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2017 S Rankings

April 23, 2017

Jamal Adams

  1. Jamal Adams LSU 5’11 ¾ 214 Jr. He ran a 4.56 40, ‘31 ½ vertical, 10’0 broad, 4.13 shuttle and 6.96 3 cone with all of it being very underwhelming for a Top 10 prospect. He came in as a true freshman in 2014 and was an immediate impact player (66 tackles, 1 sack, 5 PBUs), then had a great year in 2015 (67 tackles, 4 INT, 1 FF, 6 PBUs) followed by a very good but slightly down year in 2016 (76 tackles, 1 INT, 1 FF, 1 sack, 4 PBUs). John Chevis compared him to Eric Berry and he’s built like him (5’11 ⅝ 211 for Berry vs. 5’11 ¾ 214 to Adams). He’s probably the hardest hitter in the draft and just lights people up. His 4.56 40 at the Combine underwhelmed me, as did his ‘31 ½ vertical (Berry in comparison had a 4.47 40 and a ‘43 vertical) but just put on the tape and tell me the kid isn’t an impressive athlete. Adams plays faster than his measurables and has been an extremely productive player in the best conference in the nation since he stepped foot on campus as a true freshman so I’m not too worried about his Combine numbers. On film he’s a fast, explosive player that headhunts. His burst to the ball is impressive. He’s elite on special teams and could be a star on a unit if a team deemed it worth the injury risk. He’s thickly built so there is a little tightness to him but he’s somewhat agile and has great short area quickness which make him an elite tackler in space. He’s the rare kid that is both a big hitter and a sure tackler. His quickness also makes him very difficult to block and he’s adept at slipping OL blocks. He is good but not great with the ball in the air. For a SS though he’ll be above average and it shouldn’t worry a team too much as he’ll make a name for himself in the run game and as an enforcer in the passing game. In the end he’s a prospect that is eerily similar to Berry and gets a similar grade to Berry. Considering Berry is my highest rated safety I’ve ever graded, it should be no slight when I put Adams only slightly below him. Top 5 as my #1 S who is my 4th highest rated safety behind only Eric Berry, Patrick Peterson and Jalen Ramsey 4/17/17.
  2. Malik Hooker Ohio State 6’1 206 Soph Redshirted one season. He had surgery in February to repair a torn labrum and a hernia but will be ready by training camp. Due to the surgery he didn’t work out. In 2015 he barely played (10 tackles) and then exploded in 2016 (74 tackles, 7 INT, 0.5 sacks, 4 PBUs) so he’s a one year wonder for sure. With such little tape on him it’s a scary evaluation but with his 3 pick sixes in 2016 and plays like his INT vs. Clemson (BCS semifinals) where he showed elite range, some team will pull the trigger in the Top 10. His 10 ¾ hands were the biggest of the 60 DBs, even bigger than guys 3 inches taller than him or 30 lbs heavier than him. His game reminds me of Earl Thomas as he’s the consummate centerfield FS with just ridiculous speed and ball skills. It would have been interesting to see what he ran as he looks like a high 4.3 guy to me. He has some of the best range of any safety I’ve ever graded. He’s an aggressive player but isn’t that strong and doesn’t have great technique as a tackler. He throws his body around a lot and shows he has the heart to be good against the run so the hope is that he will improve over time but I suspect he’ll never be more than an average tackler despite his elite speed. Hooker is an easy evaluation. He looks like an Earl Thomas, future perennial Pro Bowler who will be one of the best playmakers in the NFL against the pass but will only be mediocre against the run and as a tackler. If a team can accept that trade off and can look over his one year wonder production and his rawness in certain areas then they can sign off on him as a top pick. I can do that as he has elite speed, elite ball skills and had more impressive tape in 2016 than even Jamal Adams. I think Hooker will have a season or two where he leads the NFL in INTs. Hooker is an obvious All-Pro candidate waiting to happen he just has some red flags teams need to check, before they can sign off on him. Top 5 as my #2 S who is one of the better safety prospects I’ve ever graded and reminds me of Earl Thomas with his elite range and ballhawk status 4/17/17.
