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Day 2 (Rounds 2-3) Live Blog

April 28, 2017

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33. Packers: Kevin King-Well this was the guy I thought the Cowboys might take that I’d be fine with so I knew he wouldn’t last long. I knew Budda Baker didn’t fit the Cowboys profile but King did. He’s tall, has ridiculous measurables and has good technique. He looks like a Day 1 starter who has Pro Bowl potential due to his elite measurables and I’m really surprised guys like Gareon Conley and Adoree Jackson were taken ahead of him.

34. Jaguars: Cam Robinson-Another guy that I’m a little surprised made it to the 2nd round. That’s what the top of the 2nd round is for as you avoid the big 1st round contracts but still get 1st round talent. Most guys would say King and Robinson are more talented than guys like Taco Charlton, Ryan Ramczyk and Garrett Bolles but Robinson had inconsistent tape and sometimes a team will take the safe good player over the risky high potential player. Robinson is a bit of a boom/bust though I’d argue it’s more a worry that he moves to OG than that he’s just a bust. He is so strong and long that I’d be shocked if he’s a bust as an OG and think RT ends up working out for him.

36. Cardinals: Budda Baker-Well obviously I love this pick. He was the #12 Overall guy on my board and is a guy that isn’t much less talented than Malik Hooker who was taken in the Top 16. Baker could easily lead the NFL in interceptions a year or two as his ball skills, speed, quickness and instincts are all elite. Yes he’s 5’9 but watch some tape and tell me you worry about his tackling, hits or ability to hold up in the run game. The kid can play and, ironically enough, he reminds me of Honey Badger so it’s not a surprise that Bruce Arians saw the talent and made a move for him. I’ll call it now, he will make the Pro Bowl. This is a great pick.

38. Chargers: Forrest Lamp-To some this is an absolute steal as I saw some Top 20 grades on him. I had an early 2nd round grade on him so for him to be an early 2nd rounder isn’t anything other than normal. What is a little surprising is that it stayed true to my ranking of him in a draft so weak at OL. Lamp was clearly one of the 5 best OL in this draft so I’m a little surprised that as the 4th one it took 38 picks for 4 OL to go off the board. Bolles being 1st at #20 was a record for most picks before the first OL was taken so it again just shows how weak the class was. Lamp looks like a very good starter who could easily make some Pro Bowls. The Chargers decided to go offense with a WR and an OG in their first two picks. Add in Melvin Gordon and Hunter Henry and they are building a pretty nice young nucleus to maybe give Phillip Rivers a playoff appearance or two before he retires. This was a very good pick.

40. Panthers: Curtis Samuel- I like Samuel a lot but don’t see how this fits. To me the guy he reminds me of the most in this draft is Christian McCaffrey whom they obviously took last night so why replicate those skills? The Panthers have had some success the past few seasons so they have become a little difficult to criticize but from this pick to removing the Josh Norman tag there have been some odd personnel moves recently.

41. Vikings: Dalvin Cook-I love this pick. I see Latavius Murray as being just a durable 4.0 ypc type back so they needed to complement or even upgrade from him long term. Cook does that as he has an all around game which allows him to maximize his inside runs while also breaking the long runs. He has an elite short area quickness and is a very decisive cutter which will make him a well liked player by his RB coach. I suspect he splits carries with Murray early on and by year end is the workhorse back as Cook has Pro Bowl talent and Murray is just an overpaid veteran without the burst or vision of Cook. This and the Budda Baker pick are the best two picks so far in Round 2.

43. Eagles: Sidney Jones-Interesting pick. I know his agent says he’ll be playing this year but Marcus Lattimore said that, Jaylon Smith said that, everyone with a major injury says they will play as rookies. I know Jones won’t start the season and suspect he won’t play at all in 2017 due to his Achilles injury. That being said, many saw Jones not Baker or King as the best player in that vaunted Washington secondary so this could work out well. On tape alone I saw Jones as the third best of the prospects but likely his tape nonetheless. He’s a quick guy with great agility and instincts. I just didn’t see great speed or size with him so to me he was a high polish, low ceiling guy. Either way he clearly looks like a future above average starer so to get him at #43 is a great pick long term.

