigan St.              Top 20
  7. Shon Coleman OT Auburn
  8. Reggie Ragland LB Alabama
  9. Derrick Henry RB Alabama
  10. Andrew Billings DT Baylor
  11. Hunter Henry TE Arkansas
  12. Jalen Mills S LSU
  13. Jonathan Bullard DT Florida                  Early 2nd Round
  14. Hassan Ridgeway DT Texas
  15. Tyler Johnstone OG Oregon
  16. Adolphus Washington DT Ohio St.
  17. Jason Spriggs OT Indiana
  18. DJ White CB Georgia Tech
  19. Michael Thomas WR Ohio St.                 Mid 2nd Round
  20. Tyler Boyd WR Pittsburgh
  21. Carl Nassib PR Penn St.
  22. Cody Whitehair OG Kansas St.
  23. Cody Kessler QB USC
  24. Eric Murray CB Minnesota
  25. Cyrus Jones CB Alabama                          Late 2nd Round
  26. Braxton Miller WR Ohio St.
  27. John Theus OT Georgia
  28. Zack Sanchez CB Oklahoma
  29. Keyarris Garrett WR Tulsa
  30. Von Bell CB Ohio St.
  31. Su’a Cravens LB USC
  32. Pharoh Cooper WR South Carolina       Early 3rd Round
  33. Tyler Higbee TE Western Kentucky
  34. Jaylon Smith LB Notre Dame
  35. A’Shawn Robinson DT Alabama
  36. Bronson Kaufusi PR BYU
  37. Scooby Wright LB Arizona
  38. Eric Striker LB Oklahoma
  39. Spencer Drango OG Baylor
  40. Kevin Hogan QB Stanford
  41. Xavien Howard CB Baylor
  42. Max Tuerk C USC
  43. Jonathan Jones CB Auburn                       Mid 3rd Round
  44. Christian Hackenberg QB Penn St.
  45. Maliek Collins DT Nebraska
  46. Sterling Shepard WR Oklahoma
  47. Kamalai Correa Boise St.
  48. Nick Martin C Notre Dame
  49. Jonathan Williams RB Arkansas
  50. Jerald Hawkins OT LSU

With the 2nd Round about to begin rumors are flying around that the Dallas Cowboys are trying to trade up. That is pretty odd considering they are only 2 spots away from the Browns pick. They moved up two years ago in the 2nd round for DeMarcus Lawrence when they viewed him as the last pass rusher available that would be an impact player. They clearly are in the same line of thinking, though I disagree as I have two pass rushers (Noah Spence and Emmanuel Ogbah) with 1st round grades staring them in the face right now. Also I would love to see them get a guy like Mackensie Alexander who has a Pro Bowl ceiling and absolutely dominated 1st round pick Will Fuller last year. To me the Cowboys have too many needs to trade up a few spots for a pass rushers, especially with the amount of talent on the board, but that appears to be what they are trying to do. Ogbah supposedly is the star of their eye and it they can swing the trade it’d be expensive and somewhat wasteful, but still a very good big as Ogbah has a similar build, back story (African decent) and talent level as Ziggy Ansah of the Detroit Lions.

Also a few other interesting nuggets:

  • The Cowboys apparently were offered the Ravens 3rd rounder to move down from 4 to 6 so the Ravens could get Jalen Ramsey. I’m shocked that they didn’t take that trade as Ramsey, arguably the best player in the entire draft, falling to them at #4, created an opportunity and made their #4 more valuable than it should have been. What did they do with it? Nothing. The Jaguars took TJ Yeldon last year, the 49ers at #7 took Carlos Hyde two years ago and other teams lower down the rank didn’t have a huge need at RB. Only the Dolphins at #13 seemed to really be interested in moving up for Ezekiel Elliott so unless they were sure the Jaguars would want to drop from 5 to 13 I think the Cowboys just wasted an opportunity to net a free 3rd rounder.
  • Also apparently the Cowboys actively sought to trade up for Paxton Lynch. I wasn’t a huge fan of Lynch so I’m glad that failed but more importantly is the fact that the Cowboys, if successful, would have ended the 2016 NFL Draft with a shiny new RB and QB and then a borderline starter on defense with their 4th round pick. Who could possibly think that strategy made sense considering the needs of the Dallas Cowboys? It also seems very counter productive as Elliott wasn’t the best player on the board but, it can be argued that he would make the biggest initial impact so taking Elliott was an “all in for the last 2-3 years of the Romo era.” To follow up that “all in” pick with Paxton Lynch, which was the exact opposite, seems to show me that the Cowboys still don’t have a comprehensive strategy that they are following and are just kind of making things up as they go along. Not a good sign.

