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Mike Mayock I want your job (2015 NFL Draft Board Comparison)

Mike Mayock

Todd Gurley-Melvin Gordon: I had to do a double take when I first looked at Mayock’s board as he talked up Gurley the entire draft process. In the end though he put Gordon not just as the #1 RB but as the clear cut #1 RB with Gordon #10 Overall on his board and Gurley only #19. I had Gurley as my #1 RB and #9 Overall with Gordon #11 Overall. Even with the injury concerns Gurley stayed at #1 as he has Hall of Fame potential and could be the best running back of this generation. That upside is worth a roll of the dice but Gordon should also have a very good career and could be superior in his first season as he is he is fully healthy and has the better quarterback to team up with. In the end though, talent wins out and I expect Gurley to have a much better career as long as he stays healthy, with that asterisk being the only reason their two grades were so close on my board.

Marcus Peters-Trae Waynes: Every year there are a few top level guys that Mayock and I disagree on and this appears to be one of them as Peters is my #1 CB but only #3 on Mayock’s board and Waynes is his #1 CB but only #3 on my board. I absolutely love Peters size, strength and ball skills and only think Waynes was a late 1st round talent that catapulted into the top of the draft due to an overrated 40 time (4.31). Both have experience in a press cover system, a rarity for prospects in college, so both should be expected to start early in their careers which should make this a fun comparison. By the way the consensus is with Mayock on this one as Peters was rarely the #1 CB on various media scouts’ boards and often was #3, #4 or even #5 behind a Jalen Collins or Byron Jones.

These two will be linked together forever.

These two will be linked together forever.

Jameis Winston-Marcus Mariota: This is a close race as I had Winston as the #1 QB and #1 Overall player but wasn’t disliking Mariota either as he was my #2 QB and #3 Overall Player. Mayock liked both players less but had them similar in ranking as well with Mariota #1 QB and #5 Overall and Winston #2 QB and #6 Overall. Some will argue that it isn’t much of a comparison but I would disagree as if he was forced to take a QB 1st Overall by his owner, which happens often to GMs by the way, he would have chosen Mariota and I would have chosen Winston. I like Mariota but think Winston is a franchise caliber QB who will clearly be the superior player in 3-5 years when we review this comparison.

Nelson Agholar-Breshad Perriman: Mayock joined the chorus when he pushed Perriman up his board late (#15 overall) as he was one of the hotter prospects leading up to the draft with some even putting him ahead of Kevin White or Amari Cooper. That to me is ridiculous as Perriman is big, strong and fast but he is incredibly raw and is why he ended at #38 overall on my board. Agholar on the other hand is a smooth, polished receiver that runs good routes, has solid size and underrated speed. He should be a quality #2 WR from day 1 and has more upside than I think people give him credit for. He ended at #25 and was a far better prospect in my eyes than Perriman.

Xavier Cooper-Eddie Goldman: Eddie was #29 on Mayock’s board which was probably about the consensus view of him being a late 1st/early 2nd type but I just never saw the talent with Goldman. To me he’s a space eater with nothing special about him athletically, production wise or motor wise that makes him worth an early round pick. Cooper to me was the biggest sleeper of the draft as he went in the late 3rd round and most didn’t see it as a “steal” like I did. Mayock in fact ranked him #93 on his board so to him it was just a normal pick. To me it was one of the 5 best picks in the draft as I had Cooper #16 on my board and well ahead of Goldman who was #94. This is probably the most extreme discrepancy out of the ten comparisons so Mayock or I will likely be incredibly wrong on this one. Even with the consensus being with Mayock and Goldman going 63 picks before Cooper I still like my chances as Cooper’s tape was incredible and he might just be the next Geno Atkins in terms of an undersized, athletic defensive tackle that becomes a Pro Bowler. Keep in mind Atkins went in the 4th round in 2010 and has become one of the best tackles in the game so Cooper going in the late 3rd round doesn’t necessarily mean he will struggle.

Donovan Smith-DJ Humphries: Smith was the sleeper in this tackle group as I had a Top 20 grade on him (#17) and thought he was capable of being that rare road grading LT. Humphries to me was just another guy as he had an early 3rd round grade (#64) as he didn’t seem that athletic or strong on film. Mayock disagreed as he had Humphries (#25) ahead of Smith (#40) and apparently didn’t see anything wrong with DJ as a first rounder. I considered it to be one of the biggest reaches of the 1st round. This is another one that should be fun as both are projected as their team’s starting LT in 2015 and rookie left tackles usually sink or swim rather quickly in the NFL.

Landon Collins-Damarius Randall: I liked Randall as I saw him as a versatile FS that could come down and play the slot receiver or stay back and play centerfield. That being said I was a little surprised he went in the 1st round as I had an early 2nd round grade on him (#37). What shocked me though was how Collins fell on draft day as I had a Top 10 grade on him (#6) and saw him as one of the top impact defenders in this draft class. Mayock disagreed as he had Randall (#30) ahead of Collins (#32) and didn’t see stardom with Collins as he had the two as “bubble” 1st round picks. I think the Giants got one of the 2-3 steals of the draft with Collins in the 2nd round and suspect he will be a Pro Bowler in short order.

Tyler Lockett-Phillip Dorsett: Mayock had Dorsett (#34) well ahead of Lockett (#70) and it played out that way on draft day but I saw Lockett as one of the best wideouts in this draft (#32) as he actually was ahead of Breshad Perriman as my #5 WR. Dorsett has a lot of speed in a similarly small frame to Lockett’s yet seems to lack the strength and polished all around game that Tyler has. Dorsett settled in as a late 2nd round talent for me (#60) and I basically have Mayock’s grades flipped between the two. Once again this is Mayock and the consensus against me as I didn’t see anyone with as high a grade on Lockett as I did. Lockett got serious 1st round consideration from me as he reminded me a lot of Antonio Brown with his quickness, hands, and speed.

Andrus Peat-Ereck Flowers: Peat has been my #1 OT throughout the draft process and ended #8 Overall. Flowers on the other hand was #35 Overall and was one of the biggest reaches in the 1st round when the Giants took him #9. Mayock also saw it as a reach but not as much so with Flowers #21 on his board. Peat at #28 overall surprised me a bit as it put him behind 4 OTs in this class. Flowers walks into a starting job in New York while Peat will have to beat out two established starters at OT so he could move inside which will hurt the comparison but long term I see Peat having Pro Bowl potential while Flowers looks like a good starting RT and nothing more.

Vic Beasley-Bud Dupree: Mayock fell in love with Dupree’s elite athleticism and it isn’t the first time it has happened. With this being the third year of making comparisons I’m starting to notice a trend where many of our comparisons occur when Mayock falls for an elite athlete and puts him ahead of lesser athletes with far superior production. Sometimes Mayock gets it right, like when he fell for Dontari Poe, and sometimes he gets it wrong, like when he fell for Dion Jordan. To me Beasley is a one dimensional pass rusher that probably was a little overrated, taken 8th overall, but he’s a proven commodity with 33 sacks and 52.5 TFL the past 3 seasons. Dupree on the other hand never had a double digit sack season in college and he often times was invisible on tape. His Combine was incredible as he’s big, strong, fast and long but give me a good, fluid athlete with great production over the combine freak whose tape doesn’t measure up. I’m not always right on this type of bet but my success rate is higher than Mayock’s. Mayock had Dupree #11 and Beasley #13 while I had Beasley #19 and Dupree #81 so this comparison really comes down to whether Dupree develops his immense athleticism into big time production or not.

2015 NFL Draft Grades: NFC East

New York Giants

Pre-draft analysis: The Giants are a team with a few elite players on both sides of the ball (Odell Beckham, Victor Cruz, Jason Pierre-Paul, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie) but with a number of major holes to fill. On offense they have a gaping hole at RT and it will need to be addressed as Justin Pugh is a solid OG miscast as a RT so drafting a RT would improve two spots with Pugh moving inside where he belongs. TE is also a need area but it should only be addressed in the early rounds as Larry Donnell would be a great #2 TE but is mediocre as a starter. On defense, linebacker continues to be an area of concern, something draft pundits have pointed out probably the past 10 years with the Giants yet it never seems to be addressed. Also Prince Amukamara is only a mediocre starter at CB yet will probably have to do as Nat Berhle and Cooper Taylor are probably the least talented starting safeties in the NFL and one must be replaced.

Best Impact Pick: Landon Collins-He will start from Day 1 as he is a big time talent and only has to beat out former mid rounder Cooper Taylor at SS.

Best Value Pick: Landon Collins-The Giants biggest need was at safety so it must have been shocking to them when Collins dropped out of the 1st round entirely. I had a Top 10 grade on him and didn’t discount him as much as others due to his mediocre speed and coverage range. To get him in the early 2nd round is an absolute steal.

Worst Value Pick: Ereck Flowers-I liked Flowers as an early 2nd round talent but to me he wasn’t anything special. To take him in the Top 10 was an obvious reach, especially considering everyone was talking about how the Giants were taking the #1 offensive lineman on their board, no matter how the draft played out in front of them. I hate when teams pre-select a position as it rarely works for them long term. The last time I remember it happening was when the Dolphins reached for Ja’Wuan James last year. Both were 2nd round talents taken way too early and I suspect Flowers will settle in as an average starting OT just like James has. Poor value for a Top 10 pick.

Overall: I didn’t like the Giants draft as even when you flip the Collins and Flowers picks which, per my board, makes more sense I still don’t see the Giants getting anything from this draft other than a starting SS and a starting RT. It was the team’s two biggest needs but again gives me the feeling that they reached for need and were very short sighted in their goals for this draft. The Giants are not one player away from contending, no matter how good Odell Beckham is, and they should have been more patient in when they addressed their needs. Also I think they will look back and regret passing on Andrus Peat for Ereck Flowers. C

Philadelphia Eagles

Pre-draft analysis: What a crazy offseason for the Eagles as they lost Jeremy Maclin in free agency, cut team leader Trent Cole, traded Nick Foles and LeSean McCoy, almost signed then lost Frank Gore, signed Ryan Matthews and DeMarco Murray, signed Byron Maxwell, signed Tim Tebow and traded for Sam Bradford and Kiko Alonso. Whew did I get everything? After an offseason like this one it is obvious that coach Chip Kelly embraces change and isn’t set on one specific way of how to build a team as one minute he had one of the best WR corps in the league with DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper and suddenly he is down to one of the weakest. Drafting with Chip Kelly should always be about the best player available as who knows what trade, signing or release is around the next corner so a team weakness one day will be a strength the next and vice versa. That being said I thought on offense the WR position was the lone weakness as Cooper is more of a #3 WR than a #1 and Jordan Matthews to me is still a questionable player. On defense the Eagles have one very good 3-4 OLB in Connor Barwin and two former 1st rounders battling to start across from him in Marcus Smith and Brandon Graham. Neither showed a lot in 2014 so additional competition might make sense. Also cornerback in the early rounds would be helpful as Byron Maxwell is a bit overrated to me after his time with the legion of boom and Walter Thurmond III appears to be more of a #3 type CB while Brandon Boykin is an elite slot cornerback but lacks the height to play outside.

Best Impact Pick: Nelson Agholar-He was neck and neck with DeVante Parker on my board for the #3 WR in this class as I thought he was vastly underrated. He has the same kind of sneaky athleticism that Jeremy Maclin did but is a bit faster and stronger to me so I actually see him as the #1 WR in Philadelphia and superior to Jordan Matthews.

Best Value Pick: Eric Rowe-He was a 1st rounder on my board as his size and athleticism are rare at CB or S. I also think he is the rare prospect that could succeed at either spot as he has the agility and hips to play press corner if they want to play that scheme.

Worst Value Pick: Jordan Hicks-If healthy I would have seen this as an okay pick so obviously I consider it a reach with Hicks medical dossier. I just didn’t see enough of Hicks as he was always injured and I suspect Chip Kelly will be tired of his off the field antics and injury prone nature by 2016.

Overall: I thought the Cowboys probably had the best first two picks of the draft and the Eagles would be in the running for second with Agholar and Rowe. Both were clear cut 1st rounders, fit obvious needs and look like long term starters for the club. It’s great when value and fit come together so seamlessly and this was an obvious example. Unfortunately I didn’t like their 3rd rounder (Hicks) and their other three picks were 6th and 7th rounders so it was a limited draft for them. B

Washington Redskins

Pre-draft analysis: On offense the Redskins have no glaring hole other than RT but continue to project as just a mediocre offense due to their poor QB play. On defense they need to fill the gap left by Brian Orakpo at 3-4 OLB and could stand to get an upgrade at ILB or CB where mediocre starters Perry Riley Jr. and Chris Culliver man those respective positions.

Best Impact Pick: Brandon Scherff-I wasn’t a huge fan of the pick value wise but I still understood it as Gruden sees an offense with no major holes but with no great chance to be successful unless RGIII improves. That obviously will be the story of the season but by adding a powerful run grader in Scherff he added maybe the one guy that could change that dynamic as Scherff could possibly take the Redskins running game to another level. One caveat though is I still think Scherff fits best at OG not RT.

Best Value Pick: Jamison Crowder-I had a late 3rd on Crowder as I saw a polished slot receiver with punt return skills. With DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon manning the outside spots Crowder fits perfectly as a quicker than fast slot receiver with sure hands. I suspect he will be a solid part time starter for them. Good value in the 4th round.

Worst Value Pick: Matt Jones-I honestly don’t get the pick but I didn’t get the Alfred Morris pick in 2012 or the Chris Thompson pick in 2013, both of whom are still on the roster, while I loved the Lache Seastrunk pick in 2014 and he didn’t make the roster last year so obviously I don’t see the same things in running backs that they do. Jones is a bruising one cut back so he fits well in their scheme but I seriously question whether he was a better pick than Jay Ajayi, Mike Davis or David Cobb all of whom were still on the board. Jones to me looks like a 3 yards and a pile of dust type that will never give much competition to Alfred Morris.

Overall: It was a strange draft as I didn’t think Scherff or Matt Jones were good values but collectively it made some sense as Scherff at RT, Arie Kouandjio at RG and Matt Jones as a bruising tailback off the bench all improve the running game and make the Redskins bigger and tougher. Clearly Gruden wants that as he knows he is stuck with RGIII for at least one more season and realizes that the only way to possibly win with him is to become an elite running team and improve his turnover ratio as well as his deep ball which as a rookie was one of the best in the league. A counter argument though is that RGIII is just a place holder so Gruden should still have just taken the best player available at each pick and Brandon Scherff at #5 was not it. He could have taken DT Leonard Williams or WR Kevin White to really maximize the value of the pick and a year from now when RGIII isn’t on the team anymore he’d have had more talented building blocks to work with than he will with Scherff as the pick. I see both sides but probably lean more to argument #2. C+

Dallas Cowboys

Pre-draft analysis: Going into the Draft I saw the Cowboys as one of the more covered teams in the NFL as they technically could have skipped the entire draft and at least had a serviceable starter at every position on offense and defense. That being said there were two positions that had weak starters at them, cornerback and running back, which I was sure would be addressed. Also defensive tackle and defensive end seemed to be areas of concern as each position had impending free agents (Tyrone Crawford at DT and Greg Hardy at DE) which could leave the team barren if they bolted. Finally I thought WR, OG and S were areas where depth could be addressed in the later rounds.