  3. Budda Baker Washington 5’9 ⅝ 195 Jr. He ran a 4.45 40, ‘32 ½ vertical, 9’7 broad, 4.08 shuttle  and 6.76 3 cone all of which show that he is a fast, small and quick player who lacks great explosiveness or strength. He dominated as a true freshman in 2014 which is rare (80 tackles, 1 INT, 1 sack, 2 FF, 6 PBUs). He followed it up with a good but inferior year in 2015 (49 tackles, 2 INT, 7 PBUs) and then another great year in 2016 (71 tackles, 2 INT, 3 sacks, 1 FF, 6 PBUs). His 4.45 40 translates to the field as he’s a fast, aggressive and instinctive player. He has a leaping one handed INT as a true freshman on a deep throw that was one of the best plays I saw while scouting this entire draft. Despite his smaller frame he’s a big time hitter and really throws his body around. Where he’s special though is his quickness, agility and ball skills as he has impressive hips that would allow him to play CB if a team wanted him to but is experienced as safety and looks like the perfect FS who is comfortable in man coverage in the slot or back playing centerfield. That versatility will make him a coveted man and could surprise people how early he goes (think Jimmie Ward sneaking into the late 1st in 2014 due to the same set of skills). Budda is one of my favorite players in this draft and it confuses me why more people aren’t talking about him as a 1st rounder. He has elite speed (4.45 is very good but he arguably plays faster on film), elite ball skills, very good production and is a physical player that is incredibly versatile. He could play full time at outside CB, slot CB or FS and I wouldn’t worry about him at all in any spot. His lack of height is the only issue I have with him. I love him and am sure I have him MUCH higher than others but I don’t care. This kid is a big time sleeper who has a little Honey Badger in him and could make a comparable impact. Top 15 as my #3 S 4/17/17.
  4. Jabrill Peppers Michigan 5’10 ⅞ 213 Soph Redshirted one season. He ran a 4.46 40, ‘35 ½ vertical and 10’8 broad with all being above average for a DB, especially for his size. Barely played in 2014 (8 tackles), then began his all around game in 2015 with 45 tackles, 10 PBUs, 8 receptions, 18 runs and 17 punt returns. He was nothing special as a RB/WR in 2015 but was good as a punt returner (11.4 average). In 2016 he was 5th in Heisman voting, impressive for a defensive player, due to his elite all around play. He had 71 tackles, 3.5 sacks, 1 INT, 1 FF, 27 rushes (on a very solid 6.2 ypc) and 21 punt returns (with 1 TD on an elite 14.8 average-5th in the nation). Peppers was one of my favorite players in the nation last year so I was happy to see him run a sub 4.5. Some want him as a Deone Buchanon LB and others want him to bulk up and just be a traditional 4-3 WLB. He’s built like a RB and makes the most sense, to me, as a SS. His best attributes are his short area quickness and his incredibly tackling ability. His Combine was good but hardly great yet he plays faster than those numbers and he accounts for a lot of wow plays on film. He has the makings of a dynamic punt returner at the next level and could be used at RB occasionally for a team but likely won’t be which makes his skills as a defender that much more important for his overall grade. As a defender he does have some red flags. He didn’t have an amazing Combine, though he is clearly NFL caliber, he only had 1 career INT and 1 career FF to his credit so the idea that he is a ballhawk/playmaker is a little exaggerated, and he played out of position all year at LB so he’ll be very raw as a rookie SS. As a prospect he’s very similar to Shaq Thompson out of Washington, who was a 1st round pick due to his dual threat skills and dynamic play at LB/SS and has been mediocre in the NFL. Peppers was more productive than Thompson in college but the similarities worry me a bit. As a SS he will be a big hitter, sure tackler, fan favorite and probably will be a playmaker. I say probably as he looks like he will be but with 1 career INT it’s an expectation that the INTs will come once he stops playing out of position. There isn’t a lot of tape of him making a play with the ball in the air so it’s very hypothetical with him. For being one of my favorite players he’s actually difficult to scout due to his poor numbers, limited likelihood of being a dual threat player at the next level and future position change. That being said Peppers is an athlete, has great tape and looked like a future star. It might take him a year or two to become a playmaker at SS due to his youth and lack of experience but I still think his future is very bright. Late 1st as my #4 S 4/17/17.
