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2017 WR Rankings

April 14, 2017

Mike Williams

  1. Mike Williams Clemson 6’3 ⅝ 218 Jr. Redshirted one season. He didn’t run at the Combine and surprised me with only ‘32 ½ vertical and 10’1 broad both being below average. At his Pro Day he ran an unofficial 4.49 40 which confirms he’s a 4.5 40 type athlete. He had a great 2016 (98 1,361 yds 11 TDs) bouncing back admirably from his broken neck in 2015. He reminds me a lot of Alshon Jeffrey as they both are big and strong and more physical than most wideouts. I think Williams is a little quicker and more agile than Jeffrey and is a little better of an overall prospect. He has a huge catching radius and made quite a few amazing catches for the inconsistent DeShaun Watson. He’s one of the more physical and tough wideouts you’ll find and often just ran through opposing DBs. He’s good after the catch due to this physicality and he’ll be a great red zone threat. He’s most dangerous on back shoulder throws and fades where he can shield the defender with his body, something he’s very skilled at. My worry is that most of his catches are either back shoulder throws, bubble screens, fade routes or slants. He is good at all of those but you don’t see many curls or comebacks. Jeffrey seems to be inconsistent in his production due to this as well as he is a very feast or famine player and Williams could be that way too. I expect him to be a very good WR in the NFL and make some Pro Bowls but he might not be as dominant as people think he should be and it’s due to his questionable quickness and route running which will make him a little one dimensional. In the right system though he could be a star as Demaryius Thomas has the same problems but is one of the most productive wideouts in football the past half decade. He barely misses the Top 10 and settles in with a Top 15 grade as my #1 WR 3/28/17.
  2. Corey Davis Western Michigan 6’2 ⅞ 209 Sr. He didn’t perform at the Combine or his Pro Day due to ankle surgery. Only receiver in FBS history with 300 receptions, 5,000 yards and 50 TDs. He had three seasons with +1,400 yards receiving and 12 or more TDs. He played an inferior level of competition and struggled at times against top teams, 2015 vs. Ohio State (6 42 yds 0 TDs) and 2016 vs. Wisconsin (6 73 yds 1 TD) yet did have a huge game vs. Michigan State in 2015 (10 154 yds 1 TD). He’s a complete WR as he is tall and thin with very good speed (looks low to mid 4.4s to my eye), great hands and impressive muscle definition which makes him incredibly difficult to bring down after the catch. That is what impresses me the most as his combination of quickness, strength and toughness make him a great YAC player. I’m a big fan of his and think he’s being underappreciated because of his small school roots. He is superior than the three top wideouts in last year’s class as he’s more explosive than Treadwell or Doctson and much more refined than Coleman. I think he’s a step below the elite WR prospects like AJ Green, Julio Jones, Justin Blackmon and Sammy Watkins but is in that next tier and could have multiple Pro Bowls during his career. Mid 1st as my #2 WR 3/26/17.
  3. John Ross Washington 5’10 ¾ 188 Jr. Redshirted one season. He ran a 4.22 40 which is the fastest recorded time in Combine history! He also wowed with a ‘37 vertical and 11’2 broad both of which are also elite measurables. He’s a one year wonder which scares the heck out of me as he only had 33 receptions his first two seasons and then exploded onto the scene in 2016 with 81 1,150 yds 17 TDs. Interestingly enough he only had 14.2 ypr average in 2016 despite his 4.22 speed, though his 21.8 ypr in 2015 shows that he can be a deep threat as does his 4 games with a +50 yard reception last year. Ross by his size, speed and jersey number reminds me a lot of DeSean Jackson. His 4.22 speed maybe doesn’t translate completely to the field but he clearly has very good speed nonetheless and should be one of the faster players in the NFL the moment he steps onto the field as a rookie. He was shut down by Alabama (5 28 yds 0 TDs) in the BCS semi-finals but otherwise was consistent in his production last year. He had a huge game vs. USC (8 154 yds 1 TD) which is impressive as they have NFL talent in their secondary. Guys his size worry me as for every DeSean Jackson, TY Hilton and Santana Moss there are five guys that didn’t succeed at that size but Ross is almost 190 lbs so he’s a little bigger than those guys and seems to be more than just a speed guy so he should be very good at the next level. He actually seems a tad slower than those guys, despite his 4.22 40 which I don’t think completely translates to the field, but he has great quickness, runs good routes and is stronger than you’d think so he’ll be a very good WR but likely won’t be a star at the next level. Top 20 as my #3 WR 4/2/17.