Best Impact Pick: Randy Gregory-For the 4th time in 16 write ups I’m skipping the 1st pick as I like Byron Jones but think Gregory could have a bigger impact. Both are boom/bust types with incredibly high ceilings but Gregory comes in with a chip on his shoulder and will only have to beat out DeMarcus Lawrence or Jeremy Mincey to be a starter from Day 1. Even if he isn’t a starter he almost surely will be on the field for 3rd downs as his speed, length and agility make him a potential havoc maker on the outside.

Best Value Pick: Randy Gregory-He went #60 to the Cowboys and I felt like I was in the minority by giving him only a late 1st round grade. He has issues on the field (lack of weight, limited production vs. top tackles) and off the field (failed drug test at the Combine, anxiety issues) but I don’t think it’d surprise anyone if he became a Pro Bowl pass rusher that consistently netted double digit sacks a year. He has that type of talent and the only other guy I can think of that had his kind of talent as a pass rusher but fell on draft day is Justin Houston who just came off a season in which he led the NFL in sacks with 22. Gregory was a steal in the late 2nd round.

Worst Value Pick: Chaz Green-I had a late 5th round grade on him (I actually didn’t have a grade on him at all but went back and graded the last 6 picks of the Cowboys to determine their value-full write ups at the bottom of the page) and consider him a good backup or mediocre starter. To use a 3rd round pick on a player like that is questionable enough but to do so at a position like OG or OT that isn’t nearly as high on your team’s list of needs as RB or DT makes it even more dubious. I bet Green would have been still available in the 4th or even 5th round when the Cowboys were on the clock as I consider the pick to be a serious reach.

Overall: The Cowboys started off with a bang as they had arguably the best 1st/2nd round duo of any team in the league. A case can be made that Jones and Gregory have two of the ten highest ceilings of any players in the draft as Jones had a historic Combine and Gregory has the burst, agility and length that is comparable to a Jason Pierre Paul. I wouldn’t be shocked if either of them ended up becoming Pro Bowl talents. Things went sour quickly though in the 3rd round as Chaz Green was a serious reach to me and others and then I became disinterested as LB Damien Wilson, DE Ryan Russell, LB Mark Nzeocha, OT Laurence Gibson and TE Geoff Swaim were all guys I had never heard of. Doing research on them though improved my spirits as Damien Wilson and Laurence Gibson were two picks that really intrigued me. Wilson projects as a starting MLB with good strength and athleticism while Gibson is a TJ Clemmings starter kit with ’35 1/8 arms and a 5.04 40. Both could easily be starting for the Cowboys in 2016 and continues the Cowboys drafting strategy of rolling the dice on elite athletes that they can mold into quality football players. Overall I really like the Cowboys draft as they got two immediate starters in Byron Jones and Randy Gregory who have elite potential. They also added a talented but raw linebacker in Damien Wilson who has a higher ceiling than current starter Anthony Hitchens, especially as a two down run stopper. Finally they added two offensive lineman, one in Chaz Green that can be an immediate help to them as a 6th OL due to his technique and versatility and another in Laurence Gibson who is incredibly raw but has the tools to eventually develop into an upper echelon starting OT. Not every pick was one I came around on though as I still see Chaz Green as a huge reach, consider Ryan Russell a late round type at best (taken in the 5th round), am not a fan of Mark Nzeocha (though he does fill a need as a nickel linebacker) and have no idea what they were thinking when they drafted TE Geoff Swaim (his career cumulative production would be a solid game’s worth for Jason Witten). Overall the Cowboys really helped themselves by adding three upper echelon athletes (Jones, Gregory, Gibson) as well as two good backups in Chaz Green and Damien Wilson. I’m still going to dock them for not adding a RB at any point in the draft as well as the reaching for Green and some very dubious late round selections but in the end it was a good draft that could look great down the road if they hit on their three guys with elite upside. B+

*La’el Collins signed this afternoon with the Cowboys. This will not affect their draft grade as I only grade each team’s picks and not their undrafted free agent signings but obviously this improves Dallas as a club. I had an early 2nd round grade on him and, ironically enough, said he’d fit best at LG where he could pull and use his mobility to its best effectiveness. Hopefully that is what Dallas does as Ronald Leary, per, was the worst of the 5 OL last year and is a free agent in 2016. Moving Collins there would be an upgrade in 2015 for the OL and would allow Tyron Smith and Travis Frederick to immediately begin gelling as each would be under contract at least through 2017. I can’t tell you how excited I am about the Collins signing as numerous times in my Day 3 Draft Blog I ripped a team for taking a mediocre OL with Collins still on the board. Below is my write up of Collins:

La’el Collins LSU 6’4 ½ 305 Jr. His Combine was confusing as he’s a big, long, strong guy on film but he had a very good 40 (5.12), a poor amount of reps (21) and below average arm length (’33 ¼)? It made me go back to the film and I realized that the measurements were right and I had him pegged incorrectly in my head. The more I watched him the more I realized that he could play RT but his best fit was clearly OG. At OG he’ll be a perfect fit as a mobile LG that has enough athleticism to pull but can also make holes in the run game in the trenches. He drops out of the first round mix due to the position change, and the fact that his tape is inconsistent, but I’m confident he’ll become a quality starting guard. Early 2nd round 4/27/15.

Write Up of Cowboys Final 6 Draft Picks

(3rd round) OT Chaz Green Florida 6’4 5/8 314 Sr. Green is a versatile OL that can play OG, RT or possibly even LT in a pinch. He’d fit best as a 6th OL, swing tackle or OG/RT type due to his impressive versatility. He’s quick, tall and a good technician. He appears to be a smart player. He doesn’t have the athleticism or foot speed to be a permanent starter at LT though and lacks the strength or nastiness you prefer at RT. He looks to me to be a better fit inside at OG if forced into a role as a full timer but probably would be most valuable as a 6th OL since versatility is probably his best feature. He projects as a mediocre starter or very good backup. Late 5th round 5/7/15.

(4th round) LB Damien Wilson Minnesota 6’0 245 Sr. He had a good Combine with a slow 40 (4.77) but above average vertical (’37), broad (9’11) and shuttle (4.20). I didn’t watch a lot of Minnesota film this year so I didn’t know about him until the Cowboys drafted him. He was a JUCO kid who played 2 years at Minnesota and is the rare kid that played well both years as most are one year wonders. In 2013 he was mainly just a quality run stuffer (78 tackles, 1 sack, 5.5 TFL) but in 2014 he had a more well rounded game with splash plays (119 tackles, 4 sacks, 10.5 TFL, 1 INT, 1 FF). He isn’t very instinctive as a linebacker as you see a lot of pause in reading his keys but once he figures things out he is a heat seeking missile and looks to be much faster than a 4.77 40 on film. He doesn’t use his hands well and I don’t see any talent as a pass defender but the physical skills are there for him to be a starting MLB in the NFL. Wilson projects as an above average starter who will excel as a downhill linebacker that isn’t required to diagnose plays but can just attack an offense. Late 3rd round 5/7/15.

(5th round) DE Ryan Russell Purdue 6’4 ¼ 269 Sr. A tall, thickly built DE that has limited athleticism and poor production which will force him to be a run stuffing SDE in a 4-3 or be bulked up into a 3-4 DE. His Combine was mediocre and his 4.5 sacks the past two seasons COMBINED are both red flags to me. I don’t see a lot of potential here and think he will be a backup DE for a few seasons before his career ends prematurely due to a lack of interest for a big DE with limited pass rush potential. Free Agent 5/7/15.

(5th round) LB Mark Nzeocha Wyoming 6’2 232 Sr. Born in Germany. He was hurt at the Combine and didn’t work out. There isn’t much film on a late round prospect out of Wyoming but from what I did see he projects as a WLB in a 4-3 and looks like a specialist that will be best used in passing situations. He is a tall, lanky linebacker that looks more like a safety than a linebacker and will be used on special teams and nickel packages. Free Agent 5/7/15.

(7th round) OT Laurence Gibson Virginia Tech 6’5 ¾ 304 Sr. He had an incredible Combine with a 5.04 40, ’35 1/8 arms and 4.56 shuttle. That shuttle time is elite as it was the 5th best time out of the 53 OL and the guys who beat it (Ali Marpet, Jake Fisher, Mitch Morse, TJ Clemmings) were all top rated guys who either went in the 2nd or 3rd round or fell due to injury concerns (Clemmings-4th round). He’s a raw player with elite athleticism and arm length that would be the perfect project type for a good OL coach to be given. He has LT tools to work with and could be a high level starter at a difficult position to fill. He will need time to develop though and probably isn’t even ready to start at RT as a rookie. Early 5th round project type with elite upside 5/7/15.

(7th round) TE Geoff Swaim Texas 6’4 250 Sr. Not invited to the Combine. He’s a JUCO kid and one that rarely was involved in the offense in either of his two seasons as he only had 13 catches for 84 yards and 1 TD in his career! Undraftable 5/7/15.

2015 NFL Draft Grades: NFC North

Chicago Bears

Pre-draft analysis: The Bears are a team with a lot of talent but are hampered by their mediocre QB and their lack of an identity. The offense appears set though a QB to push Jay Cutler or a WR to help replace Brandon Marshall would make sense. The defense is a mess and is converting from a 4-3 scheme to a 3-4 scheme. You can make the case that every position could use either a starter or improved depth with 3-4 OLB being possibly the lone exception.

Best Impact Pick: Kevin White-He is one of 5 players I designated as an Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate and should immediately replace Brandon Marshall who was starting to show signs of decline.

Best Value Pick: Hroniss Granu-He was my #2 center and a 2nd round pick on my board so to get him as the #4 center and in the 3rd round was a steal. I also think that he and Kyle Long, former teammates, could be an elite duo as you won’t find a more athletic interior combo in the league.

Worst Value Pick: Eddie Goldman-Some people actually saw this pick as a steal as there were some 1st round grades on Goldman. I am not one of those people as I saw a mediocre 3-4 NT that lacks the athleticism to ever be more than a run stuffer. I know they needed some size at the position since they are converting to a 3-4 scheme but Jordan Phillips was still on the board and I think will have a much better career.

Overall: I love two of the Bears picks with Kevin White and Hroniss Granu. Jeremy Langford and Adrian Amos are solid middle round picks and Eddie Goldman at least makes sense in terms of the 3-4 scheme switch so overall it was a very solid draft but I downgraded it due to the Goldman reach and the fact that Langord seems to be replacing Ka’Deem Carey which to me is too early to give up on that young talent. B


Detroit Lions

Pre-draft analysis: Their skill positions are about as set as any team in the NFL with Stafford, Johnson, Tate and newly added Eric Ebron but their OL is mediocre at all five spots and their running backs are serviceable but not explosive. On defense they lost two of their three best players in Ndamakung Suh and Nick Fairley and only replaced them with an aging Haloti Ngata who is a two down player at this stage of his career. The LB corp is a strength and there is talent on the back end but they have a starting CB and S that probably should be the #3 CB and #3 S.

Best Impact Pick: Ameer Abdullah-For the second time in 12 write ups I am not going with the 1st pick as Abdullah to me looks like a potential Day 1 starter for them. Joique Bell should still get the short yardage and goal line duties but if Abdullah can hang onto the ball he could be a 1,000 yard rusher in this offense.

Best Value Pick: Quandre Diggs-I know he had an up and down career but Diggs at one time had a 2nd round grade on my board, settled into an early 4th round grade, so to get him in the 6th round is a steal.

Worst Value Pick: Laken Tomlinson-First off I hate taking guards in the 1st round, second off I didn’t see Tomlinson as that rare 1st round talent at guard and third off I didn’t even see Tomlinson as the best guard still available, La’el Collins and AJ Cann had higher grades to me. This was a reach in so many ways as I don’t see Tomlinson as any more talented than the guy he’ll be starting opposite from, Larry Warford, whom they took in the 3rd round a few years ago.

Overall: This is a tough draft to grade as I love the Abdullah, Gabe Wright and Quandre Diggs picks but thought the Tomlinson pick was arguably the worst pick in the 1st round and didn’t see a ton of talent in S Alex Carter (3rd round) or RB Michael Burton (5th round). C+


Green Bay Packers

Pre-draft analysis: On offense they appear to be loaded except at TE and OT where they are comfortably set but only with mediocre starters. On defense there are obvious holes at both inside linebacker spots and they have no depth at CB.

Best Impact Pick: Damarious Randall-He’s a quality slot CB or FS depending on how they play him and should be another ball hawk on their back end. I fully agree with Ted Thompson’s belief that you draft guys with ball skills as Casey Heyward, Sam Shields and Morgan Burnett all are guys who’ve had 5 INTs or more in a season. Randall will fit in nicely.

Best Value Pick: Brett Hundley-Rodgers isn’t going anywhere but I still love the pick as Hundley has the tools to be a Top 15 QB and that is rare to find, let alone in the 5th round. I honestly can’t believe teams that had an aging starting QB like the Cowboys, Chargers, Broncos, Patriots and Steelers passed on Hundley so many times. He seems like the perfect guy to let sit for 2 years and then determine what you have after he’s been in an NFL offense and given time to develop.

Worst Value Pick: Quinten Rollins-I love the kid’s story as a 4 year starter at point guard who decided to take up football his final year in college to become the conference defensive player of the year. Unfortunately he’s more of a nice story than an elite prospect in my opinion as he doesn’t have great speed and was pretty poor at the Senior Bowl. CB PJ Williams was still on the board when they took Rollins and I suspect Williams will be a vastly better player in 3 years.

Overall: I liked a lot of the picks but I still question why ILB wasn’t addressed except for a 4th round pick as to me it was their most obvious need. The Packers didn’t have a lot of holes so the case can be made that they should have moved up in the 2nd round for Benardrick McKinney who could be an impact 3-4 ILB from Day 1. Randall, Ty Montgomery and Hundley were all picks I liked though so not a horrible draft by any means. B-


Minnesota Vikings

Pre-draft analysis: On offense the team looks pretty set at every position though their guards aren’t impressive and Matt Kalil has struggled at times the past 3 years so the team could be open to replacing him. Their DL is solid, though a DT could be added, they have two great linebackers but have a hole in the middle and they have two former 1st rounders at CB and S but could use starters next to them.

Best Impact Pick: Trae Waynes-I thought Waynes was the #3 CB in this draft so taking him #1 wasn’t value in my eyes. That being said I do like the fit of Waynes with Xavier Rhodes as Rhodes is a behemoth CB with poor quickness but elite length and Waynes ran a 4.31 40 so it’d make sense to have Waynes paired against the smaller, faster wideouts and Xavier against the bigger, stronger types. I still think Waynes projects as just a good cornerback and you don’t draft a CB #11 to be good, you draft him there to be great.

Best Value Pick: TJ Clemmings-I thought Clemmings was one of the 3 best value picks in the entire draft. What is even more impressive than getting a 1st round talent in the 4th round is that he couldn’t be a better fit as he can be the swing tackle as a rookie and if he develops the Vikings could cut Kalil and save themselves $11 million in 2016.

Worst Value Pick: Mycole Pruitt-I scouted the tight end class and never heard of Mr. Pruitt. It was an odd pick in the 5th round especially since they have a borderline Pro Bowler in Kyle Rudolph already at the position.

