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Day 3 (Rounds 4-7) Live Blog

April 29, 2017

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Top 25 that are still available going into Round 4

  1. Brad Kaaya QB
  2. Josh Malone WR
  3. Damontae Kazee CB
  4. Conor McDermott OT
  5. Jordan Evans LB
  6. Nathan Peterman QB
  7. Rayshawn Jenkins S
  8. Howard Wilson CB
  9. Jordan Leggett TE
  10. Marquel Lee LB
  11. Jake Butt TE
  12. Jon Toth C
  13. Carroll Phillips PR
  14. Isaiah Ford WR
  15. Stacy Coley WR
  16. Shelton Gibson WR
  17. Jarron Jones DT
  18. Jeremy Cutrer CB
  19. Bucky Hodges TE
  20. Blair Brown LB
  21. Vincent Taylor DT
  22. Carlos Watkins DT
  23. Corn Elder CB
  24. Adam Bisnowaty OT
  25. Carl Lawson PR
  26. Josh Reynolds WR (had to go #26 to get Reynolds on there for Ross)

There is a lot of talent still available and much of it is clustered in the WR, CB and TE spots with two talented QBs still on the board which to me is surprising. Kaaya less so but I heard a lot of 2nd round chatter on Nathan Peterman and wonder if someone will be moving up for him. I doubt he lasts long.

108. Packers: Vince Biegel-Solid pick. He’s a perfect fit for a 3-4 scheme as he has the versatility to play OLB or ILB in that system. I had him ranked #121, he’s a local kid from Wisconsin and is a great fit. This makes sense on a lot of levels. Good start to Day 3.

110. Jaguars: Dede Westbrook- I love this pick. He had a lot of red flags as a person so that’s the real reason he fell. If he checks out in those areas then he’s the best deep threat in this draft, yes better than John Ross taken #9. Dede flat out flies and no player I graded in this draft had more separation catch in and catch out than Dede. Yes he’s 175 lbs or so but put him in the slot or in a bunch formation on the outside and let the kid fly. He could be a very good NFL player so to get him in the 4th round is a steal.

112. Bears: Eddie Jackson-This pick makes a lot of sense. I didn’t agree with those seeing him as a top level safety, though there were some high 2nd round grades on him, but in the 4th round I’m in on Eddie Jackson. He’s a high risk/high reward kid who gives you a good punt returner too. I thought he was very tight and didn’t play as fast as his measurables but he has great hands and looks like he could be a playmaker in the right system.

113. Chargers: Rayshawn Jenkins-This is a great pick. He was a 2nd rounder on my board as I see him being a plug and play SS. I know this draft has great depth all over the secondary but I’m still borderline shocked he stayed available this late. Best pick so far in the 4th round.

114. Redskins: Samaje Perrine-I ranked him #114 and he went there. He’s a guy I like, some love. His yards per carry declined throughout his career and he’s a very feast or famine player. Take away like 4 of his games the past few years and his production isn’t great. He feasted against Tech and Kansas both of which have just joke defenses. That being said he’s a great fit as a #2 RB as he’s physical and loves contact. I like having a big back on my roster as a change of pace and he fits that profile. This is 3 straight good to great picks.

116. Bengals: Carl Lawson-Well I’m not obsessed with Jordan Willis or Carl Lawson but both have their 2nd round grades around the league so to get them in the 3rd and 4th is just outstanding. Lawson had good production but was just hurt. He and Willis really add depth to a DL that has Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins but lost depth over the years around them. They are quickly getting it. I wonder if Margus Hunt is now done in Cincinnati. As a 2nd rounder he hasn’t been anything and they might now need that roster spot.