46. Colts: Quincy Wilson-Another DB goes off the board. I really liked Wilson and felt a little alone on that front. Wilson, Budda Baker and Chidobe Awuzie were three DBs I REALLY liked who didn’t seem to get much love from the scouting community. Of those three Wilson is the most odd as he has great size and is very quick. He doesn’t have the elite hands of Marcus Peters but reminds me of him stylistically as he has great quickness and very good size but lacks long speed. Put him in press, give him safety help over the top and watch him be a very good starting CB. Great pick.

48. Bengals: Joe Mixon-Wow. I suspected he’d go on Day 2 but this feels a little early despite me having an early 2nd round grade on him. The fit is perfect though as the Bengals have accepted there fair share of criticism for allowing “2nd chance” guys on their roster and seem to be good at handling it. Mixon was only 18 when he had his incident so I’d give him a 2nd chance over some of these other scumbags but I also think he’s a bad dude and suspect he’ll have future incidents down the road. That being said he’s a 1st round talent that to me reminds me of a poor man’s Ezekiel Elliott and has garnered some David Johnson comparisons too. He could easily own the Bengals backfield by 2018 if he’s as talented as I think he is so there is some Pro Bowl level upside to him. I love the fit and like the pick IF you are willing to accept his red flags which the Bengals clearly are.

50. Bucs: Justin Evans-I love this pick but am a little surprised he went this early. I am happy for him as he’s a good kid and an Aggie (whoop) but am a little sad as I was expecting him to be a 3rd rounder and was dreaming of the Cowboys getting him late in the 3rd. The Bucs getting Howard and Evans gets them two immediate starters and sets them up well for the future. Very good pick.

51. Broncos: DeMarcus Walker-I love this pick too. Walker was #18 on my board. Yes I had him rated higher than others but Kiper had him #33 and Mayock had him Top 45 so everyone liked him. I loved him because I saw him more as a DT than a DE and think he could be an elite interior pass rusher. Those guys are worth their weight in gold and I see Walker as a dramatically more talented player than guys like Taco Charlton, Malik McDowell and Takkarist McKinley who all have that DE/DT tweener status like he does. I’m surprised a guy who was 2nd in the nation in sacks and has great polish as a pass rusher, only Jonathan Allen has better hands than Walker, went this late. Great pick.

52. Browns: DeShone Kizer-Well just as I start praising the nerds they take a dump all over their board. I hate Kizer. I only changed one draft prospect’s ratings (David Njoku) after publishing their bio but Kizer was a close second as I had an early 3rd round grade (#89 Overall) on him but feel like that might be kind. Yes he has tools but come on you can tell this guy is an asshole. His coach didn’t like him, he was benched in his last year, his stats went down AND HE LEFT SCHOOL EARLY AFTER A 4-8 SEASON. Seriously? Who wants this guy. I should have downgraded him to a 5th round grade as I want no part of this punk. People say I should open up more…..

53. Lions: Teez Tabor-Tabor is a fun litmus test as guys who love quickness, hands, production, instincts and hips love Tabor. Guys who love size, speed and measurables hate him. I liked him as I’m pretty heavy on the tape but have slowly evolved into adding more measurables to my scouting after seeing how many Greg Jones, Jarvis Jones, Scooby Wrights bust due to those poor measurables. I didn’t love him though and see this being slightly high for him. Tabor will be fun to watch as he’s slow on film so he’ll have to be schemed for but guys with his ball skills are rare and I love ball skills so to me you do scheme for guys like him. It’s worth it. He will have high INT totals but will be curious to see his PFF ratings as he could struggle in that overall area.

55. Giants: Dalvin Tomlinson-Well I already know that this will be one of the worst graded picks of Day 2 for me as I didn’t like his tape at all. He was a 7th rounder on my board at #198 Overall. To me he was a guy that showed how overrated Alabama DL get. I might be wrong on him but wasn’t wrong on Terrance Cody, Ed Stinson, Jesse Williams, Courtney Upshaw, Josh Chapman, etc. It’s an obvious trend and long ago I adjusted my rankings accordingly.