32. Browns: Emmanuel Ogbah-Well it’s a good pick, #4 overall on my board, and now makes sense as to why the Cowboys were trying so hard to trade up. They probably were told by the Browns that he was the pick and the Cowboys then tried to overpay to convince them to trade down.

33. Titans: Kevin Dodd-This is a good pick by most people but I had him as my #50 available player as he was a one year wonder (no production at all the first 2 seasons at Clemson, I me NO production) and looked like he lacked the agility or burst to be special. We shall see if he exceeds expectations and becomes a dominant pass rusher or if he’s the next Clemson bust.

34. Cowboys: Jaylon Smith-I like the pick but don’t love it (#33 available) as the moneyball way to do this would be to trade down consistently until Smith or Jack was off the board and then you trade up for the other one. Smith and Jack were similar grades on my board (pre-injury), I liked Jack a bit more due to his strength, but either one could have fallen to the late 2nd/early 3rd round. Why be the first team to take one when there are two. Just trade back, gain value and then move up whenever the first one is gone. Of course Smith was the #1 Overall player on a number of boards this season so if he is healthy he is very good value here. I just worry more with Smith than Jack as Smith had nerve damage and his knee injury was pretty gruesome.

35. Chargers: Hunter Henry-#10 available on my board, this is where I expected Henry to go, though not the team I expected him to go to. Henry isn’t a great athlete and doesn’t project as a star tight end but he’ll be a solid starter, think Dennis Pitta, who runs good routes and has great hands which make him a red zone threat on jump balls. Good pick.

36. Jaguars: Myles Jack-Well he didn’t last long so there goes my moneyball strategy. I like the Jaylon Smith pick but love the Myles Jack pick as he was better pre-injury in my opinion, had a less severe knee injury, had his injury longer ago and Jack is a better fit for the Jaguars than Smith is for the Cowboys scheme wise. Jack was a serious contender for being picked at #5 so for them to get Ramsey and Jack in successive rounds makes the Jaguars the early leaders for best draft.

37. Chiefs: Chris Jones-This is a huge man that I thought fit best in a 3-4 scheme so he fits well but I had him as an early 4th rounder and with athletic guys like Billings, Bullard and Ridgeway still available at DT I think most would agree that this was a reach. Bad value but it could still work out as Jones fits well in their scheme and Dontarri Poe is a free agent next year.

38. Dolphins: Xavien Howard-He was the #37 available so ti is a slight reach, especially with Mackensie Alexander still available, but he has good speed and has great ball skills so he has potential. I just question his speed and think he might be a zone guy solely.

39. Bucs: Noah Spence-He was the #1 available on my board and is neck and neck with Myles Jack as the best picks in the 2nd round. Spence had an amazing Senior Bowl and was arguably the better player in 2013 when he and Bosa teamed up as edge rushers.I really was hoping he or Alexander would be the Cowboys pick at #34. Final thought: If Spence had gone #11 to the Bucs I don’t think anyone would have been shocked. Instead he went #39 to the same team. Great pick!

40. Giants: Sterling Shepard-Wow this is early. I heard people were into him but early 2nd round seems like a reach to me. I had a mid 3rd round grade on him (#40) as to me he looks like a career slot guy, though he has just enough size to possibly be outside. He’s a fun guy to watch but guys his size are a dime a dozen and without top end speed I question how much more valuable he will be than Jamison Crowder (3rd rounder last year) or Cole Beasley (undrafted).

41. Bills: Reggie Ragland-I compared this guy to David Harris so it makes sense that Harris’ long time coach and biggest supporter Rex Ryan, took him here. This is a safe pick, is a great fit and is really good value in the early to mid 2nd round as he could have gone in the 20’s.

42. Ravens: Kamalei Correa-He was the #40 player available so another slight reach BUT this kid is interesting as he isn’t great as a rusher but has great agility and is very physical so he could be a very good ILB in a 3-4. I’ll be curious where the Ravens play him as the more he is asked to rush the passer the less valuable he is in my opinion.