117. Rams: Josh Reynolds-I love this pick. Reynolds got hidden on my board due to the very good mid round WR depth but Reynolds has great potential as a Martavis Bryant type deep threat. I’m a big fan of getting out the guys with bad film and bad measurables and then going with your gut on certain guys. Reynolds is one of those “gut guys” who I’d have a star on my board next to as he just seems like he’s underrated and could be an early starter for the Rams. It’s a perfect fit as there isn’t anything on that roster that is special at WR and he might have a young QB to grow with if Goff works out. It’ll be fun to evaluate this kid’s progress over the next few years.

126. Browns: Howard Wilson-Great pick. I had him as the #56 Overall on my board, Top 5 available, so he’s an absolute steal in the mid 4th round. The nerds and I got a little out of sync the past few rounds but we’re back on track! Wilson has everything you want in a CB except long speed. He’s tall, has good hands, good instincts, is physical and is quick. He fits perfectly in a press scheme which gives safety help or presses at the line and then goes into sort of a zone coverage. The Browns have a great man cover corner with Joe Haden so they might go man with Haden and zone on the other areas. Wilson gives the team some good options to work with and is an outstanding value and good fit.

128 Bengals: Josh Malone-Great pick. He was #41 Overall on my board and while I knew I had a higher grade on him than others did I am shocked he’s a late 4th rounder. He has 1st round traits in him with great size and speed. He is still a little raw and his numbers weren’t great but he had Josh Dobbs throwing him the ball and they were a gimmicky, zone read, run first scheme so it’s not really his fault. I love this kid and don’t see a huge difference in talent vs. John Ross despite the 119 picks that separate them.

132. Eagles: Donnell Pumphrey-This is a good pick value wise that becomes great because of the perfect fit. He is so talented as a RB but is iddy bitty but guess who he gets to be mentored by? Darren Sproles. Seriously?! I had him as the #123 Overall. He’s a blur at times and actually has a little inside running ability due to his great vision and impressive short area burst.

133. Cowboys: Ryan Switzer-YESSS! This is a great pick. I’m a little confused by the fit as he does everything Cole Beasley does, but maybe worse, yet in the late 4th round it makes a lot of sense. I love Switzer’s tape. He’s quick, has great hands and has underrated speed. He also is a great punt returner and good kick returner which is probably why he was taken here. I had Switzer as the #122 Overall guy so he isn’t a steal here but good value and he’s just a fun player to have on your team. He could become a fan favorite. Below is his bio:

Ryan Switzer North Carolina 5’8 ½ 181 Sr. He ran a 4.51 40, ‘32 vertical and 9’8 broad all of which were below average (especially for his size) yet his 4.00 shuttle (1st among 58 WRs) and 6.77 3 cone (8th best) were both elite showing he is what everyone knows he is, a quicker than fast wideout destined for the slot position. He was a solid player his first three seasons for UNC and then broke out under Trubisky in his lone season (96 1,112 yds 6 TDs). He never averaged more than 12 yards per catch so he’s a possession receiver. He’ll be a special teams addition as well as he has 7 punt return TDs and 2 KR TDs for his career. Let me be the first to say what everyone will say when he is drafted, “he’s a perfect guy for the Patriots,” but it’s true as he fits the Welker/Amendola role perfectly. He has great hands, runs outstanding routes, is tough across the middle, despite his size, and just knows how to get open. I’ll be curious where he goes as guys like him often get overlooked yet end up performing better than their draft status (Welker/Amendola/Beasley all undrafted, Jamison Crowder 3rd rounder, Julian Edelman 7th rounder). I like Ryan a lot and think he is one of the better versions of this type of prospect. Early 4th round as my #16 WR 3/26/17.

134. Packers: Jamaal Williams-I am a big fan of Williams. He doesn’t gave great speed but has a little Arian Foster to him as he’s a smooth runner, is physical and is great at cutting. Some guys you love for their physical traits, some for their film. I loved Williams film and had to downgrade him due to his traits. He’s just a physical guy with good vision who maximizes runs. In the late 4th round this is great and I could see him be a fantasy sleeper since the Packers have a terrible RB depth chart right now.