Overall: The Vikings had a good draft overall with solid picks early in Waynes and Eric Kendricks and then took two shots at greatness in DE Danielle Hunter and OT TJ Clemmings. Both of those guys have Pro Bowl potential and can be backups as rookies while the team works to develop them. WR Stefon Diggs in the 5th and OT Tyrus Thompson in the 6th rounded out what was overall a good mix of reliability and potential. The Vikings had one of the most underrated drafts this year. A

2015 NFL Draft Grades: NFC West

Arizona Cardinals

Pre-draft analysis: The Cardinals have made a name for themselves lately as one of the better drafting teams in recent years. It’s no surprise then that they have one of the best and deepest rosters in the NFL. Looking at their depth chart I only see RB, TE and RT as need areas yet they have serviceable players at each spot so there isn’t an urgent need on offense. On defense I see CB and 3-4 OLB as need areas but know that the Cardinals don’t value pass rushers like I do and are probably content with Alex Okafor, Matt Shaughnessy and Lamarr Woodley at the spot.

Best Impact Pick: DJ Humphries-He seemed to be a reach to me as a 1st rounder but is almost surely going to beat out Bobby Massie at RT. RT was probably their biggest need on their entire team so this was probably a reach for need.

Best Value Pick: David Johnson-I had a 5th round grade on Johnson and they took him in the 3rd but he was a unique prospect that I fully admit to possibly being wrong on. His Senior Bowl intrigued me as he has elite pass catching skills for a running back of his height and weight. It would not surprise me at all if he was their lead back down the stretch in 2015.

Worst Value Pick: There are a lot of picks to choose from as their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th picks were all reaches and their 4th and 7th picks were guys I’d never heard of. In the end I guess I’d choose Markus Golden in the 2nd round (56th Overall) as he had an atrocious Combine and looked like a guy that would drop to the 4th-6th round area. To take him in the late 2nd was a shock.

Overall: I’ve been raving about the Cardinals the past 3-4 years as a sneaky good drafting team. I might need to shut my mouth as this was a terrible draft from top to bottom. I can make a case that every single pick was a reach AND there was no obvious plan in place. I get that they needed a RT badly but why not trade back and get some additional picks before taking a DJ Humphries type. Also I had Donovan Smith much higher rated and he went 16 picks later, giving further evidence that a trade back made sense. With their first 3 picks they addressed 3 of the 5 biggest need areas on the team at RT, 3-4 OLB and RB yet I’m not a fan of any of the guys they chose with the picks and think this will be a draft to look back on as an example of what can happen when you reach for need. D+

San Francisco 49ers

Pre-draft analysis: A team that just a year ago appeared to have the deepest roster in the league suddenly has a lot of holes due to losses via free agency and retirement. On offense they lost All-Pro Mike Iupati so could use an OG. That is about it in terms of needs but the offense continues to underperform and could use an additional playmaker at any spot. On defense they lost two inside linebackers to retirement in Patrick Willis and Chris Borland and possibly are losing 3-4 DE and team leader Justin Smith as well. That is three of their 6 best starters last year and will be tough to replace. Also they consistently have one of the weakest cornerback groups in all of football but is possibly explained by their emphasis on the front seven. Still though Tramaine Brock and Shareece Wright is piss poor so a pick early at that position makes sense.

Best Impact Pick: Arik Armstead-If Justin Smith retires they have a suitable replacement for him with Armstead. He was considered by most a mid 1st so getting him at #17 makes sense for most but I saw Armstead as overrated. He does fit perfectly as a 3-4 DE though and has a lot of upside so I suspect the 49ers took him as he could start if need be but could also learn valuable information from Smith if he stays on for one more year.

Best Value Pick: Eli Harold-I saw Harold as a poor man’s version of Vic Beasley and to get him in the 3rd round is a steal. I’m a huge Aaron Lynch fan but think Harold will battle him for the 3-4 OLB starting job.

Worst Value Pick: Jaquiski Tartt-I didn’t grade Tartt but never read anyone that saw him as a 2nd rounder. Also I saw CB not S as their biggest need on defense so it’s surprising they went in this direction at all.

Overall: I think their 1st round pick made sense and their 3rd round pick (Eli Harold) and 4th round pick (Mike Davis) were classic mid round steals by the 49ers but overall I wasn’t impressed. Their 6th-10th picks were either guys I knew and wasn’t a fan of or guys I’d never heard of and they had a surprising infatuation with this TE class which I considered the worst I’d ever graded. They took Blake Bell in the 4th round and Rory Anderson in the 7th round despite already having Vernon Davis, Vance McDonald and Derek Carrier. I loved McDonald 2 years ago yet he’s been beat out by Carrier so unless they are looking to have 5 tight ends next year one of these guys will have to beat out McDonald to even make the roster. I don’t see it happening and think it was a waste of a pick. Finally I think they had a few chances to steal some real talent but passed when Bryce Petty, TJ Clemmings and La’el Collins all fell. Usually the 49ers get those type of 1st round types that mysteriously fell on draft day due to injury (Marcus Lattimore, Tank Carradine) or off the field issues (Aaron Lynch). I’m especially surprised about Petty as they need to get some competition in against Kaepernick that is higher quality than Blaine Gabbert. C

Seattle Seahawks

Pre-draft analysis: The Seahawks were a better decision on a short yardage situation away from becoming a dynasty. That doesn’t mean they don’t have holes on their roster but they are far better off than most teams. On offense I still see the same thing now that I’ve seen the previous 3 years going into the draft, they have a mediocre offensive line (Russell Okung is the only above average starter) and no true #1 WR. On defense they could use a little help at DT and need to upgrade their #2 CB spot.

Best Impact Pick: Tyler Lockett-This is the first time so far that I haven’t pointed to a team’s 1st pick as the impact pick. That possibly is due to the fact that the Seahawks didn’t have a 1st rounder (Jimmy Graham trade) but also related to the fact that their 1st pick (Frank Clark) I wasn’t a fan of. Lockett was one of the most underrated players in this draft as he was an early 2nd rounder on my board and I think he will quickly become their #1 WR. He’s the rare combination of quick and fast with the Antonio Brown comparison not being too high of praise for him. I love this pick.

Best Value Pick: Tyler Lockett-I just compared him to Antonio Brown who led the NFL in receptions last year. Lockett by the way was a 3rd round pick so yeah it was great value.

Worst Value Pick: Pick any pick other than Lockett or Tye Smith as I didn’t like their draft at all and feel that they reached a lot.

Overall: The Seahawks have had one of the worst drafts each of the past 3 years. What I laugh about is the fact that the media says, “well they probably know something we don’t know.” The Seahawks have the best core in the NFL with Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Russell Okung, Jimmy Graham, Richard Sherman, Early Thomas, Michael Bennett and Bobby Wagner. That is 8 players, 2 of which came in trades, 1 of which came in free agency, 2 of which came in the 2012 Draft when I panned their 1st round pick (Bruce Irvin) but praised their 2nd and 3rd round picks (Wagner, Wilson), 2 of which came in the 2010 Draft when I praised their two 1st round picks (Okung, Thomas) and 1 of which came in the 2011 Draft when I said their 5th round pick (Sherman) was a steal. So this idea that we all are always wrong on the Seahawks and should just trust them is bullshit. Look at their 2013 and 2014 drafts and tell me they were good. Paul Richardson, Christine Michael and Justin Britt as 2nd rounders? Britt has been an average starter at RT while the other two can’t get on the field. Jordan Hill as their sole 3rd rounder? Hill is a backup DT. Cassius Marsh, Kevin Norwood, Kevin Pierre-Louis, and Chris Harper as 4th rounders? Marsh had 5 tackles last year, Norwood had 9 catches last year, Pierre-Louis (the sole person on their draft last year that I actually liked) had 13 tackles last year and Harper was cut by them as a rookie and is out of the NFL. These are all busts folks. Why can’t I criticize them for it? I think some people are stupid enough to think that NFL teams that win can’t be criticized for anything they do but I disagree. The Seahawks win consistently due to an elite core group of players and just added to it with the Jimmy Graham trade, which I praised by the way. Nonetheless I think that the Seahawks have missed a golden opportunity the past 3 drafts to add significant talent on the cheap OR to package a lot of picks and move up for one key contributor each draft. For instance in this draft they took Lockett who I love but remove him from the equation and I’d make the argument that maybe the best strategy for them would have been to trade their entire draft to move up and get CB Marcus Peters. They have good depth on their roster already and have one glaring need area on defense, the #2 CB spot. Add to it the fact that Peters dropped due to character concerns but has been mentored by none other than Marshawn Lynch and it appears that you have the perfect infrastructure in place for him to succeed. Also he’s the classic big corner with ball skills which Seahawks love. I’m just saying that the Seahawks were playing with house money the past 3 drafts and largely blew it. It won’t change the fact that they have a great team but they had a chance to improve on that team and failed. Maybe they should have been more aggressive and moved up for that one player each year who could start on Day 1 for them and improve their already great core. D+

St. Louis Rams

Pre-draft analysis: Due to the RGIII trade the Rams have one of the best and deepest rosters in the NFL. Unfortunately they have a few question marks at key spots, namely QB, LT and RT. Shoring up these spots as well as adding a cornerback or safety would be beneficial.

Best Impact Pick: Todd Gurley-He’s one of 5 guys on my list as serious Offensive Rookie of the Year candidates. Gurley was a healthy and productive 2014 season away from being a Top 10 pick as he has all the talent in the world. The Rams are the rare team that doesn’t have a lot of holes on its roster so they thought they could gamble on Gurley at #10. I do not disagree with their logic as hitting on Gurley would make whomever is their starting QB in 2015-2018 much more likely to succeed.

Best Value Pick: Todd Gurley-At #10 he isn’t even great value but isn’t a reach either and every other pick in their draft was either a reach or a guy I hadn’t heard of.

Worst Value Pick: Jamon Brown-It was either Brown in the 3rd round or Rob Havenstein in the 2nd round as neither appear to be good value to me. They need OL help so using a 2nd and 3rd rounder on it makes perfect sense but to semi-quote Star Wars, “these aren’t the offensive linemen you are looking for.”

Overall: To me this draft can be easily summed up as Todd Gurley, two guys to block for him and then a bunch of no names that likely won’t make their roster. I like Bud Sasser in the 6th round a bit but doubt he beats out their top 5 guys in Brian Quick, Kenny Britt, Stedman Bailey, Chris Givens and Tavon Austin so I wonder if he’d make their roster even if he performs well at camp. Teams like the Rams that have obvious needs in their starting lineup while having elite depth due to their excessive number of picks the past 3 drafts should always trade up. Gurley made sense at #10 but then they stayed pat the rest of the way instead of moving up for guys like Donovan Smith in the 2nd round for RT or AJ Cann in the 3rd for OG who would have been much better values than Havenstein and Brown. I really dislike this draft. D

2015 NFL Draft Grades: NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

Pre-draft analysis: The Falcons have one of the best skill position groups of any team in the NFL with Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Roddy White. They lost Tony Gonzalez last year and Harry Douglas this offseason though so their strength isn’t what it once was. They have a mediocre offensive line, a terrible defensive line, an underrated linebacker corp and a young but talented secondary.

Best Impact Pick: Vic Beasley-At #8 he isn’t great value to me, some would disagree, but he’s a perfect fit as the Falcons were 2nd to last in sacks last year and haven’t had a top notch pass rushers since John Abraham left them a few years ago. He should start from Day 1 and give some speed and athleticism to their pass rush.

Best Value Pick: Grady Jarrett-He was a late 2nd/early 3rd round type on my board with very good athleticism and production to counter his mediocre size. I was shocked he was available in the 5th round and fully agree with the Falcons strategy to trade multiple picks to move up for him.

Worst Value Pick: Jake Rodgers-He was a 6th round pick so I’m nitpicking here but I didn’t see any great value in this pick, especially considering La’el Collins was still on the board.

Overall: The Falcons had one of the best drafts of any team this year. They’ve had a very good offense for years yet haven’t been able to get over the hump in the postseason due to a habitually mediocre defense. Adding two potential impact starters on the DL in Vic Beasley and Grady Jarrett as well as a big time talent at CB in Jalen Collins should net them 2 immediate starters, Jarrett might need a little time, and a third very quickly. Also I like how they focused on defense but when good value was available at need spots they took them. They needed any position on the OL, a RB and a #3 WR on offense and came away with two of the three with Tevin Coleman and Justin Hardy. Coleman immediately starts for them and was my #4 RB so getting him in the 3rd round was a steal. Hardy I’m not as high on but they got him at an appropriate point in the draft and he should be a solid #3 WR for them. Overall they filled needed, never reached on picks and probably had the best first 5 picks of any team in the draft. A+


Carolina Panthers

Pre-draft analysis: The Panthers won their division last year and have one of the better young quarterbacks in the game but they have a lot of holes to fill on both sides of the ball. Their offensive line is atrocious center Ryan Kalil being the only player that would be an obvious starter on another team’s roster. The receiving corp basically is Kelvin Benjamin and no one else. Their linebacking corp has the best 1-2 punch in all of football but could use a third guy as AJ Klein isn’t the long term answer. Their cornerback group got a temporary boost with Charles Tillman added but this could be his last year. Their safety group is mediocre across the board but has good depth so an impact starter is needed but a late round pick wouldn’t be too helpful. Finally their DL is young and talented with Charles Johnson, Kawann Short and Star Lotulelei but Kony Ealy appears to be more of a rotational DE than an obvious starter. They might feel differently though on the recent 2nd round selection.

Best Impact Pick: Shaq Thompson-I had a 2nd round grade on him so I thought his selection at #25 was a bit of a reach but I still sort of like the pick as he can learn the position next to Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis and was the most natural playmaker in this linebacker class.

Best Value Pick: Daryl Williams-Some would say this is a steal in the 4th round but I’d just say it was good value. He projects to me as a quality OG but some liked him as a RT and word is that Williams will start there initially. The Panthers have to be hoping he starts for them as a rookie as this is probably the worst depth chart in the league at both OT and OG so if he can’t start in Carolina, he can’t start anywhere.

Worst Value Pick: Devin Funchess-Not only was it a reach, and a huge one to me, but they traded away a ton of picks to move up for him. I get that Newton isn’t a good quarterback in terms of reading coverages but is good at throwing the back shoulder throw so you need to surround him with bigger wideouts but I think Funchess will be a bust. I had a 5th round grade on him and they took him in the 2nd round (41st Overall) so we’ll see how it shapes out.

Overall: This was a poor draft overall as the Panthers have needs everywhere and it just seemed like they reached a lot or drafted at positions that weren’t exactly need areas. I think the Panthers have a culture that values the RB and LB positions. That doesn’t sit well with me as a scout, they are two of the easier positions to fill, and also doesn’t sit well with me when reviewing their depth chart. With Jonathan Stewart, Mike Tolbert, Fozzy Whitaker, Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis they didn’t need to spend quality picks on the two positions but did anyway with 1st and 5th round picks on LB and a 5th round pick on RB. They only had 5 picks in all due to the Funchess trade up, another dubious decision, so to use 60% of them on non-need positions strikes me as odd. Also 3 of their 5 draft selections were reaches per my board. D+


New Orleans Saints

Pre-draft analysis: The Saints are in salary cap hell so they need a lot of young, cheap talent on both sides of the ball so they can weather the storm and not jettison anymore elite talent ala Jimmy Graham. The strategy to me is a lot of trading down and getting good value across the roster, no matter the position.

