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Round 4-7 Live Blog

April 30, 2016

With Day 3 picks there are going to be a lot of no names, a lot of flier types and the picks are going to come fast and furious. As such I will only be highlighting the really good, interesting and really bad picks so I’ll skip around a bit. With the draft beginning, below is the Top 50 players available as of the beginning of the 4th round.

  1. Connor Cook QB Michigan St.
  2. Andrew Billings DT Baylor
  3. Jalen Mills S LSU
  4. Hassan Ridgeway DT Texas
  5. Tyler Johnstone OG Oregon
  6. DJ White CB Georgia Tech
  7. Eric Murray CB Minnesota
  8. John Theus OT Georgia
  9. Zack Sanchez CB Oklahoma
  10. Keyarris Garrett WR Tulsa
  11. Pharoh Cooper WR South Carolina
  12. Tyler Higbee TE Western Kentucky
  13. Scooby Wright LB Arizona
  14. Eric Striker LB Oklahoma
  15. Spencer Drango OG Baylor
  16. Kevin Hogan QB Stanford
  17. Jonathan Jones CB Auburn
  18. Jonathan Williams RB Arkansas
  19. Jerald Hawkins OT LSU
  20. CJ Prosise RB Notre Dame
  21. Kentrell Brothers LB Missouri
  22. Kenneth Dixon RB Louisiana Tech
  23. Jerell Adams TE South Carolina
  24. Joe Haig OT North Dakota St.
  25. Roger Lewis WR Bowling Green
  26. Jack Allen C Michigan St.
  27. Vadal Alexander OG LSU
  28. Malcolm Mitchell WR Georgia
  29. Connor McGovern OG Missouri
  30. Jordan Howard RB Indiana
  31. Miles Killibrew S Southern Utah
  32. Jordan Payton WR UCLA
  33. Maurice Canady S Virginia
  34. Devontae Booker RB Utah
  35. Matt Judon PR Akron
  36. Fahn Cooper OT Ole Miss
  37. Sebastian Tretola OG Arkansas
  38. Sheldon Day DT Notre Dame
  39. Alex Collins RB Arkansas
  40. Cardale Jones QB Ohio St.
  41. Tyler Matakevich LB Temple
  42. Joe Schobert LB Wisconsin
  43. Kolby Listenbee WR TCU
  44. Tyler Ervin RB San Jose St.
  45. Cole Toner OG Harvard
  46. Jeremy Cash S Duke
  47. Bryce Williams TE East Carolina
  48. Joshua Perry LB Ohio St.
  49. Brandon Allen QB Arkansas
  50. Jake Brendel C UCLA

99. Browns: Joe Schobert-He was #42 available so it is solid value. Most see him as a 3-4 OLB but I think he’s too small for that position so I’d move him inside to 3-4 ILB for the Browns. Who knows what they do with him or if he even makes an impact but at #99 it’s a solid pick and continues the excellent draft the Browns are having.

100. Raiders: Connor Cook-Despite this being only the 2nd pick in Day 3 it could end up staying as the best pick in all of Rounds 4-7. What a great pick. I had a 1st round grade on him and even if you disagree it’s hard to argue he shouldn’t have been taken in the first 3 rounds. He’ll be a great backup and if he excels in the preseason he could become trade bait in the future.

Cowboys on the Clock: Andrew Billings, Andrew Billings, Andrew Billings! Please! Also Jalen Mills as a CB/S could be great for that secondary, which so far looks earlier similar to the bad secondary of the past four seasons.

101. Cowboys: Charles Tapper-I do not like this pick. He was the #61 available player on my board and I had a 7th round grade on him as I just didn’t see the production or the agility that made me think he’d ever be anything in the pros. In fact the only reason I had a draftable grade on him was because he had a very good Combine. Word is they will use him up and down the line and maybe put him at DT in passing downs. That worked well for Jack Crawford who was a bust as a DE for the Raiders so maybe he works out, just not at the position I thought he’d play. Below is his draft profile:

Charles Tapper Oklahoma 6’2 ⅝ 271 Sr. He has extremely long arms (‘34 ⅜) for his size and his ‘11 ½ hands are some of the largest I’ve ever graded. His 4.59 40 is elite for a true DE. His sack total of 15.5 the past three seasons is not impressive but he consistently helped in other areas with 37-50 tackles each of those years. He plays tentatively and isn’t a true playmaker. His size/speed ratio is elite but it doesn’t show up on film as he’s very tightly built, isn’t aggressive as a rusher and isn’t instinctive against the run. I did not like his film and came away thinking he would be a bust. He shows his elite speed on one play though where he races +40 yards down the field to catch an Alabama WR. It’s pretty impressive and he has a good motor but at best Tapper will be a backup at the next level and would be a little surprised if he isn’t just a flat out bust. Early 7th Round as my #13 PR 4/25/16.