135. Steelers: Josh Dobbs-Interesting pick. I had Brad Kaaya and Nathan Peterman higher than Dobbs but he’s a unique mix of size, speed and intelligence. That last part is what makes me the most intrigued as he’s arguably the smartest kid in this entire draft, let alone the QB class. I want my QBs to be smart and there are worse things to get than an extremely athletic, extremely smart QB to groom. My question is simply, can he throw the ball consistently? Right now he can’t and I worry about that A LOT but he doesn’t have a ton of experience at QB so maybe he’s a late bloomer, works his ass off, gains better fundamentals and becomes a solid passer. This kid is a Top 5 athlete at the QB position so he’s worth a 4th round pick as a developmental potential future starter type.

141. Jets: Chad Hansen-I like this pick. I think Isaiah Ford is the superior WR prospect but Hansen is interesting. If you want a comp I would consider Eric Decker as Hansen has good size, underrated speed, great hands, is physical and just seems to want it more than other guys so Decker is a good guy to mentor him. Also the Jets just need wideouts. They have needs everywhere but lost Marshall this offseason and Decker turned 30 so it’s important to add some youth. Hansen as #2 WR potential which makes him worth a flier in the late 4th round.

142. Texans: Carlos Watkins-This is a steal. I had him as the #88 Overall on my board as Watkins has some Pro Bowl potential. He has inconsistently great tape. He needs to improve his strength, his run stopping skills and his consistency but he has some inside pass rusher talent and that is rare to see in the late 4th round. A high risk/high reward player who is a steal here.

143. Colts: Marlon Mack-Good value here. He was #125 on my board and has a lot of pure talent. He was a blue chip prospect that surprised everyone by going to South Florida and was their entire offense. He is raw but wow you can see his athleticism and burst. He has more talent than a number of RBs that went earlier so he’s a roll of the dice but could become something very good if he polishes his game a bit.

145. Broncos: Jake Butt-Great pick for the Broncos, even more impressed they traded up to take him. I was hoping Butt would be a Cowboy as he’s a perfect guy to steal in the mid rounds, redshirt one year, and in 2018-2020 he’ll be a steal for whomever takes him. He was overrated a bit by the media as they love to make guys “fall” seems worse than it really is as he wasn’t a borderline 1st rounder but I saw him as a mid to late 2nd. You take those talents in the 5th, injury be damned. Another great pick by John Elway who is continuing to show why he’s one of the best GMs in the league.

148. Jaguars: Blair Brown-Another steal here. I think Brown’s tape was some of the best of any linebacker the past two years. He played at Ohio and is sub 6’0 so he slipped a bit but the kid is the most sure tackler in this entire draft. Put on his Tennessee tape and watch him dominate Alvin Kumara who makes his living breaking tackles. Brown is a very underrated prospect who I think could be a steal.

149. Falcons: Damontae Kazee-Wow, I can’t believe he fell this far. I had him as the #42 Overall on my board and he went +100 picks later. Yeah maybe I underrated how average his 40 time was but he has some of the best ball skills of any DB in this draft and to get that kind of trait in the 5th round is great. He will either be a bust or will be a CB that gets a lot of INTs during his career, there is no way those hands and instincts don’t translate to him becoming a playmaker. I LOVE this pick!!!

150. Jets: Jordan Leggett-Another great pick. I had him as the #59 Overall on my board so this is another steal. Some didn’t like Leggett’s lack of effort, especially as a blocker, but the kid runs great routes, has good size and maybe could become an average blocker down the line. I didn’t get why so many disliked him. To me he was clearly one of the better TEs in this class and is a steal here in the 5th round.

151. Chargers: Desmond King-Wow, this is a run right now. King is a great pick this late. Yes he is tightly built, probably can’t stay at CB and sometimes looks almost like a LB in his movement skills and lack of agility so there are some red flags but watch the film, the kid has arguably the best hands in this draft and is a big hitter. He reminds me of guys like Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde who failed at CB and then excelled as underrated starters at FS. King is just a guy you bring in, give him to your secondary coach and say “figure out a way to get him on the field.” You just want playmakers like him on the field so scheme him in to hide his deficiencies.