  4. Josh Malone Tennessee 6’2 ¾ 208 Jr. He ran a 4.40 40, 30 ½ vertical and 7.05 3 cone. He’s a bit of a one year wonder as he was a minor part of the UT offense in 2014 and 2015 (23 and 31 receptions for 231 yards and 405 yards) and then had a very good but hardly amazing season in 2016 (50 972 yds 11 TDs). He has some #1 WR characteristics at basically 6’3 210 with 4.40 speed and it shows on film as he’s a tall, strong and fast man. Unfortunately he’s a bit of a size/speed guy and seems very raw to me as he has poor hands, isn’t very agile and never attacks the ball in the air which negates a lot of his height advantage. There are first round traits to Malone though and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he became a very good WR at the next level as his size/speed is elite and his 40 time translates to the field. Also some of his production concerns can be explained by Josh Dobbs inconsistency as a passer and the fact that their offense had a lot of QB runs and dump off passes. Malone was clearly their best outside wide receiver and it isn’t really his fault they didn’t use him as much as most teams would. Josh is a difficult evaluation as he’s a high upside guy who also has obvious flaws. You can’t teach his size/speed though so I’d take a shot on him due to his Pro Bowl potential. He seems like a sleeper and I get the feeling that he’d be a mid 1st rounder next year if he had stayed in school. Early 2nd round as my #4 WR 4/2/17.
  5. Juju Smith-Schuster USC 6’1 ⅜ 215 Jr. He ran a 4.54 40 with a ‘32 ½ vertical and 10’0 broad. All would be considered below average for a WR. At one time he was considered a first rounder by me as he came on as a true freshman in 2014 and shined (54 724 yds 5 TDs) and then backed it up with an even more impressive 2015 (89 1,454 yds 10 TDs). While he had solid numbers in 2016 (70 914 yds 10 TDs), the hype around him dissipated as it was obvious that he lacked speed and wasn’t the game breaker he seemed to be as a freshman. He really never changed but sometimes it takes awhile to see the player for who they truly are and it took me awhile with Juju. That being said I am still a fan of the kid as he has great body control, was productive in college against top competition and runs good routes. He’s adept at finding spots in zone coverage and seems to understand passing game concepts. I love his confidence and swagger too and think he’ll be a popular player with a team’s fan base. I think everyone wishes he were just a little faster as he has so many other things going for him. Alas he plays like a mid 4.5 wideout and that will relegate him to being an above average #2 WR at best. 2nd round as my #5 WR who has a low ceiling but is a pretty safe pick due to his experience, confidence, and pedigree 3/26/17.
  6. Isaiah Ford Virginia Tech 6’1 194 Jr. He ran a very poor 4.61 40 but was above average in the other drills with a ‘35 ½ vertical, 10’7 broad and 6.94 3 cone. He was very productive all three seasons at Virginia Tech with 56 709 yds 6 TDs as a true freshman and then back to back 1,000 yard seasons with 11 and 7 TDs in 2015 and 2016 respectively. He has the look of an NFL receiver as he’s long, lean and has very good body control. He isn’t a speedster but can get open deep and is adept at making the tough catch. I really focused on his speed and burst due to his poor 40 time and just don’t see his Combine measurables being relevant to his game as he shows speed on film. He is very agile and is a good route runner who has a great sense of where he is on the field. Ford is a very polished WR who was productive throughout his career and looks like a good #3 WR in the pros. He has the size to stay outside but the quickness to move inside for a team if preferred. In either spot he looks like a good secondary WR who won’t be elite but should be productive for a team for a number of years. I see him as a sleeper and he likely will drop on draft day due to his poor 40 so he has all the makings of a steal. Early 3rd round as my #6 WR 3/26/17.
  7. Stacy Coley Miami 5’11 ⅞ 195 Sr. He ran a 4.45 40, ‘34 vertical and 10’2 broad all of which were above average. He was a contributor 4 years at Miami and had 3 seasons of +500 yards yet his best season (2016) wasn’t amazing by any stretch (63 754 yds 9 TDs). He’s a great hands catcher and catches everything away from his body. He has great body control and is adept at highpointing passes. He has an obvious NFL body as he’s tall and lean at basically 6’0 200. He has a very noticeable burst and is an NFL caliber athlete with his Combine measurables translating to the field. Stacy looks like that classic #2 WR as he has the speed to threaten a defense deep, is agile and quick in his routes and has good hands. He isn’t elite in any category (size, speed, strength, routes) so he’ll never be a #1 WR but he looks like a pretty safe bet to be playing on Sundays for the next decade. Early 3rd round as my #7 WR 3/26/17.
