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2017 OG Rankings

March 31, 2017

NCAA FOOTBALL: Mean Green vs Hilltoppers NOV 12

  1. Forrest Lamp Western Kentucky 6’3 ⅝ 309 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He had a great first practice at the Senior Bowl then ended his week due to a high ankle sprain. He had a wow type Combine performance with a 5.00 40, 34 reps on the bench and a 7.55 3 cone. If his arms weren’t ‘32 ¼ he’d have the athleticism to stay at LT. He played well against Alabama this year and helped give his QB a surprising amount of time against their elite D. Their wideouts never got open, which obviously isn’t his fault, but I digress. His strength seemed very NFL caliber in that game. He has a RT build and could gain weight if a team wanted him heavier. I love lamp (Ron Burgundy reference). He’s an incredibly safe prospect as he is strong, agile and consistent. He should be an above average guard immediately and has some outside potential as a Pro Bowler. 10 year starter. Early 2nd round as my #1 OG 3/13/17.
  2. Pat Elflein Ohio State 6’2 ⅝ 303 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He had a poor Combine with 23 ½ vert (4th worst among 47 OL), 5.32 40 (17th worst), 22 reps (12th worst), 8’3 broad (12th worst) and only came in at 303 lbs. 4 year wrestler, a big plus in my eyes for interior OL/DL. 3x All Big Ten from 2014-2016. Played OG in 2014 and 2015 and moved to C in 2016 where he was an All-American. Widely known as the hardest worker on the team. On film he’s a thick, powerful interior player that likes to battle people. He isn’t a good athlete, either on film or with his measurables, and I question if he fits all schemes. He cannot make blocks consistently at the second level. I don’t see a lot of pop in the running game and question those that see him as a roadgrader. He always stays on his feet. He knows angles and clearly attacks the correct side of a defender. He made huge strides in 2016 with his tape being dramatically better than his 2014/2015. It appears that he gained a little athleticism as a senior, possibly due to his elite work ethic. Some people are really into Elflein. I am not one of them. His 2014-2015 tape is that of a 5th rounder, as he struggled mightily in space and didn’t get much push in the run game. In 2016 he improved dramatically but I still don’t see him as anything more than a slightly above average starter at the next level. I also don’t see the elite quickness or length I prefer in my centers so I have moved him to OG. He has a lot of experience in a big time program, he has an incredible work ethic, he is a former wrestler and he has made strides as a player recently so there is a lot to like about him but his upside is limited in my opinion so he settles in as a safe pick that should start immediately as a rookie. 3rd rounder as my #2 OG 3/11/2017.
  3. Dorian Johnson Pittsburgh 6’4 ⅞ 300 Sr. He had a 5.33 40, 21 reps and 8.39 3 cone which is atrocious. Unsure what happened on that 3 cone drill but he doesn’t play that slow and actually looks like one of the quicker, more agile guards in this draft. He’s an aggressive, athletic guard that regularly overextends himself which often causes poor blocks and whiffs. He shows some pop in the running game, has a great frame and is passionate so there is a lot to like but he’s pretty raw and inconsistent. He’s the classic third round guard as he has a high ceiling and some Pro Bowl potential but also could struggle at times at the next level ala Larry Warford, Brian Winters, Gabe Jackson and other recent third round guards. He reminds me a lot of Brian Winters due to his inconsistent tape but high motor and passion. 3rd round as my #3 OG 3/13/17.
  4. Zach Banner USC 6’8 ⅜ 353 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. A mammoth of a man at 6’8 ½ 353 (both most in this OL class) with ‘34 ⅞ arms and ‘10 ¾ hands. His 5.58 40 and 8.31 3 cone are both very poor but to be expected out of someone this big. Son of Lincoln Kennedy. Former basketball player. Rumors had his weight over 400 lbs during his time at USC. He’s a massive man who will struggle with his weight his entire career. On film I like him though as he’s quick and agile for his height/weight and shows a lot of strength at the POA. It’s too bad that he isn’t more athletic as his height and wingspan make much more sense as a RT (which he played at USC) than inside where everything is so tight. 3 year starter at RT, 1st Team Pac-12 in 2015 and 2016. Very intelligent as he was a finalist for the Watkins Award (nation’s top honor for African American student athletes coming out of High School). I worry about him inside and there is no tape of him at OG so it’s all projection. That being said his tape is very good and his all-conference honors are quite deserving. He has noticeable pop in the run game, has a slow steady pace to his movements which keep him from lunging (a rarity at his height/weight) and I see him being a future starting OL. I say OL not OG as I’m not 100% sure he can’t be an average RT. The biggest question mark though might be whether he eats himself out of the NFL. His weight concerns, along with his lack of tape at OG have me a little worried so he drops a bit despite his impressive tape. Late 3rd round as my #4 OG 3/13/17.