152. Panthers: Corn Elder-The run continues. This is another great pick. I had him as the #91 Overall guy and he went here. We all knew that the CB class had great depth so someone was going to be here in the 5th round but surprised it’s Corn as his tape is very very good. He is right up there with Chidobe Awuzie as the best run stopper in this CB class. He will fight you and just has a passion and physicality that fits PERFECTLY with the Panthers scheme. They play a lot of zone, accept CBs without great speed, but want tacklers and want their DBs to be physical. This is great value and a great fit so one of the best picks of Day 3.

155. Titans: Jayon Brown-He was #127 on my board and is good value here. Brown has some upside and could be better than “good value” but just a flat out steal if everything works out as Brown has a high ceiling.

163. Bills: Matt Milano-Good pick here. He was #126 Overall and I really liked his tape. He’s a 4-3 WLB which is something they didn’t have on their roster due to moving from a 3-4 recently and just seems like a guy that won’t wow you but will stick around and be a solid player for someone for 6-10 years.

166. Eagles: Shelton Gibson-A steal here for sure. He was #74 Overall and his coach compared him to Tavon Austin. Gibson can fly and looks like a great complement to slower, bigger receivers like Alshon Jeffrey and Jordan Matthews.  His tape was inconsistently great so I will be looking in on his progress over the next few years as he is a high risk/high reward guy.

168. Raiders: Marquel Lee-He was #60 Overall on my board and goes +100 picks later so he is one of the steals of Day 3 in my eyes. He isn’t an elite athlete but his film is very good and he was a consistent producer who can handle any of the 4-3 spots but also has the size to play ILB in the Raiders 3-4. He’s just a versatile, tough and productive player who shouldn’t have gone this late. I’m shocked. A steal for the Raiders.

171. Bills: Nathan Peterman-Well he fell because of his mediocre arm strength but at #171 he’s undoubtedly a steal. He was #52 Overall on my board and had a lot of 2nd round grades that I heard about so I don’t really get how he fell so far. He is a kid with a lot of tools as he has solid height, solid accuracy, very good athleticism, and just looks like a polished player. At worst he’ll be a good backup and again I’m shocked he fell this far.

180. Vikings: Danny Isidora-He was #130 on my board and had some good tape. His Notre Dame game was very bad and he has a low ceiling but he’s a pure guard that looks like he could develop into an average starter. I like guys like this in the 4th round and beyond as they’ll never wow you but can give you 2-3 years as a cheap starter and then get you a late round compensatory pick when you let them leave in free agency. Picks like this are how good teams do business.

191. Cowboys: Xavier Woods-This completes their secondary makeover and is an absolute steal. Woods was my #107 Overall player so to get him nearly 100 picks later is great value but it’s also exactly what the Cowboys need as he’s a ballhawk. If there is one criticism of their 2nd and 3rd round pick its that Chidobe Awuzie and Jourdan Lewis aren’t ballhawks. They both are very good players that were great values but we need to slowly add guys with ball skills as it isn’t valued nearly enough for my tastes. Woods has great ball skills and gives the Cowboys another good player for their secondary. Keep in mind he had basically the same grade as Marcus Maye on my board. Maye went in the 2nd round, Woods goes in the 6th. Great pick, great fit and I’m ecstatic as the Cowboys have had a better Day 2 and Day 3 then anytime I can remember (maybe Bill Parcels well known 4th round in 2005 with Chris Canty and Marion Barber in the 4th being the only one I can think of that is comparable). This is great as the Cowboys have been the best 1st round drafting team in the NFL the past decade but always struggled after Round 2. To add talent like Jourdan Lewis, Ryan Switzer and Xavier Woods in Rounds 3-6 is outstanding. The franchise looks to be in good hands. Woods bio below:

  1. Xavier Woods Louisiana Tech 5’11 ⅛ 197 Sr. He ran a 4.54 40, ‘33 ½ vertical, 4.13 shuttle and 6.73 3 cone with all but the 3 cone being below average for his size. In 2013 as a true freshman he played okay (61 tackles, 2 PBUs) but had no big plays. From 2014-2016 he became a big play waiting to happen with 14 INTs, 6 FF, 4 sacks. Despite being sub 200 lbs he’s a big time hitter who is a great combination of ballhawk and enforcer. He is very agile which partially makes up for his mediocre athleticism but you can tell he isn’t the fastest or most explosive guy on film and it could make a defense have to scheme for him at times. In terms of just pure playmaking ability, he’s one of the better ones in this draft as he is instinctive, has good hands and is very comfortable with the ball in his hands when a turnover occurs. The issues with him are that he isn’t always the most consistent tackler and isn’t a great athlete. I like Woods and think he’s a poor man’s Karl Joseph with his mix of ballhawk and enforcer allowing him to play FS or SS for most teams. He’s a bit of a low upside, high polish prospect due to his mediocre athleticism but it shouldn’t keep him from being a long time starter for a team, just will keep him from ever making a Pro Bowl. 3rd round as my #11 S 4/16/17.

193. Bengals: Jordan Evans-Evans was my #3 available and #49 Overall so to get him +140 picks later is probably going to be the steal of the draft (this or Brad Kaaya if he’s drafted). Evans surprised me as to how little buzz he got. He played at OU, had great productivity, had outstanding Combine measurables and has the makings of a ballhawk at LB yet no one liked him? I didn’t understand why and am not that surprised by this drop. Maybe there was an off the field issue I was not aware of but I saw a lot of mid to late round grades on Evans so it is a steal to me but not to many people. He could be something special though so I’ll be checking up on Evans in a few years to see how he shakes out.

194. Dolphins: Vincent Taylor-I had him as the #88 Overall guy so he’s a steal. Looking at the Dolphins board, I have Taylor their 6th round pick as rated higher on my board than their previous 4 selections. He has good speed, very long arms and looked good against the run. He’s more of an athlete than a physical presence which sometimes isn’t liked at DT by teams but he has a high ceiling and I am very surprised he went so late.

Cowboys Update: Top 10 guys on my board with Cowboys a few picks away:

  1. Brad Kaaya QB
  2. Conor McDermott OT
  3. Jon Toth C
  4. Carroll Phillips PR
  5. Isaiah Ford WR
  6. Stacy Coley WR
  7. Jarron Jones DT
  8. Jeremy Cutrer CB
  9. KD Cannon WR
  10. Lucas Crowley OG/C


All right and now I’m off to the bar so the live portion of this blog is over. Check back tomorrow to see the analysis of a few 7th round picks if you’re a diehard.


I’m back from the bar and with a buzz so I’m writing in italics going forward, don’t hold me accountable for anything of this tomorrow.

211. Patriots: Conor McDermott-Interesting that this pick was the Cowboys but was traded to the Patriots. I love this selection. McDermott was a 2nd round grade on my board, #45 Overall #2 Available, as I thought he had good tape. He was obliterated by Myles Garrett in the 2016 season opener but I don’t hold that against him. He’s 6’8 and a little light so he could add weight and should as I deem him a RT not a LT. He’ll always be a bit tight at that height but he has good length, good athleticism and was a 3 year starter. I think he is a steal here and it’s not surprising it’s the Patriots that got him.