  8. Shelton Gibson West Virginia 5’10 ¾ 191 Jr. Redshirted one season. He ran a 4.50 40, ‘32 vertical, 9’10 broad and 6.83 3 cone all of which, except for the 3 cone, were average to below average. He barely played in 2014 (4 receptions) but then had two similarly productive seasons in 2015-2016 (37-43 receptions, 887-951 yds, 8-9 TDs each year). He feasted on bad competition with 332 yds and 4 TDs (basically half of his season totals) in 2016 vs. Youngstown State and Iowa State. He was very feast or famine with 5 games of 39 yards or less. These are big red flags to me. His coach said he’s the fastest player he’s ever coached, confusing as Tavon Austin ran a sub 4.3 at the Combine and Gibson couldn’t break 4.50. I do think he plays faster than his 40 time but he isn’t faster than Tavon Austin. He’s an agile, quick player that could play in the slot and could return punts and kicks for a team (he had a nice KR for a TD vs. Baylor). Interestingly enough, now there are scouts saying the clock started early on his 40 and they had him at 4.38-4.44 but either way he’s faster than 4.50 on film. He’s one of the best deep threats in this draft (+22 yards per reception average the past two seasons) who has just enough size to maybe stay outside but likely will move inside to the slot. He had 5 games last year with a +50 yard reception. I worry about Gibson’s feast/famine production, especially in the no defense Big 12, yet the kid has elite speed, solid hands and is very dangerous in the open field. At worst he’ll be a deep threat with some special teams value. At best you have a poor man’s DeSean Jackson on your hands. Early 3rd round as my #8 WR 3/26/17.
  9. Cooper Kupp Eastern Washington 6’1 ⅝ 204 Sr. Redshirted one season. Five years out of High School so he’s an older prospect. He ran a 4.62 40, ‘31 vertical and 9’8 broad all of which are very bad. He did run a 6.75 3 cone which is elite so he has good quickness. He has NFL bloodlines as his father played. He has an elite work ethic per his coaches. He set an FBS record as a WR. He has some of the best hands I’ve ever graded and just snatches the ball like few can. He is adept at the one handed catch and has some incredible highlight reel catches. He’s slow on film and looks like a 4.6 athlete. His Combine is that of an undraftable guy but he has very good quickness and elite hands so he might be able to create a Ricky Proehl type niche on some team. He had a very good Senior Bowl and got open consistently in man coverage which surprised me. Now there’s chatter that he’s an early 2nd rounder which I just don’t see from his film. He’s quick and agile with great hands but just lacks speed. He has a lot of positives to his game but speed is a HUGE deal for wideouts and he just doesn’t have it. I was prepared to give him a 5th round grade and thought he might not get drafted until his Senior Bowl domination which now makes me unsure on him. Is he faster than I thought? Were the Senior Bowl CBs inferior competition? 3rd round as my #9 WR 3/29/17.
  10. Carlos Henderson Louisiana Tech 5’11 199 Jr. Redshirted one season. He ran a 4.46 40, ‘36 vertical and 10’8 broad all of which were above average. His 4.35 shuttle and 7.18 3 cone were below average. He’s a deep threat averaging 19-21 ypr all three seasons at LA Tech. In 2014 as a redshirt freshman he was a rarely used deep threat (29 569 yds 4 TDs) and steadily improved from there becoming more productive in 2015 (36 774 yds 5 TDs) and then exploding in 2016 (82 1,535 yds 19 TDs). His 19 TDs tied with Corey Davis for the lead nationally in 2016. He’s a thick, tightly strung athlete that isn’t that quick or agile but has pure speed and good strength. He’d make a great kick returner. He’s a poor man’s Mike Wallace but lacks Wallace’s 4.3 speed so he could be a bust as his best role (as a deep threat) will be less effective. His strength surprises me as he is very good at throwing off defenders for additional yards. I like him and think he will be a solid #2 WR who won’t ever have a ton of yards or catches but will threaten a defense deep and keep them honest which will open up things for the #1 WR on the other side. Also there is just enough talent in him that he has a small chance of becoming a Pro Bowler as a #1 WR. I doubt it happens but he could have a few 1,000 yard seasons if he continues to improve his game and gets in the right system. 3rd round as my #10 WR 4/1/17.