  5. Justin Evans Texas A&M 5’11 ⅝ 199 Sr. He didn’t workout at the Combine. At his Pro Day he ran a terrible 4.60 40 (some will add 1/10th of a second to it which is why it is terrible) but made up for it a bit with a ‘41 ½ vertical (elite) and 10’9 broad (very good). He’s a JUCO kid who played well at A&M his two seasons. In 2015 (78 tackles, 1 INT, 3 PBUs) and 2016 (87 tackles, 4 INT, 8 PBUs) he was a sure tackler with impressive quickness and agility. A lot of people hyped up Dashon Hall, Donovan Wilson, and Armani Watts but Evans to me was the 2nd best defender for the Aggies the past two years (Myles Garrett obviously being #1). I love Evans tape as he’s the rare defender that is both a consistent tackler and a big hitter. Usually it’s one or the other but Evans is adept at wrapping up and will also throw his body around when needed. I think he played hurt last year at times and it’s impressive to see it not affect his performance. His 5 INTs the past two years shows the kind of talent he has as a ballhawk and I actually view him as a FS not a SS, though he’s more than capable of playing both spots. He has very good hands and would be an even bigger ballhawk if he was faster as his 40 time could keep him at SS for some teams. I’m shocked he doesn’t have a career FF as he’s one of the harder hitters in the country and took down some big boys like Derrick Henry in his career. I love Evans and think he’s one of the more underrated players in the country. He’s a big hitter, great at tackling in space, has outstanding hands that should allow him to rack up INTs at the next level and is very quick and agile. He doesn’t have great long speed but a team willing to overlook his one flaw will have themselves a very good starter who could easily make a few Pro Bowls in seasons where his INT total is high. Early 2nd round as my #5 S who I think the world of and consider a big time sleeper in this draft 4/16/17.
  6. Rayshawn Jenkins Miami 6’1 210 Sr. Redshirted one season. Five years out of HS so he’s an older prospect. He ran a 4.51 40, ‘37 vertical and 10’8 broad. He was okay in 2012 (27 tackles, 1 INT, 3 PBUs), good in 2013 (46 tackles, 3 INT, 5 PBUs), missed all of 2014 with a chronic back injury and then came back to play well in 2015 (52 tackles, 3 INT, 4 PBUs) and 2016 (76 tackles, 2 INT, 1.5 sacks, 7 PBUs). He’s an obvious SS as he is a hard hitter that is a bit tight and wouldn’t be great in coverage, especially man. He has good tape as a blitzer and could be used in that role by a team. He’s one of the hardest hitters in this draft and loves to talk trash after plays. His good measurables show up on film and translates to the field as he is explosive and has good range. He uses that range more as an enforcer and run supporter than in coverage but does show a good burst to the ball when it’s thrown in his direction. A team that gets him will have a natural SS with very good athleticism and solid ball skills. I expect him to start early and play very well, peaking likely below a Pro Bowl level. Mid 2nd as my #6 S 4/17/17.
