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2017 OT Rankings

April 12, 2017

Cam Robinson

  1. Cam Robinson Alabama 6’6 ¼ 322 Jr. #1 OT coming out of High School. He dominated from the very beginning as he was Freshman All-American and has been 1st Team SEC in 2015 and 2016. He started all three years, never missed a game, at LT. He wowed at the Combine with a 5.15 40 which is ridiculous with his frame. Add in his ‘35 ½ arms and that he was average in the other drills and you have a physical freak. His frame is similar to DJ Fluker but he’s much more agile and could stay at LT if needed, think Cordy Glenn. I think it’s obvious that he’s a better fit at RT due to his dominance in the run game but it will be up to teams to decide. He gets great movement in the run game and really enjoys the fight. He’s the best mauler, at any OL position, in this draft. Due to his tenacity, he often gets overextended and will give up more sacks than a prospect of his caliber should. PFF rated him as only the 90th best OT in the country in 2016 and many people feel he hasn’t developed much since his stellar freshman year. That being said the kid has Hall of Fame talent as he’s tall, quick, has incredibly long arms and is one of the stronger OL you will ever grade. At worst a team could move him to OG and have a Keleche Osemele type player. At best he becomes everything the Rams hoped Greg Robinson would become as they have similar attributes. Yes, Greg has been a colossal bust but Cam is far more experienced, has much better tape and isn’t the same type of risk as a prospect. Cam has risks as a prospect but it’s in regards to his consistency. His best plays and best games are elite, he just needs to improve his technique, not try and destroy people on every play and be more focused. Teams will also have to sort out an off the field incident as he was arrested with a teammate and police found marijuana and a stolen handgun in the car. For an “elite” prospect that sure is a lot of red flags and, while I can’t help but love the kid’s highlight reel, I have to downgrade him due to all of these question marks. He has Top 5 talent and I always expected him to get that grade but due to his inconsistent game film, the fact that he plateaued as a prospect the past 2 years, he has an arrest record, and he might not settle out as a LT when all is said and done I have to drop him to a Top 15 grade. Top 15 as my #1 OT 3/18/17.
  2. Garett Bolles Utah 6’5 297 Jr. JUCO player who made 1st Team Pac-12 in 2016. He’s a tall, thin OL with elite quickness and speed. At the Combine he wowed with a 4.95 40 (anything below 5.00 is elite), 7.29 3 cone (1st among 47 OL) and 4.55 shuttle (1st as well). Bolles reminds me of Tyler Johnstone out of Oregon last year, minus the injury history. I loved Johnstone due to his elite quickness and speed but the NFL couldn’t have cared less for him with him going undrafted and put on IR for his entire rookie year. The reason he hasn’t, so far at least, translated that athleticism to the pros is the same reason I worry about Bolles-a lack of strength. With 9 ⅜ hands (very small) and at only 297 lbs he might always struggle against power rushers. His height, arm length (‘34) and elite speed and quickness though scream future LT and I just think a good strength coach could add 10 lbs of muscle to him and make him a borderline Pro Bowler. He effortlessly holds the edge due to his great lateral agility and I see many elite attributes to his game. I compare him to Tyler Johnstone but Tyler was very injury prone in college and wasn’t as smooth as Bolles is. Bolles has rare agility and movement skills who could be a Pro Bowl LT or LG if he improves his strength. His upside is that of a Top 10 pick but his red flags, lack of strength and only 1 year of Division 1 football, move him down a bit. It wouldn’t surprise me though if he was the #1 OL, not just OT, from this draft when it is reviewed in 5 years. Top 20 as my #2 OT 4/10/17.