43. Titans: Austin Johnson-I like Johnson but dislike this pick as he is hard to argue as the best DT available with so many more athletic options still available. I would love to see Johnson’s career vs. Billings, Bullard or Ridgeway 3-5 years from now. Johnson looks like a mediocre starter or good #3 DT aka rotation DT. That isn’t great value in the mid 2nd round.

44. Raiders: Jihad Ward-Well that old man Willie Brown is awesome. I hope I’m that fun to be around when I’m 80. Ward was loved on some boards so this isn’t a reach to most but I had him as the #77 available as I saw a raw project type that doesn’t look like he can contribute anytime soon. Again though many saw Ward as a 2nd rounder so it makes some sense in that way.

45. Titans: Derrick Henry-I love this pick value wise (#5 overall player on my board) but they just traded for DeMarco Murray? Just a curious decision but again it’s great value and with the Titans having SO many picks due to the trade down from #1 to #15 they maybe just said let’s take the best player available and with so many picks we will get all of our needs filled anyway. What a luxury.

46. Lions: A’Shawn Robinson-I was expecting to hate the pick when the Alabama DTs went but I think this pick is solid. It is a little early on my board but not too much for a great run stopper. He “fell” because he doesn’t do anything other than stop the run but it’s not hard to argue he’s the best run stopper in the draft and they added him at #46. Solid pick and great fit for a franchise that seemed to really miss Suh last year.

47. Saints: Michael Thomas-This is a great pick (#13 available) as he has size, strength and really good hands. He isn’t the fastest guy on the field but they already have a guy with elite speed, Brandin Cooks, and Thomas could be a perfect compliment to him long term. Good fit, great value.

48. Packers: Jason Spriggs-One of the better picks in the 2nd round (#12 overall) as it’s good value, I had him rated higher than the Texas A&M tackle with the last pick in the 2st round, and a great fit. Brian Bulaga has been injured non-stop the past two years and they have really struggled to handle edge rushers when he’s been out. He immediately becomes their swing tackle and might even start over Bulaga at right tackle as a rookie.

49. Seahawks: Jarran Reed-Some will say this is one of the steals of the draft as I heard chatter that he could go as high as #13. I will not be one of those saying this as I viewed Eli Apple and Jarran Reed as the two most overrated prospects in this draft and had a mid 6th round grade on Reed. He is a solid run defender, not even an elite one like his teammate A’Shawn Robinson, and does nothing else. I do not like this pick but of course Seattle has such a great defense that he can do nothing but stop the run and will be okay so it shouldn’t be too bad for them as he likely will play a lot as a rotation DT. Billings though in that defense would be scary.

50. Texans: Nick Martin-With Ben Jones and Brandon Brooks both leaving in free agency they needed an interior OL and Martin was decent value here (#35 available).  He has great bloodlines and should eventually be able to start for them at OG or C.

51. Jets: Christian Hackenberg-On one hand I like it as the Jets have two low level talents at QB in Geno Smith and Bryce Petty, neither of whom look like good short term or long term options at QB and Hackenberg at one time had a 1st round grade on my board. On the other hand Hackenberg has major accuracy issues and is a bit of a drama queen. I don’t know if he’s a great fit for the New York media or for big personalities like Brandon Marshall demanding the ball from him. I also don’t like Hackenberg over Cook as I think that will come back to haunt them.

52. Falcons: Deion Jones-#48 available

53. Redskins: Su’a Cravens-Another good pick by the Redskins (#23 available) as it is solid value and Cravens is just a tough football player that makes plays. He isn’t a stud athlete and has some tweener status to his game but put him somewhere, scheme around his weaknesses, and watch him make plays for you. Damn the Redskins are doing well.

54. Vikings: Mackensie Alexander-Here’s a hot sports opinion for you, Alexander will beat out Trae Waynes long term at CB. I love Alexander and think this is arguably the best pick in the draft (#1 available). He has some Darrelle Revis to his game and could really surprise people with how quickly he becomes a top flight starter.

55. Bengals: Tyler Boyd-This is 3 very good picks in a row. I like Boyd value wise (#11 available) and fit as he reminds me a bit of Marvin Jones with his multifaceted skill set as he’s a good route runner, has good size, has good speed and has good ball skills but isn’t elite in any one category. He’s a perfect #2 WR long term and everyone knows the #1 WR spot won’t be open in Cincinnati for a long time. Great value and great fit.