215. Lions: Brad Kaaya-Well in a 5 selection span we get two of the three best steals of Day 3. Kaaya was a prospect I rated much higher than others (#37 Overall, #1 Available) as I saw elite qualities with his character, ability to learn a new system (he had 3 different offensive systems in his 3 years at Miami), good arm strength, 6’4 height and an impressive deep ball. While I ranked him higher than most, almost everyone would consider this a ridiculous steal. Mel Kiper had Kaaya as his best available in Round 5 and I saw a lot of late 2nd/early 3rd round grades on him. Mike Mayock does his Top 100 in a very “consensus” way in that he scouts guys then gets feedback from GMs and averages that feedback in to his final rankings. He didn’t have Kaaya in his Top 100 at all which should have told me that a big fall like this was expected. All I’m saying is put on the 2016 tape and tell me that Kizer was better than Kaaya. You are a dumbass if you do. Kaaya led a resurgence at Miami this year, Kizer led Notre Dame to their 2nd worst record in 50 years. Fact, look it up. Kizer is a no talent ass clown who will be a bust. Kaaya is a good kid, hard worker and oh wow can actually throw the ball accurately. Maybe Kaaya will be a bust but I guarantee Kizer will be a bust. I’d take a maybe over a guarantee any day. I’m shocked he went this late. An absolute steal for the Lions but a little disappointing as Stafford is an iron man so I won’t get to see him, except preseason, anytime soon. 

216. Cowboys: Marquez White-Well he wasn’t a steal by any means as I had a 6th round grade on him and he went in the late 6th but I did see him having some traits I liked and thought he fit a zone scheme which the Cowboys seem to play more and more. It’s worth a roll of the dice here in the draft but I’d be shocked if White beat out Awuzie, Lewis or last year’s 6th rounder Anthony Brown for playing time. He’ll be a roster bubble guy that maybe sticks. Bio below:

  1. Marquez White Florida State 5’11 ¾ 194 Sr. He ran a 4.59 40, ‘36 vertical and 10’3 broad. In 2013-2014 he barely played (15 tackles and 1 INT COMBINED) yet in 2015 he played okay (25 tackles, 1 INT, 2 PBUs) and continued the mediocre to above average play in 2016 (25 tackles, 2 INT, 4 PBUs). 6 PBUs for a career is pretty atrocious, as is 65 tackles-especially for a kid that stayed in school for four years. He’s an explosive athlete who is stiff and isn’t very agile. He’s very long legged, something I absolutely hate in corners. He could work in a zone scheme where the play is in front of him, or possibly could move to safety, as he works well going forward but really struggles laterally and when he needs to find the football in the air over his shoulder. I don’t like his tape very much and his 40 time was pretty poor but if I was a zone team I’d take a shot on him in the late rounds. 6th round as my #20 CB 4/15/17.

219. Vikings: Stacy Coley-He’s a steal here (#73 Overall, #4 Available) and I don’t get why the scouting community didn’t care about Coley. Yes he never was prolific at Miami but he’s got solid height and weight and an obvious quick twitch to him. He gets easy separation, has good hands and can be a deep threat. I see Coley being a Terrance Williams type in the NFL where he doesn’t get a ton of receptions or yards but threatens a defense deep and regularly gets open so he’s an average #2 or above average #3 WR. To get that in the 7th round is shocking to me. I knew some guys would fall as this WR class had great depth with a lot of 3rd-4th round grades on my part but I didn’t expect Coley in the 7th. Another steal late for a team. 

228. Cowboys: Joey Ivie-I’d literally never heard of him until the Cowboys took him. Below is my bio I wrote after I scouted him a few minutes ago:

  1. Joey Ivie Florida 6’3 1/8 298 Sr. Not invited to the Combine. He ran a 5.14 40, ’29 1/2 vertical and 8’9 broad at his pro day, all of which were average. He barely played in 2013 (3 tackles), was a bit player in 2014 (24 tackles, 1 sack, 3 TFL) and then plateaued as a prospect in 2015-2016 with mediocre seasons (26-27 tackles, 2.5-3.5 sacks, 3.5-4.0 TFL). He’s a quick and agile player with great body control for a DT. He’s a polished pass rusher with good hand fighting and gives a lot of effort. He’s more pass rusher than run stopper and he isn’t the strongest guy on film, especially at the POA where his good quickness and agility are negated. He missed 5 games the past two years due to injury. He flashes at times on tape but his stats are mediocre, he wasn’t even a full time starter until his senior year, he has a little injury history and looks like a weak guy at the POA without giving enough production as a pass rusher to make up for it. Free Agent 4/29/17.