  3. Conor McDermott UCLA 6’8 ⅛ 307 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He had a 5.18 40, 4.58 shuttle (4th among 47 OL) and 7.52 3 cone (3rd). Add on his ‘34 ¾ arms and ‘11 hands and you have a big, long and surprisingly agile man. McDermott has the frame, length and athleticism to be a LT but doesn’t move like one as he’s a bit hulking. I could see some teams overlook that and leave him at LT, where he’d likely be average to above average, but preferably he’d move to RT where he would be a better fit. He can play either spot though and will likely get drafted by a team that is forced to play him at LT. On film he’s a big man that plays like a big man. He battles people and gets good movement against his opponent, whether in the run game or passing game. He consistently blocks his man and really relishes the battles in the trenches, another reason I like him more at RT. 2nd Team Pac-12 in 2015 and 2016. Conor had a good week of practice at the Senior Bowl but gave up a bad sack in the game off a speed rush. He also got his ass kicked by Myles Garrett in the 2016 season opener (6 QB hurries, 4 QB hits and 1 sack per PFF). Both further cement my view that he can play either side but fits much better as a RT than LT. Either way he projects as an immediate starter at the next level and should be drafted early due to his elite frame and good athleticism. Early 2nd round as my #3 OT 3/18/17.
  4. Antonio Garcia Troy 6’6 ¼ 302 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He had a great 5.15 40 and ‘31 vertical (2nd among 47 OL) yet had very poor shuttle (4.94) and 3 cone (7.98) times which mean he has poor lateral agility but is explosive and has good speed, an odd combination. Started pretty much his entire career at LT, earned 1st Team Sun Belt in 2016. He has ‘32 ⅞ arms which are very small and worries me he might need to move inside. I’m leaving him at OT though because his body is that of an OT not an OG and I think he’d lose most of his value inside. He’s a difficult evaluation because the spreadsheet guys will not like him with his short arms and poor agility drills yet his tape is very good. He has a nice center of balance that allows him to comfortably anchor in pass protection and not overextend. He also has good pop in his game and surprised me how strong he appeared. His film makes me think LT is an outside possibility but with his noticeable strength and short arms I’d be much more comfortable with him on the right side. His Clemson tape is dominant. At the Senior Bowl he had a good week. Both are impressive due to the noticeable step up in talent for him. I think he’ll be a good RT immediately for someone and could be a steal if teams downgrade him too much for his small school background or short arms. His tape is top notch and makes me think he has some Pro Bowl potential. I just wonder how others will rank him due to his noticeably inferior measurables in certain key areas. Early 2nd round as my #4 OT 3/18/17.
  5. Dion Dawkins Temple 6’3 ⅞ 314 Sr. He had ‘35 arms, an elite 7.30 3 cone (best among 47 OL) and a very good 5.11 40 which all makes me consider him an OT not an OG, despite his sub 6’4 height (which will make some teams immediately move him to OG due to height requirements they set at OT-see Ben Ijalana as a prime example). I also see him as an OT instead of an OG as he has a very un-guard like temperment. He’s soft and there aren’t many soft guards in the NFL but there are a decent number of soft tackles, especially left tackles. He started at LT the past three seasons for the owls earning 2nd Team American Athletic Conference in 2015 and 1st Team in 2016. He has good athleticism but his 3 cone doesn’t fully translate to the field. That being said I do think he could play LT at a decent level in the NFL and that alone will make him highly coveted. He reminds me of Kelvin Beachum out of SMU, who also was under 6’4 yet has made a solid career for himself as an above average LT. Early 3rd round as my #5 OT 3/13/17.