  5. Jermaine Eluemunor Texas A&M 6’3 ⅞ 332 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He had a great 40 (5.22) for a guy his size. His 34 reps didn’t disappoint either showing his talents as a roadgrader. He’s from England and played wrestling and rugby until switching to football in High School. He redshirted in 2014 after coming to Texas A&M from the JUCO ranks and was a backup RG in 2015, starting RG and RT in 2016. He shows a noticeable punch in the run game and jolts players. He’s extremely raw but improved dramatically at Texas A&M and could be a steal if this high risk/high reward kid pans out. He didn’t have a good game vs. Alabama (who does) but his film in other games was very good this year. I like him a lot as he seems like a raw kid that is just learning the game and coming into his own. He has a very high ceiling and could become an upper echelon starter if given time and good coaching. There is a high bust rate with him though so I could see him drop on draft day due to his lack of experience. Late 3rd round as my #5 OG 3/13/17.
  6. Danny Isidora Miami 6’3 ⅜ 306 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He had a 5.03 40 (great), ‘33 arms (average), 26 reps (average), ‘29 vertical (very good) and a 8.13 3 cone (bad) so a mixed bag. Starting RG 3 straight years for the Hurricanes, 2nd Team ACC in 2016. He has the perfect frame for a “true guard” with a nice thickness throughout and a big butt. He isn’t extremely agile, especially laterally, and will need help against quick defensive tackles. He fits best in a run scheme as he has some pop but he isn’t a stud mauler by any means and could even stand to add some weight (possibly dropped weight to improve his 40). I like Danny. He projects as a solid guard at the next level and could be a bit of a steal as I haven’t heard much about him and his lack of accolades at the college level is surprising. Early 4th round as my #6 OG 3/13/17.
  7. JJ Dielman Utah 6’4 ¾ 309 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He has ‘32 ½ arms which would be among the smallest arms of any OT in the NFL so I have him as an OG. 2nd team Pac-12 in 2015 at RT. He started 5 games in 2016 at C before a leg injury ended his season prematurely. An an interior OL I like him as he’s strong at the POA and has decent agility. He isn’t an amazing athlete and isn’t an absolute mauler but he fits in as a low upside OG at the next level. 4th round as my #7 OG 3/19/17.
  8. Ben Braden Michigan 6’6 ¾ 329 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He is a very tall prospect for an OG at nearly 6’7. He has ‘34 arms and a shockingly fast 40 (5.04) for 329 lbs. He has some of the best feet of any interior OL in this class. He easily and effortlessly gets to guys at the first and second level but doesn’t have great pop once he arrives. His tape is good but not great. 2nd Team Big 10 in 2016. He is extremely active and would work well in a scheme that had him help his teammates in pass pro (bigger, stronger guys) and make second level blocks in the run game. He’s a solid prospect and should make it due to his feet but his inconsistent tape, penchant for being beat on his edges and lack of pop give him a low ceiling. 4th round as my #8 OG 3/13/17.
  9. Sam Tevi Utah 6’5 ⅜ 311 Sr. He had solid numbers at the Combine with a 5.27 40, 7.84 3 cone and 4.60 shuttle (top 10 among 47 OL). He started his career on the DL then moved to LT in 2015 and RT in 2016. He’s a very aggressive player and shows that defensive tenacity. He has a noticeable pop in the run game and shows quick feet, especially when moving to 2nd level blocks. He is raw and doesn’t hold his blocks well, oftentimes just hitting a guy as hard as he can and then losing him. He seems much more guardlike than RT as his aggressiveness and lack of technique get him in trouble in space. At guard though I’m very intrigued as he has noticeable strength on film and seems like a good project type to take a shot on in the middle rounds. 4th round as my #9 OG 3/20/17.
  10. Sean Harlow Oregon State 6’4 ⅛ 303 Sr. He’s a former OT who will have to move inside due to his very short arms (‘32), small hands (‘9 ½) and poor lateral quickness (8.16 3 cone-6th worst among 47 OL at the Combine). That being said he had a good 40 (5.15),  bench (26) and vertical (‘30 ½-3rd best) so there is athleticism, it’s just as an OG not an OT. Son of former first round OT Pat Harlow of the Patriots. 2nd team Pac-12 in 2016 at LT. He’s played or practiced all five OL positions. Missed half of 2015 season with a broken leg. I’m a huge fan of moving good left tackles inside to OG as there is a very high success rate of that move (Logan Mankins, Zach Martin, Eric Steinbach, Daryn Colledge, Joel Bitonio, etc.). He doesn’t have the pure athleticism of those guys but has decent strength and explosion so he should be an okay guard for a team. Late 4th round as my #10 OG 3/13/17.
  11. Avery Gennesy Texas A&M 6’3 ½ 318 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He had a 5.35 40, 8.08 3 cone and ‘33 ⅝ arm length all of which seem more OG than OT. He signed out of the JUCO ranks in 2014, redshirted that year, won LT spot from Germaine Ifedi (though Ifedi fits the bill better as a RT anyway) and started there in 2015 and 2016. He and Jermaine Eluemunor played together the past few years and Gennesy was the more decorated collegiate but looks to be the inferior prospect. Gennessy lacks the size or athleticism to stay outside and doesn’t have Jermaine’s raw strength to make him an elite interior player. He should be a solid OG but isn’t anything special as a prospect. Late 4th round as my #11 OG 3/13/17.