103. Jaguars: Sheldon Day-I like this pick here. He was #37 available and looks like a good #3 rotational DT with a chance to develop down the line as a starter. That’s solid value in the 4th round and you have to love his motor, his work ethic and his leadership as he was a multiple selection as a captain, one of only two dozen or so players in Notre Dame’s history to earn that honor. He’s a locker room glue guy and has solid athleticism. Good pick.

106. Chiefs: Eric Murray-Great pick, #6 available, as I see him as having starter caliber talent and in Day 3 you draft elite traits and look less at red flags. Murray isn’t a fast corner but he’s arguably the biggest hitter and strongest tackler in this entire CB class so he has some elite traits that are worth taking a look at in the 4th round. Great pick.

110. Rams: Tyler Higbee-This is a great pick as it is very good value (#10 available), a perfect fit (quick name the starting TE for the Rams, exactly) and I went back and change my initial grade on Higbee because I watched a little more tape of him and delved more into his arrest charge to become more comfortable with him. Hot sports opinion: Higbee has a higher upside than Hunter Henry as this kid is big, fast and agile. He could become a Pro Bowl tight end but at worst he should be a good #2 TE and that alone is worth a 4th round pick. Great pick.

111. Lions: Miles Killibrew-He is a good pick, #28 available, as he is a big time hitter and should be an immediate impact player as a special teamer and can be a nickel linebacker while he develops his coverage skills.

112. Patriots: Malcolm Mitchell-This is a great pick as it is good value, #25 available, and a perfect fit. The reason?  Mitchell plays slot receiver and the Patriots are the only team in the league that often has two slot receivers on the field at the same time. Also Mitchell played both sides of the ball and the Patriots are the only team in the league that has their wide receivers sometimes play a little cornerback. All just conjecture at this point but if he can stick on that roster I think the Patriots will use him to the best of his ability.

116. Colts: Hassan Ridgeway-Well now 3 of the 4 undervalued, athletic DTs on my board are gone. Ridgeway was the #3 available player so he’s a steal at this point as I saw 1st round athleticism in this kid. He’s raw though and has some off the field issues so he fell but you can argue that Ridgeway has more talent than quite a few DTs that were taken long ago so in the 4th round he’s worth a roll of the dice.

117. Rams: Pharoh Cooper-I love this pick. He was the #8 available and just looks like an interesting combination of size, speed and agility. He reminds me a bit of Stevie Johnson of the Bills/Chargers as he isn’t a usual route runner and does things a bit differently than most wideouts but he consistently makes plays. Getting Cooper with Tyler Higbee in the 4th round is two potential starters IN THE 4TH ROUND?! That’s impressive. I think this also shows the Rams are losing interest in Brian Quick, Kenny Britt, Tavon Austin and these other flier types at wideout they compiled the past few years (Stedman Bailey, Chris Givens, etc.). This franchise has not found quality wideouts in the draft or free agency so I like them sort of pushing the reset button.

119. Texans: Tyler Ervin-He is an interesting pick, #35 available, as he has the Dri Archer type of game with elite speed where he can be a kick returner, punt returner, 3rd down back and possibly as a slot receiver. I think Ervin has potential to be an impact player if used correctly. He couldn’t hold up physically if given too big of a workload but I also think it’d be a mistake if he was used solely on special teams.

122. Bengals: Andrew Billings-This is probably going to be the 2nd best pick on Day 3 (behind only Connor Cook). Billings had a late 1st round grade on my board (#1 available) so he’s great value but it’s also a great fit as the Bengals have a deep DL and use a rotation system which will allow him to immediately get his feet wet and could allow them to not re-sign a player in future years ahead of him so that he can get some playing time.

134. Ravens: Kenneth Dixon-He is a good pick, #14 available, and reminds me of Tashard Choice as he has great vision, good toughness and is just a smooth runner. He’s a perfect #2 runner as he can give you 5-7 carries a game when the starter is healthy and then can take over and give you a 20-25 carry game when the starter is hurt. A lot of change of pace guys can’t become “the guy” for even short stretches so it’s a nice benefit to have.