Top 10 available with Cowboys 4 picks away:

  1. Chidobe Awuzie CB
  2. Alvin Kamara RB
  3. Brad Kaaya QB
  4. Dan Feeney C/OG
  5. Ahkello Witherspoon CB
  6. Josh Malone WR
  7. Damontae Kazee CB
  8. Conor McDermott OT
  9. Kareem Hunt RB
  10. Jordan Evans LB

56. Raiders: Obi Melifonwu-He’s a tough grade. Some love him and it’s not hard to fall in love with him when you watch his Combine or see his frame but he didn’t impress me as an intimidator on tape. He has a lot of weak tackles for a “big hitter” and while his frame looks like Kam Chancellor his game isn’t anything close to it. I’m just not a fan of big SS types as they are almost always busts or mediocre starters. Again I see trends and adjust and this is another obvious trend to avoid (George Iloka, Robert Sands, Taylor Mays, etc.).

57. Texans: Zach Cunningham-I love this pick. He, not Reuben Foster or Jarrad Davis was my #1 LB and I had a mid 1st grade on him. He has so much better production than Foster and is much more athletic than Davis. To me he was a star in the SEC the past 2 years and reminds me of a poor man’s Alec Ogletree with his long arms, elite production and good athleticism (Ogletree had great athleticism). Great pick.

60. Cowboys: Chidobe Awuzie-You have no idea how happy I am. I literally screamed when Drew Pearson said DB from Colorado….Also how rare is this, the Cowboys took the #1 player available on my board. He was #24 Overall and #1 Available as I saw him having far better tape than 1st round CB Adoree Jackson and much better athleticism than 1st round CB Tre’Davious White. He doesn’t have great ball skills and has flat out bad hands, he will be a high PBU guy never a high INT guy, but his quickness, toughness, hitting and overall game is impressive. When I first put on the film of him I was stunned. I’d barely heard of him before and watched him just obliterate guys. To me he’s a Top 10 talent that has to be downgraded to the 20s to 30s because of his lack of ball skills. He will really impress Cowboys fans as a rookie as he will step on the field day 1 and be an elite run stopper and a physical corner. He reminds me of Antoine Winfield. Arguably the best run stopping CB in this draft, he will be Rod Marinelli’s favorite player by the end of training camp. YES!!!!!! This is honestly the best Cowboys draft pick since Dez Bryant in terms of my immediate reaction to the selection. I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! Below is his profile:

Chidobe Awuzie Colorado 5’11 ⅞ 202 Sr. He ran a 4.43 40, ‘34 ½ vertical, 11’0 broad, 4.14 shuttle and 6.81 3 cone. He was average to elite across the board with his 40 being above average and his broad being elite. He’s a very active defender with great experience as he has four seasons with +50 tackles, two seasons with 4 sacks and 28 career PBUs. He’s not a ballhawk by any stretch with only 3 INTs in 4 seasons. His stats make me think he’d be a good candidate as a FS if CB doesn’t work out. He’s thickly built with a good frame on him who loves the physical nature of the game. He’d be a great zone corner and is a bad corner to throw bubble screens against. He must be a former gymnast as I’ve never seen another player leap in the air more often than Awuzie does. He sometimes does acrobatic flips to get up off the ground after a play. Its funny because some players aren’t ballhawks because they can’t read plays in advance and some aren’t because of their hands. Awuzie is clearly the latter as he is great at reading plays and making PBUs and big hits but just isn’t good at securing INTs. I love his aggressive nature and his elite tackling skills as he is probably the best tackler in this CB class. He’s an elite blitzer and is adept at stripping the ball when he gets to the QB (6 career FF). Part of me thinks he fits better as a FS but he has the quickness and hips to stay at CB so I’m leaving him there. In either spot he looks like a long time starter who has an Antoine Winfield type game with elite run stopping skills, good pass coverage ability and terrible hands. I value ball skills quite a lot so I have to downgrade him for his hands and I question his technique as he seems raw in that area but he has a lot of elite traits for a prospect so he could definitely have some Pro Bowls in his future. Top 20 as my #3 CB 4/12/17.

