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2017 C Rankings

March 30, 2017

Cream and Crimson Spring Football Game, 04/18/15_Mike Dickbernd

  1. Dan Feeney Indiana 6’3 ⅞ 305 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. Many considered him the best OL at the Senior Bowl practices. Reminds some people of Cody Whitehair due to his C/OG versatility. He had a good COmbine with 5.24 40 and 34 reps on the bench. He has some dominant tape out there and is a great combination of quickness and strength. He’s a real battler and loves the pancake block. He has good technique though sometimes his passion gets him into poor angles. Overall though he’s dominant and quite a few OL coaches will fall in love with him due to that passion combined with his talent level. He’s the best in this draft at combo blocks and is the reason why many teams think he could be a Pro Bowl center. I’m in agreement with those scouts as he’s more technician than mauler and fits best at center in my opinion. Whether at C or OG though, he has Pro Bowl potential and is an extremely safe pick due to his passion for the game, obvious strength on film (lack of strength is one of the most common bust factors for interior OL) and elite experience (started since his freshman year, 1st Team All Big Ten in 2015 and 2016, 3rd Team All-American in 2015, 1st Team All-American in 2016). Early 2nd round as my #1 C 3/13/17.
  2. Jon Toth Kentucky 6’4 ⅞ 307 Sr. Redshirted one year. He showed up tall, long (33 ⅝) and with big hands (‘10) yet otherwise struggled at the Combine with a 5.51 40 (5th worst among 47 OL), 8.09 3 cone (10th worst) and 21 reps (9th worst). He seems to move on film much better than his Combine numbers would suggest. His Alabama film is very good and showed he has the strength, length and lateral agility to compete against upper echelon college talent. Quick DTs will be his kryptonite as he doesn’t have great quickness but it’s mitigated somewhat by his impressive frame. He began his career at OT then moved inside to C in the 2013 season and stayed there the final three years. He had a good Senior Bowl, grading out best among the South’s OL for the game (per profootballfocus). I’m hearing Toth as a mid round pick and that makes sense if you go off his Combine measurables, which were horrible, but his tape is very impressive and I see him as a long time, above average starter with even a little Pro Bowl potential sprinkled in. Toth is strong in the run game, consistent in his blocks and has the length and smarts to make up for his mediocre athleticism. He’s an underrated prospect who should be an immediate contributor as a rookie. Late 2nd round as my #2 C 3/11/17.
  3. Lucas Crowley North Carolina 6’2 ⅛ 297 Sr. Not invited to the Combine. 3 year starter. 2nd Team ACC in 2016. Confusing he wasn’t 1st team since he was offensive lineman of the week for the conference 3 times? He is a bit undersized but has very good lateral quickness. He isn’t strong at the POA and could struggle against big NTs. Without a Combine invite and with little in the way of recognition it appears that Crowley won’t be drafted. That lack of interest surprises me as I really like his film. He has some of the best quickness of any center in this draft class and seems to consistently block his man. His lack of height and limited strength are worrisome but I see him as a low upside solid starter in the NFL and a bit of a steal. Early 4th round as my #3 C 3/11/17.
  4. Tyler Orlosky West Virginia 6’3 ⅛ 298 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He only lifted at the Combine (24 reps, below average). 3 year starter at center. 2nd team Big 12 in 2015, 1st team Big 12 in 2016. Team captain. He is undersized at 298 lbs and has very short arms at ‘32 ¼, both of which worry me a lot. He has good strength and looks to battle people, a characteristic I like in my interior OL. He has a number of pancake blocks on his film. He has mediocre athleticism, made worse by being short and undersized. I question if the NFL will be “too big” for him. He attaches well on blocks and rarely whiffs. Teams that focus on spreadsheets might take him off their board as he’s short, undersized and not that athletic. Due to these factors, his upside is limited but I like his film. He’s smart, feisty, strong and consistently makes his blocks. I see him as an average starting C or OG at the next level. He won’t wow you but getting an okay starter on a cheap, rookie contract is a win for any franchise and I think he’ll be that. 4th rounder as my #4 C 3/11/2017.