Cowboys on the clock. Here is my current Top 10.

  1. Jalen Mills S LSU
  2. Tyler Johnstone OG Oregon
  3. DJ White CB Georgia Tech
  4. John Theus OT Georgia
  5. Zack Sanchez CB Oklahoma
  6. Keyarris Garrett WR Tulsa
  7. Scooby Wright LB Arizona
  8. Eric Striker LB Oklahoma
  9. Spencer Drango OG Baylor
  10. Kevin Hogan QB Stanford

135. Cowboys: Dak Prescott-I don’t like this pick but he’s the Senior Bowl MVP, was a winner in the SEC and a dark horse Heisman candidate for the past two years. I just think his accuracy, arm strength and ability to thread the needle are very questionable. Also he’s not as athletic as he gets credit for as a guy I liked a lot more, Kevin Hogan, is bigger and faster. That would have been my pick as a developmental QB but who knows, maybe Dak works out. He did have his group of supporters for sure, I was not one of them. Profile below:

Dak Prescott Mississippi State 6’2 ¼ 226 Sr. Dak is a unique prospect as at 6’2 ¼ 226 with a 4.79 40 he has a thickness to him to go along with some speed and quickness which made him a legit dual threat in college. Unfortunately 4.79 isn’t terrible fast in the NFL and when you watch him against a team like LSU his mediocre athleticism is apparent. He was a darkhorse Heisman candidate the past two seasons as the offense was basically built around him and he produced with 56 TDs to 16 INTs (3.5 to 1). Unfortunately I don’t see his game translating well to the NFL as he isn’t quick twitch fast, his 226 lbs isn’t Cam Newton like so he won’t be a regular short yardage rusher in the NFL, his accuracy is mediocre and even his arm strength has me less than impressed. I’ve seen him in the Top 5 of some QB Rankings by analysts but I don’t see why as to me he’s a backup at best but likely a bust at the next level. 7th Round as my #11 QB 4/6/16.

139. Bills: Cardale Jones-I didn’t love Jones but with the last pick in the 4th round it makes sense. He reminds me of Logan Thomas, who was a bust by the way, as he has a huge frame, a huge arm and a lot of potential as just an overall athlete. He isn’t very accurate or experienced but one interesting nugget is that he never lost a game as a starter in his career. That’s pretty crazy. As a developmental QB prospect he makes sense as his ceiling is very high. He likely will be a bust but it’s worth a roll of the dice here, especially because the Bills run a system that allows their QBs to run which will help him.

141. Panthers: Zack Sanchez-This is the 3rd CB taken by the Panthers. The previous two were not even on my board but the 3rd was a steal (#5 available) and I really like it. He has elite ball skills (+15 INTs) and really knows how to jump routes. Since the Panthers play a lot of zone and let their corners take chances he is a perfect fit for their system. Great pick!

144. Broncos: Connor McGovern-I like this pick, #18 available, as he has great versatility as a player and looks to have some upside to him. It isn’t a steal or anything but in the 5th round it makes a lot of sense for a team that needs surprisingly a lot of help, despite winning a championship last year, due to their expensive star players that forced them to say goodbey to a lot of talent via free agency.

145. 49ers: John Theus-I love this pick, #4 available, as he has elite experience (4 year starter at both tackle spots in the best conference in the nation) and has the size to be a capable starting right tackle. He lacks elite strength as a road grader and isn’t athletic enough to be a LT but should be able to have a solid career as a role playing starter.

146. Ravens: Matt Judon-A lot of interesting picks recently. Judon was my #21 available and was one of the most interesting prospects in this entire draft as his film looked great and he had a good Combine. The issue is his level of competition at Akron is just terrible and it’s really hard to get a good read on these small school prospects. That being said he’s a perfect roll of the dice type which is what you are looking for in the mid to late rounds as all the sure fire starters are already gone so you have to go for the high upside/high bust potential guys or settle for career backups.

150. Bears: Jordan Howard-He is a good pick, #17 available, as he has some great attributes (vision, strength and aggressiveness) which should make him a short yardage, goal line specialist at worst and the thunder to Jeremy Langford’s lightning at best.

154. Browns: Jordan Payton-Another very good pick for the Browns, #17 available, as he looks like a solid #2 or #3 WR as he isn’t a great athlete but is a smooth route runner, has good hands and solid size/speed ratio.