Best Impact Pick: Andrus Peat-Many scouts did not agree but I had Peat as the #1 OT on my board all year. He is kind of a Jake Long type in that he’s a better run blocker than pass blocker but has enough size, length and athleticism to stay at LT long term. The Saints have a rotating door at OL with Grubbs out, Unger in but didn’t seem that bad off at OL so it is a little surprising that they went OL with their first pick. Nonetheless Peat should start somewhere immediately and be a quality starter in Year 1 and a potential Pro Bowler down the road.

Best Value Pick: PJ Williams-He was an early 2nd rounder on my board and appeared to be one of only 6 cornerbacks in this draft that could start immediately so to get him in the 3rd round was a steal.

Worst Value Pick: Stephone Anthony-I think Anthony is talented but when Saints traded away Jimmy Graham for Max Unger and a 1st round pick I suspect they were hoping for more than this. I don’t see Anthony as being a Pro Bowler down the road and think they will regret the trade and this draft pick as it seemed like a reach.

Overall: I did not like this draft as there was no rhyme or reason to any of it. I thought they’d trade back quite a lot yet never did it once, actually they even traded up into the 6th round at one point. I didn’t see OT as a need area so staying at #13 for Andrus Peat seemed a bit odd, good value though I’ll admit, and was even stranger when one pick later the Chargers gave up a lot to move up for Melvin Gordon. So basically I know there was a trade on the table for the Saints to move back only 6 spots, net additional picks, and then possibly draft a player at a bigger need area than OT. In the end they passed on the opportunity and then went about reaching for players like Anthony, Hau’oli Kikaha, and Garrett Grayson. To come out of this draft with an OT and QB in your first four picks again gives me pause as this roster needs young talent almost everywhere except those two spots yet you drafted them anyway. Sometimes sticking to your draft board isn’t logical and I think that this was one of those times. C-


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Pre-draft analysis: Their 2014 offseason additions have all been purged and with it any hope of being a playoff team in 2015. This draft is all about finding franchise building blocks to join the new era Bucs of Mike Evans, Lavonte David and Gerald McCoy.

Best Impact Pick: Jameis Winston-He, Kevin White, Amari Cooper, Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon are my top 5 picks for 2015 Offensive Rookie of the Year. Winston should beat out Mike Glennon immediately and has three very talented pass catchers to throw to in Evans, Vincent Jackson and Austin Seferian-Jenkins. I saw him as that rare franchise QB and fully expect him to be a 12-15 year starter.

Best Value Pick: Donovan Smith-He was a mid 1st rounder on my board so to get him in the 2nd round was a steal. I had him higher graded than Cedric Ogbuehi and DJ Humphries, both of whom went in the 1st round.

Worst Value Pick: Ali Marpet-He wasn’t a huge reach in the late 2nd round but with Hroniss Grasu still on the board I question it a little bit. Marpet is a great story but Grasu was an All Pac-12 player for multiple years and is the rare guy that can probably match Marpet’s athleticism. We shall see which is the better player in 3 years.

Overall: I loved the Bucs draft and can’t tell you how underrated it was that they took Winston at #1 Overall. Yes he is a former Heisman winner and they had a huge need at QB but there was a lot of crap that Winston threw on their lap and instead of caving to public pressure they stayed the course the entire time and let it be known that Winston probably was going to be their guy. I think that’s important as they quietly did it right from the get go so that fans could be more comfortable with it. If they had started on Mariota or Leonard Williams and then moved toward Winston days or weeks before the draft I think the mood of the community would have been different. Winston is a dumbass but he’s a franchise QB and you have to roll the dice on him. Now they have arguably the best young QB/WR duo in the league and added quality OT and C prospects to help along that young, talented offense. A-

2015 Live Blog (Rounds 4-7)

This blog has ended.

Well this concludes my NFL Draft Blog. The 7th round was rather boring as I didn’t get in depth enough to know more than half the players and the Cowboys two selections were both unknown so I perused analysis on the internet and camea cross Bob Sturm’s Top 80 guys. Apparently he pulled a Top 100 list and graded out his Top 80. I have to admit it is an interesting list as you can tell he did his research since it isn’t cookie cutter. One thing I hate to see is too much similarity as it just means people are copying and pasting stuff to make a list. Having made a list of Top 30, 50, 100, 200, 250 and 500 players (depended on the year) for the past 16 years I know how little work is needed if you copy and past and then move a few guys up or down. Sturm appears to have some original ideas on players but nonetheless a few of his rankings are a little absurd to me so I thought I’d do a shortened version of Jon vs. Mayock with the first edition of Anderson vs. Sturm. Enjoy:

Best Pass Rusher: I have Dante Fowler who I didn’t see as a Top 5 talent but did see as a complete player vs. Sturm’s pick of Vic Beasley who he somehow placed at #2 Overall? Honestly I can’t fathom how he saw Beasley as a better prospect than Jameis Winston or Kevin White. Beasley was #18 on my board by the way.

Best Quarterback: I have Jameis Winston who I think is a franchise QB and he has Marcus Mariota who is more of a wildcard and has some major bust potential.

Best Cornerback: I went with Marcus Peters who is a big, strong cornerback with great ball skills while Sturm went with the consensus in Trae Waynes.

Cooper vs. Goldman: I had to get Xavier Cooper in somewhere as he was a 1st rounder on my board and wasn’t as highly rated by anyone else I read but Sturm is a poor victim as he had a mid 2nd round grade on him which is higher than the consensus so he saw the talent as well. Yet I’ll pick on him anyway as he has Eddie Goldman as the #26 player in this draft which I find absurd. I fully expect Xavier to become an impact DT and Goldman to have 20-30 tackles a year as a part time starter.

Cooper vs. Parker: I think Amari Cooper is overrated but he’s polished and very talented so he’s deserving of the #2 spot. Sturm thinks DeVante Parker actually is the #2 guy and had him at #6 Overall?

Agholar vs, Dorial Green-Beckham: Another WR comparison as Agholar was very close to being the #3 WR on my board but settled in at #4. On Sturm’s board he’s the #6 WR behind Perriman (no major harm there as he was #5 on my board) AND DGB who was a late 3rd rounder and not a top 80 player. So in other words he was #25 on Sturm’s Top 80 board but wouldn’t have even been on my Top 80 board. Huge discrepancy so we will see who is correct.

I’ve periodically viewed Sturm’s stuff and usually came away unimpressed (like how he didn’t see Zach Martin as a 1st round guard last year? “I don’t think I would love him where the Cowboys are (pick #16).”), but it appears to be getting better so I might continue to do comparisons with him. Mayock is very talented though and everyone in the country knows him so I’ll probably just stick with my comparisons with him and avoid the “part timers” like Sturm.

243. Cowboys: Laurence Gibson-An OT that I’d never heard of. I wonder if they are taking best available or really felt like they needed to add depth at LB and OL as that has been where their Day 3 picks have clumped. I still make the case that La’el Collins is worth a shot right here and it will be interesting to compare in 3 years knowing that the Cowboys passed on him not once but twice in the 7th round AND even chose a different OT instead of him.

Cowboys on the clock: The best available board is little changed since their last pick but I’ll post it anyway. It is very CB centric even with Ifo being taken as it just lumped another CB on from the back end.

  1. La’el Collins OG LSU Jr.
  2. Julian Wilson CB OU Sr.
  3. Kevin White CB TCU Sr.
  4. Terrence McGee RB LSU Jr.
  5. Cody Fajardo QB Nevada Sr.
  6. Andre Monroe DT Maryland Sr.
  7. Kenneth Penny CB UNLV Sr.
  8. EJ Bibbs TE Iowa St. Sr.
  9. Jean Sifrin TE Umass Jr.                                  Late 5th
  10. Ladarius Gunter CB Miami Sr.                       6th round

241. Browns: Ifo Ekpre-Olumu-I’m happy he was drafted as the kid was a late 1st rounder on my board before the injury and him being drafted will allow him to be with a team, have the best doctors in the world due to his association with the NFL and be given an IR year. Word is that he didn’t just tear an ACL but shredded his knee ala Marcus Lattimore who never played a down in the NFL so this is by no means a steal, it just COULD be a steal if he gets back on the field. I like the roll of the dice at this point though.

239. Steelers: Gerod Holliman-Elite production with 14 interceptions last year to lead the country. A lot of scouts knocked him because he is a very poor tackler and gambled a lot. I liked his film but agree that his production was a little flukey and he isn’t quite the prospect it makes him out to be. Still though it surprised me he dropped this far and in the 7th round it’s a steal anytime you get the NCAA leader in any category. Good pick.

236. Cowboys: Mark Nzeocha-Another LB that I’ve never heard of. Again I just don’t get why they can’t get off their “best available” and grab one of these talented CBs since it is a position of need. RB and DT are needs but the real talent left on the board is at CB which is a need too with Carr likely being cut and Claiborne being gone in 2016. That will just leave Byron Jones and Orlando Scandrick with the latter currently away from the team in a contract dispute. Get a slot CB like Kevin White, a big CB like Julian Wilson or a former 1st rounder you’d IR in Ifo Ekpre-Olumu. Also wouldn’t Collins make sense as a LG replacement for Ronald Leary when he hits free agency in 2016? He’s also a 1st round talent. They love rolling the dice on guys like Jones and Gregory but why not roll the dice on Collins when the risk/reward ratio is even more appealing? Oh he did commit murder and we cut him immediately and are out a 7th rounder vs. oh he was sitting at his house playing x-box when his childhood friend did something terrible but now he’s cleared and we got a Pro Bowl guard in the 7th round. That is a pretty nice risk/reward in my eyes.

Cowboys pick coming up: Below is the top 10 available with the Cowboys now on the clock:

  1. La’el Collins OG LSU Jr.
  2. Julian Wilson CB OU Sr.
  3. Kevin White CB TCU Sr.
  4. Ifo Ekpre-Olumu CB Oregon Sr.                     4th round
  5. Terrence McGee RB LSU Jr.
  6. Cody Fajardo QB Nevada Sr.
  7. Andre Monroe DT Maryland Sr.
  8. Kenneth Penny CB UNLV Sr.
  9. EJ Bibbs TE Iowa St. Sr.
  10. Jean Sifrin TE Umass Jr.                                  Late 5th

229. Jaguars: Ben Koyak-I wasn’t a huge fan of Ben’s as a I saw him as as a career #2 TE but in the 7th round that is good value even if he doesn’t get any better than that. The Jaguars continue to impress me with their mid to late round selections. I really think they are a good QB away from being a playoff contender year in and year out. That franchise is pointing in the right direction.

A blind guy, a douchebag and a stroke victim walk into a bar….

Kiper 2

ESPN Set: What is up with Mel Kiper’s glasses? It makes him look like a blind guy. Who wears dark glasses on camera?

219. Browns: Hayes Pullard-I didn’t finish scouting the linebackers but I’m shocked Pullard was available in the 7th round. I saw a late 3rd/early 4th round type guy on film as he has incredible instincts and production but isn’t a great athlete. I’m curious as to why he fell.

217. Chiefs: Rakeem Nunez-Roches-He was the #5 player left on my board as I saw him as a rotational DT with a chance to start down the road. His movement skills were elite for a DT and I think he’d have been a 3rd rounder if he had a Florida State helmet on instead of a Southern Mississippi on.

216. Texans: Christian Covington-He was the #2 remaining player on my board and with the #1 (La’el Collins) currently in a murder investigation he essentially was the best remaining talent on the board. In 2012-2013 he had good seasons and looked like an incredibly athletic one gap DT. In 2014 he was banged up and his production and tape just didn’t measure up. Smart GMs scout a whole team when viewing film and not just the draft eligible players so you have a feel for a guy before he becomes eligible. The Texans must have been comfortable knowing his 2014 was the aberration. They just added more talent for Watt to lead and they are becoming a very good D.

208. Titans: Andy Gallik-Gallik was #13 remaining on my board and is a guy I liked. I didn’t hear any buzz on him so it’s no surprise he was available at the end of the 6th round but he was a good player on tape that was hurt by a 40 time of 5.50. His USC game in particular was quite impressive when he went against Leonard Williams. He should be a solid backup early and has the size and agility to maybe be a starter down the road.

Bill Polian: Every time I hear Bill Polian on live t.v. I think the same thing: Did he recently have a stroke? He is so worthless as an analyst!

200. Lions: Quandre Diggs-Great pick as he was the #5 available guy on my board and continues this rare trend where actual talent is still available at the CB position this late in the draft. There are a lot of drafts where the CB position has been picked bare by the 4th or 5th round and Ifo Ekpre-Olumu is still out there as the 7th round nears. Diggs after his freshman year looked like a future 1st rounder but he had some terrible games the past two years. He has very good speed and quickness though and projects as a capable slot corner.

194. Bills: Nick O’Leary-Interesting because they just signed Charles Clay this offseason and O’Leary is a poor man’s Clay. I like O’Leary as a #3 TE but never was wowed by him as he is just so limited physically. He’s also tough as nails though and might have the best hands of any TE OR RECEIVER in this draft so he should find his niche in the NFL. Solid pick this late.

191. Chargers: Darius Philon-Damn it! I was just praying that he’d fall to the Cowboys and they’d pull the trigger on this underrated talent. As I said earlier I think Philon shouldn’t have come out in the draft this year and if he had returned he likely would have been a Top 50 pick. This is one of the 5 best value picks in the draft.

189. Browns: Charles Gaines-The #8 guy on my board Gaines is a very solid CB and usually there isn’t much talent available this late in the draft. I like conversion cornerbacks who were previously wide receivers as it guarantees you that they have good hands and ball skills. Gaines fits that bill and, though his tape was average at times, I still like him here as he’s only been a CB for 2 years and he has very good measurables.

185. Vikings: Tyrus Thompson-He was the #3 available player on my board so I consider this a steal. Daryl Williams went a few rounds earlier but Thompson is the more talented player. Some don’t think he’s a hard worker and I see a little of that on film but he has good feet and should be very comfortable as a RT. He’s just a physical specimen that was incredible value this late in the draft. You don’t nitpick these players at this stage as if you cut them in training camp it won’t be a big deal so you can just take high upside guys with some red flags and Thompson is that type of prospect.

182. Redskins: Tevin Mitchel-ESPN listed him as an OLB showing that they don’t even know what they’re talking about with Mitchel as he’s a CB that was on my radar big time but I honestly thought he wouldn’t get drafted. That isn’t saying it is a bad pick though as he was my #20 available player but I grade players and the likelihood they go at a certain point is never in the discussion. The same thing occurred with DT Xavier Coleman from Washington State as I had a 1st round grade on him but knew he wouldn’t go until the 3rd-5th round area. He slipped in as a late 3rd rounder in the end and someone got a steal. Mitchel is a tall, skinny and athletic CB that has starter talent. To get him in the 6th round is good value talent wise but the kid had no buzz so I always assumed he’d go undrafted. He’s another good pick by the Redskins who, like the Jaguars, are also starting to make a name for themselves as quality drafters.