65. Browns: Larry Ogunjobi-I didn’t see the reason why some liked this kid. Last year I was in lockstep with the nerds and it continued in the 1st round with Garrett (my #1 player in the draft), Jabril Peppers (one of my favorite players in college last year) and David Njokue (one of the fastest risers on my board and a Top 20 grade taken #29). This is the second pick in Day 2 I didn’t like. He was a 7th rounder on my board but hey he went to Charlotte and my scouting tape was pretty terrible quality so maybe they know something I don’t. Wouldn’t be the first time.

66. 49ers: Ahkello Witherspoon-I love this pick. He was the #40 Overall grade on my board as he has great length, speed and ball skills. He is still a little raw and his tape was inconsistent but his physical package is rare and he has some WOW moments so I was surprised he got so little love. Yes he’s raw and a little soft but he’s 6’3, has speed, hands and hips. You can’t coach this kid up? Great pick to me. The 49ers are owning this draft.

67. Saints: Alvin Kamara-I love this pick….wait didn’t they just sign Adrian Peterson and already have Mark Ingram? Weird fit but the weird fit honestly is Peterson and Ingram as Kamara fits perfectly for a pass happy offense. I honestly thought he would be in play with the Packers at #33 because of how good he’d fit in an offense that is 3 WR all the time. Now he is in that offense but with an unsure number of touches. He will be a slow starter for his career but he could become a star in this offense if the Saints use the guy performing the best and not the guy with the biggest contract or name recognition. Great fit system wise, terrible fit depth chart wise.

69. Rams: Cooper Kupp-This pick is interesting. He is a steal on some boards, just interesting on mine (#90 Overall) as I worried about his lack of athleticism. What makes me want to talk about him though is the fact that I honestly think he’s right up there with Larry Fitzgerald with some of the best hands I’ve ever graded. He snatches the ball like few I’ve seen. He rarely has drops, makes the one handed catch look routine and can make the jump ball. Add in his very good Senior Bowl week of practice and I became intrigued. He’s another guy that made me consider adjusting his ranking higher so I will be curious to see if I underrated him due to his poor 40 time (4.6s).

71. Chargers: Dan Feeney-Big fan of this pick. I had him at #39 Overall and don’t see him that different tape wise than Forrest Lamp. Feeney is the mauler, the battler, the mean SOB while Lamp is the more athletic, smoother player but both are guys that are plug and plays at OG who should start for 8-10 years which is why they both got early 2nd round grade. I love guys like Feeney as they bring an attitude to an OL. I also love the Chargers draft. Sometimes it’s better to just focus on one side of the football as you can really mold it and add traits you want.

73. Bengals: Jordan Willis-Some will call this the best pick on Day 2. I didn’t love Willis so don’t agree (#79 Overall on my board) but the Bengals are notorious for getting their CBs in round 1 and their pass rushers in Rounds 2-3 in a rotation type (Carlos Dunlap 2nd round, Michael Johnson-3rd round, Margus Hunt-2nd round). Willis makes sense as a rotation guy as he has a great motor and had elite production and an elite Combine. I just didn’t see the athleticism translate and thought he was overly tight in his body. Maybe he surprises me and vindicates Bill Polian who literally laughed off Todd Archer of the Dallas Morning News the day before the draft when he mock drafted Taco Charlton at #28 saying he was too big, didn’t fit the scheme and Willis should have been the selection. I think Polian is off his rocker and has dementia but hey maybe he’s right on Willis. Even a broken clock…

74. Ravens: Chris Wormley-I like this pick. He was #57 on my board as he’s just a solid, steady player. He’s the classic high polish, low ceiling guy who moves well for 300 lbs and can trail plays well. He can play 4-3 DT or 3-4 DE and just seems like a good double in the 3rd round if we’re doing baseball analogies.

77. Panthers: Daeshon Hall-He’s an interesting prospect as he’s a tall, long guy with a burst who never took his game to the next level. I expected he’d finish his career with a double digit sack season and be a late 1st/early 2nd and instead he regressed and goes in the mid 3rd. Hall is a roll of the dice but in the 3rd I’ll take a potential starting DE with double digit capabilities. He likely won’t become that, reminds me a bit of Andre Branch who didn’t fulfill his potential either, but it’s worth the gamble here.