  7. Obi Melifonwu Connecticut 6’3 ⅞ 224 Sr. Redshirted one season. Five years out of HS so he’s an older prospect. He had arguably the best Combine of any player with a 4.40 40, ‘44 vertical (1st among 60 DBs) and 11’9 broad (1st). He was very good from 2013-2015 with 70-88 tackles and 3-5 PBUs as well as 4 INTs and 2 FFs Combined. In 2016 he put it all together with 118 tackles and 4 INT. PFF rated Obi as the 2nd best safety during the Senior Bowl game and everyone agrees he had a great week. I usually don’t like tall safeties like him as they tend to struggle with a lack of quickness and are exploited in coverage. Their success rate is also pretty atrocious (TJ McDonald, Robert Sands, Taylor Mays, George Iloka). Ironically enough, almost all of them have either been drafted by or signed by the Bengals after their initial team cut them so I’ll be curious if the Bengals make a play on Obi. I like Obi more than those others, except possibly Iloka who I liked, as he’s more agile than they were. He still is tight and will struggle in too much man coverage but he is tall, strong and very explosive so a team that is willing to scheme away his deficiencies will be rewarded by his numerous strengths. He doesn’t play up to his 4.4 40 time and looks more like a 4.5 type athlete. I personally would consider adding 10 lbs to his frame and making him a true linebacker. He has good hands but isn’t a ballhawk as he lacks instincts and doesn’t have a great burst to the ball. He also rarely lined up in a position to make plays on the ball and was very much a “keep everything in front of him” type guy. His frame is more impressive than his game as he has quite a lot of weak tackles to his credit for being such a “big hitter.” He’s an intimidating presence though because of that frame and could easily become a Kam Chancellor type for a defense, especially if a team lets him continue to add weight (Chancellor is 232 lbs). I’m not a fan of these kinds of guys as they are liabilities in the passing game and in the pass happy NFL landscape of today it makes no sense to have any of your DBs be liabilities in coverage. That being said the Seattle Cover 1 scheme is proliferating around the NFL (Seattle, Atlanta, Jacksonville, San Francisco) and it calls for a big stud like Obi so he will be in demand. In the right scheme he could be a Pro Bowler but he has some major bust potential too and, again, I’m not a fan of this type of player so I have to downgrade him a bit and probably rank him much lower than others do. Late 2nd round as my #7 S who I view as a little bit of a workout warrior with his athleticism not fully translating 4/18/17.
  8. Josh Jones NC State 6’1 ⅜ 220 Jr. Redshirted one season. He ran a 4.41 40, ‘37 ½ vertical and 11’0 broad all of which are very good to elite. He had a great freshman season in 2014 (56 tackles, 4 INT, 1 sack, 7 PBUs), followed by a similar year in 2015 (63 tackles, 1 INT, 1 FF, 2 PBUs) and then a monster year in 2016 (109 tackles, 3 INT, 1 sack, 1 FF, 8 PBUs). He has some good film in coverage making plays on the ball but he looks more like a SS with cover skills than a FS. 8 INT and 17 PBUs shows his activity in the passing game. He’s a taller safety and has a little tightness and long leggedness to him but also is a great athlete for 220 lbs. He has very good hands and makes plays when they are available. He has some big hits to his credit but he’s not as dominant in that area as you would expect at 220 lbs. He is a consistent tackler, is good in space and has the size and strength to battle in the box with OL and TEs. I like Jones as he does a lot of things well, nothing great. He projects as an above average starter at the next level and will be helped by his borderline elite Combine but he doesn’t seem to play quite up to those measurables. Early 3rd round as my #8 S 4/17/17.
  9. John Johnson Boston College 6’0 ½ 208 Sr. He ran a 4.61 40, ‘37 vertical, 9’11 broad, 4.18 shuttle and 6.72 3 cone. His 3 cone, vertical and broad were good but his 40 was bad and his shuttle was average. He barely played in 2013 (4 tackles), wasn’t anything special in 2014 (25 tackles, 1 sack, 2 PBUs), was very good in 2015 (63 tackles, 3 INT, 0.5 sacks, 2 FF, 3 PBUs) and again in 2016 (77 tackles, 3 INT, 1 sack, 1 FF, 9 PBUs). His 6 INT the past two years is impressive. He has a lot of tape of him playing one on one with wideouts and making plays on the ball which could endear him to teams that want a FS that can come down and play man. He has great hands and is impressive with the ball in the air. He played CB at times for Boston College and some teams might leave him there but most will likely have him at FS due to his very poor 4.61 40. He’s a tough, emotional player that enjoys the battle. He was a gunner on special teams for them and did a good job. Johnson is intriguing as he has some of the best ball skills in this safety class with WR like skills at times. He also is a physical player who won’t struggle as a tackler if moved to safety. Many teams will love that he played FS and CB at Boston College as some schemes want their FS to move down and cover a man at times to add versatility to their base package. John will give a team that aspect and becomes more interesting to the more you watch him. His BC coach JIm Reeves said, “He’s the most impressive man I’ve coached in +40 years…he’s a guy whose face could appear on currency one day.” Coaches rave about his character, leadership and instincts. Yes his 40 was terrible but I’m sold on this kid as he was productive in college, is instinctive, agile, big, physical and gives a defense some versatility. Expect John Johnson to surprise some people as he seems like a sleeper to me. 3rd round as my #9 S 4/17/17.