  6. Ryan Ramczyk Wisconsin 6’5 ¾ 310 Jr. Redshirted one year. Redshirted one year. He only lifted at the Combine (25 reps). He has ‘33 ¾ arms and ‘10 ⅞ hands. He began his career oddly enough at a Division III technical school. He was 2x All-Conference there, sat out the 2015 season to x-fer to Wisconsin, and started every game at LT in 2016 earning 1st Team Big Ten. He had surgery this offseason on his hip and should be fine by training camp but it kept him from performing at the Combine in drills. He’s long and lean for an OL. He is very agile and is good on 2nd level blocks. He has great speed for an OL and likely would have run a low 5.0 time. He’s much more athletic going forward than backwards and doesn’t have a smooth side step. I question whether he’ll be able to stay at LT in the pros. His Ohio State tape was solid but not dominant. Ryan is a difficult evaluation as he has LT feet and speed but he has a very narrow frame and doesn’t seem to be smooth in his side step. Some teams will be comfortable with him at LT but I would not be so his grade drops in my eyes because of that. At RT he isn’t a great fit because he isn’t a bulldozer in the run game. That being said he’s 310 lbs and looks skinny so a team could have him add weight if they prefer. Whether at LT or RT he should be able to develop into a solid starting OT and it likely will be dependent on the scheme as he fits well in a zone blocking scheme due to his good agility. He’s also very adept at cut blocking which is a staple of that type of scheme. Teams that see him staying at LT will have him rated much higher but I have him as an early 3rd rounder as my #6 OT 3/18/17.
  7. Adam Bisnowaty Pittsburgh 6’5 ⅝ 304 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He had ‘33 ⅞ arms, 5.23 40, ‘29 ½ vertical and 8.02 shuttle all of which are average to slighly above average. He has ‘11 ⅜ hands which are some of the largest I’ve ever graded. First team ACC in 2015 and 2016 at LT. He’s a waste bender and seems to hulk down on blocks. He’s very agile with his feet and has good mobility. He’s a borderline LT but I’d put him at RT to be safe. He isn’t a mauler in the run game but he gets onto his blocks very cleanly and should be solid in the pass and run game. He doesn’t have great pop on his blocks but is consistent and gets the job done. I like Adam as an average starting RT that can play a little LT in a pinch. He isn’t a future star but he should be a solid, cheap starter for someone for a long time. 3rd round as my #7 OT 3/18/17.
  8. Aviante Collins TCU 6’4 ⅛ 295 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He ran a 4.81 40 which, even at sub 300 lbs, is incredible. He also wowed with 34 reps. Workout warrior? Four year starter switching from RG to RT his first two seasons. His 2015 year he was injury prone and then in 2016 he started every game at RT. His family is full of sprinters. His ‘33 ⅜ arms and ‘9 ⅜ hands are both small for an OT so some want him at OG. I see him as an OT due to his elite athleticism. At worst he projects as a 6th man OL who can even play a little RT in a pinch. His tape is very good as he keeps his outside edge and doesn’t seem to struggle with strength. At the next level I worry about that though as he needs to add weight on his frame before he becomes a starter. His feet and athleticism though scream steal so I’m sold on the kid long term, though he might take a bit of time to break a lineup. Late 3rd round as my #8 OT 3/13/17.
  9. David Sharpe Florida 6’6 ¼ 343 Jr. He’s a massive man at 343 lbs with ‘35 ⅜ arms so his 5.44 40 can be somewhat forgiven. His ‘20 ½ vertical really can’t though as that is laughable. He did have solid agility drills. He played LT at Florida but clearly is a RT in the pros. Despite his weight and 40 time he showed solid agility on film and should be able to stay outside, if put in the right scheme. I’m unsure why he came out a year early as this OT class has good depth and he doesn’t wow with his tape. He has a great RT frame though and shows strength in the run game so a team that is run heavy should be interested in him. He has a little Phil Loadholt to his game. I don’t see him being more than an average starter at the next level, and he’s scheme specific, but he projects as a future starter and that has value. He likely will need a year to break a lineup though. Early 4th round as my #9 OT 3/18/17.
  10. Julie’n Davenport Bucknell 6’6 ¾ 318 Sr. 44 starts at LT, 2x captain, Walter Payton Award Watch List, 1st Team All-American. An incredibly tall and long player who could add weight and become a truly massive RT. His ‘36 ½ arms are some of the longest I’ve ever graded with dimensions that remind me of DJ Fluker. He had a bad 5.45 40 but his ‘27 vertical, 4.69 shuttle and 7.57 3 cone were all solid, especially for his ridiculous frame. His film is tough to grade because well it’s freakin Bucknell but he’s very agile and looks like he could easily hold up at RT in the pros. His reach is absurd and gave him easy angles since his competition was poor. I worry about his technique though as he seems rather raw. At the Senior Bowl he showed that rawness with a tough week. That being said you can’t teach 6’6 with ‘36 arms and his movement skills look NFL caliber so he seems like a high risk/high reward project RT. I like him in that capacity but he’s risky so he shouldn’t be overdrafted or expected to play as a rookie. 4th round as my #10 OT 3/18/17.