  11. Chris Godwin Penn State 6’1 209 Jr. He ran a 4.42 40, ‘36 vertical, 10’6 broad and 7.01 3 cone all of which were good. He barely played in 2014 (26 338 yds 2 TDs) and then had two great seasons in 2015 (69 1,101 yds 5 TDs) and 2016 (59 982 yds 11 TDs). He had four 2 TD games in 2016. His best game of his career was his last one vs. USC (9 187 yds 2 TDs). He just turned 21 years old so he’s a baby. He’s a thicker wideout who is very physical and breaks a lot of tackles after the catch. His Combine was very impressive but I don’t see 4.42 when I watch him. He rarely had a lot of separation and often was winning contested balls. At times I really like Godwin as he’s strong, physical, has great hands and is impressive after the catch. Other times he looks like a mid round wideout who isn’t especially quick in his routes and will likely be just a #3 WR in the pros. In the end I think there are enough good qualities in Godwin to be a possible #2 WR down the road but I see some bust potential in him too so he’s risky. One thing that helps is how productive he’s been for such a young prospect. Having good production as a 19 and 20 year old pushed me to view him as a possible future #2 as I think he still has some growth in him. Mid 3rd round as my #11 WR 3/29/17.
  12. Zay Jones East Carolina 6’2 ⅛ 201 Sr. He was one of the two highest rated WR by PFF in the Senior Bowl game. He ran a 4.45 40, ‘36 ½ vertical, 11’1 broad (best among 58 WRs) and 4.01 shuttle (3rd best) with the broad and shuttle being elite and the 40 and vertical being above average. He had four productive season in college going from okay WR as a true freshman in 2013 (62 604 yds 5 TDs) to very good receiver in 2015 (98 1,099 yds 5 TDs) to one of the most productive WRs in the nation in 2016 (158 1,746 yds 8 TDs). His 158 receptions in 2016 is the most I can ever remember grading for a WR prospect and is pretty insane for a 12 game season (Clemson and Alabama players stats for instance have 15 games). He has the most career receptions of any player in FBS history. He had an astounding 22 receptions vs. South Carolina. He’s a smooth, polished wide receiver who has good size and hands with the projection being that he’ll be a #2 WR as a possession receiver. He knows how to play the game and should make an impact as a rookie. He has great body control and can make the contested catch, also is very good at one handed catches. Despite some of his great measurables he doesn’t look incredibly fast or quick so he has a low ceiling but I like him for his polished game, great hands, good height and elite production. You don’t become the FBS All-Time receptions leader without knowing how to play the game. His father played in the NFL as well and it shows as he’s the classic “coach’s son.” He’s a low upside, safe pick who should be a solid #2 or #3 WR as a rookie. 3rd round as my #12 WR 4/1/17.
  13. Josh Reynolds Texas A&M 6’2 ⅞ 194 Sr. He’s one of my favorite Aggies of all-time. He ran surprisingly fast with a 4.53 40. I don’t think he plays quite that fast and he will struggle separating at the next level. He had a ‘37 vertical, 10’4 broad, 4.13 shuttle and 6.83 3 cone all of which were average to above average. He had good production all three seasons at TAMU with 51-61 receptions, 842-1,039 yards and 5-13 TDs each year. With 30 receiving TDs he is the all-time career leader for the university. Reynolds is the type of guy that a quarterback needs to just trust sometimes and throw him the ball even when he doesn’t look open. That is scary for some to do and his success will be determined on whether he goes to a QB that gives him 50/50 opportunities as that is where he shines. He has great hands as they are consistent on routine catches and dynamic on difficult ones. He’s a clutch player and seems to play his best in the 4th quarter and when games are on the line. Backing that statement up is the fact that his two best games statistically are the 2015 and 2016 bowl games vs. Louisville and Kansas State. He’s a long strider that has solid deep speed (making his 4.53 make sense on long routes) but who isn’t extremely quick and could struggle getting open on some other routes in the route tree. Despite being tall and thin, he’s very tough and regularly holds onto the ball despite big hits. He’s a good red zone threat and excels on fade routes. To me he’s a sleeper in this draft as some teams will dislike his lack of quickness and others will dislike his mediocre size/speed ratio. Reynolds can just play though and a team that has a quality QB that can trust him to win contested balls will be surprised to find him be an adept #2 WR with surprising potential as a deep threat. 3rd round as my #13 WR 3/25/17.