237. Dolphins: Isaiah Ford-Read Coley’s pick analysis above and apply it here. Ford though had a very productive career who had his pro career temporarily derailed by a terrible 40 time. Watch the film and tell me that kid is a 4.6 athlete. He plays faster than his time, has great hands, makes contested catches and was one of the more consistent and productive players in the country. Another steal in the 7th round at WR due to this depth.

239. Cowboys: Noah Brown-Another steal in the 7th round at WR, noticing a trend? I’m excited to see the Cowboys get one of them. Yes it’s frustrating to see Ford go just 2 picks earlier BUT Brown had a late 4th grade on my board so he’s still a steal in the 7th just not quite Ford and Coley level steal. Brown has all the talent in the world, he’s just raw and should have stayed in school. I question him coming out but he has a few very good games on tape (2016 OU being the prime example) and has a physical tone to his game that few WRs have. He was a guy that when you read my bio of him you can tell I begrudgingly admitted he had talent as I hated his decision coming out early. His career numbers are a joke BUT the talent is there and maybe the Cowboys can maximize it. Good pick this late. Below is his bio:

  1. Noah Brown Ohio State 6’2 222 Soph Redshirted one season. He didn’t work out at the Combine except for the bench (19 reps), the vertical (‘29-3rd worst among 58 WR) and 9’10 broad (average). He ran a 4.57 40 at his Pro Day which I would consider a 4.67 as I had 1/10th of a second to pro day 40s. I have no idea why this kid left school early. He had to have known he wasn’t a great athlete as these measurables the Combine does are widely worked on throughout a player’s career, so he’s not a physical freak, and his career numbers are atrocious. He had one great game (2016 vs. Oklahoma with 5 72 yds 4 TDs) and if you remove that game his CAREER numbers are 28 339 yds 3 TDs. He isn’t really a one year wonder, he’s a one game wonder! In 2014 he barely played (1 reception for 9 yards) and in 2015 he missed the entire season with a broken leg. On film he’s a thickly built WR with good strength who is a very aggressive blocker. He has a good burst and plays like a 4.5 40 guy. He can’t separate deep and looks like a future possession WR. I actually like his tape from 2016 but wow he is really trusting NFL personnel to take a leap of faith on him as I can’t remember the last time I graded someone who had less than 500 career receiving yards. He has NFL caliber tools though and could make it as a #3 possession receiver type. Late 4th round as my #20 WR 3/26/17.

246. Cowboys: Jordan Carrell-Another guy I never heard of until now. Below is my bio on him after scouting him a few minutes ago: 

  1. Jordan Carrell Colorado 6’2 1/8 290 Sr. He wasn’t invited to the Combine. At his Pro Day he ran a 4.98 40, ’31 1/2 vertical and 8’11 broad with his 40 being very good for his size. JUCO kid that played for Colorado two years. He played well in 2015 (43 tackles, 1 sack, 7.5 TFL) and improved as a sack artist but overall had a similar impact in 2016 (46 tackles, 5 sacks, 6 TFL). He’s a thickly built kid with a good motor who has some speed and agility to him. I watched his Washington tape and he didn’t impress, often on the ground/struggled at the POA/subbed out a lot, but I’m not going to pretend I went too deep into this kid. He has some good agility for how thick his body type is but I don’t see him being a one gap penetrator and I don’t see him being a two gap run stopper. He’s kind of a tweener who looks like a career backup and maybe can be a valued #3 DT for a team in a rotation. Free Agent 4/29/17.