155. Colts: Joe Haeg-Back to back good picks, #13 available. Haeg comes from North Dakota State where he was the blindside protector for Carson Wentz the past two years. He isn’t a great athlete and isn’t that strong but he has a ceiling as an average RT and he could develop into that role in a few years. A good pick at this point in the draft and again shows the Colts commitment to get better protection for Andrew Luck.

156. Bills: Jonathan Williams-I love picks like this where a team overlooks an injury and goes back to the previous year’s tape. He didn’t play in 2015 but in 2014 he looked good and I think it is a steal at this point (#10 available). His smooth running style intrigues me and I had him as my #3 RB in this draft. No one else had him that high but I find it interesting that Devontae Booker, the most common prospect as the #3 RB, is still on the board. The reality is that this was a 2 RB draft and then the board got muddled. I love Williams, others liked Booker, others liked Dixon and some had Prosise as their #3. Time will tell but Williams in the 5th round is a steal in my eyes.

160. Vikings: Kentrell Brothers-I like this pick a lot (#10 available) as it’s good value and Brothers is a big hitter that excels in run support but who needs to be surrounded by athletes as he isn’t a great one himself. Anthony Barr fits pretty well profile wise in that regard and makes the Brothers pick look even better.

162. Chiefs: Kevin Hogan-One of the better picks on Day 3 (#8 available) as I saw Hogan and Cody Kessler as the two best “developmental” types as mid to late rounders (didn’t see Connor Cook lasting into the middle rounds). Hogan has elite height and speed for the position, is accurate and seems to understand how to attack a defense. His issue simply is that his arm strength is terrible. Of course his weight is pretty low too and I see him as a guy that will gain 10-15 lbs over the next 2-3 years and you will see his arm strength noticeably improve. If it does not he will be a career backup but if he can add some strength to his arm he could become a surprise starter in a few years. This is a great pick and it isn’t surprising as Andy Reid seems to always be taking quarterbacks that surprisingly fall. A few years ago it was Tyler Bray out of Tennessee and he’s looked good in the preseason. A few years before that it was Chase Daniels who secured a nice deal as a backup who will compete for the starting job in Philadelphia. Hogan is the next in this line.

168. Browns: Spencer Drango-Another GREAT pick by the Browns. He was the #7 available player on my board who played at LT but who will play OG in the pros. I love guards that played LT in college as it shows they have good feet and good athleticism. I’m frankly surprised Drango dropped this far as this isn’t a great guard class and he seemed to be one of the better ones in it. I definitely liked him more than Westerman who was taken earlier this round. The Browns probably a round ago wrapped up the award for best draft in 2016 so this is just icing on the cake.

170. Cardinals: Cole Toner-I like this pick, #18 available. Some have him as an OT, I have him as an OG. He had a bad Senior Bowl week but it was a huge step up in competition vs. Harvard so I give him a bit of a pass. Keep in mind Chad Ochocinco, Andy Dalton, Josh Norman, etc. are good players that struggled at the Senior Bowl. In the late 5th round he’s a good OG/OT tweener that you give a good OL coach and tell him to find a spot for him. Solid pick.

171. Seahawks: Alex Collins-I like this pick, #16 available, as he’s good value and the Seahawks have a good young runner in Thomas Rawls but he only has 147 career carries and was injured pretty quickly when the team turned to him as the workhorse back. He needs help and the Seahawks added Prosise in the 3rd and Collins in the 5th. Prosise has a higher upside but Collins is probably the more complete player now so don’t be surprised if Collins is #2 in 2016 while Prosise continues to learn the RB position, former wide receiver at Notre Dame.

174. 49ers: Fahn Cooper-Good pick. He was my #14 available and looked very solid at LT and RT the past two years with Ole Miss. In the pros he’s solely a RT prospect and that is a good fit as the 49ers have an All-Pro in Joe Staley at LT while their RT position is in flux with the current issues involving Anthony Davis. At worst he provides good depth but there is a starting spot available to him if he is quick to develop.

178. Chiefs: DJ White-This is a great pick, #3 available, and the Chiefs are starting to have a really good draft. Getting DJ White and Eric Murray on Day 3, two guys who had 2nd round grades on my board, is outstanding value. Both are stronger, physical guys which is their preferred profile at CB. White also was a team leader and was incredibly productive last year. I suspect White or Murray is a starting CB in 2018. Considering that player will be making less than $800k a year, that is a great ROI.