78. Ravens: Tim Williams-Williams was a tough evaluation. Some film makes him look like a first rounder as he has great speed and looks like a great fit as a 3-4 OLB. Other film made him look invisible as he is very much a pass rusher only. He doesn’t have good strength and isn’t tough so if he doesn’t get you sacks you will hate him. His speed and bend are impressive though and those are highly coveted traits so honestly the biggest reason he probably fell was that a lot of people think he’s a piece of shit. He had some off the field issues and some questioned his work ethic on game day (motor) and in offseason (practices, spring training). Just a lot to work through but he’s solid value here if a team is comfortable with him as a person.

81. Redskins: Fabian Moreau-He’s a good value here. Some had him as a 1st rounder before the injury but I never saw the tape which justified that initial grade. He has great size and speed but no instincts who looks like a Brandon Carr type #2 CB. Add in his rookie year being wiped out by his pectoral injury and it made sense for him to drop but 81 is a bit much (#67 Overall on my board and I thought I was down on him compared to the consensus) so he’s a borderline steal here for the Redskins. Damn it!

82. Broncos: Carlos Henderson-He’s a solid value here as he was the #92 Overall on my board and reminds me of a poor man’s Mike Wallace with his good speed, suddenness in his routes and tight body. He could be a very good kick returner and solid #2 WR.

83. Patriots: Derek Rivers-What a steal. He was #64 on my board and I said he has Pro Bowl potential when writing his bio as he was productive and has elite athleticism. He’s a small school kid so he could struggle early in his career but he fits their 3-4 perfectly and if he can rush the passer he’ll be on the field JUST when Belichick thinks he has a great matchup. This kid could be huge in some big games.

85. Patriots: Antonio Garcia-Why are the Patriots in the playoffs every year? 3 reasons, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and analytics. They know that you should trade down twice as often as you trade up and after surprising splashes in free agency (Stephon Gilmore and Donte Hightower) they are countering that by trading down twice and getting good values in the 3rd round. Garcia was my 7th best player available on my board (#50 Overall) and looks like a steal. Unsure if he can play LT but at worst he’s a swing tackle who can compete for an OG spot when there are no injuries. Very good pick.

86. Chiefs: Kareem Hunt-I think this might be the best pick in the 3rd round (#46 Overall). Todd McShay just said he has everything but speed and, while I hate to admit I agree with that douschebag, I said the same thing in his bio. His strength, quickness, vision and balance are all above average to elite.

87. Giants: Davis Webb-Well since some “unknown scouts” said he was a 1st rounder I think he’s a perfect example of how you don’t quote guys who won’t go on the record. He lost his job to another QB (albeit a Top 12 drafted QB) and then had far inferior numbers to Jared Goff (who struggled last year). I had him going to the 49ers since people rave about his love of studying tape but I just question whether he’s accurate enough to be anything. He reminds me of Nick Foles, who also went into the 3rd round, and who also has struggled due to his accuracy. He’s big, has a solid arm and throws a good deep ball so there are some qualities to like but I saw major holes and had him inferior to Brad Kaaya and Nathan Peterman who are surprisingly still on the board so I don’t like the pick.

Top 10 available with Cowboys 3 picks away:

  1. Brad Kaaya QB
  2. Josh Malone WR
  3. Damontae Kazee CB
  4. Conor McDermott OT
  5. Jordan Evans LB
  6. Nathan Peterman QB
  7. Rayshawn Jenkins SS
  8. Howard Wilson CB
  9. Jordan Leggett TE
  10. Marquell Lee LB
  11. Jake Butt TE

I added Butt as my #11 as he makes a lot of sense here. You redshirt him a year and then get a probable 2nd round talent in the late 3rd. Despite him being lower on my board I’d be excited about Rayshawn Jenkins also as he’s a perfect fit at SS for replacing Barry Church. Give me Chidobe Awuzie at CB and Jenkins at SS and I’ll be a happy camper. Also a lot of people liked Peterman as a prospect so to you bring him in as a backup QB upgrade over Kellen Moore? Too early?