180. Jaguars: Michael Bennett: It’s funny because for two straight years the Jaguars have made a dubious pick at #3 Overall in the Draft, especially last year where Blake Bortles was clearly not the best QB in the draft, but then proceeded to pick up good value with each and every pick the rest of the way. Bennett at this point in the draft is an absolute steal (#3 available) as there was some 1st round chatter about him during the draft process and I felt like a dropped him farther down my board than the consensus when I gave him a late 2nd round grade. The Jaguars are quietly becoming a very underrated drafting team and are stockpiling a lot of talent on that roster.

174. Panthers: Cameron Artis-Payne-He was the #20 available player on my board so it’s a solid pick at this point. He won’t ever start for an NFL club he projects as a dependable #2 which presents solid value in the 6th round.

167. Saints: Damian Swann-Solid pick as the #18 available and a guy that at one time I had a 3rd round grade on and projected him as a future starter. He dropped from that grade as he seemed to plateau in his career but at this point in the draft he’s good value as a #4 or #5 CB who has the size and athleticism to maybe become something more.

164. Broncos: Lorenzo Doss-Very good pick as he was the #6 available on my board and is one of the last remaining talents at CB. Ifo Ekpre-Olumu is still there too but has major injury issues to work through. Doss is a ball hawk with a lot of career interceptions and we know Elway values production as it is his MO when it comes to drafting. I am not quite as stat heavy as he is but do value production as well and think Doss is a steal here in the 5th round.

163. Cowboys: Ryan Russell-Another player that I’ve never heard of. It’s also strange that they took a DE as with Greg Hardy, DeMarcus Lawrence, Randy Gregory and Jeremy Mincey they appear to have a full house for 2015 with Lawrence and Gregory being long term solutions too. I still am surprised that RB and DT have not been addressed and personally think it will come back and haunt them. Let’s see who they select in the 6th round but unless it is a good one I think hindsight will show that they should have packaged it with #163 to move ahead of 149 and get Jay Ajayi.

162. Bucs: Kenny Bell-I really like this pick as he was #6 on my list and he never seemed to get appreciated by the scouting community due to the run oriented system he played in. The kid had a freaky Combine with an incredible vertical jump and very good 40. He’s one of the best blocking wideouts in this draft as well and I just see a good #3 immediately who eventually becomes a good #2.

Cowboys Pick Coming Up: With one pick away before the Cowboys are on the clock I wanted to post my top 10 available. As you can see the depth of the DT class is starting to pile up on my board as Philon, Bennett and Covington all are DTs who are in my Top 5 available. Any would be a steal at this point but especially Philon who probably would have been a late 1st/early 2nd if he had stayed in school another year. I knew it was a mistake him coming out as a redshirt Sophomore but understand that this kid was a 2nd team SEC selection and was far superior to teammate Trey Flowers who was taken early in the 4th round. He’s my dream pick for the Cowboys.

  1. La’el Collins OG LSU Jr.
  2. Darius Philon DT Arkansas Soph
  3. Michael Bennett DT Ohio State Sr.
  4. Tyrus Thompson OT Oklahoma Sr.
  5. Christian Covington DT Rice Jr.
  6. Kenny Bell WR Nebraska Sr.
  7. Lorenzo Doss CB Toledo                                  Late 3rd
  8. Julian Wilson CB OU Sr.
  9. Quandre Diggs CB Texas Sr.                           Early 4th
  10. Kevin White CB TCU Sr.

156. Dolphins: Tony Lippett-Tony wasn’t a top guy as either a CB or WR so I ended up not grading him but I do like him since I see NFL potential for him at either position. Think Troy Brown or Julian Edelman in terms of roles with a team. Interestingly enough both those guys are slot wideouts and slot cornerbacks but Lippett projects as an outside WR and outside CB which makes him even more valuable. An interesting guy for sure and one I’ll want to keep tabs on in the future to see how he does.

155. Bills: Karlos Williams-I had a 6th round grade on him so he is by no means a steal here, especially with Ajayi off the board just 6 picks ago, but he’s a big, physical RB that could eventually be used in a platoon with a more athletic and talented player. I think it makes some sense here.

149. Dolphins: Jay Ajayi-Well Jay is the 2nd time in 3 picks that the #2 available player was taken off my board. I like Ajayi but never loved him to I’m not going to see you on how this was 4 rounds too late but it probably was 2 rounds too late and I see Ajayi being a good fit as a platoon guy with Lamar Miller. Miller is the faster, more talented back while Ajayi is the bigger, stronger guy. Miller is one part of the platoon and he will battle with Knowshon Moreno to be the other part of it. Good pick and great value.

147. Packers: Brett Hundley-Great pick as he was the #2 available and has all the talent in the world but is still very raw. There will be no calls for Hundley to start in Year 1 or even Year 2 when he probably won’t be ready so it is a great fit. Hundley reminds me of Jake Locker body wise and Colin Kaepernick style wise. He’s just a ball of clay right now that some team can mold but he has Top 15 QB type tools if someone can develop his mechanics and the mental aspect of the game for him. Honestly I doubt he ever becomes anything but guys with his tool set are rare so he was worth a shot as a 2nd or 3rd rounder. For the Packers to get him in the 5th round is an absolute steal.

146. Vikings: Stefon Diggs-Great pick as he was the #7 available and projects as a potential #2 WR down the road. What’s interesting though is he has a similar game to Mike Wallace and Jarius Wright. They have a lot of deep speed but maybe could use a possession receiver to mix it up.

142. Bears: Adrian Amos-A solid pick in the 5th round. I didn’t have an official grade on him yet but he looked like a late 3rd/early 4th on my initial review. He’s another guy like Josh Shaw that some saw as a big CB and some as a FS. I was of the FS view.

139. Jaguars: Rashad Greene-We have a fourth! Greene was my #11 available and is the 4th straight pick that was a top 11 guy on my board. Greene is a guy I thought was overrated all draft process but here he’s a borderline steal. He’s a short, rail thin guy but he runs great routes, has great hands and is one of the most experienced and polished guys at the position. To get him in the 5th round is a little silly.

I’m feeling like an auctioneer here, “I have three great picks can I get a fourth. Jacksonville do I have a 4th…going once….going twice…”

138. Titans: David Cobb-Okay now we are in a sweet spot with 3 straight great choices. Cobb was #11 available on my board and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he was starting over Bishop Sankey by the end of the year. Sankey is talented but I watched film of his and he seemed a little weak to me. Cobb is the opposite as I compared him to Marion Barber in style as they both just attack a defense. Cobb likely will have a short career too but I love him here as a platoon guy who you likely don’t re-sign after his rookie contract is up. Great pick.

Thomas Dimitroff-By the way, he has to take the award for coolest GM in the league right?


137. Falcons: Grady Jarrett-Back to back great picks as Grady was my #5 available and it’s shocking that he almost fell to the 5th round. There is film out there that makes a good case that he is a 2nd round talent. I ended up with him as a late 2nd/early 3rd round type as a one gap, penetrating DT. The Falcons are having a very solid draft with Beasley and Jarrett on the DL and Jalen Collins at CB. Those are three guys they’ve added that project as starters as rookies. It’s pretty rare to add 3 starters from a draft on one side of the ball and there are 3 rounds still to go. Good drafting Thomas Dimitroff.

135. Bengals: Marcus Hardison-I love this pick! Few people were more intriguing to me than Hardison was this year as he at times flashed 1st round talent on film. What’s interesting is I compared him to Carlos Dunlap and now he goes to the Bengals and will be playing with him. They both are 6’5/6’6 300 lb guys that have defensive end type mobility. Many saw Hardison as a DT, I saw him as a DL since he could be a 4-3 SDE, a 3-4 DE or a 4-3 DT depending on the scheme and what you are asking him to do. He was my #7 available and is a real steal here.

133. Broncos: Max Garcia-He’s a good value as my #13 available as he played inside of DJ Humphries (1st round) and Chaz Green (3rd round) yet at times looked as good or better than either of them. I never understood why this kid had no buzz as he projects to me as an above average starting OG or C which is great value in the late 4th round.

131. Patriots: Shaq Mason-He’s a good pick as he was a 3rd team All–American who completely dominated on tape. He comes from a triple option offense so he has technique that doesn’t translate to the next level which concerned some teams but was alleviated by him going to the Senior Bowl and playing very well. In a zone scheme there are few technicians better than Mason who plays football like a wrestler. Good pick.

Damien Wilson-He’s a JUCO transfer, a thumper in the run game and had 11.5 sacks in two seasons. I like his footage a lot actually and might come around on this pick as it could be less of a reach and more that I just wasn’t familiar with him. I’ll have to do a little research but it still doesn’t change the fact that I didn’t see LB as a big need as they have 4 starting caliber linebackers on their roster but only 2 starting caliber safeties and only 1 starting caliber DT.

I still question why the Cowboys are so against taking a RB. It’s almost like they are internally laughing at all the pundits who put RB as a need for them. You know the same way they laughed when they passed on Shariff Floyd as they didn’t see DL as a need. Midway through that season they had no one available to even suit up and had to scramble to grab guys like George Selvie off the street. I’m just pointing this out because RB was one of the two biggest need areas I had for the Cowboys and in successive rounds they’ve passed on Duke Johnson in the 2nd and Ajayi, Cobb, Davis and others in the 3rd and 4th rounds. Maybe they really do like the McFadden/Randle combo. One off the field incident by Randle or on the field injury by McFadden could make these past two selections look really stupid in hindsight.

127. Cowboys: Damien Wilson-I’ve never heard of him but didn’t delve into the linebacker class too much. He’s a linebacker out of Minnesota and at 6’0 245 appears to be a MLB, SLB type which makes sense as WLB and MLB appear to be covered nicely with Anthony Hitchens, Sean Lee and Rolando McClain.

126. 49ers: Mike Davis-Well that’s what I’m talking about. Davis is one of my favorites in this draft in terms of value as I had a 3rd round grade on him but few others did. If he had come out last year he would have been a possibility in late 2nd/early 3rd round but he had injuries in 2014 and struggled a bit. The 49ers are so good at adding talent in these middle rounds but honestly why did they take him? They already have Carlos Hyde, Reggie Bush and Kendall Hunter. I guess the thinking is they redshirt Davis and then in 2016 with Bush and Hunter being free agents they can have him compete for the #2 spot. Either way it is good value so maybe they don’t have a plan and just took the best player left on their board.#9 available on my board.

125. Ravens: Javorius Allen-Wow this is really surprising. I had 3 backs clumped together in Matt Jones, Malcolm Brown and Javorius Allen in the late round/free agent area that I saw as just 3 yards and a pile of dust types. Midway through the 4th round two of them have been taken while backs that actually do add yards to runs like Ajayi, Davis and Cobb are still available. This is quite surprising to me.

121. Steelers: Doran Grant-#9 available and a potential starter someday. He isn’t that big but he’s taller than 5’10 so he makes most team’s cutoff point of whether he can stay outside or must move inside as a slot CB. He had solid tape and was a bit underrated throughout the draft process. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had gone a round earlier.

120. Bengals: Josh Shaw-I haven’t finished the safety class so he doesn’t have an official grade but it’d be at minimum in the 4th round as he can play CB or S, safety to me was his better position but the Bengals announced him as a CB, and it is good value here.

117. 49ers: Blake Bell-Interesting. I had him as a late round/free agent type as he is a project type, former QB with limited TE experience. The athleticism is there though and the 49ers already have a #1 and #2 TE in place with Vernon Davis and Vance McDonald so he’s a great fit, team wise.

113. Lions: Gabe Wright-I mentioned Wright earlier when his unheralded teammate went before him at the top of the 4th. I hated that pick but like this one as Wright is a boom/bust type with 2nd round talent that didn’t produce as much as he should have. He’s very athletic for a DT and could cause havoc as a part time player off the bench. Good pick.

111. Patriots: Tre Jackson-Great pick by the defending champs as he was the #11 on my board and I didn’t see a huge drop in talent between him and Cann (#2 OG on my board) or Tomlinson (#3 OG on my board) remember Tomlinson went on Day 1 of the draft and Cann on day 2. Jackson is possibly a better run blocker than either of them but is very slow and could struggle in pass protection. The Patriots can experiment with him and give him time to develop as they have a solid OL already so it’s a great luxury pick for them.

110. Vikings: TJ Clemmings-Well this one will be hard to beat and probably ends as the best value pick in the entire draft. Clemmings has comparable upside to their current LT Matt Kalil whom they took in the Top 5 a few years ago. To get a kid with that upside in the 4th round is insane. It’s also worth noting that the Cowboys chose an OT 20 or so picks earlier so if Clemmings fulfills his potential and becomes a Pro Bowler it will be a pretty bad stain on the Cowboys as well as the other teams that drafted mediocre talent in rounds 2, 3 and 4 instead of Clemmings. This is the best pick in the draft.

108. Titans: Jalston Fowler-Fowler didn’t make my board as I, just realized, forgot to scout the fullbacks but he was the #1 FB in this draft and is a dual threat as he has just enough athleticism to run and catch not just be a blocker. I like the pick here as it is solid value and he has enough versatility that he can be on the field in more than just short yardage plays.

107. Falcons: Justin Hardy-#26 available and a 4th round grade he is solid value here and fits well as a #3 WR who can learn from White and Jones with the possibility he takes over for White in 2-3 years.

106. Bears: Jeremy Langford-#32 on my board so not a huge reach but with Ajayi, Cobb and Mike Davis (more of a personal favorite than consensus favorite) still on the board I think this is pretty mediocre. Interesting too as they have Forte and added a quality RB last year who never played in Ka’Deem Carey. I’m wondering if they didn’t like Carey or just want a 3rd option.

105. Redskins: Jamison Crowder-I hate when division foes make great picks and the Redskins just made a great pick. Crowder was #18 available and really fits well with the team as they have the two outside receivers in DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon and Crowder can come in and be that pesky slot receiver. Quicker than fast he projects as a solid slot receiver and elite punt returner. Good value and great fit.

I forgot the Jets added Ryan Fitzpatrick. He’s one of the most underrated QBs in the NFL in my opinion so the analysis I just gave is probably wrong. I think the same scenario occurs but it’d be Fitzpatrick not Petty that would take over the reins mid-season.

103. Jets: Bryce Petty-I wasn’t even that big of a fan of Petty, late 2nd round grade to me, but this is incredible value. He was the #7 available on my board and I really think he will make a run at Geno Smith’s starting job. Neither are guys I like too much but Petty is a more accurate and smarter quarterback who can play an Andy Dalton type role for an offense. Smith too often was a turnover machine and I suspect that midway through the year one of his horrific games will get Smith benched for the rest of the season with the starting job moved over to Petty. Great value pick and it fills a need.

102. Panthers: Daryl Williams-#28 available so solid value here, Williams projects as an elite road grader at either RG or RT. I saw him more as a RG but others thought he had enough athleticism to stay at OT. He is a poor man’s DJ Fluker in size, strength and arm length so not bad in the 4th round.

I’m going to periodically pass picks up as there are a lot of guys that are going to start coming that I just don’t know much about and with 4 rounds to cover it would take too much time staying on top of each pick.

101. Patriots: Trey Flowers-He was the #52 player available but I was more down on him than most people so this at least makes sense. He just isn’t athletic enough to be any kind of pass rusher at the next level so I dropped him way down my board but my one positive I’ll give him is that he is an outstanding run stopper. I actually thought he should bulk up to a 3-4 DE. Maybe that is their plan but probably not as most said 4-3 SDE. An okay pick but he wasn’t one I liked.