  10. Marcus Maye Florida 6’0 210 Sr. Redshirted one season. Five years out of HS so he’s an older prospect. He didn’t workout at the Combine. He barely played in 2013 (16 tackles, 1 INT), had a good season in 2014 (62 tackles, 1 INT, 2 FF, 5 PBUs) and then had his best year in 2015 earning All-American honors (82 tackles, 2 INT, 5 FF, 6 PBUs). In 2016 he had a good start to the year (50 tackles, 1 INT, 1 sack, 6 PBUs) yet broke his arm and missed the final third of the season. He’s another combo safety with big hits like a SS but good cover skills so FS is an option too. He allowed 10 TDs during his career at Florida and only had 5 career INTs in 4 seasons so to me he’s a SS but some will disagree. He’s tightly built and isn’t an option to come down and cover someone in man coverage. He works best going toward the action. I like Maye in that he has obvious NFL athleticism, is a sure tackler and can lay the wood. I don’t love him though as his ball skills are nothing special and he had a lot of talent around him in that secondary the past few years from Hargreaves to Tabor to Quincy Wilson. He projects as an average SS who isn’t a liability in coverage but also won’t make a lot of INTs. 3rd round as my #10 S 4/16/17.
  11. Xavier Woods Louisiana Tech 5’11 ⅛ 197 Sr. He ran a 4.54 40, ‘33 ½ vertical, 4.13 shuttle and 6.73 3 cone with all but the 3 cone being below average for his size. In 2013 as a true freshman he played okay (61 tackles, 2 PBUs) but had no big plays. From 2014-2016 he became a big play waiting to happen with 14 INTs, 6 FF, 4 sacks. Despite being sub 200 lbs he’s a big time hitter who is a great combination of ballhawk and enforcer. He is very agile which partially makes up for his mediocre athleticism but you can tell he isn’t the fastest or most explosive guy on film and it could make a defense have to scheme for him at times. In terms of just pure playmaking ability, he’s one of the better ones in this draft as he is instinctive, has good hands and is very comfortable with the ball in his hands when a turnover occurs. The issues with him are that he isn’t always the most consistent tackler and isn’t a great athlete. I like Woods and think he’s a poor man’s Karl Joseph with his mix of ballhawk and enforcer allowing him to play FS or SS for most teams. He’s a bit of a low upside, high polish prospect due to his mediocre athleticism but it shouldn’t keep him from being a long time starter for a team, just will keep him from ever making a Pro Bowl. 3rd round as my #11 S 4/16/17.