179. Chargers: Drew Kaser-I didn’t grade the special teams players so he wasn’t on my board but Aguayo was the best kicker to come out of college in years and Kaser was the best punter to come out of college in years. Aguayo in the 2nd made sense, Kaser in the 6th is a steal. Keep in mind the Jaguars took the best punter in the draft a few years ago in the 3rd round, famously ahead of Russell Wilson, so usually when you have that once every few years type punter, like Kaser is, he is taken earlier than the 6th round. This is a sneaky good pick.

184. Giants: Jerell Adams-This is a great pick, #7 available, as he was my #4 TE and he is at least the 8th TE taken. On upside he has a higher ceiling than Austin Hooper and his surprisingly athleticism and quickness for his size reminds me of a poor man’s Martellus Bennett. The Giants have had a bad draft this year but Adams is a great pick.

Cowboys on the clock: At this point in the draft you aren’t really going completely off your board but are starting to look at your board and saying, who is a guy that for sure will be drafted in the next 60 picks if we don’t take him as now you are maybe skipping over guys that could be available as undrafted free agents. I would love to see Scooby Wright or Eric Striker taken here as both are good fits as WLBs in Marinelli’s scheme. Wright has an injury concern though and very easily could go undrafted. Johnstone is another that I love but isn’t favored by a lot of people and could easily go undrafted as well. Mills is still undrafted for unknown reasons as he dominated at the Senior Bowl and had a late 1st/early 2nd round grade on my board. I guess off the field issues but who knows.

  1. Jalen Mills S LSU
  2. Tyler Johnstone OG Oregon
  3. Keyarris Garrett WR Tulsa
  4. Scooby Wright LB Arizona
  5. Eric Striker LB Oklahoma
  6. Jonathan Jones CB Auburn
  7. Roger Lewis WR Bowling Green
  8. Jack Allen C Michigan St.
  9. Vadal Alexander OG LSU
  10. Maurice Canady S Virginia
  11. Devontae Booker RB Utah
  12. Sebastian Tretola OG Arkansas
  13. Tyler Matakevich LB Temple
  14. Kolby Listenbee WR TCU
  15. Jeremy Cash S Duke

189. Cowboys: Anthony Brown-He ran a 4.35 40 and seems like a good athlete that lacks toughness. I did not scout him and he was not on my board but I only have one other CB, Jonathan Jones from Auburn, with any real talent left on my board so I’m not worried about them taking him instead of someone else on my board. Clearly they decided they needed to address the CB position in this draft. I agree but just disagree about them starting the process in the 6th round. To me most good starting cornerbacks in the NFL are taken in rounds 1-3. Yes you can argue all positions are kind of like that but QB, LT, Pass Rusher and CB is more so as you see a lot of mid to late round (or undrafted) guys starting at OG, C, LB and S. You don’t see a lot at CB. Maybe Brown surprises but to me they had their shots at Jalen Ramsey, Kendall Fuller and others yet went other directions. I think that is a mistake as again the Cowboys will have Scandrick, Carr, Claiborne, Church and Wilcox in their top 6 DBs which will be the 4th straight year they’ve had that combo. I just can’t logically process why they see that combination fail every year and never address it. (Yes they added Bryon Jones last year in the 1st round but those 5 DBs still have stayed in their spots for the past 3 years, 4 years if you remove Wilcox. The logic still holds up as Jones only is 1 member of a 4-5 member secondary. You need more than 1 body to improve a unit dramatically.)

192. Bills: Kolby Listenbee-He wasn’t my favorite player but he’s #14 available and surprisingly dropped so some will argue he’s a steal at this point. I don’t necessarily agree as he’s a one trick pony, pure speed, but at this point in the draft you’re searching for elite traits and he has one. He easily could be a bust but he also wouldn’t shock me as a #3 WR for the next 8-10 years. Solid pick.

193. Titans: Sebastian Tretola-He’s a physical mauler type that I liked but didn’t love, #12 available. Everyone who scouts him knows his strengths and weaknesses so guys like him are more scheme fits than good/bad players. With the Titans he’s a great scheme fit as he will play opposite Chance Warmack who is another mauler type with questionable athleticism. This is a good value pick in the 6th round as in the right scheme he has starter potential.

201. Jaguars: Brandon Allen-I love Brandon’s tape and think he’s a great fit here, #15 available. He reminds me of Case Keenum with his size, surprisingly strong arm and really good mobility. That being said Keenum is more a great backup than anything else and Allen projects as that too due to his small size, 6’1 215. Watch the 2015 tape though and you will see the best QB in the SEC and a guy that really can thread the needle and make plays when everything breaks down. Don’t be surprised if he excels in the preseason in 2016 or 2017 and there are trade rumors about him as he won’t be supplanting Blake Bortles.