100. Titans: Angelo Blackson-Well scratch my notion that the first picks in each day tend to be the most well thought out. I scouted Auburn and liked a DT on their team but Blackson wasn’t it. Gabe Wright was the NFL caliber DT I saw so it’s pretty surprising especially considering how much DT talent is available with Philon, Jarrett and Bennett. Bad pick.

Well here we go again. Round 1 was solid for the Cowboys, Round 2 was incredible and Round 3 was terrible. Overall I’d give them a B minus at this point in the draft but these next 4 picks are important as the defense could use depth and talent almost at every position while the offense still needs a solid RB to be added to the mix. Below are my Top remaining players I scouted. I’m looking at Mike Mayock’s board and his top 2 are my top 2 so there is a consensus that Cummings and Collins are elite talents and in the 4th round someone has to pull the trigger. Jay Ajayi, Mike Davis and David Cobb are the top 3 RBs available and there are numerous DTs available with Philon being my personal favorite and Grady Jarrett and Michael Bennett being more the consensus favorites. A lot of talent is left but if teams draft well to start Day 3, like I said before the start of each day tends to be the best picks while the end of each day tends to be the worst, then a lot of this talent could be out quickly. There are about 20 guys left that get me really excited and then there is little difference between these guys and the ones you’d pick up free in free agency. Just something to think about if considering a move up as losing a 6th or 7th round pick isn’t very meaningful in this draft since it isn’t very deep.

  1. TJ Clemmings OT Pittsburgh Jr.
  2. La’el Collins OG LSU Jr.
  3. Brett Hundley QB UCLA Jr.
  4. Jay Ajayi RB Boise St. Jr.
  5. Darius Philon DT Arkansas Soph
  6. Grady Jarrett DT Clemson Sr.
  7. Bryce Petty QB Baylor Sr.
  8. Michael Bennett DT Ohio State Sr.
  9. Marcus Hardison DT Arizona St. Sr.
  10. Tyrus Thompson OT Oklahoma Sr.
  11. Doran Grant CB Ohio St. Jr.           
  12. Mike Davis RB South Carolina Jr.
  13. Tre Jackson OG Florida State Sr.
  14. Stefon Diggs WR Maryland Jr.
  15. Christian Covington DT Rice Jr.
  16. Kenny Bell WR Nebraska Sr.
  17. Lorenzo Doss CB Toledo                                  Late 3rd
  18. David Cobb RB Minnesota Jr.
  19. Jamison Crowder WR Duke Sr.
  20. Max Garcia C Florida Sr.
  21. Rashad Greene C FSU Sr.
  22. Julian Wilson CB OU Sr.
  23. Quandre Diggs CB Texas Sr.                           Early 4th
  24. Kevin White CB TCU Sr.
  25. Rakeem Nunez-Roches Southern Miss Sr.
  26. Charles Gaines CB Louisville Sr.
  27. Ifo Ekpre-Olumu CB Oregon Sr.                     4th round
  28. Darryl Williams OG Oklahoma Sr.
  29. Justin Hardy WR East Carolina Sr.
  30. Terrence McGee RB LSU Jr.
  31. Gabe Wright DT Auburn Sr.
  32. Ben Koyack TE Notre Dame Jr.
  33. Nick O’Leary TE Florida St. Sr.                       Late 4th
  34. Cody Fajardo QB Nevada Sr.
  35. Jeremy Langford RB Michigan St. Sr.          Early 5th
  36. Shaq Mason C Georgia Tech Sr.                      5th round
  37. Andre Monroe DT Maryland Sr.
  38. Za’Darius Smith PR Kentucky Sr.
  39. Kenneth Penny CB UNLV Sr.
  40. Damian Swann CB Georgia Sr.
  41. EJ Bibbs TE Iowa St. Sr.
  42. Andy Gallik C Boston College
  43. Cameron Artis-Payne RB Auburn Sr.
  44. Jean Sifrin TE Umass Jr.                                  Late 5th
  45. Tevin Mitchel CB Arkansas Sr.                       Early 6th
  46. Kenny Hilliard RB LSU Jr.
  47. Ladarius Gunter CB Miami Sr.                       6th round
  48. Shane Carder QB East Carolina Sr.
  49. Karlos Williams RB FSU Jr.
  50. Reese Dismukes C Auburn                                Late 6th
  51. Trey Williams RB Texas A&M Jr.
  52. Trey Flowers PR Arkansas Sr.
  53. Deion Barnes PR Penn State Sr.
  54. Marlin Lane RB Tennessee Sr.
  55. Javorius Allen RB USC Jr.
  56. Malcolm Brown RB Texas Sr.
  57. Blake Bell TE Oklahoma Sr.                            Free Agent
  58. Josh Robinson RB Mississippi St.
  59. BJ Finney C Kansas State
  60. Dee Hart RB Colorado St.
  61. Michael Dyer RB Louisville Sr.
  62. Corey Grant RB Auburn Sr.
  63. John Crockett RB North Dakota St. Sr.
  64. Dominique Brown RB Louisville Sr.
  65. AJ Johnson LB Tennessee Sr.

2015 Live Blog (Round 2 & Round 3)

This blog is finished.

99. Bengals: Paul Dawson-What a great way to end Day 2. I always hate when it ends with a “who?” Dawson was my #10 available and probably would have been my #1 or #2 available if not for an atrocious Combine. His tape is of a late 1st round linebacker but his Combine was of a guy that I’d be hesitant to even invite to camp to battle as one of the 90 roster invitees. It was atrocious. He has elite instincts, is tough as nails and has better athleticism than his Combine numbers show so I downgraded him but kept him on my radar. This pick will possibly be more productive for them in 2014 than their 1st rounder (Cedric Ogbuehi), 2nd rounder (Jake Fisher) or early 3rd rounder (Tyler Kroft). Such is the NFL Draft where sometimes 5th rounders like Richard Sherman become franchise building blocks while 1st rounder James Carpenter battles injuries for four seasons before moving on and 2nd rounder John Moffitt is traded for peanuts and promptly retires a few games later. Good scouting results in better picks/players than bad scouting but the draft is and always will have a bit of luck involved in it and I think that is one of the many reasons why it is so interesting. to follow. Good night everyone, anyone, who stayed up late with me. It was fun.

98. Chiefs: Steven Nelson-Great pick, #8 available on my board, as he has enough size to stay outside and be a starter or could move inside and be a very good slot corner. He’s a tenacious, quick and physical corner that really battles wideouts. He has only above average athleticism but I like him as a #2 CB who you give safety help over the top occasionally.

97. Patriots: Geneo Grissom-I watched a lot of OU tape and rarely noticed Grissom. They are saying he was incredibly versatile so I wonder if he was so versatile that I couldn’t keep tabs on him. I sure noticed Striker, Wilson, Phillips and others on that D but oh well, we shall see. The Patriots are another team that gets a free pass on their draft but go back and look at their 2nd and 3rd round draft picks the past 5-7 years. It is absolutely atrocious with Aaron Dobson, Duron Harmon, Tavon Wilson, Jake Bequette, Jermaine Cunningham, Taylor Price, Ron Brace, Darius Butler, Brandon Tate, Tyrone McKenzie, Terrence Wheatley, Shawn Crable and Kevin O’Connell. All of those busts were in the 2nd or 3rd round by the Patriots from 2008-2013. Any other GM in the NFL would have been fired for that atrocious run but Belichick is such a good coach that they just give him a free pass because how can you fire a GM that has what 12 straight division titles? Imagine though if he actually had a great GM to work side by side with, 7 Super Bowls?

96. Browns: Xavier Cooper-Well looky here. Clemmings and Cooper have been the top 2 guys on my board for about 2 rounds now and I had assumed neither would be taken before Day 3, though I think a lot of teams will regret it. Cooper was just snagged by the Browns who also traded up for him so they saw what I saw which was elite movement skills for a DT. I think Cooper could be a Pro Bowler and would like nothing more in the world as finding a diamond in the rough like him, who no one is talking about, and then watching him become a legit player as it is quite gratifying. The best value pick of the draft per my board. 

95. Redskins: Matt Jones-So I took my Top 100 available but I only have about 130 guys left entirely and decided against adding them since 100 is such a nice, round number and all that. Matt Jones was outside my Top 100. I scouted this kid and didn’t consider him worth drafting until the 7th round at least. This is a terrible pick and they already have Alfred Morris as well as spent 2 draft picks last year on running backs (Lache Seastrunk and another guy who beat him out). It just seems like a waste of a very good pick so….hell yeah. Go Cowboys!

NFL Network fans: Has anyone else noticed how pissed Charlie Strong looks at all times? Also why does he never understand where the camera is as sometimes Rich Eisen is talking and he is still in the frame but you can tell he doesn’t think so as he starts shuffling his suit and fidgeting around. I’m just waiting for him to pick his nose or sniff his armpits or something.

94. Packers: Ty Montgomery-#13 left on my board. Montgomery at one point had a late 1st round grade by me but he had injury issues and never improved on his great 2013 season. He’s still a bit more of an elite kick returner than elite receiver at this point but his run after the catch skills are great as he’s like a running back when he catches the ball. I love the pick and love how the Packers every year add a weapon or two for Aaron Rodgers. They already have Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and Davante Adams so you’d say WR is off their board but when you have the best QB in the NFL you want to maximize that strength and I fully agree with that strategy. Too often, picks are spent on shoring up weaknesses instead of maximizing strengths. It’s a fun theoretical debate but I feel teams first must find an identity and then must enrich that strength until it becomes almost cultural. Jets=press corner play, Chiefs=running game, Steelers=hard nosed 3-4 D. Those are strengths that became part of a team’s fabric and when the Jets lost that in 2012-2013 they lost their way and now appear to maybe be overcompensating for it by adding Revis, Cromartie and Skrine all in one offseason. Okay off my soapbox but there is nothing wrong with strengthening a strength.

93. Colts: Henry Anderson-Maybe the best value pick of the entire draft at this point. Most had him in the late 2nd-mid 3rd round range (which is still a solid value in the late 3rd) but I had him in the late 1st round because every time I watched his film he impressed me. His production was great, his Combine was great and his film was great. I know no one agreed with me on him but let’s just wait this one out and see in 5 years if he’s a good pro or not. Best value pick in the draft!

92. Broncos: Jeff Heuerman-I scouted the tight end class, I considered it the worst I’d ever scouted, and stopped delving in any deeper than the 5th round types. He wasn’t one of the ones I scouted so that is all you need to know about a TE drafted in the 3rd round. REACH!!!!

91. Cowboys: Chaz Green-Well that sucks…………I was already starting to accept the logic of taking Ajayi and then they throw this guy on me. If they are going to take an OT why not roll the dice on one of two 1st round talents in TJ Clemmings (medical) or La’el Collins (crazy murder investigation). Both of those guys have Pro Bowl potential while Green seems to be an OG/RT solid starter type. Or why not just skip the OL altogether and take a quality DT like Cooper or Philon (my favorites) or Jarrett/Bennett (consensus types that I like too at this point in the draft). This is a 5th or 6th round type pick that the Cowboys reached for in the 3rd and the only question I ask is, “why did they reach for a position that wasn’t a need?”

90. Ravens: Carl Davis-It’s funny how you pan a guy for being overrated, like I did with Davis when I heard his name in chatter as a late 1st rounder but then he drops and you love the pick. Such is this as Davis in the late 3rd round is great value. I feel Ozzie Newsome has become vastly overrated as a GM but on this pick he did quite well.

89. Rams: Sean Mannion-He was my #5 QB and to me projected as a career backup. I likened him to Zach Mettenberger with a little better touch but with less velocity. I didn’t rave about Hundley or Petty but at some point it gets ridiculous right? I mean Grayson and now Mannion both surpass these guys? Did I miss something?

88. Vikings: Danielle Hunter-He had a similar grade to Mario Edwards Jr. and is similar in style as they are physical freaks but lack any real production as pass rushers. Both remind me of William Gholston last year and DaQuan Bowers of a few years ago as they look like future All-Pros but just lack the quickness or agility to be edge rushers. Not a bad pick at this point in the process, unlike the Mario Edwards Jr. pick, but I expect similar results.

The Cowboys are 3 picks away from being on the clock so here is my Top 10 available. I’d love to see Clemmings taken at this point as yes he has some medical issues but he was a mid to late 1st rounder at one point in the process. Take him along with Jones and Gregory and you’ve drafted three potential Pro Bowlers. One will probably strike out among them but you have three shots at adding an elite player. I like that but also like the idea of DT Henry Anderson, RB Jay Ajayi (not a huge fan of the kid but he’s good value here) or one of my sleeper DTs in Xavier Cooper or Darius Philon. Of course my Baylor friends will be crossing their fingers for Bryce Petty but I just don’t know.

  1. TJ Clemmings OT Pittsburgh Jr.
  2. Xavier Cooper DT Washington St. Jr.
  3. La’el Collins OG LSU Jr.
  4. Henry Anderson DT Stanford Sr.
  5. Brett Hundley QB UCLA Jr.
  6. Jay Ajayi RB Boise St. Jr.
  7. Darius Philon DT Arkansas Soph
  8. Grady Jarrett DT Clemson Sr.
  9. Bryce Petty QB Baylor Sr.
  10. Steven Nelson CB Oregon St. Sr.

87. Steelers: Sammie Coates-I like the pick, #21 on my board, as Ben is always asking for big receivers to throw to and Coates has both size and speed. He is a guy that can start from Day 1 but is still a developmental type if that makes any sense? He’s such a talent that he could be thrown out there immediately and be okay but he drops a lot of balls, isn’t a good route runner and doesn’t come across as a smart human being so expect some growing pains. He has Pro Bowl potential though so I like the pick.

86. Cardinals: David Johnson-It’s funny, he went ahead of Jay Ajayi as I panned Jay in his profile but ended up giving him an early 3rd round grade and then I didn’t scout Johnson that hard and threw him a 5th round grade that I immediately regretted after I watched the Senior Bowl practices. David has elite size and elite receiving skills. That is a rare combination and he’s one of 2-3 players (CB Kevin White, DT Marcus Hardison) that I wish I had more tape and more time to analyze because I probably didn’t do a great job. I’m not surprised by this pick at all as Johnson could be the sleeper of this RB class.

85. Bengals: Tyler Kroft-Well I said it earlier when Warford went that the drop off was precipitous after the top two tight ends so obviously I do not like this pick. He has elite height and solid movement skills but he isn’t fast, is incredibly weak and I just didn’t see anything special about him. He was Rob Housler minus the speed or Jordan Cameron minus the elite vertical in other words he was a quality TE that is tall and lean minus their best trait. Career backup and a bad pick in the late 3rd.

84. Eagles: Jordan Hicks-I hadn’t finished the linebackers yet but know enough of Hicks to know that this is a slight reach. He’s more of a 4th-6th rounder in my eyes. Also he had a few off the field issues and was injured a bit. Not the best so….good I’m happy. Screw you Eagles!

83. Chargers: Craig Mager-He was one of the handful of guys that I had trouble finding tape on, Texas State, and had to rely mainly on his Combine tape. He has a thick body for a CB and could make the switch to S if he wanted to. It might actually be his best fit as he’s a little tight in the hips but he’s a CB with solid measurables. Project type that I had much later in the draft.