89. Texans: D’Onta Foreman-He reminds me of a poor man’s Jonathan Stewart as he’s a smooth runner and is very big. He doesn’t have good short area quickness but can run long runs if given a runway. He’s a solid value here, especially with Hunt finally off the board.

91. Rams: John Johnson-He was an interesting prospect as he has great quickness and agility as a FS who can play some man coverage. I honestly thought he was more of a sleeper and didn’t see him taken this “early.” Not a bad pick though, just read the room wrong as I thought I was a bit on my own with him.

Cowboys pick update: I also would be excited to see the Cowboys take one of my lower rated favorite types (Jourdan Lewis CB, Corn Elder CB, Jeremy Cutrer CB, Josh Jones SS).

92. Cowboys: Jourdan Lewis-I honestly didn’t know about his off the field issue but loved his tape. He has elite coverage on film and had one of the best INTs I graded during the entire process with his one handed INT on a post play. He was the #75 overall on my board so at #92 I think he’s a great pick. Add in that Kiper had him as the #1 Overall on his board, Todd McShay had a Top 40 grade on him and his film was elite and it’s easy to defend this pick. He’s clearly a slot corner as he has great quickness but lacks long speed and isn’t a very big guy. I had him at #75 but considered moving him up as I agree with McShay that he was in the hip pocket of wideouts more than any other DB. The negatives though are lack of size, lack of speed and off the field issues. That’s three big red flags but hey it’s the late 3rd so this is a very good pick and joins Chidobe Awuzie as two great additions to the Cowboys secondary. Below is Lewis’ profile:

Jourdan Lewis Michigan 5’10 ¼ 188 Sr. He ran a 4.54 40, ‘34 ½ vertical and 10’1 broad. He was a spot player in 2013 (17 tackles, 2 PBUs), improved in 2014 (39 tackles, 2 INT, 6 PBUs), peaked in 2015 (52 tackles, 2 INT, 1 FF, 1 sack, 20 PBUs) and then had injuries and only played 10 games in 2016 (25 tackles, 2 INT, 11 PBUs). His 31 PBUs the past two years is elite, though the fact he only got 4 INT in 35 tries shows he has poor hands. He played the slot a lot for Michigan and it’s likely where he will play in the pros as he’s undersized but quick and very agile. Todd McShay is a douchebag but I do agree with him when he says Lewis has some of the best coverage of any DB in the country. The red flags on Lewis are that he is small, isn’t physical (Elder and Kouzee are smaller too but pack a wallop which Lewis does not) and he just doesn’t create turnovers. As a pure cover corner though his tape isn’t very different from Sidney Jones whom everyone raves about. Lewis gives that same “in the hip pocket” closeness in coverage and makes me think he’ll be a very good pro. He doesn’t make a lot of INTs but his INT vs. Wisconsin in 2016 is one of the greatest INTs I’ve ever graded. It was a one handed, leaping, outstretched arm INT on a +40 yard seam route which was amazing to watch numerous times in slow motion. Brian Griese said Lewis not Jabrill Peppers (Heisman candidate) was the best player on Michigan in 2016. Considered a big time leader and consummate pro. Lewis will have very divergent grades from teams as his size/speed ratio is pretty poor and he isn’t a ballhawk yet he has great technique, is extremely quick and is one of the best cover guys in the nation. He likely will be “only” a slot corner in the NFL but those guys play +50% of the snaps for teams and he’ll be one of the better ones. Early 3rd round as my #13 CB 4/15/17.

102. Seahawks: Nazair Jones-Taken #102 as the #102 Overall on my board so it’s solid value. Jones flashed 2nd round talent and I like him here as a risk/reward type. He has very impressive movement skills for a 300 lb guy and those guys are rare. Solid pick here for a team that really needs it as the Seahawks have been the worst drafting team in the league the past 3 years combined in my opinion and their roster is starting to look old and top heavy as a result.