247. Packers: Malachi Dupre-He was #163 Overall on my board so he’s a good value here. I love that the Packers EVERY SINGLE DRAFT take a WR and/or TE. It sometimes is a 2nd or 3rd but more often is a mid to late round pick yet when you have the best QB in football you should have a focus on getting guys thrown at him and seeing who sticks. The draft is part science and part art. The Packers get that and seem intent on getting bodies around Rodgers to see what he likes. He loves Nelson, likes Cobb, liked Cook, disliked Jermaine Finley, etc. Sometimes it isn’t a talent thing it’s a style or fit thing. Dupre is a unique prospect as sometimes I watched him and saw 3rd round talent and other times I hated his film and saw undrafted free agent. Getting him in the 7th is a good move as Ted Thompson can give Rodgers another potential weapon to play with and if the fit isn’t good there is little value wasted. Bill Polian is a senile old man at ESPN now but he did the same thing with the Colts. Every year he got another guy or two for Manning to work with while addressing the overall team needs. Surprised other teams don’t do that more. 

253. Broncos: Chad Kelly-Isn’t it great when Mr. Irrelevant isn’t actually irrelevant but is someone conspicuous? He was #145 Overall on my board and to me looks like a great project type that has starter potential so this is a steal to me. Off the field you have to sort out a lot of things as he isn’t a choir boy but his on the field resume is impressive. He’s mobile, has good accuracy, reads the field well and has decent arm strength. He played as a dual threat QB and he won’t be able to do that too often as his athleticism is good but not elite yet I thought his tape was underrated. Two things to think on for him before I go off and drink more craft beer…

  1. Other than Top 12 pick Deshaun Watson, no other QB had more success than Chad Kelly the past two years vs. Alabama. Some will say yeah BUT. But what? But he had a great WR in 2015? Laquon Treadwell was terrible in the NFL last year, maybe Kelly made that kid and is the real reason for success. But his OL was great? Yes Laremy Tunsil was a great LT in 2015 but he had great success vs. Alabama in 2016 too. Chad Kelly led Ole Miss to score 43 points vs. Alabama each of the past two seasons. No other team scored 41 or more points vs. Alabama in those two seasons (Deshaun Watson scored 40 two years ago in the BCS Finals). He was an inconsistently GREAT college QB. You want to bring those kids in for more vetting. It’s just good business.
  2. The Ole Miss team had a down year in 2016 due to their defense not him or their offense. They went 4-5 in his 9 games before getting injured but in 8 of those 9 games the team scored 29 or more points. He put up 34 and 43 points vs. good FSU and Alabama defenses early in the season yet came away with losses both times as his defense gave up 93 points in those two games. Not his fault. Kelly was a prolific collegiate QB and has some obvious NFL traits to him so he is a steal as a 7th rounder.

And the draft is done. It was fun. The Cowboys had probably the best Day 3 I’ve ever seen from them. Woods is the star pick here as I could see him being a very good starting safety for them from day 1 of training camp. Ryan Switzer, Noah Brown and the two developmental DTs are lesser prizes but expect Switzer to be the punt returner as a rookie and push Cole Beasley for playing time in the second half of 2017 or be on the field for some 4 WR looks (Bryant/Williams outside, Switzer/Beasley in the slot). This draft was made though by the Awuzie (great pick, steal) and Lewis (good pick) selections. Immediately they added two talented players to their secondary. Mixing them and Woods in with Anthony Brown (who showed promises last year), Byron Jones (who has been the best player in their secondary each of the past two years and should only improve) and solid and cheap veterans in Orlando Scandrick and Nolan Carroll makes me pretty content with the secondary. Next year the Cowboys should go after their star WDE pass rusher and then this defense could really become something special. Baby steps. For now though Cowboys fans should hope Prescott doesn’t regress in 2017, the rookie DBs have their growing pains but show promise and Taco Charlton surprises and gets 4-6 sacks as a rookie. All are realistic goals and all are keys to the Cowboys repeating as NFC East Champs in 2017.


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