  11. Chad Wheeler USC 6’7 306 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. He had a 5.48 40 (6th worst among 47 OL), ‘20 vertical (worst) and 5.01 (5th worst). Some view him as a RT, some as a career backup swing tackle, some as a guard and a few as a center so he’s difficult to pin down. Despite his atrocious Combine numbers he actually shows some good agility on film. His problem is actually in the strength department as he gets overwhelmed at the POA quite often. He has good technique, quick feet and some tenacity to him so I like him as an OT. He has some injury history and issues with strength so his best bet initially is to nail down a swing tackle job and then fight for a starting job in a few years after being with a NFL strength and conditioning coach. His versatility, quick feet and technique should make him an asset to some team even if just as a backup. Late 4th round as my #11 OT 3/20/17.
  12. Will Holden Vanderbilt 6’7 ½ 311 Sr. Redshirted one year. Five years out of HS so he is an older prospect. Extremely tall player with surprisingly only ‘33 ¼ arms. He had a bad 5.47 40 but was average in the other measurables. 3 year starter at both tackle spots in the SEC so he’s experienced against top level competition. He has an NFL frame and good experience but he is definitely a RT not a LT and his tape wasn’t that impressive. I think he might stick around as a backup or borderline starter on the right side but his ceiling is low and he has a very good chance to bust. Early 5th round as my #12 OT 3/18/17.
  13. Roderick Johnson Florida State 6’7 298 Jr. He didn’t work out at the Combine but did wow with ‘36 arms and ‘10 ¾ hands. Combined with his height, he’s just a massive man. I know some teams’ OL coaches will want him completely off their board due to his body as he has thin legs and doesn’t have the huge butt a lot of coaches want. He HAS to gain weight as he could add 10 lbs to his frame and still be skinny. His frame is rare though with those long arms and huge hands so I could see some other teams’ OL coaches drool over his potential. The problem I have with him is that he is very jerky in his movements with poor lateral agility and no smoothness in his kick slide. He’s also incredibly raw, despite his numerous accolades (Freshman All-American in 2014, 1st Team ACC in 2015 and 2016), and he’s constantly lunging which is confusing with his incredible reach. I’m confused why he came out a year early as he really needs additional work on his game. I hate his tape as he’s off balanced, lunging and missing his blocks regularly. That being said, some team will fall in love with his elite frame and tell themselves that he can gain weight, add technique, add strength, become balanced and wow we have ourselves a Pro Bowl LT. It won’t happen. High upside kid that looks like a future bust in my eyes. He’ll get drafted likely on the 2nd day but I want no part of him. 5th round as my #13 OT who I expect to bust 3/18/17.
  14. Dan Skipper Arkansas 6’9 ⅝ 309 Sr. He ran a 5.42 40 and had a 5.01 shuttle both of which are poor numbers that is to be expected from a man of his size. I’ve only graded one OT prospect taller than Dan is. Started 3 ½ years in the SEC including the final 39 games at LT. He was 2nd Team SEC in 2015, 1st Team SEC in 2016. He’s too tall as he struggles to anchor against power rushers and seems to always be off balance a bit due to having to crouch down so much. His feet are very slow and I think he will be just a turnstile against top pass rushers. Also his hands aren’t heavy and he doesn’t get much pop in the run game so what could be his biggest attribute is largely neutralized. I see him as an obvious bust and wouldn’t even be interested in him as an undrafted rookie. Undraftable as my #14 OT 3/20/17.

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