209. Ravens: Maurice Canady-I like this pick, #10 available, but some will say it’s an absolute steal as I had the distinct impression that I had him graded lower on my board than the consensus. The reason is I think he’s a safety not a cornerback and downgraded him as a result. It will be interesting to see where the Ravens take him but again it looks like Newsome made a good value pick in the latter rounds, surprise surprise.

211. 49ers: Kelvin Taylor-Some will love this pick due to his bloodlines but I don’t as he has no burst, his yards per carry were under 5.0 each of his three seasons which is terrible, and I think he wouldn’t have even been a high level recruit out of High School except for his dad so now he’s a late round pick because of his dad? The fact is Florida probably was happy to see him leave early for the NFL as they probably felt like they needed to play him due to his dad’s connections but he just wasn’t that good in college and won’t be good in the NFL. He’s not his dad. Move on.

Cowboys on the clock, here are my Top 10 Available:

  1. Jalen Mills S LSU
  2. Tyler Johnstone OG Oregon
  3. Keyarris Garrett WR Tulsa
  4. Scooby Wright LB Arizona
  5. Eric Striker LB Oklahoma
  6. Jonathan Jones CB Auburn
  7. Roger Lewis WR Bowling Green
  8. Jack Allen C Michigan St.
  9. Vadal Alexander OG LSU
  10. Devontae Booker RB Utah

212. Cowboys: Kavon Frazier-Another guy I didn’t have on my board. I will go back and scout these Cowboys selections that I didn’t draft so I can get a feel for them. Per Bucky Brooks, one of my favorite media analysts, Frazier is gaining weight (played at 215 and is currently 225) so the idea is that the Cowboys want him as a WLB in their 403 and not as a SS. That makes sense as 4-3 WLB is an easy to fill but also a very valuable position for their defense and currently I see no talent behind Sean Lee. They are well off at SLB but surprisingly WLB is a need, at least depth wise, so this makes sense.

216. Cowboys: Darius Jackson-RB Eastern Michigan. Not on my board. I’ll scout him and post a profile later.

217. Cowboys: Rico Gathers-TE Baylor. Now I don’t have him on my board BUT I know this kid. He’s a high profile guy in the media as he’s a former power forward who is switch sports a la Antonio Gates, Jimmy Graham and Tony Gonzalez. Now those latter two had at least one season of football so Gathers is raw as can be BUT their depth chart at TE is pretty set already with Witten, Escobar and Hanna so they can afford to “redshirt” him if you will. He is a pick for 2017 not 2016 just like their 2nd rounder Jaylon Smith.

233. Eagles: Jalen Mills-This is one of the best picks in the entire draft. He’s #1 available on my board and has been for quite awhile as I saw him as a late 1st/early 2nd round grade. Now there are some off the field issues with him and I don’t sit down with guys at the Combine to interview them  so I have to assume this has contributed to his fall down the board as on talent alone he is a very good FS prospect. He had a great Senior Bowl week, played cornerback actually, showing great cover skills and you have to wonder what the media and I don’t know which caused him to fall this far. If he gets that cleaned up he should be a steal at this point and at worst is a great roll of the dice in the 7th round.

234. Raiders: Vadal Alexander-He’s great value, #8 available, and a great fit as the Raiders are the most heavy OL in the league with Keleche Osemele at OT, Menelik Watson, Donald Penn, Gabe Jackson, Austin Howard, etc. To add a guy like Alexander shows they know their profile and they are drafting accordingly. I love that. This is one of the better picks on Day 3.

246. Steelers: Tyler Matakevich-He’s #9 available and is a physical guy that goes all out. He has a never ending motor and fits well in a Steeler’s uniform. At worst he’s a core special teamer and at best he’s

250. Browns: Scooby Wright-Okay okay okay. I’m trying not to get too excited about this pick but dude his 2014 season was one of THE GREATEST SEASONS EVER!!!! I’m just saying this kid can’t do what he did in 2014 and then never be heard from again. I LOVE this pick. Also considering the Browns wrapped up the best draft this year in the 4th round, it is no surprise that they added him in the 7th round! Maybe the best pick in Day 3, I thought Connor Cook would be that pick but Scooby in the 7th? Really? I just don’t get how guys this productive fall so far.


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