56. Bears: Cody Whitehair-4 straight good picks as Whitehair has good value here (#12 available) and was the #1 OG on most boards that I saw. A little surprised he went nearly 30 picks AFTER the 1st OG was taken so this is good value and fits well on a Bears team that has a mediocre OL despite having a perennial Pro Bowler in Kyle Long.

57. Colts: TJ Green-He wasn’t rated this high for me (#41 available) but many would argue this is a steal. He had an amazing Combine and just wowed everyone with his size/speed. I personally was confused by his tape as he is so fast but is not agile at all so I don’t see him being a good FS and thought his best fit was bulking him up to become a SS. The Colts are going the opposite way and moving him down to CB where he will be a press corner. I guess we both agree he isn’t a fit at FS but then chose very different paths in fixing that problem. It will be interesting to see how it works out.

58. Steelers: Sean Davis-And it was pick #58 where we had our first player not on my board. Not saying it’s a bad pick, as I didn’t go too deep research wise, but getting someone in the 2nd round not on my board isn’t a good sign. 4th round isn’t a red flag but 2nd round? Not great.

59. Bucs: Roberto Aguayo-Well interesting two straight picks not on my board but I didn’t grade kickers or punters this year so Aguayo isn’t the same as the Davis pick. In fact I know Aguayo as he’s been the best kicker in the country for the past 3 years straight! Just off the top of my head I know he didn’t miss a kick one year in his career. He has great accuracy and great leg strength so it makes sense for him to go this early. Also he gets to reunite with QB Jameis Winston which is a fun story if nothing else.

With the Cowboys 7 picks away here is my Top 15 available

  1. Kendall Fuller CB Virginia Tech
  2. Connor Cook QB Michigan St.         Top 20
  3. Shon Coleman OT Auburn
  4. Andrew Billings DT Baylor
  5. Jalen Mills S LSU
  6. Jonathan Bullard DT Florida            Early 2nd Round
  7. Hassan Ridgeway DT Texas
  8. Tyler Johnstone OG Oregon
  9. Adolphus Washington DT Ohio St.
  10. DJ White CB Georgia Tech
  11. Carl Nassib PR Penn St.
  12. Cody Kessler QB USC
  13. Eric Murray CB Minnesota
  14. Cyrus Jones CB Alabama                     Late 2nd Round
  15. Braxton Miller WR Ohio St.

60. Patriots: Cyrus Jones-Well he’s off my Top 15 for the Cowboys showing he was a good value pick (#14). I actually love the fit as he has good toughness and is very versatile which all screams New England. He likely will be a solid nickel CB and be in competition with Julian Edelman (who they don’t want returning punts anyway) as the team’s main punt returner. This is a good pick.

61. Saints: Von Bell-#18 available so he’s good value and I like him here. Initially he had 1st round chatter which I thought was ridiculous but as a late 2nd rounder he’s perfect here as he projects as a solid starter and getting solid, and cheap, starters in the 2nd and 3rd round is what the draft is all about.

62. Panthers: James Bradberry-Another guy not on my board. He played at Samford as a CB.

63. Broncos: Adam Gotsis-He isn’t great value here on my board (#81 available) but he intrigued me as this Australian born player is raw but has a great frame and is incredibly agile for his size. There was some very good tape with this kid but he’s coming off a knee injury and won’t contribute as a rookie, likely, so I downgraded him. Long term projects coming off knee injuries usually don’t go this high but he does have a lot of potential.

64. Titans: Kevin Byard-Another guy not on my board. He went to school at Middle Tennessee and is a SS.

Cowboys pre-pick discussion: Well all the elite defenders are gone except Kendall Fuller, my favorite-though I’m not surprised he’s still available here. Does that mean the Cowboys start adding depth by getting one of the very talented defensive tackles like Billings, Bullard, Ridgeway or Washington? Do they take Connor Cook since they clearly are in the QB market after trying to trade up for Lynch? I think DT is the pick.

65. Browns: Carl Nassib-I LOVE this pick. #11 available on my board as this kid is a one year wonder but he has elite size, strength and production-at least last year. He probably won’t be a big time pass rusher but his profile as a high motor type guy fits well in their scheme as a 3-4 DE.