Wow Lorenzo Mauldin grew up in 16 foster homes?! How can that happen? I’ll be rooting for him but liked him already.

82. Jets: Lorenzo Mauldin-A slight reach as he was my #41 available but I liked his film a lot. He’s got a great motor, can bend around tackles and has good strength to him. Unfortunately his Combine was dreadful and probably put a little fear in some people, me included who dropped him into the 4th. I know it’s a cliche but he’s just a football player and should become a solid starter.

81. Bills: John Miller-An OG from Louisville that I’ve never heard of.

80. Lions: Alex Carter-Another safety that I didn’t scout yet. Some have him as a CB but I do not as he lacks the agility to stay there.

79. 49ers: Eli Harold-Another great pick as he was the #5 available player on my board. I called him a poor man’s Vic Beasley as they have similar games. He will be engulfed as a run stopper but have him rush the passer and there are few guys in the draft that are faster or have more agility in space. A great pick by the 49ers who have been quiet this year but have dominated the draft in previous years.

78. Saints: PJ Williams-Great pick and I’m definitely jinxing the Cowboys at this point as 2 of my Top 5 Cowboys targets have been taken in the past two picks since I blogged out my list!

77. Browns: Duke Johnson-Well there goes my dream. Also I’m rather pissed because I have Isaiah Crowell on my dynasty roster and his status as a likely starter just might have taken a hit. Nonetheless this is a great pick as I love me some Duke.

14 picks till the Cowboys are on the clock and I still see RB Duke Johnson, DT Henry Anderson, CB PJ Williams, RB Jay Ajayi and DT Darius Philon. All would be great values and fill obvious needs.

76. Chiefs: Chris Conley-The #47 player still available. He blew up due to his incredible, borderline historic, Combine but he never played to that level and never had more than 500 or 600 yards a season despite spending 3 of them with Georgia’s all time passer Aaron Murray. I am underwhelmed by him as a player but love the kid as a person. Check out his Star Wars re-enactment on YouTube.

75. Saints: Garrett Grayson-I just realized I never scouted this kid even though I scouted the QBs. Not sure how I missed him as he was in a lot people’s Top 5. Oh well, what is interesting though is that the Saints made a big stink when they called Bryce Petty the best pure passer in the draft and then in the 3rd round they didn’t just pass on him but passed on him for another QB? What a smoke screen.

74. Giants: Owamagbe Odighizuwa-A very good pick at this point as he was the #20 available and has starter traits with a good frame, great length and outstanding athleticism. The problem is that he never produced that much as a pass rusher and you wonder what will change now that everyone he’s facing is bigger, stronger and faster. He could be a classic late bloomer but at this point the pick is more about potential than production.

Did I just jinx the Cowboys? I think I did. Okay well Duke Johnson and Jay Ajayi are still available but to me it is trade up for Duke Johnson or just take the best player on the board. I like Ajayi but never loved him the way a lot of people did.

73. Falcons: Tevin Coleman-I love the pick as he was my #4 RB ahead of Yeldon and Abdullah who both went a round ahead of him. He has burner speed and played half of last year with a broken foot! Also you look at his yards per carry average and it is identical to Melvin Gordon yet Gordon had that classic Wisconsin beef blocking for him and there was no one of NFL caliber on Indiana’s OL. I waffled numerous times with moving him up to the #3 RB spot and into the late 1st round range but decided against it in the end. He’s a talent and this is great value.

Well the Cowboys are positioning themselves for a possibly incredible Day 2 as they got Randy Gregory in the late 2nd and Duke Johnson, Tevin Coleman and Jay Ajayi all are still on the board. If they take one of those in the late 3rd round it will be universally praised. The Cowboys are still a long way away though so hold on tight.

72. Rams: Jamon Brown-Never heard of him. I mean never even heard his name and he’s an early 3rd rounder. The thing I hate the most about these picks is you couldn’t trade down? You couldn’t even trade down without getting the value “the trade chart” tells you that you should receive? I find that hard to believe.

71. Bears: Hronis Grasu-This is a great pick as I saw a high ceiling on Grasu due to his elite athleticism. He’s undersized frame wise but if he can add a little weight he could be a Pro Bowler in a zone scheme. I had heard by many that he was the #2 C in this draft, he was on my board and I thought for once I was going with the consensus, but he was the #4 guy off the board so kind of interesting.

70. Texans: Jaulen Strong-Another great pick as he was #9 left on my board and looks like a poor man’s Larry Fitzgerald with good size, elite explosiveness as a jumper and very strong hands. He was shut down by Marcus Peters which hurt his draft stock a bit as did the fact that he doesn’t separate well on film but Peters is a 1st round talent and I see Strong being a very good #2 receiver who won’t usually face those types. Good pick.

69. Seahawks: Tyler Lockett-Hey remember that time long ago when I criticized the Seahawks? Uh neither do I let’s just not talk about it okay? The Lockett pick is one of the 3 best today. I love it as I had a higher grade on him than I did on Phillip Dorsett and really considered him in the late 1st round. He and Russell Wilson will be a scary duo. I’m serious when I say that this kid could be a Pro Bowler. He’s that under the radar. He was my #5 available.

68. Raiders: Clive Warford-Very solid pick as he was my #23 available and the last impact TE in this draft. I wasn’t high on Maxx Williams or Warford but after them the drop off is huge. If you need a TE and see Williams off the board you have to move up for Warford so good job Raiders in getting him at decent value.

67. Jaguars: AJ Cann-#12 player left on my board and a guy that I think is slightly better than Laken Tomlinson who went in the 1st round! Cann is an 8 year starter at guard in my eyes and this is good value for the Jaguars.

66. Titans: Jeremiah Poutasi-We officially have the first player taken at a position that I scouted. I didn’t go crazy in depth like normal so my Day 3 coverage will be limited but I went a good 4-6 rounds deep on every position except safety and linebacker which I should finish tonight. For a guy in the early 3rd round to slip through is interesting. Clearly a reach but unsure how bad.

65. Colts: D’Joun Smith-I think we’ve seen 3 straight huge reaches as Clark was a 5th rounder on my board, Richards I hadn’t graded yet as no one expected him in the 2nd round and Smith was a 7th rounder on my board. I might be wrong but I’d bet they’ll be the ones apologizing for these picks in a few years.

Round 2 in the books.

64. Patriots: Jordan Richards-I haven’t finished the safeties so he’s another that I didn’t get to.

63. Seahawks: Frank Clark-The Seahawks have built a borderline dynasty, a stupid pass on the 1 yard line possibly cost them that distinction, so they’ve gotten a pass on their drafts the past few years but to me this is another bad pick which is a trend for them. Clark was the #60 available talent and only part of that was due to his off the field issues. Without the issues I wouldn’t have put him as a good value at this spot even if he hadn’t been arrested twice on domestic violence charges. I’m curious how much longer they get a pass for being such terrible drafters.

62. Packers: Quinten Rollins-Back to back incredibly interesting prospects just went off the board as Rollins was a PG on the basketball team and then in his final season played football too. He was the DPOY in the conference and now is a 2nd rounder. What a story.

61. Bucs: Ali Marpet-I love the kid and am rooting for him as he is coming out of Hobart. Where is Hobart? He is an elite athlete who fits well in a zone blocking scheme and honestly I don’t see it being a reach since he was the #20 available guy on my board. Solid pick.

A few more thoughts: Gregory has great potential but he’s a boom/bust type pick. Byron Jones has great potential but he’s a boom/bust type pick. Tyron Smith, Bruce Carter and Mike Jenkins were all the same too. I guess we are seeing a trend and considering the Cowboys are drafting in the late part of each round I think it makes sense. They’ve gambled on Tyron Smith and Dez Bryant so maybe we should just trust them. Also Gregory at #60 should cause no issues with anyone as that is the best value of any pick in the 2nd round. Now the question is, “Trade up from the late 3rd to get one of the last quality RBs?”

60. Cowboys: Randy Gregpry-Wow that is an amazing pick! As I said before Clemmings had injury issues and Coleman is a guy I went out on a limb for so Gregory was the #1 AVAILABLE PLAYER ON MY BOARD! Great pick!!!! Here is his bio:

Randy Gregory Nebraska 6’4 7/8 235 Sr. Is he Jason Pierre-Paul or is he Dion Jordan? Those are the two guys he reminds me of the most and one has been a huge success and the other a huge failure. What worries me about Gregory are a few things: First I worry that his weight fluctuates so much. He was playing at +240 lbs last year at Nebraska and then shocked everyone by showing up at the Combine at 235 lbs. Scouts were hoping he would have added some weight and showed up close to 250 but he actually went backwards. That is a bad sign as some guys constantly struggle to keep weight on and at sub 240 lbs I don’t see him being a full time pass rusher but more of an OLB that occasionally rushes ala Bruce Irvin. The second thing that worries me is his production or lack thereof as he never had a huge season of 13-15 sacks but had a 9.5 sack season in 2013 and a 7.0 sack season in 2014. Not terrible production but nothing special. The third thing that worries me is his tape was very mediocre vs. NFL tackles. In 2013 he went against Donavan Smith of Penn State and was shut down. In 2014 he faced Ereck Flowers of Miami and again was shut down. In 2014 he was also going to face Brandon Scherff of Iowa but mysteriously couldn’t play. He played in the game before and the game after but couldn’t suit up for Scherff. Finally I worry about Gregory’s failed drug test at the Combine. It doesn’t just mean he smokes weed but it means he’s stupid as he knew he’d have to take a drug test on that day yet he couldn’t keep it out of his system. On film he’s an incredibly long (’34 arms), tall, fast (4.64) kid with very good explosiveness (’36 ½ vertical). He has a good motor and has the frame to eventually become JPP at 270 lbs. To me though he just has too many concerns, both on the field and off the field, and I have to drop him on my board. A boom/bust type prospect, late 1st round 4/30/15.

Well the Cowboys are on the clock and it is a best case scenario for sure with Johnson, Coleman and Gregory all available. I’d be very happy with any of the 3.

59. Broncos: Ty Sambrailo-He projects to me as a solid guard which I guess is okay in the late 2nd round but is by no means great value. I’ve been very unimpressed with the Broncos draft this year and usually I’m a fan but Ray I had a mid 2nd grade on and Sambrailo I had an early 4th grade on.

58. Cardinals: Markus Golden-I had a late 4th round grade on him as I saw an undersized guy who ran a 4.9 at the Combine. I would say the Cardinals saw something different but they never seem to place an emphasis on speed with their 3-4 OLB as they take guys like Sam Acho who just don’t ever do anything. It is the one weakness of that defense and I feel it wasn’t addressed with this pick.

57. Rams: Rob Havenstein-A reach to me for sure but I compared him to Mitchell Schwartz in style as they both win ugly and aren’t athletic but they do still win. 3 years later after Schwartz was a 2nd rounder of the Browns and they’ve been seeking to replace him for awhile now. Just a thought as yes he can start at RT for you but he’s the kind of guy that once he starts for you he very quickly becomes the guy you want to replace in your starting lineup. He’s a very low end starter and I’m not a fan of him in the 2nd round.

I like that we are 3 picks away from the Cowboys being on the clock and there are two top notch running backs in my best 10 available with Duke Johnson and Tevin Coleman as well as a quality pass rusher in Randy Gregory. Clemmings has injury issues I wasn’t aware of, Cooper is a guy I’m obsessed with who should be there in the 3rd round and Collins might go undrafted so it’s really those three guys I mentioned plus Henry Anderson as a one gap DT or PJ Williams as a starter caliber cornerback that would allow you to be very comfortable cutting not renegotiating the contract of Brandon Carr and then possibly even trading Morris Claiborne this offseason for peanuts. Just an interesting thought to throw out there.

With 3 picks until the Cowboys come on the clock here are my Top 10 available:

  1. TJ Clemmings OT Pittsburgh Jr.
  2. Xavier Cooper DT Washington St. Jr.
  3. Randy Gregory PR Nebraska Jr.
  4. Duke Johnson RB Miami Jr.                             Early 2nd
  5. La’el Collins OG LSU Jr.
  6. Tyler Lockett WR Kansas St. Sr.
  7. Henry Anderson DT Stanford Sr.
  8. PJ Williams CB Florida St. Jr.
  9. Tevin Coleman RB Indiana Jr.                        Mid 2nd
  10. Jaelen Strong WR Arizona St. Sr.

56. Steelers: Senquez Golson-Similar to Ronald Darby in that they are more nickel cornerbacks that can play a little nickel safety as well but don’t project as full time starters on the outside. He has elite ball skills and solid athleticism but I still think it is too high for taking any cornerback that won’t start on the outside. Just my opinion though.

55. Ravens: Max Williams-Interesting as stylistically I was reminded of Jason Witten with Williams but talent wise I was reminded of Dennis Pitta as this underrated guy that no one appreciates but who consistently makes plays. Williams is not a great TE and never will make a Pro Bowl but he fits perfectly here as a #2 TE in an offense that uses two tight ends regularly. He’s replacing Owen Daniels and to me is an upgrade comparison wise. Solid pick.

After 54 picks the Cowboys should be happy to see Duke Johnson, Tevin Coleman and Jay Ajayi still on the board. I’m thinking one of them is the selection at #60 but here comes “RB Alley” and I’d be surprised if at least 2 of these 3 aren’t taken. Should they trade up a few spots?

54. Lions: Ameer Abdullah-Well here we go. Just as I was thinking the Cowboys were going to have their pick of the litter the run on running backs might have just begun. The Lions, Ravens, Cardinals, Broncos and Cowboys all have potential RB needs and are in the next 7 picks. Abdullah was widely regarded as the #3 rated back in this draft but I had him at #5 because he was a big time fumbler and I thought Duke Johnson and Coleman had slightly higher ceilings without the fumble risk.

53. Bengals: Jake Fisher-Well now this is just getting silly. First they went with Cedric Ogbuehi in the 1st round, who had a late 1st round grade on my board, and then they followed it with Jake Fisher in the 2nd round, who also had a late 1st round grade on my board. He was the #4 player available and is just incredible value but even with Ogbuehi’s injury and Whitworth’s age I still have only one thing to say….goodbye Andre Smith.

52. Dolphins: Jordan Phillips-It’s funny because the crowd was so silent after Jordan’s name was called as no one knew who he was. I live in Big 12 country and I still didn’t realize just how good he was until leading up to the draft when I put on some tape of him isolated from his teammates. I had him as the #14 available so I fully agree with this kid and would love to compare him to Eddie Goldman in a few years, Goldman taken half a round earlier. Phillips is just as big of a man and just as impossible to move but has so much better quickness and athleticism than Goldman does. He could be a 3 down DL and if he had come back he could have been the 2016 draft version of Danny Shelton. Great pick.

51. Browns: Nate Orchard-I like this pick a lot. He was #10 available and reminds me of DeMarcus Lawrence who was taken in the early 2nd round last year by the Cowboys. He has average athleticism but just enough to get the leverage he needs to turn speed into power. I had him ranked higher than Shane Ray who went basically a full round ahead of him so this is good value and at a position of need.

50. Bills: Ronald Darby-He’s a bit of a reach here especially considering Eric Rowe, a mid 1st round grade on my board, just went. Darby is a 3rd round nickel type back which is valuable but is a position that is much easier to fill so I’m not a huge fan of this pick.