  5. Ethan Pocic LSU 6’6 310 Sr. An extremely tall center who surprisingly only has ‘33 ⅛ arms. He does have very large ‘10 ⅛ hands though. He impressed with a 5.15 40 (7th best among 47 OL) to go along with 26 reps. Pronounced Posick. His two brothers were successful college centers as well so he has center in his DNA. 2nd team SEC in 2015, 1st team SEC in 2016 (both at center). He has limited experience at OG early in his career but played exclusively C the past two years. Due to his height and quickness he could play all five OL positions which makes him a possible “6th man” which OL coaches love. Considered very intelligent by coaches. He isn’t strong at the POA and struggles at times due to his elite height. I honestly don’t like interior OL this tall and see it as a detriment. He isn’t for every scheme as he works best in space and needs to be paired with a bulldozing OG to help him against bigger NTs. To me he seems better as a 6th man where his versatility and intelligence will shine than as a full time starter at C. His tape is up and down, Florida game being bad/Alabama game being good. Also strength in a center is one of the most important factors in whether or not they are successful at the next level so it being his biggest weakness is a huge red flag. I suspect he will be drafted higher than this but I wouldn’t take him till the late 4th round. Late 4th round as my #5 C 3/11/17.
  6. Cameron Tom Southern Miss 6’3 ¾ 291 Sr. Not invited to the Combine. An extremely quiet person, not a great fit as a center who is often the vocal leader of an OL. 1st Team Conference USA in 2015 and 2016. He’s long, lean and agile. Seems as much OT as C and will need to bulk up. It was difficult finding much tape on him but from what I saw he looked athletic and had a good frame. He’s a project type that could become a good starter down the road if given time. 5th round as my #6 C 3/11/17.
  7. Kyle Fuller Baylor 6’4 ¾ 307 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He had a solid Combine with a 5.24 40, ‘26 vertical and showed off great length at nearly 6’5 with ‘34 arms and ‘10 hands. He’s got OT size and length with the quickness to play outside as well if needed. His athleticism is obvious on film and isn’t just measurables. Unfortunately he is raw, isn’t very strong and isn’t nasty. I could see a lot of OL coaches hate him due to that last characteristic as he just doesn’t seem to want to battle opponents very much. He’s accurate with his snaps from the shotgun. 2x 2nd team Big 12 (2015-2016). He impressed at the Senior Bowl in one on one drills. Fuller is an interesting prospect as he has a very high bust rate due to his lack of strength and tenacity but his size, length and quickness are 2nd round quality. He’s a classic boom/bust type who I think will be a bust but is worth a shot in the mid to late rounds for a team seeking a high upside project. Early 6th round as my #7 C 3/11/2017.
  8. Chase Roullier Wyoming 6’3 ¾ 312 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. Small school kid that really needed a good Combine and didn’t get it with a 5.54 40 and only 19 reps (both among the worst for the 47 OL). He did impress with an elite 7.60 3 cone (6th best among 47 OL). He played OG in 2015 and was highly rated by PFF, moved to C in 2016 and played well there also. He is at his best on the move due to his great agility. He shows some pop in the run game but isn’t a road grader and seems very raw technique wise. I like this kid as a project but that’s what he appears to be. With his frame and agility he could become a starter but it will be a few years, if successful, due to his lack of technique, poor showing in the weight room at the Combine and small school experience. 6th round as my #8 C 3/11/17.
  9. Jay Guillermo Clemson 6’2 ⅝ 301 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. Not invited to the Combine. 1st Team ACC in 2016, 2nd team ACC in 2015. Had a season high 5 knockdowns against Ohio State in their BCS bowl game earning All-Bowl team. He struggled against Alabama as they looked stronger than him and shows his biggest weakness as a prospect. Clemson had a gimmicky offense with lots of quick passes which gave him a lot of protection. His film isn’t great though and I think his 1st Team ACC was a result of playing for a powerhouse like Clemson and not indicative of his play. He is a fringe prospect that likely won’t make it but has enough talent to be worth a late round flier. Late 6th round as my #9 C 3/11/17.

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