66. Chargers: Max Tuerk-#24 available he fits well here as I had an early 3rd round grade on him and think he has the potential to become a Pro Bowler. He is a veteran with 4 years as a starter as he played all over the line. He also is a great athlete and is long armed, two requisites for the center position in my book. He was injured last year so this could look like a steal in a year or two if he pans out.

67. Cowboys: Maliek Collins-Well I picked the position but not the player, despite throwing up my top 4 DTs as options. Collins though isn’t a huge reach here (#25 available) as I had a mid 3rd round grade on him and considered him to be a guy with a high ceiling though with a lot of bust potential. Also I like his fit in Rod Marinelli’s scheme as they like their defensive tackles to shoot gaps and attack which works well for his skill set. Below is his profile:

Maliek Collins Nebraska 6’1 ⅞ 311 Jr. He had a great 40 (5.03) and really good quickness drills (4.52 shuttle, 7.53 3 cone). He only had 1 season with more than 30 tackles but did have 8 sacks in his 3 year career with his Sophomore year (45 tackles, 4.5 sacks, 10.5 TFL) being better than his Junior year. He’s a one gap penetrating type DT and has good arm length for that type (‘33 ⅛). He has a noticeable burst when attacking a QB and his highlight reel is pretty impressive. He clearly missed Randy Gregory in 2015 though and can be easily shut down if double teamed. He has a few plays where he just beats his man immediately off the snap but most of his sacks, pressures and TFL come from a bull rush where it takes him a decent amount of time to disengage from his blocker. Championship wrestler in high school going 48-0 his senior season. He isn’t that strong and needs to gather himself to take down a QB. His short area quickness and burst are elite as was his 2014 film making me wonder what happened in 2015 as his production was very mediocre. He probably played himself from a late 1st/early 2nd to a mid 3rd round grade because of it. Collins is a tough grade as there are flashes of Pro Bowl talent but he’s too inconsistent as a pass rusher production wise and as a run defender he is mediocre at best due to his average strength. Mid 3rd round as my #10 DT who has a high ceiling but is scheme specific (one gap only) and has a lot of bust potential in him 4/23/16.

68. 49ers: Will Redmond-#57 available

69. Jaguars: Yannick Ngakoue-#76 available who I had a mid 6th round grade on. Yannick is one of the bigger reaches in this draft and somewhat taints what, to this point, had been the best draft for any team. That being said, they could draft Miley Cyrus and I’d still have to credit them for taking two of the five highest rated players on my board.

70. Ravens: Bronson Kaufusi-He is a good value here, #19 available, and really intrigued me as this guy is just massive. There were times on film where his 6’6 290 frame chasing around smaller school guys just looked unfair. He will be a perfect fit as a 3-4 DE. Very good pick.

71. Giants: Darian Thompson-He was #53 available on my board as he didn’t seem to be athletic or agile enough to be a good safety unless he was put in the right scheme. That being said he had a lot of interceptions in his career so guys like this usually are either playmakers or busts. They don’t usually fall in between. Thankfully I see him being the latter so it looks like another poor pick by the G-Men.

72. Bears: Jonathan Bullard-Great pick (#6 available) and it is surprising how many really good DTs are still on the board at this point in the draft. Initially I had the late 2nd/early 3rd round as the place of best value at DT but now that spot appears to be shifting down to the entire 3rd round and probably early 4th. Bullard is one of the most athletic DL in the draft on a size/speed ratio. Some have him actually as a DE but I think his best fit is as a 1 gap DT where his elite quickness and burst can cause havoc. Great pick!

73. Dolphins: Kenyan Drake-He was the 69th available to me and isn’t a great value here. That being said Drake flashed high level potential quite a lot at Alabama so I guess they are saying he was caught in a numbers game and is more talented than his production showed. I disagree and stated as such in my profile of him, “Some people might still think of Drake as a late bloomer with starter potential but they are mistaken as he’s shown his true colors, he’s a tease and can’t be counted on for consistent production. Late 5th round as my #10 RB who is a good late round addition to a backfield due to his elite athleticism 4/28/16.” Drake will continue to tease but he won’t be consistent enough to warrant being taken in the 3rd round.

74. Chiefs: KeiVare Russell-He isn’t on my board but I actually like him and lost track of him during his career due to his injuries. At one time I had a 2nd round grade on him and him being taken in the 3rd round seems very logical to me. He is another medical concern guy and could be a steal if he ever gets back to 100%.