That was a really cool moment for the entire crowd to give a standing ovation to Jim Kelly. He has had a tough time so I’m sure it meant the world to him.

49. Chiefs: Mitch Morse-Wow I had heard he was moving up draft boards but I had no idea. He ended as a mid 3rd rounder on my board so I see it as a bit of a reach but I also heard one scout say he is night and day better than Justin Britt was as a prospect last year and Britt went only a few picks later to Seattle in the late 2nd round. An interesting pick that is meant to be used to replace Pro Bowler Rodney Hudson, who they also took in the 2nd round awhile back.

48. Chargers: Denzel Perryman-He’s a good player who didn’t make my list as I haven’t finished the linebackers but I watched enough Miami tape to know that he projects as an above average starter. He has solid athleticism, good production and is a big hitter. There were a few years when the Miami program wasn’t very good that he was their best defensive player and has been their leader for a good 3 years now. Solid pick.

After 47 picks the Cowboys should be happy to see Duke Johnson, Tevin Coleman, Ameer Abdullah and Jay Ajayi still on the board. I’m thinking one of them is the selection at #60.

47. Eagles: Eric Rowe-Great pick as he was the #3 available on my board with #1 TJ Clemmings being dropped due to medical issues (I pause for a moment to mention that I’m an amateur and don’t get team doctor reports so every year there are 2-3 guys that just drop like a stone on draft day and then later I hear it is because of blank. Clemmings this year, DaQuan Bowers a few years ago) and Xavier Cooper being a guy I am obsessed with but who likely won’t be drafted until the 3rd-5th round. It’s a long way of saying that basically the Eagles just took the #1 player available on my board.

46. 49ers: Jaquiski Tartt-I haven’t scouted him yet as I had checked around and didn’t see him being taken this early so all I know is most will think this is a reach.

45. Vikings: Eric Kendricks-An elite tackler who should consistently get +100 tackles a year in the NFL. His instincts are up there with Paul Dawson as the best in this draft and he has far superior athleticism to Dawson. He was the Butkus Award Winner in 2014 which is interesting as he is now being drafted in Butkus’ home town. I like it a lot as he’ll take over for Chad Greenway in a few years as a dependable middle linebacker who is the leader of that defense. Good pick.

44. Saints: Hau’oli Kikaha-He did lead the country in sacks last year and had another 12 or 13 in 2013 so his production is elite but I honestly didn’t see much talent in him. In fact I saw him more as a 3-4 ILB that will occasionally blitz than a 3-4 OLB. Another one I’ll be curious to see how it pans out as I was very negative about this kid and he was a high pick so someone will be very wrong.

43. Texans: Bernardrick Mckinney-A solid pick as he is the prototypical 3-4 ILB with great size and length. Some of his film is elite and some is very mediocre but the tools are there for him to become an upper echelon player that is a step below Pro Bowl caliber.

42. Falcons: Jalen Collins-Great pick. He was the #4 player left on my board and was ranked slightly higher than Byron Jones whom the Cowboys took #27. It will be an interesting comparison as they both go to situations where there is playing time to be taken and they both are big cornerbacks with intriguing athleticism.

41. Panthers: Devin Funchess-WORST PICK EVER!!!!! Wow I hated this kid’s tape. I had an early 5th round grade on him and it only makes sense for a team needing extreme height at the WR corp but that doesn’t apply to the Panthers as they already have 6’5 Kelvin Benjamin. It’s early in the 2nd round but I suspect this will stay as the worst pick of Day 2.

40. Titans: Dorial Green-Beckham-Well this is another, “some people will love this pick but I’m not one of them.” I heard 1st round chatter on him and I just don’t get it. He has off the field issues, he won’t have played in a year and half when he steps on the field for his first preseason game and in 2013 (the last season he played) he wasn’t all that effective. He has great height, good hands and good strength but he is slow as hell and I don’t see him being anything other than a unique weapon in the red zone. That is 6 straight not very good to terrible picks. Maybe it’s me?

39. Bears: Eddie Goldman-Sorry Dick Butkus but I hate this pick. I had a late 3rd round grade on him as I see no movement skills for a DT and think he’s just a 2 down run stuffer. I’ve hated these guys since Jimmy Kennedy out of Penn State a decade ago and I’m almost never wrong hindsight wise. 3 years from now he’ll be a 30 tackles a year, part time starter and this pick won’t look good.

38. Redskins: Preston Smith-He was the #38 available so I think it is a reach but honestly I was intrigued with Smith as a prospect and he was one of the handful of guys that I wondered if I was going to regret how low I rated them. Smith has long arms and is a powerful guy who uses leverage and a good bull rush. Rarely does the bull rush dominant rusher become an elite rusher (14-20 sacks in a season) and so I seek speed and quickness more often in rushers but if you want a change of pace guy or think you need a power guy to match with your all speed guy than Smith is your man.

37. Jets: Devin Smith-An interesting pick as I had a late 2nd round/early 3rd round grade on him (I forget which but it was close between the two grades) and said he does one great thing, catch the deep ball. Add him to two very good possession receivers in Brandon Marshal and Eric Decker and you have a very impressive receiving corp. Too bad Geno Smith is throwing to him.

36. Jaguars: TJ Yeldon-Wow! I had him way down the list of available running backs but here’s the thing: My friend Reid and I were talking and we agreed that there are a bunch of smaller backs in this draft with Duke Johnson, Tevin Coleman and Ameer Abdullah. Jay Ajayi and TJ Yeldon are the next level of RB but they have size and if you covet size at the spot then maybe you move one or both of those guys above the smaller, more talented backs. I dislike the pick but am happy as I didn’t want the Cowboys taking him. Not I just need some team to get Ajayi and I’d be set.

35. Raiders: Mario Edwards-I was not a fan of his and had a late 3rd round grade on him but some would consider him a steal at this point. My argument is two fold: 1) How much are you being influenced by him being a former #1 recruit out of HS? HS is long over and those things are nice little tidbits on a profile but shouldn’t influence anything, I suspect they do. 2) He steadily lost weight year after year and become more explosive each time but the sacks still never came. When will they and why didn’t they previously? He played on a top notch D all three years at FSU and never NEVER was the lead dog on that squad. He reminds me of William Gholston as a big guy with no burst who will get overdrafted. We will see.

34. Bucs: Donavan Smith-Another great pick. I’ve always noticed that teams pick better in the first 5 or so selections to begin each day than they do later in the day. They’ve had all night to weigh who to take and seem to make better decisions. 2 of my top 4 players available have been taken 2 picks in. Smith is more of a RT than a LT but honestly I don’t completely discount LT as his Senior Bowl was outstanding. Wherever he lines up he’s a road grader in the run game and an immediate starter. Great pick.

33. Giants: Landon Collins-Well that didn’t take long. I somehow didn’t get him on my Top 50 board last night otherwise I would have harped on the fact that he’d been the #1 player available for about 20 straight picks. He’s a difference maker as he is a big time hitter and has good ball skills. He isn’t an elite athlete but he’s a good one and I really don’t understand why he fell. He had a much higher grade on my board last year than Haha Clinton-Dix who was a 1st rounder and a much higher grade on my board this year than Damarious Randall who was a 1st rounder. I think too many people worried about his range but it is solid enough and his bread and butter is destroying in the run game. Great pick.

-Day 2 is about to get under way so I wanted to post my Top 100 available before it begins. I’ll post a Top 10 available as the Cowboys pick nears:

  1. Landon Collins S Alabama Jr.
  2. TJ Clemmings OT Pittsburgh Jr.
  3. Xavier Cooper DT Washington St. Jr.
  4. Donovan Smith OT Penn State Sr.
  5. Eric Rowe S Utah Sr.
  6. Jalen Collins CB LSU Jr.
  7. Randy Gregory PR Nebraska Jr.
  8. Jake Fisher OT Oregon Sr.
  9. Duke Johnson RB Miami Jr.                             Early 2nd
  10. La’el Collins OG LSU Jr.
  11. Tyler Lockett WR Kansas St. Sr.
  12. Henry Anderson DT Stanford Sr.
  13. PJ Williams CB Florida St. Jr.
  14. Nate Orchard PR Utah Sr.
  15. Tevin Coleman RB Indiana Jr.                        Mid 2nd
  16. Jaelen Strong WR Arizona St. Sr.
  17. Eli Harold PR Virginia Jr.
  18. Brett Hundley QB UCLA Jr.
  19. Jordan Phillips DT Oklahoma Soph
  20. Bernardrick McKinney LB Mississippi St. Jr.
  21. AJ McCann OG South Carolina Sr.
  22. Hronis Grasu C Oregon Sr.
  23. Ameer Abdullah RB Nebraska Jr.                   Late 2nd
  24. Jay Ajayi RB Boise St. Jr.
  25. Darius Philon DT Arkansas Soph
  26. Grady Jarrett DT Clemson Sr.
  27. Eric Kendricks LB UCLA Sr.
  28. Bryce Petty QB Baylor Sr.
  29. Max Williams TE Minnesota Jr.
  30. Steven Nelson CB Oregon St. Sr.
  31. Michael Bennett DT Ohio State Sr.
  32. TJ Yeldon RB Alabama Jr.                              Early 3rd
  33. Ali Marpet OG Hobart Sr.
  34. Marcus Hardison DT Arizona St. Sr.
  35. Carl Davis DT Iowa Sr.
  36. Paul Dawson LB TCU Sr.
  37. Devin Smith WR Ohio St. Sr.
  38. Ty Montgomery WR Stanford Sr.
  39. Clive Warford TE Miami Sr.
  40. Owamagbe Odighizuwa PR UCLA Sr.
  41. Preston Smith PR Mississippi St. Sr.
  42. Ronald Darby CB FSU Jr.
  43. Tyrus Thompson OT Oklahoma Sr.
  44. Doran Grant CB Ohio St. Jr.           
  45. Quentin Rollins CB Miami OH Sr.                  Mid 3rd
  46. Mike Davis RB South Carolina Jr.
  47. Tre Jackson OG Florida State Sr.
  48. Stefon Diggs WR Maryland Jr.
  49. Sammie Coates WR Auburn Jr.
  50. Christian Covington DT Rice Jr.
  51. Kenny Bell WR Nebraska Sr.
  52. Mitch Morse OG Missouri Sr.
  53. Lorenzo Doss CB Toledo                                  Late 3rd
  54. David Cobb RB Minnesota Jr.
  55. Jamison Crowder WR Duke Sr.
  56. Max Garcia C Florida Sr.
  57. Rashad Greene C FSU Sr.
  58. Julian Wilson CB OU Sr.
  59. Senquez Golson CB Ole Miss Sr.
  60. Mario Edwards Jr. PR FSU Jr.
  61. Danielle Hunter PR LSU Jr.
  62. Dorial Green-Beckham  Oklahoma Jr.
  63. Eddie Goldman FSU Jr.
  64. Quandre Diggs CB Texas Sr.                           Early 4th
  65. Kevin White CB TCU Sr.
  66. Rakeem Nunez-Roches Southern Miss Sr.
  67. Sean Mannion QB Oregon State Sr.
  68. Ty Sambrailo OG Colorado Sr.
  69. Charles Gaines CB Louisville Sr.
  70. Ifo Ekpre-Olumu CB Oregon Sr.                     4th round
  71. Rob Havenstein OT Wisconsin Sr.
  72. Darryl Williams OG Oklahoma Sr.
  73. Justin Hardy WR East Carolina Sr.
  74. Terrence McGee RB LSU Jr.
  75. Hau’oli Kikaha PR Washington Sr.
  76. Gabe Wright DT Auburn Sr.
  77. Lorenzo Mauldin Louisville Sr.
  78. Ben Koyack TE Notre Dame Jr.
  79. Nick O’Leary TE Florida St. Sr.                       Late 4th
  80. Chris Conley WR Georgia Sr.
  81. Markus Golden PR Missouri Sr.
  82. Cody Fajardo QB Nevada Sr.
  83. Devin Funchess WR Michigan Sr.                   Early 5th
  84. Jeremy Langford RB Michigan St. Sr.
  85. David Johnson RB Northern Iowa Sr.
  86. Shaq Mason C Georgia Tech Sr.                      5th round
  87. Andre Monroe DT Maryland Sr.
  88. Frank Clark PR Michigan Sr.
  89. Za’Darius Smith PR Kentucky Sr.
  90. Kenneth Penny CB UNLV Sr.
  91. Damian Swann CB Georgia Sr.
  92. EJ Bibbs TE Iowa St. Sr.
  93. Andy Gallik C Boston College
  94. Cameron Artis-Payne RB Auburn Sr.
  95. Jean Sifrin TE Umass Jr.                                  Late 5th
  96. Tyler Kroft TE Rutgers Jr.
  97. Tevin Mitchel CB Arkansas Sr.                       Early 6th
  98. Kenny Hilliard RB LSU Jr.
  99. Ladarius Gunter CB Miami Sr.                       6th round
  100. Craig Mager CB Texas State Sr.

-Well the 1st Round is in the books but I thought it’d be good to recap the Cowboys’ night. Going into the draft there was an outside hope that one of the two elite running backs fell to them at #27. That dream ended quickly with Gurley at #10 and Gordon at #14. The past few weeks I had thought both would be gone before the Cowboys spot but was a little surprised how quickly they both were snapped up. Then the priorities shifted to cornerback as to me this is an incredibly deep draft at RB and DT, two of the top 3 needs I have for the Cowboys, so it was important they addressed the cornerback position early. I had 6 cornerbacks on my board that I thought could start for an NFL team on Day 1. Three of them were still available at #27 (Byron Jones, Jalen Collins and PJ Williams). The Cowboys went with the rawest one with the most upside. They did a similar thing a few years ago when they passed on a sure fire good LT in Nate Solder and rolled the dice on greatness with Tyron Smith who was much more raw but had a much higher ceiling. Making that comparison is valid but it is important to remember that the strategy doesn’t always work and sometimes it makes you look kind of bad (CB Mike Jenkins, LB Bruce Carter) and sometimes it makes you look downright stupid (LB Jason Williams). Those are three recent examples where the Cowboys rolled the dice on raw, elite athletes and it didn’t work out. The Cowboys did it again with Jones and only time will tell if they made the right choice. Another thing to think about though is the fact that Jones is a high character guy. The highest rated CB left on the board at #27 was Jalen Collins and he had some off the field issues to be concerned about. With Josh Brent, Joseph Randle and Greg Hardy all on the roster maybe the Cowboys chose to not add anymore potential character risks. Who knows. One thing I do know is that the Cowboys looked like they’d just won the Super Bowl in their war room after the pick so they are quite high on Byron Jones. Now they still have one pressing need, RB, and another decent need, DT, to address with two picks later tonight. It really sets up well for them as some combination of Duke Johnson, Tevin Coleman or Ameer Abdullah with Xavier Cooper (I have a 1st round grade on him but he should be still available in Round 3), Henry Anderson, Jordan Phillips, Darius Philon (another personal favorite who could be available in Round 4) or Michael Bennett would give the Cowboys 3 major talents at their 3 major areas of need. My personal favorite would be Duke Johnson in the late 2nd round and Xavier Cooper in the late 3rd round. We shall see but keep it right here for commentary throughout the next two rounds.


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