  14. Dede Westbrook Oklahoma 5’11 ⅞ 178 Sr. 2016 Belitnikoff Award Winner. He didn’t work out at the Combine but had a 4.34 40 at his Pro Day. He’s been arrested twice on domestic violence complaints from the mother of two of his three children, also a huge red flag since he’s unmarried and only 23 years old (one of the kids just turned 6 years old. So he impregnated a woman when he was 16 years old?). He’s difficult to grade due to his off the field issues but also due to his on field issues. He’s a bit of a one year wonder as he was solid in 2015 (46 743 yds 4 TDs) and then exploded onto the national scene in 2016 (80 1,524 yds 17 TDs). At 178 lbs he is a rail thin kid and could struggle against press coverage and/or be injury prone. Yet with all of those red flags I’m sure someone will give him a chance as he has special speed and plays like his 4.3 40 time suggests. No other player in the nation had more plays where he was +5 yards wide open than Dede. Yes he had a great supporting cast around him but 17 TDs (first in the nation) is still impressive and his three games of +180 yards receiving last year were dominant. He’ll give a team an immediate infusion of speed into their wide receiver corp and has the kind of frame and game as Phillip Dorsett who was taken in the 1st round. He’s questionable character wise but I suspect he’ll be drafted and he’ll be a productive #2 WR for a team when all is said and done. 3rd round as my #14 WR (early 2nd round if not for the off the field issues) 3/26/17.
  15. KD Cannon Baylor 5’11 182 Jr. He ran a 4.41 40 with a ‘37 vertical. He’s a raw WR who fits Baylor’s system perfectly as he’s extremely fast and runs mainly 9 routes, bubble routes and comebacks. His 4.41 40 is good but I kind of think he plays even faster than that as he sometimes looks like the fastest player in the country on film. He’s a poor man’s Will Fuller with similar positives (elite speed) and negatives (struggles to get off press coverage, drops balls). He has a little wiggle and is solid with yards after the catch due to his elite speed but he’s tightly built and is a little stiff. This stiffness makes him struggle in his routes and I suspect he’ll be used mainly as a deep threat in the NFL. He was productive for three seasons in the Big 12 and there is a lot of film with him being wide open for a +40 yard reception. His 2014 and 2015 yards per catch average of +17.0 is evidence of that. I like Cannon due to his speed but he’s pretty raw in other areas. His one plus tool though should make him valuable to a lot of teams on draft day and could make him a surprise contributor as Fuller was last year. Late 3rd round as my #15 WR 3/25/17.
  16. Ryan Switzer North Carolina 5’8 ½ 181 Sr. He ran a 4.51 40, ‘32 vertical and 9’8 broad all of which were below average (especially for his size) yet his 4.00 shuttle (1st among 58 WRs) and 6.77 3 cone (8th best) were both elite showing he is what everyone knows he is, a quicker than fast wideout destined for the slot position. He was a solid player his first three seasons for UNC and then broke out under Trubisky in his lone season (96 1,112 yds 6 TDs). He never average more than 12 yards per catch so he’s a possession receiver. He’ll be a special teams addition as well as he has 7 punt return TDs and 2 KR TDs for his career. Let me be the first to say what everyone will say when he is drafted, “he’s a perfect guy for the Patriots,” but it’s true as he fits the Welker/Amendola role perfectly. He has great hands, runs outstanding routes, is tough across the middle, despite his size, and just knows how to get open. I’ll be curious where he goes as guys like him often get overlooked yet end up performing better than their draft status (Welker/Amendola/Beasley all undrafted, Jamison Crowder 3rd rounder, Julian Edelman 7th rounder). I like Ryan a lot and think he is one of the better versions of this type of prospect. Early 4th round as my #16 WR 3/26/17.
  17. Chad Hansen California 6’1 ⅞ 202 Jr. Redshirted one season. He ran a 4.53 40, ‘35 vertical and 6.74 3 cone with the 3 cone being an elite time. He’s a transfer from Idaho State, walk on at Cal, who barely played in 2015 (19 249 yds 1 TD) and then exploded in 2016 (92 1,249 yds 11 TDs). His OC, Jake Spavital, says he’s great at the little things and is very polished, “he’s playing a mental game with the DBs.” On film he’s a tall kid with good thickness who has noticeable speed and quickness. He’s white but clearly has an NFL frame and athleticism with surprising agility which makes him difficult to bring down. He has the body of a possession receiver yet just enough athleticism to be a deep threat and YAC guy in college. I wonder if that will be capable in the NFL but his combination of agility, hands and frame make me think he’ll stick on a roster as a backup WR at worst. 4th round as my #1 WR 3/29/17.