  12. Eddie Jackson Alabama 6’0 ⅜ 201 Sr. He didn’t run a 40 but had a ‘36 vertical and 10’2 broad both of which were average. In 2013 he was a bit player (19 tackles, 1 INT, 2 PBUs), became a full time starter in 2014 (41 tackles, 1 INT, 1 sack, 2 FF, 6 PBUs), had his career year in 2015 (46 tackles, 6 INT, 1 FF, 2 PBUs) and then had an injury plagued year in 2016 (24 tackles, 1 INT, 2 PBUs in only 8 games-missed 7 games due to broken leg). He was a great punt returner in 2016 (2 TDs, 23 average) yet only did it his final season due to Cyrus Jones. He’s a tall, skinny player that is tightly built but shows very good explosiveness. He has great hands and can make the tough catch. He played a lot of zone at Alabama and doesn’t look very good in man which is odd because he started his career as a CB. He lacks the instincts and ability to anticipate where a play is headed when playing CF which makes him mediocre at that spot. He’s a tough guy to evaluate as he was productive in the best program in the best conference for four years, is strong, has ball skills and looks the part of an NFL starter yet he’s extremely tight, lacks quickness, isn’t instinctive, wasn’t a great tackler in the open field and on a per game basis his production isn’t that impressive. Keep in mind that Alabama played 15 games each of the past two seasons. I worry that once he leaves the confines of Saban’s perfectly run defensive scheme, we will see that he wasn’t really anything special. In a straight line he looks fast, laterally he looks slow. That will be the scouting report on him and it will be up to the team that drafts him to hide him in a scheme. Saban did it magnificently, I worry his next DC won’t. 3rd round as my #12 S who I personally am hesitant on due to flaws in his game 4/17/17.
  13. Desmond King Iowa 5’10 201 Sr. He didn’t run the 40 at the Combine (4.60 at his Pro Day-terrible) but did have a ‘34 vertical, 9’9 broad, 4.18 shuttle and 6.67 3 cone. His 3 cone was elite but the rest was average to below average. Everyone knew he wasn’t much of an athlete but after seeing the measurables and watching his fluidity even more people now view him as a FS not a CB. In 2013 as a true freshman he had a big tackle season with few big plays (69 tackles, 8 PBUs) yet improved in the big play area in 2014 (64 tackles, 3 INT, 5 PBUs), peaked his production in 2015 (72 tackles, 8 INT, 13 PBUs) and ended his career with a down but still very good 2016 (58 tackles, 3 INT, 1 FF, 7 PBUs). His 11 INT and 20 PBUs the past two years show his elite production as a ballhawk and many expect it to translate to safety if a team moves him there. He’s a thickly built player who moves and looks more like a S than a CB. He probably has the best hands of any DB in this draft as many of his INTs were acrobatic or were ones he just won a jump ball from a WR on. He is also very instinctive but his hands are elite and should keep his INT totals up at the next level as he comes down with a higher percentage of INTs than almost any player you’ll find. He doesn’t have great speed but what worries me the most is his tightness and lack of quickness. He isn’t a great athlete and some teams won’t want him as his mediocre range prevents him from being a great centerfielder and he probably isn’t fluid enough to come down and play man vs. the slot. That being said the kid was an interception machine in college and could easily continue as he has elite hands and ball skills. I like guys like him as they seem to work out somehow (Micah Hyde, Jordan Poyer, etc.) but often times the ride is a little bumpy. King could be the same way as it might take him awhile to find his niche but guys with his playmaking pedigree are rare so I’d take a chance on him. Late 3rd round as my #13 S 4/17/17.
  14. Rasul Douglas West Virginia 6’1 ⅝ 209 Sr. Redshirted one season. Five years out of HS so he’s an older prospect. He ran a 4.59 40, ‘33 ½ vertical, 10’0 broad, 4.26 shuttle and 6.97 3 cone. JUCO kid who played two years at WVU. In 2015 he barely played (8 tackles, 1 INT) but in 2016 he exploded (70 tackles, 8 INT, 1 sack, 1 FF, 8 PBUs). Coaches rave about his football IQ. That, combined with his size, ball skills and lack of speed have me moving him to safety from CB. He isn’t a quick twitch athlete with most of his plays coming from good reads on a QB or due to his incredible hands as he held on to some unlikely INTs in 2016. Even at S he won’t be a good athlete as his 4.59 40 is valid only in a straight line and after a few steps as he isn’t quick or athletic in a short area. I like Douglas for his size, intelligence and ball skills as a safety but see some red flags on him as an athlete, especially as a CB, and as a tackler in space if moved to safety like I have him at. 4th round as my #14 S 4/12/17.