75. Raiders: Shilique Calhoun-He was the #37 available and isn’t a bad pick here. I always saw him as vastly overrated but that is because I heard a lot of 2nd round chatter on him. He isn’t a good pass rusher and I hate guys like him who have no burst but hey in the mid to late 3rd round it isn’t terrible at all as he can be just a #3 DE like he should be.

76. Browns: Shon Coleman-Another GREAT pick! He was the #3 available guy on my board who I had a 1st round grade on as he has the athleticism to be a starting LT. He’s raw and will likely be a RT as a rookie but I expect him to start in place of Joe Thomas at some point in the future. I’m noticing a trend of loving the Browns draft whether it is the trade downs or the actual picks, Corey Coleman was a solid pick but I preferred Treadwell or Doctson. I’m telling you, if Jimmy Haslam lets these guys work, the Browns will be a very talented team in 2018 with a core group of young players that can compete for years to come.

77. Panthers: Daryl Worley-CB out of West Virginia. He was not on my board.

78. Patriots: Joe Thuney-LB out of North Carolina State. He was not on my board.

79. Eagles: Isaac Seumalo-Three straight guys not on my board. Sigh. This wasn’t happening a few years ago.

80. Bills: Adolphus Washington-Well this is a great pick (#7 available) and is another of the 4 value DTs to go with Billings and Ridgeway still available. Add him with Shaq Lawson and the Bills have added some very good DL.

One side note though is the “Rex Ryan phenomenon.” Rex Ryan is not a smart, analytical guy. If you sign Ryan as your coach you are signing him for his personality as he’s funny, enthusiastic and has a great energy level to him. He’s been very successful in his career but he’s never won a championship and somehow he’s allowed to always blame the offense for this stain on his resume. Go back to the Jets draft the 6 years he was coach and you will see that he almost entirely took defense. Yes he took Mark Sanchez in the Top 5 in his first year but then he took Kyle Wilson (CB), Muhammad Wilkerson (DT), Quinton Coples (DE), Dee Milliner (CB), Sheldon Richardson (DT) and Calvin Pryor (SS) in the 1st round. That is 6 straight 1st rounders on defense and I’m not even mentioning the numerous second round and third rounders he took as well as the high premium he placed in free agency on defense. Now the Bills take defense three straight rounds and I see the same thing happening again. He will soon be bitching about the GM taking an offensive player, just like he did when they chose WR Stephen Hill (yes a bust but in that draft they chose a defensive player in the 1st, 3rd and 4th round and he STILL bitched about taking an offensive player in the 2nd?), and you will watch as the offense gets worse and worse with the Bills. Then he will be fired and, guess what? He will say “look at my defensive rankings. I was fired because we had a bad offense. Not my fault.” I’m surprised he gets such a free pass considering his career coaching record is 54-58. Back to the draft.

81. Falcons: Austin Hooper-He was the #26 available player so while I think the kid has a low ceiling and is kind of boring, I do think it’s a solid pick. That being said the Falcons keep trying to draft mid round guys like Hooper and Toilolo at the position despite the obvious fact that Ryan loves throwing to tight ends and he hasn’t been really dominant since Tony Gonzalez retired. I would look to move up for a stud TE in the next 1-2 years if I were GM of that team.

82. Colts: Le’Raven Clark-Another solid pick by the Colts as they obviously are making it a priority to protect Andrew Luck better after he had his first injury plagued season. Clark (#33 available) was a late 3rd round grade on my board so it fits and I see some potential for him to become a quality starting RT. The kid is long and has surprisingly quick feet for his body frame.

83. Jets: Jordan Jenkins-#35 available

84. Redskins: Kendall Fuller-Well I mentioned earlier how much I liked the Redskins draft and it only is compounded from here as Fuller was my #1 overall player available and was a 1st round grade on my board. I wasn’t surprised he dropped to the 3rd round due to the chatter about his injury but come on, the kid balled out in 2013 and 2014 and then tried to gut it out in 2015 and some people mentioned his poor tape last year? He was playing on an injury that would sideline 99% of players. Why not mention it as a positive as to how tough he is and how much he loves the game? He’s small and is quicker than fast but he fits perfectly as a slot corner and, guess what, he loves football and makes plays which is something that seems to be the MO of all of Scott McCloughlan’s picks have in common. Doctson, Cravens and now Fuller. That is three guys that live, breathe and sleep football. And that’s on top of the Josh Norman signing. Not good Cowboys fans, not good.