  18. Amara Darboh Michigan 6’1 ⅝ 214 Sr. Redshirted one season. Five years out of HS so he’s an older prospect. He ran a 4.45 40, ‘36 vertical and 10’4 broad all of which are above average. He was productive the past three seasons, especially his past two seasons with 57-58 receptions, 727-862 yds adn 5-7 TDs. His best game last year was vs. Michigan State (8 165 0 TDs) and he had a good game vs. Ohio State but struggled vs. some tough defenses like FSU (36 yds) and Iowa (5 yds). He’s a thickly built guy with great hands who makes some incredible catches. He projects as a possession receiver in the NFL but I worry about him as he doesn’t separate and will need a QB that trusts him on 50/50 balls. He struggles with quickness as he doesn’t separate on outs and curls but has sneaky speed deep when he can stay in a straight line. His size and straightline speed also makes him a good crossing route WR and makes him a fit for a West Coast offense like the Chiefs run. Darboh is interesting as he has good deep speed but isn’t very agile or quick so he will struggle with certain routes on an NFL route tree. That being said he’s intriguing because he has elite hands and should earn his QB’s trust over time with how often he comes up with catches that most wideouts wouldn’t. He should find a niche as a #3 WR in most offenses and could become a #2 in an offense that accentuates certain routes. 4th round as my #18 WR 3/26/17.
  19. Fred Ross Mississippi State 6’0 ¾ 213 Sr. He was one of the two highest rated wideouts by PFF in the Senior Bowl game. He ran a 4.51 40, ‘35 vertical and 6.99 3 cone which were average to above average measurables, especially for his size. Ross is a future possession receiver who has mediocre speed but good size, great hands and good agility. His agility is so good that he surprisingly was used as a punt returner at Mississippi State, something you wouldn’t expect for a 6’1 215 guy. He has two seasons of +900 yards and went from 5 to 12 TDs this year despite losing All-SEC Dak Prescott to the NFL. I like Fred as a low upside #3 WR as he surprises you with how athletic he is for his size. He’s a bit of a sleeper as he isn’t being talked about at all despite being productive two straight seasons in the SEC and being very efficient at the Senior Bowl. 4th round as my #19 WR 4/2/17.
  20. Noah Brown Ohio State 6’2 222 Soph Redshirted one season. He didn’t work out at the Combine except for the bench (19 reps), the vertical (‘29-3rd worst among 58 WR) and 9’10 broad (average). He ran a 4.57 40 at his Pro Day which I would consider a 4.67 as I had 1/10th of a second to pro day 40s. I have no idea why this kid left school early. He had to have known he wasn’t a great athlete as these measurables the Combine does are widely worked on throughout a player’s career, so he’s not a physical freak, and his career numbers are atrocious. He had one great game (2016 vs. Oklahoma with 5 72 yds 4 TDs) and if you remove that game his CAREER numbers are 28 339 yds 3 TDs. He isn’t really a one year wonder, he’s a one game wonder! In 2014 he barely played (1 reception for 9 yards) and in 2015 he missed the entire season with a broken leg. On film he’s a thickly built WR with good strength who is a very aggressive blocker. He has a good burst and plays like a 4.5 40 guy. He can’t separate deep and looks like a future possession WR. I actually like his tape from 2016 but wow he is really trusting NFL personnel to take a leap of faith on him as I can’t remember the last time I graded someone who had less than 500 career receiving yards. He has NFL caliber tools though and could make it as a #3 possession receiver type. Late 4th round as my #20 WR 3/26/17.
  21. Travis Rudolph Florida State 5’11 ¾ 189 Jr. He ran a 4.65 40, ‘31 ½ vertical and 9’6 broad jump all of which are terrible numbers, especially for a sub 200 lb WR. A wideout with solid production for three years with 38 555 yds 4 TDs in 2014 as a true freshman followed by very similar seasons in 2015 and 2016 with 56-59 receptions, 840-916 yds and 7 TDs each year. He’s quick, agile and surprisingly strong for his size but his 4.65 40 looks legit on film too as he has no long speed and looks like a guy that will struggle to separate at the next level. He really wasn’t that productive in 2016 but had a monster game vs. Wake Forest (13 238 yds) with only one other game of +100 yards and four games with 2 or fewer receptions. Rudolph has good hands and catches the ball away from his body. He also has good agility and body control so he’s kind of a tweener who could play slot but has just enough height and strength to probably stay outside. I like his polish and think he’s a low upside, versatile wideout who could be okay in the slot or outside and makes sense as a team’s #3 or #4 WR due to this flexibility. Late 4th round as my #21 WR 4/2/17.
  22. Artavis Scott Clemson 5’10 ⅛ 193 Jr. He ran a 4.61 40, ‘31 vertical and 7.19 3 cone all of which were below average, with his 40 being terrible for a sub 200 lb wideout. He has odd production as in 2014-2015 he had 76-93 receptions, 901-965 yds and 6-8 TDs each year yet declined in 2016 (76 614 yds 5 TDs) having career lows across the board. His 2016 in fact was actually pretty poor outside of one game (Pittsburgh 13 125 yds 1 TD) as 12 of his 15 games he had under 50 yards receiving. He’s quick and elusive in the open field with a lot of his work being done on bubble screens. He has some experience as a KR and PR but was only average to above average in those roles. Despite his terrible measurables Scott looks to have NFL athleticism and seems like a good fit as a slot receiver. He won’t be anything special in the pros but he is quick, has good hands, was productive in a big time program and has solid athleticism. Late 4th round as my #22 WR 4/1/2017.