105. Steelers: James Conner-I mean just as a human being you have to LOVE this pick right? He’s a Pittsburgh native, he dominated in 2014, missed his entire 2015 due to cancer chemo, played very well in 2016 (especially late in the season once he got into playing shape) and now goes the hometown team? Forget about it, wait that’s Boston. Conner fits well here too. This is the town of Jerome Bettis. Conner has a similar style and fits well with Le’Veon Bell as Bell is overworked in my opinion and is injury prone as well, hmmm maybe their related? Conner will give the team 5 carries a game as a chance of pace when Bell is healthy, gives them a workhorse back when Bell is hurt (seriously he’ll have 100 yard games in the 2-4 games a year Bell misses just like DeAngelo Williams the past few years) and gives them a little insurance in case Bell leaves in free agency. Great pick.

106. Seahawks: Amarah Darboh-Speaking of bad drafters the past few years. I hate this pick. He was #146 Overall on my board but more importantly he was taken much earlier than quite a few more talented WRs that were available. You’re telling me Darboh is really better than Josh Malone, Stacy Coley, Isaiah Ford, Shelton Gibson, Josh Reynolds, Dede Westbrook, KD Cannon, Ryan Switzer or Chad Hansen all 9 of which I had a higher grade on than Darboh? I doubt it. I think this is another wasted pick by a GM that has gone from one of the best (2010-2012) to one of the worst (2013-2017?). This is just like the previous wideout picks he’s made (Paul Richardson 2nd round, Kevin Norwood 4th round, Chris Harper 4th round, Kris Durham 4th round) as it will be another bust. Does Paul Allen really have to wait for Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Michael Bennett and Kam Chancellor to grow old and the Seahawks to become terrible before he fires their GM? He got lucky on a few picks (Sherman in the 5th, Bobby Wagner in the 2nd, Russell Wilson in the 3rd) otherwise he’s been consistently terrible. He has been playing with house money for quite awhile and it’s time the criticism goes to the next level. He is ruining a dynasty just as bad as Jerry Jones did in the mid 90’s with horrible picks like Shante Carver, Sherman Williams, Kavika Pittman, David LeFleur and Ebenezer Ekuban (that is 5 of the 6 1st rounders for the Cowboys with Greg Ellis over Randy Moss being the only “good” selection) in that absurd stretch. You couldn’t fire Jerry but you sure can fire John Schneider. Why not do it before he hits the nail in the coffin on this once great team?

Final Cowboys analysis: Day 1 with Taco Charlton wasn’t great. I didn’t want to go overboard though and tried, as hard as I possibly could-which was difficult, to see the positives in taking a DE in Round 1. Taco projects as an average to above average DE which isn’t anything special BUT it did leave open the rosters spots as CB and S to be filled in the 2nd and 3rd rounds in a draft that everyone knew would be chalk filled with talent at those very spots. The hope was that after Day 2 Cowboys fans could look at three potential starters on defense to add to a young team that was very lopsided with offensive talent vs. defensive talent. That seems to have occurred as Chidobe Awuzie was one of my favorite players in this draft, fits their zone/man mix up scheme and had Top 10 tape. I could nitpick this and point out his terrible hands which make him unlikely to ever have high INT totals but in the late 2nd it’s easy to argue that this pick was a steal. Then to come back and get Jourdan Lewis in the late 3rd, one of the best cover corners in this draft, and the Cowboys have to be pretty ecstatic with their infusion of talent to their secondary. Both Lewis and Awuzie have great tape and each player had defenders of theirs arguing that they were Top 35 players. To get one at #60 and the other at #92 is a great way to quickly improve this Cowboys defense. In my opinion the Cowboys have now added three top 15 players to this defense meaning all three will be either starting or at least in rotation on game day. That’s impressive and should make this draft a good one. If they can come back on Day 3 and add a TE like Jake Butt or Jordan Leggett, a WR like Josh Malone, Isaiah Ford or Josh Reynolds, a CB like Damontae Kazee or Jeremy Cutrer, or a S like Rayshawn Jenkins then this good draft could become great. There is a lot of work to do tomorrow but Day 2 leaves me with pretty good peace of mind.


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