  15. Shaquill Griffin UCF 6’0 ⅛ 194 Sr. He ran a 4.38 40 (4th out of 60 DBs), ‘38 ½ vertical (3rd), 11’0 broad (3rd), 4.14 shuttle and 6.87 3 cone with everything but his shuttle and 3 cone being elite. He barely played in 2013-2014 (25 tackles total) and then became a playmaker in 2015 (50 tackles, 2 INT, 13 PBUs) and 2016 (50 tackles, 4 INT, 15 PBUs). His 6 INTs and 28 PBUs the past two seasons is impressive. He’s a bigger CB and has very good explosiveness but is tightly built and isn’t the smoothest athlete-more sudden than smooth. He’s more athlete than player at this point in his career as I see no route recognition from him and he always seems a step behind the action. UCF played a lot of “fake press” and zone with him playing more like a safety than a CB a lot of the time. Watching his Arkansas State tape I didn’t see a 4.38 40 athlete on the field. In fact at one point he couldn’t catch up to WR Kendall Sanders as he allowed a 75 yard TD (career long for Sanders) and Griffin had +50 yards of free space to catch him (Sanders by the way ran a 4.56 40 at his pro day). To me Griffin is more athlete than football player and his measurables don’t all translate to the field. I’m moving him to safety as he moves more like a FS than a CB but has shown enough cover skills that I suspect most teams will leave him at CB. Some team will likely overdraft him due to his incredible Combine and maybe they can untap that athleticism down the road but I’m not a huge fan of the kid as he lacks agility, instincts and isn’t nearly as fast as his 40 time suggests. Late 4th round as my #15 S 4/13/17.
  16. Cordrea Tankersley Clemson 6’1 ¼ 199 Sr. He ran a 4.40 40, ‘29 ½ vertical, 10’1 broad, 4.32 shuttle and 7.00 3 cone. This is a very odd combination of measurements because his 40 is very good, his broad and 3 cone are average to below average and his vertical and shuttle are atrocious. He had 19 tackles his first two seasons (2013-2014) as a bit player. In 2015 he became a playmaker with 48 tackles, 5 INT, 1 sack and 9 PBUs and continued that way in 2016 (52 tackles, 4 INT, 11 PBUs). Tankersley is a tall, thick kid that moves like a safety not a CB. He is very stiff and doesn’t seem like a kid that can stay at CB so I’ve moved him to S. As a safety he’s a little intriguing as he’s a good tackler (100 tackles the past two years combined) and has great hands (9 INT, 20 PBUs). He looks more like a guy with great hands than great instincts as most of his INTs came from poorly thrown balls he made a play on and not from him jumping routes or coaxing a QB to make a throw they shouldn’t have. As a CB I don’t like him at all and have a free agent grade on him. As a S I only like him as a late round flier type but with his speed, size and great hands he could surprise and be a starter down the road after he learns the new position. Early 6th round as my #16 S 4/15/17.
  17. Jadar Johnson Clemson 6’0 ⅜ 206 Sr. He ran a 4.60 40, ‘33 vertical, 9’11 broad, 4.20 shuttle and 6.90 3 cone with all but the 3 cone being below average to bad. He barely played in 2013 (9 tackles), was again a bit player in 2014 though he had some big plays (12 tackles, 2 INT, 1 PBU), continued that trend in 2015 (15 tackles, 2 INT, 1 PBU) and then had a big season in 2016 (61 tackles, 5 INT, 2 FF, 7 PBUs). With only 36 tackles his first three seasons he’s a bit of a one year wonder yet he did have 4 INT in those first three seasons and 9 career INTs so he’s also adept at the big play. He’s an atrocious tackler. His measurements are poor and he doesn’t look like an explosive athlete on the field but he’s quick and agile which makes up for it a bit. He has good size, good hands to make plays and is very agile so there are tools to work with but he isn’t physical, is a one year wonder production wise, is a terrible tackler and is a below average athlete so he’ll be lucky to make a career for himself as the #3 S for a team. It wouldn’t shock me if he made it but the odds are he’ll be a bust. 6th round as my #17 S 4/17/17.

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