  23. Malachi Dupre LSU 6’2 ½ 196 Jr. He ran a 4.52 40 (below average), ‘39 ½ vertical (elite) and 7.19 3 cone (below average) so he was a mixed bag. In 2014 he was a little used deep threat (14 318 22.7 ypc average, 5 TDs) and then become a more often used possession receiver in 2015-2016 (41-43 receptions, 593-698 yards, 3-6 TDs each year). He had two huge games last year vs. Southern Miss and Louisville (bowl game) which counted for a huge part of his production. His production needs to be examined with the realization that LSU’s QB situation the past few years was among the worst in the country. He’s long and lean but is a long strider which I’m not a fan of. He’s at his best on deep routes and fades where he can use his good height, great vertical and good hands. He also is adept at tracking the ball and adjusts well on fades. His lack of quickness and long stride though make me question how successful he’ll be on other routes. Dupre looks like a future project on the back end of some team’s roster who gives glimpses of starter potential but doesn’t do it consistently enough to ever become more than a #4 WR. He has just enough talent to be worth a shot but I see him as a future bust. Early 5th round as my #23 WR 3/26/17.
  24. Ardarius Stewart Alabama 5’11 ⅛ 204 Jr. Redshirted one season. He ran a 4.49 40, ‘34 vertical and 10’4 broad all of which are about average. I’m a little surprised he left early as he was barely used in 2014 (12 catches) and was good but not great in 2015-2016 (54-63 receptions, 700-864 yards and 4-8 TDs each year). Guys like him are hard to grade as you can argue he’s underrated due to being in a run oriented offense or you can argue he’s overrated as he was NEVER game planned for and always saw single coverage. He’s a thickly built kid who can shove off press coverage. He has a tough man’s game and is physical in routes and as a blocker. He has good speed but terrible vision and many times ran head on to a defender. It’s also probably his lack of lateral quickness and agility as I notice that deficiency in his routes. He is a bit of a long strider but when he gets a full head of steam he’s pretty fast and might work well on kickoff returns despite his poor vision. He has NFL speed and makes sense as a KR and #3 WR. I question how easily he will get open on short and intermediate routes but he’s physical, is a great blocker, and has deep speed so he makes sense as a mid round flier type for a team that needs a back of the roster WR. He likely will never be even a #2 WR but could add some speed on end arounds, which he is very good at, 9 routes and kickoff returns. He was one of the more feast or famine players I’ve graded this year as he had 6 games with 90 or more yards receiving but 3 games with 12 or fewer yards and 6 games with under 60 yards. It’s due to his lack of talent as a pure receiver as he excels at making big plays due to his athleticism, not from his polish on his routes. Early 5th round as my #24 WR 3/27/17.
  25. Taywan Taylor Western Kentucky 5’11 203 Sr. He had a 4.50 40, ‘33 ½ vertical and 4.21 shuttle all of which were below average yet he had a 11’0 broad jump and a 6.57 3 cone (best among 58 WRs at the Combine) both of which were elite so I’m confused. He comes from a lower level of competition but dominated that inferior competition with two +1,400 yard receiving seasons both with 17 TDs. His 17 yards per reception average the past three seasons is also impressive and shows his deep threat skills. Against Alabama in 2016 he had 9 121 yds 0 TDs showing he can play with the big boys. He’s a thickly built shorter guy with good quickness and body control. He has decent speed but won’t be a deep threat at the next level. He looks destined to be a slot receiver or backup outside receiver but I like him a bit due to his body control, production and solid hands. 5th round as my #25 WR 3/26/17.
  26. Kenny Golladay Northern Illinois 6’4 218 Sr. Redshirted one season. Five years out of HS so he’s an older prospect. He ran a 4.50 40 with a ‘35 ½ vertical, ‘10 broad and 7.0 3 cone all of which are about average. Transfer from North Dakota who had two productive seasons at Northern Illinois with 73-87 receptions, 1,129-1,156 yards and 8-10 TDs each year. He’s a very tall WR with good strength who plays with a rare toughness. He is reckless at times with his body but wasn’t injury prone in college. He basket catches everything which negates a lot of his height. He played against poor competition so there is very little tape that is good to evaluate him on. His 2015 Ohio State game was mediocre. He lacks burst and, while I like his body control and hands from a consistency standpoint, I don’t like how he basket catches everything. Honestly if he wasn’t 6’4 I’d put a free agent grade on him but that height is rare and his quickness on his routes and his toughness are both intriguing so he’s a late round flier type that likely will be a bust. Late 5th round as my #26 WR 3/26/17.