  12. Taylor Moton Western Michigan 6’5 ¼ 319 Sr. He had a very good Combine with a 5.18 40, ‘34 ⅛ arms, ‘10 ⅝ hands, ‘30 ½ vertical and 4.58 shuttle all of which were above average to great. 4 year starter, never missing a game in his career. 3 years he was at RT, 1 year (junior year) he was at RG. 1st Team MAC in 2016. He’s an extremely massive man who tested really well at the Combine but who doesn’t play up to that level of athleticism on film. Moton also surprised me with how little pop he got in the run game. For a man his size and girth he didn’t move people a lot. I did like the aggressiveness and borderline chippiness he displayed against Wisconsin and think he fits better, physically and personality wise, as a guard instead of a RT. That being said I’m not a huge fan of him as a guard prospect due to that surprising lack of pop in the run game. Early 5th round as my #12 OG 3/18/17.
  13. Corey Levin Chattanooga 6’3 ⅞ 307 Sr. He has ‘10 ⅞ hands which are massive. His 5.16 40, 7.55 3 cone and 8’10 broad are all above average to great. It was hard getting film on him but Levin looked athletic and aggressive in what I did find. He often overextended, didn’t seem extremely strong and ended up on the ground more than I would have wanted to see so I’m not thrilled by him but he has a lot of key characteristics you look for in project guards (big hands, athletic, explosive). 5th round as my #13 OG 3/13/17.
  14. Jordan Morgan Kutztown 6’2 ⅝ 309 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. Graded out very high by PFF for the Senior Bowl game. He had a 5.36 40, ‘27 vertical, 21 reps and a 8.13 3 cone all but the vertical being below average. He played LT at Kutztown but until now I’d never heard of Kutztown as a university so that’s nothing special. On film he moves very well and I like his frame, especially his ‘34 ⅝ arms, but he’s nothing more than a high ceilinged project. I’m giving him a draftable grade larger due to his Senior Bowl game. 6th round as my #14 OG 3/13/17.
  15. Isaac Asiata Utah 6’3 ⅛ 323 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He had a great Combine coming in big (323 lbs), strong (35 reps-most out of 47 OL) and with solid explosion numbers (vert/broad jump) for a huge guy like he is. Cousin of Matt Asiata, RB for Vikings. 2nd Team Pac-12 in 2016. He had a two year mission trip, like all Utah and BYU players, and is 24 years old making him one of the oldest prospects in this draft. He has solid arm length and on film is very aggressive, really attacking opponents. His weight room strength doesn’t fully translate to the field and he isn’t the road grader I expected of him. He struggles to stay on his blocks and defenders separate from him too regularly. He has mediocre lateral agility and his aggressive style causes him to be lunging far too often. I loved Asiata’s Combine but I didn’t like his tape. His profile is of a roadgrading beast in the fun game but his tape makes him more of a lunging, raw prospect that has poor technique and won’t fit many systems. He could be a project type in a run oriented system but otherwise I’d take him off my draft board due to his film. I see a future bust but guys with his measurables are coveted so he likely will still get drafted. For my rankings though he’s a 7th rounder as my #15 OG 3/13/17.
  16. Jessamen Dunker Tennessee State 6’4 ¼ 318 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He had a great 4.98 40 to go along with good vertical and broad jump numbers. With only ‘33 ½ arms and coming from a small school a lot of teams want him to be an OG but some will keep him outside due to his athleticism. He started his career at Florida, x-fer to Tennessee State after being arrested for grand theft of a scooter. He’s a bit of a punk by his arrest record, demeanor at the Combine and profile pic. He was 1st Team All-OVC and an FCS All-American in 2016 so he dominated his lower level of competition. I couldn’t find any tape of him so I’ll just regurgitate what I’ve read. He’s a top athlete who isn’t very strong. His short arms make him a better fit at OG than OT but some will keep him outside. To me he seems like a punk and I wouldn’t waste my time on him. If you do, he’s a project type. 7th round as my #16 OG 3/13/17.
  17. Erik Magnuson Michigan 6’4 ½ 303 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. Not invited to the Combine. 3rd Team Big 10 in 2015, 1st Team in 2016. He played RT at Michigan and projects there in the pros, though could move inside with his shorter height and experience one year at guard in college. Former TE which I love on an OT’s resume. I don’t have his arm length available but it appears short on film. He consistently lost the edge against Ohio State in 2016 and missed a lot of blocks, run and pass. He’s clearly an OG not a RT in my eyes as he just can’t stay with edge rushers and will need to battle in a phone booth. In that area he could be NFL caliber but I don’t see great technique or strength from him either so I’m not really interested in him except as an undrafted free agent flier type. Free Agent as my #17 OG 3/18/17.
  18. Nico Siragusa San Diego St. 6’4 ¼ 319 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He had a 5.35 40, 28 reps, ‘32 vertical (best among 47 OL) and a 4.71 3 cone with the reps and vertical being very good numbers. He’s a lumbering guy with mediocre pop in the run game. He could develop into a starter down the road but he won’t start immediately and has a low ceiling. Likely a draft bust. Free agent as my #18 OG 3/13/17.

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