85. Texans: Braxton Miller-He was the #9 available on my board so he’s good value and he’s a good fit. I didn’t like the Will Fuller draft pick in the 1st round and think Miller has the potential to be the #2 receiver opposite DeAndre Hopkins, outperforming Fuller. It’s early though and Miller is raw so both could struggle as rookies. Miller’s upside is high due to his elite quickness and agility for his muscular frame. He is a unique physical specimen that I think will become a very good wideout once he “figures it out.” Great pick.

86. Dolphins: Leonte Caroo-#36 available

87. Bengals: Nick Vigil-LB Utah State. He did not make my board.

88. Packers: Kyler Fackrell-He was my #43 available but I bet some view this as a steal as a lot of people like Fackrell. He is a long framed linebacker that is a good at everything, great at nothing so I don’t know if the Packers will use him at ILB or OLB in their 3-4.

89. Steelers: Javon Hargrave-He was the #25 available and is a good pick here. He’s a small school DT from South Carolina State who moves too well for a guy his size. He fits perfectly as a 3-4 DE and I like this pick a lot. Good value, great fit.

90. Seahawks: CJ Prosise-Some might be surprised how few RBs have been taken to this point but I am not as I saw this as a 2 RB draft with just a bunch of specialists (Drake, Tyler Ervin) and backups (Alex Collins, Kenneth Dixon). Prosise and Jonathan Williams in my opinion are the only two guys with starter potential so it makes sense he was taken here.

91. Patriots: Jacoby Brissett-I didn’t like him at Florida and didn’t bother scouting him at North Carolina State so he isn’t on my board despite me knowing a bit about him. I don’t like it by the way. If you couldn’t tell.

92. Cardinals: Brandon Williams-Another guy I know that wasn’t on my board. He’s a former RB from Texas A&M that moved to CB his last year in college as he had much higher upside. Obviously the coaches were right as there aren’t many 6’0 210 cornerbacks with 4.5 speed. He’s a talented project that could work out as he played surprisingly well as a 1st year corner.

93. Browns: Cody Kessler-Let me know if you’ve heard this before? I love this Cleveland Browns pick! Cody was #7 available and while I disagree with Kessler over Cook I really like Cody. He is smart, accurate and is arguably the best QB in this draft at reading a defense. He reminds me a bit of Chase Daniels and could be that high end backup, low end starter with an outside chance of being a mid level starter. Every time I watched Kessler I said, “Is he really not a potential 1st rounder?” Then I’d see his measurables or watch more film and calm myself. I highly suspect that Kessler will be a #1 or #2 QB 5 years from now. I highly suspect Brissett won’t be in the league and Hackenberg might not be either. Very interesting pick here.

94. Seahawks: Nick Vannett-He’s the #56 available. He projects as a career #2 or #3 TE who will be more of a blocker than a receiver. He does have good hands though and some think he is underrated as an athlete and potential receiving threat. I do not and is why I put him farther down the draft than late 3rd round.

95. Lions: Graham Glasgow-He’s the #57 available and was right next to Nick Vannett on my board which is odd as they were taken 1-2 on the “real” board. Glasgow didn’t look that great on film and I see this as a reach. To me he will be a bust.

96. Patriots: Vincent Valentine-I scouted Nebraska and didn’t notice this guy when scouting Maliek Collins, 3rd rounder from the Cowboys. I see this kid being another 2nd-3rd round bust which has become a Bill Belichick specialty and which he isn’t skewered for because he is so good as a coach and gets so many late round/free agent steals.

97. Seahawks: Rees Odhiambo-OG from Boise State that wasn’t on my board. The Seahawks really went after the lines in this draft, taking a RT, DT and OG. Unfortunately I thought the RT was a slight reach, the DT was a huge reach (though is a steal on some boards) and the OG is a complete unknown. As usual I disagree with the Seahawks draft and, considering they’ve been one of the worst drafting teams in the league since 2013, I will side with my analysis until the picks actually put on the pads and start playing.

98. Broncos: Justin Simmons-FS from Boston College. Not on my board and I didn’t scout him but I was intrigued by his highlight reel they showed as he does look like an NFL caliber athlete with potential as a centerfield type.


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