  27. Isaiah McKenzie Georgia 5’7 ½ 173 Jr. He ran a 4.42 40, ‘36 vertical and 6.64 3 cone all of which were elite. I’m shocked he left school early as he has less than 1,000 CAREER receiving yards and his best season (2016) wasn’t anything incredible (44 633 yds 7 TDs). He’s a classic slot receiver with his lack of height and weight but incredible quickness. He’s one of the best punt returners in the nation with 5 TDs in 3 seasons. To me he’s more of a special teams pick than a wide receiver pick as he can play in the slot and has breakaway speed but he is tiny and likely wouldn’t be able to hold up to a 16 game pounding as a regular starter. He’ll be a mid to late round pick by a team that wants a boost in their special teams units as he’ll be great as a punt returner and be above average as a kick returner. Add in a few plays a game as a slot receiver and he makes sense as a late round pick. Early 6th round as my #27 WR who is mainly a special teams player 4/2/17.
  28. Speedy Noil Texas A&M 5’11 ⅛ 199 Jr. He’s one of two highly rated WR recruits out of High School (Ricky Seals-Jones is the other) who underwhelmed in their time in college station. He was the #1 WR and Top 10 recruit overall in the nation. He shocked everyone by leaving the state of LA and going to TAMU. He’s a tightly built kid that has the size and look of a slot receiver but the game of an outside receiver. He lacks quickness and should not play in the slot. His best attribute is his amazing vertical (‘43 ½-best among 58 WRS and one of the best I’ve ever graded) yet it just didn’t translate to his game somehow. The Aggies threw a lot of fades to him and they were rarely successful. He also has great hands and is adept at the one handed catch but again he just wasn’t that productive. In three seasons he never had more than 583 yards and that was as a true freshman. In his final two seasons he was basically an afterthought (21 catches both years for 226 and 325 yards and 2 TDs each year). I think both sides were ready to move on as Speedy seemed to continue to think he was this superstar and the coaching staff was tired of his lack of production, penchant for pouting about not getting the ball, etc. In some ways he was unlucky as in 2015 Christian Kirk showed up who is basically a superior version of Noil in every way. In 2014 Noil was a good punt returner (12 yard average) yet only was used twice his final two seasons as Kirk took that role from him. In other ways though Noil is a selfish person that can’t accept who he is, an undersized outside receiver that can’t separate. I’d like to see him in another offense and in various spots on the field as the Aggies system is a little gimmicky and their QB play the past two seasons hasn’t been great but he’s just a late round flier, something I didn’t expect after watching him excite as a true freshman in 2014. Early 6th round as my #28 WR 3/25/17.
  29. Amba Etta-Tawo Syracuse 6’1 ¼ 208 Sr. Redshirted one season. Five years out of HS so he’s an older prospect. He had a weird career with a big freshman year (31 500 yds 2 TDs) followed by two seasons of barely being used (never more than 222 yards) and then a huge senior season (94 1,482 yds 14 TDs) as one of the most productive receivers in the nation. His first four years (3 seasons) he was at Maryland and fell out of favor with the staff there but graduate transferred to Syracuse and shined in the new system. He had a 4.49 40 (average), ‘31 vertical (below average) and 6.95 3 cone (above average). He reminds me of Malachi Dupre a bit as he’s a long strider who is at his best on contested balls, fades and 9 routes. He doesn’t have a burst at all and seems to really struggle with how long it takes him to get up to full speed. He has good hands, is adept at tracking the ball and is tough with the ability to win a ball against a defender or hold on despite being hit. He reminds me of a poor man’s Mohammed Sanu. I see very little NFL potential with him as he has no burst, isn’t quick and is largely a one year wonder production wise. He had 9 drops in only 30 catches during the 2014-2015 seasons so his hands are questionable. I think his 2016 production was due to him being on a bad team (4-8) that gave him ample opportunities to make plays as they were behind often (case in point the Pittsburgh game where he had 5 TDs but his defense allowed 76 points!). He also had huge games vs. Colgate and Connecticut making me question his stats even more. Some will look at his size, 40 time at the Combine and production and say he’s an NFL caliber WR. I say he’s a future bust. 6th round as my #29 WR 3/26/17.

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